All about Birthstone Jewelry: History, Symbolism, Styling Tips, and More

History of Birthstones

Birthstones came to light in the Book of Exodus that mentioned the breastplate of the High Priest of the Israelites, Aaron. It was described that the stones were set in four rows of three and are set in gold filigree base settings. The 12 gemstones are said to represent the 12 tribes of Israel. As years go by, a Jewish scholar, Titus Flavius Josephus, associated each stone to the 12 signs of the zodiac.  The custom of wearing a birthstone to represent your birth month began in the 1500s in Germany or Poland. Only in the year 1870, birthstone has flourished. Astrologers have attributed supernatural powers to particular gemstones.

By 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers developed an official birthstone list by associating the 12 Apostles with the specific gemstone. Truth be told, there was no definite guide to which stone is to a particular month. Usually, a gem could mean one thing and be known for something entirely different for a different country. Over time, poems, songs, and lists started to dictate the linkage of these gems with specific months.

What is the alteration between traditional and modern birthstone jewelry?

The distinction lies in the characteristics of the birthstones on the list. The traditional birthstones had a mix of transparent and opaque gemstones such as pearl, turquoise during the modern birthstones. Essentially, this makes it possible to mix different gems into one piece of contemporary birthstone jewelry. If you still want to have a vintage look, choose one of the traditional ancient stones for your birthstone jewelry. While some would love to have all twelve birthstones, they could wear them alternately monthly for their potential healing and therapeutic influence.

Birthstones by Month

January - Garnet

Garnet bestows the January babies with a rainbow of colors to choose from and is one of the oldest gemstones being used since 3,000 B.C. 

It is long assumed that Garnet's virtue includes passion, true friendship, fidelity, success, self-esteem, loyalty, devotion, energy, faith, consistency, plus truth.

Our creative artisans had come up with series of charming handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces paired with Garnet- its inspiration for its creation. Check out the following nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces featuring the beautiful garnet stone- perfect birthstone jewelry for January babies! Remember that gifting any of these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces serves as a symbol of honor and friendship you had with the recipient. With garnet’s distinct appeal, each sterling silver jewelry will make your style more colorful and vibrant, sprinkled with elegance and class.


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February - Amethyst

Amethyst is the world's famous purple gemstone for over 2,000 years and the only birthstone for February-born babies.

Amethyst,  a  gem world's princess, is an absolute delight to the eyes due to its mystical and aesthetic appearance. It is the most sought gemstone for all jewelry types because of its affordability, originality, and accessibility.

There are so many approaches to wear through an Amethyst with its versatility and natural beauty. The sterling silver harmonizes the natural brilliance of the purple color, making the Amethyst stone stand out more. Check out the following amethyst sterling silver jewelry pieces our creative artisans handmade with love that goes beyond exceptional event jewelry and can be used for everyday wear.


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March – Aquamarine, and Bloodstone

 For the lucky people born in the harbinger of spring month, March, it has two birthstones: the Bloodstone and Aquamarine.


Bloodstone's name is thought to be its color pattern which has a religious significance representing the blood of Christ. With this, it has been by far recognized as a healing crystal in terms of blood and circulation health.


 Aquamarine's tranquil blue color has made it the favorite gem among celebrities, royalty, and everyone in between since its discovery until today! It is well-known as a "calming stone" that will help soothe intense nerves and support people have a sense of tranquility whenever needed.

You can have a blue dose of aquamarine into your life with any of the following handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces meticulously crafted by our creative artisans. Wearing any of our nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry is the best way to gain the full effect of the healing powers of this ocean-bound stone that connects directly with your inner self. This impressive Aquamarine sterling silver jewelry selection is a perfect accessory to achieve a charming chic look and a memorable birthday gift for March babies that will elevate their self-confidence and courage in all kinds of situations.

