What is Tourmaline Stone, Its Symbolism and Meaning?

Tourmaline is known to be a crystal silicate mineral. Scientifically, tourmaline is a group of minerals. Thus, the mineral Elbaite is responsible for almost all gem varieties of Tourmaline. It is considered a stone that has an exceptional place in the hearts of jewelers and gemstone enthusiasts because all possible color combinations imaginable can be crafted in this gemstone. Jewelers believed that the tourmaline stone could be formed in all these colors because it has traveled along a rainbow and shone in every rainbow’s hue.

Because of this, the tourmaline gemstones have been appreciated and valued for over a century. However, it was not so popular with ordinary people.

This article will talk about the beauty and significance of the Tourmaline gemstones. You will understand why jewelers love this stone.

The Name

Tourmaline name comes from the Sinhalese word “turmali” or “turamali.”  Turmali means a mixed color of precious stone or while Turamali means something small from the earth.  Sri Lankans gave both names to all colored crystals available on their island at that time. Because of this inclusive name, ancient gem dealers have not seemed able to differentiate the tourmaline stone from other stones. As a matter of fact, before pink and red tourmaline were classified to be rubies. But the truth is pink tourmaline is pinker in color than ruby. Nevertheless, their similarities are hard to notice, so the Russian crown jewels that are believed to be rubies for centuries are, in fact, tourmalines.

The Location

Brazil is the leading source of tourmaline in the world for over 500 years. In the 1500s, Portuguese explorers thought the colorful Tourmaline stones were emeralds and sapphire, so they sent it Portugal to be cut into jewelry for royals and wealthy citizens.

The first commercial mine that sourced out the Tourmaline in the United States was in Maine for over 200 years. Through the years, they developed some tourmaline mines in Southern California.

Currently, various types of tourmaline can be found in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Siberia, Kenya, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, Africa, and the USA.

The History

The discovery of Tourmaline took place in the 1800s.  The scientists then decided to have a closer look at the stone because of its similarity to other gemstones. A green-colored tourmaline stone who thought to be emerald back then was found in Brazil in the 1500s by a Spanish explorer. Red tourmaline was believed to be ruby, while the blue tourmaline was considered to be sapphire.

One of the characteristics of Tourmaline mineral rock is that it can be