  • Blue Mountain Earring


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April - Diamond, Sapphire, Opal, Clear Quartz Crystal

April is a significant month to set as a perfect case of no special birthstone for a month. For the reason that its popular traditional birthstone is Diamond. We all are aware of its extravagant value and “break-the-bank “ price. Considering that others had come up with alternative birthstones to choose from for tight-budget April babies, namely: Sapphire, Opal, and Clear Quartz Crystal


Diamond has known to be "the girl's best friend" and "King of all birthstones." It is a prized beauty that has captures the hearts of many for centuries. Its name came from the Greek word "adamas," meaning " invincible or “unconquerable, " reflecting its unyielding endurance and quality.


According to the old written calendar of the Roman, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, and Arabs, Sapphire is the traditional April birthstone.

Sapphire gets on the strength of loyalty, honesty, and devotion.


Opal is the traditional birthstone based on the Tibetan calendar, defined as the "Mystical birthstone calendar."

Opal has been regarded by the Romans as a fragile gemstone representing optimism and purity, while the Greeks valued it as a precious stone for they believed it is a source of wisdom.

Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz Crystal has been a designated birthstone for Britain known as "rock crystal" because of its similarity in terms of appearance with diamond- a powerful quartz stone indeed.

Clear Quartz has been known as the "master healer of all crystals" that will boost the immune and circulatory systems, enhances energy flow, and brings the body into balance. Consequently, wearing a piece of clear quartz jewelry will get hold of instant benefits to the wearer.

Our creative artisans handicraft the following incredible Clear Quartz jewelry to work with your overall well-being by bringing positive energy and opportunities. Care to wear any of our handmade sterling silver jewelry featuring Clear Quartz Crystal? You may welcome its cleansing powers into your life- a must-have collection of jewelry that will add spice and class to any kind of outfit you preferred to wear!

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    May - Emerald, Agate, and Chalcedony

    Emerald has been prized as the most expensive stone available today. Fortunately,  May babies have been given alternative birthstones: the Agate and Chalcedony.


    Emerald crystals have been found in few locations over 6,000 years making them the most valuable and the rarest gem in the market.

     Its stunningly vibrant green color makes it a perfect May birthstone as it portrays the month as the coming of spring or spring growth.

    Emerald is mentioned as the "Jewel of the Kings."  Based on historical pronouncements, this May birthstone is said to embody royalty and eloquence, and foresight.


    Agate is the traditional birthstone for May babies mentioned in the Ancient Roman, Italian, Hebrew, and Hindu calendars.  Agate is a "stabilizer crystal" that can bring stability and grounding to your life.

    The distinctive appearance of agate makes it more noticeable and alluring for jewelry. With the creativity and talent of our artisans, they tapped into the magic of Agate and handcrafted a series of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces. Any of this agate jewelry selection set in authentic sterling silver or 18k gold plating is the best way to have the full effect of the metaphysical powers of Agata working to attune to your own energy.  You can find the perfect Agate jewelry that will give your fashion style exceptional edge and exquisite attention that speaks about your personality or someone’s personality.


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    Chalcedony is the traditional birthstone for May babies according to the Ancient Hebrew calendar.

    Chalcedony is called the Speaker's Stone as it filters the words you might regret saying. At the same time, it balances our expression of what we think and what we feel.

    Chalcedony is an enchanting and mysterious gem featuring different types in various exquisite colors. Our team of skillful artisans meticulously handmade with love series of chalcedony jewelry paired with sterling silver. This stunning handmade sterling silver jewelry selection establishes the perfect accessory for any fashion outfit aiming at an elegant but casual appeal.

    Upgrade your look with any of this nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry made with Chalcedony variety to wear for your casual or formal events and a timeless gift as birthstone jewelry.


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    June - Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone

    What better means to commemorate your June birthday than having your own birthstone jewelry. Luckily, June babies get three fabulous birthstones to choose from Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone.


    Alexandrite became a popular birthstone for June babies because of its intriguing yet majestic appearance that pictures "an Emerald by day and Ruby by night." Its name came from Russia's young crown prince, Alexander II. Later recognized as the official gemstone of the Imperial Russia Tsardom.

    The Russian Alexandrite is the most beautiful, setting the standard for the perfect quality of Alexandrite. It can only be mined in the Ural Mountains. With its fine quality and rarity, it is now the most expensive colored gem in the market.


    Moonstone became a popular birthstone for June babies for its adularescence properties which means that the light that seems to billow across the gem gives it a special glow. Its name came from the place of its discovery, the Mt. Adular in Switzerland. This is also where the "adularescence" came from its distinct characteristic: its beautiful milky glow described as a moonlight floating in the water.


    Pearl is a marvel for June babies as it is the only gem in the world formed organically through a living organism- mollusk.

    It is a symbol of purity, honesty, and modesty. It also symbolizes beauty because of its effortless and natural brilliance- no need for you to polish your pearl jewelry more often!

    Our creative team of artisans handicraft the series of Pearl jewelry for June babies, attesting that it is one of the most exceptional gemstones that can be incorporated into any kind of jewelry application.

    Have a sneak peek of our best-selling pearl sterling silver jewelry pieces. Be prepared to accomplish a  classic chic appeal that screams sophistication! Each nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry piece is handcrafted by our team of innovative artisans inspired by the alluring beauty and subtle significance of pearl- an exemplary piece of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry reflecting a woman’s remarkable attributes: attractive, faithful, and sophisticated!


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    July - Ruby

    Blessing all the beautiful July babies the "King of Precious Gems"- the Ruby. This regal and royal July birthstone has been ruled as a fiery treasure for a very long time.

    July birthstone jewelry speaks about this shining red drop of luck. That thought inspires our artisans to handicraft pieces of fiery red sterling silver jewelry as an excellent July birthstone jewelry alternative.

    Check out these incredible and unique nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces that will help you achieve a sophisticated look wearing your casual attire. At the same time, the show showcase July babies prominent character: creativity.


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    August - Peridot, Sardonyx, and Spinel

    August babies are lucky to have three stunning birthstones to pick: Peridot, Sardonyx, and Spinel.


    Sardonyx is the original and the most ancient August birthstone to date. Its name is quirky as it makes sense. It is based on its true nature: mixing the red bands called sard and the contrasting colors called onyx forming the Sardonyx.

    This August birthstone was commonly seen to be worn by public speakers and orators for its eloquence powers.


    Spinel is the newest August birthstone from the Latin word "spina," meaning "thorn," practically portraying its thorn-like appearance.

    Historically, it is often mistaken as a ruby because they have the same chemical composition. What makes this gemstone so remarkable and unique from a ruby at this time? It is because it possesses magnetic properties.


    Peridot is described by many  August babies as an ancient and cosmic light green gemstone that keeps its intense brilliance green color any time of the day- day or night- at the same level!

    Peridot is appreciated as a mystical gemstone throughout history. It was labeled as the:  "Stone of Compassion" that will bring peace to the relationship, and "Study Stone" will increase one's mental focus.

    This August birthstone is a superb choice for those who love green gems but cannot afford to buy emeralds. Peridots that have been set against lustrous sterling silver have a sparkling edge- giving August babies a refreshing shimmer. Have a look at these exceptional handmade sterling silver jewelry masterpiece and see how it is a perfect fit to keep your look as cool and vibrant as possible.

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      September - Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli

      September has the choice between a precious gemstone, Sapphire, and a semi-precious gemstone, Lapis Lazuli. If I  were you, my friend, I would pick the one that expresses my financial background strikingly with elegance.


      Sapphire is a gem with a divine reputation- a royal blue gem for thousands of years. It is a traditional birthstone for September babies highly prized by civilizations worldwide for thousands of years.

      Buddhists described Sapphire as the “Stone of Stones” as it will lead the owner to an honorable life along with spiritual enlightenment and peace. It has been long recognized to support tranquility and understand, resulting in one’s peace of mind. It also stood for “The Wisdom Stone,” granting that it makes you wise by boosting your education and intelligence.

      Lapis Lazuli

      Lapis Lazuli is often mistaken as Sapphire because of their striking blue color similarity. This alternative September birthstone sparkles the most vibrant blue color set out with flecks of gold. Because of its exquisite appearance, it has been sought after by many jewelry makers throughout the years.  

      We know that Lapis Lazuli cannot contest the regal glittering beauty of Sapphire. Fortunately, Lapis Lazuli sparkles in exceptional royal blue color and shimmers splendidly in sterling silver or gold plating. See for yourself our marvelous collection of Lapis Lazuli jewelry, and we believe you can find the one that matched best with your character and philosophy in life. Bedazzled with the series of Lapis Lazuli sterling silver jewelry that September babies will surely love to wear at parties, social events, whether formal or casual, because it is the perfect birthstone jewelry to look more stylish and luxurious all the time!


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      October – Opal, and Tourmaline

      October has two powerful birthstones: Opal as its traditional birthstone and Tourmaline as its modern birthstone.


      Opal is known as a “seductive stone” about human desires and eroticism. Wearing a piece of opal jewelry will bring loyalty and faithfulness in any relationship by maintaining an equilibrium between love and passion.


      Tourmaline is the modern birthstone for October babies with an exceptional place in our hearts because of its astonishing attribute. All possible color combinations can be crafted in this gemstone. This October, birthstone has been believed, traveled along a rainbow, resulting in shining in every color of the rainbow.

      What more interesting with Tourmaline is that its color changes. When you move, and the light hits the right spot, it majestically shines and shimmers, leaving you amazed and delighted! Try the following selection of Tourmaline sterling silver jewelry, handmade with love, by our artisans for October babies to experience wearing their own birthstone on special or casual events. Any of the following nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry can be your perfect accessory to compliment your mood and personality gracefully!


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      November – Topaz and Citrine

      November babies can choose between these two sunny gemstones to brighten their chilly birthday month, namely, Topaz and Citrine. Historically speaking, these November birthstones are mistakenly considered one and the same because of their similar appearance.


      Many November babies are attracted to Citrine because of its metaphysical attributes that will support to brighten your mood as embodied in the sun’s distinct elements: light and warmth.


      Topaz is well-known for its intense yellow, vibrant color, and the traditional birthstone for November babies.

      Topaz was believed to treat eye disorders and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety in the past. While at present, this November birthstone is considered a valuable healing stone for our emotional well-being. It shows us the true meaning of forgiveness as it transforms negative feelings into good faith and hope.

      This eccentric November birthstone inspired our artisans to offer their best craftsmanship in creating the best collection meant for ladies born in November. A piece of sterling silver jewelry set every lady would love to have because they can wear it every day and strike a poise of class and beauty!


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          December – Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon

          December babies are a real winner when it comes to birthstone jewelry. It claimed just three extraordinary gemstones, namely: Torquise, Tanzania, and Zircon.  No one could ever attest to a “Blue Christmas” once they have any of these captivating gemstones.


          Tanzanite is the newest December birthstone with only 50 years of existence from its only mining location, Tanzania, Africa. Experts have predicted that this December birthstone will be extinct within the coming decades with less than a century of existence.


          Turquoise emerges to be the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors for thousands of years.  

          These days, Turquoise has been worn and carried as a talisman of luck, success, ambition, and creativity.


          Zircon can be found in Earth's crust for about 4.4 billion years- the oldest minerals on earth.

          Zircon is a mesmerizing crystal that can bring in more confidence to yourself and add up honor to your life. This modern December birthstone is one of the most sought and highly prized gems throughout history for its natural sparkle and brilliant features.

          Have a glimpse of our nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry selection of Zircon jewelry. Be astonished by its simplicity that transformed into sophistication and a classic masterpiece. Any of these colored zircon jewelry pieces will add a wonderful vibe and pop to your outfit and invigorate your wardrobe. Thanks to its fashionable shades and flashes of color, a tiny handmade sterling silver jewelry piece featuring a Zircon stone can go a long way. Whatever look you want to portray, such as a statement look, choose a large Zircon sterling silver jewelry. However, a tiny Zircon will be ideal for your everyday casual and workwear.


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              Conclusion: Wearing of Birthstone Today

              As you noticed, the history and how birthstones are worn over time can be traced back over many centuries. Still, it never changes its sole objective to wear your birthstone or someone significant to you. True to its essence, no matter what stones you decided to wear, birthstones remain and will always be fashionable rich with heritage, and full of meaning that can perfectly show your passion and personality elegantly and stylishly.  Whether you consider superstition or merely love wearing a gemstone, birthstones are the most creative and fashionable way to express your individuality.

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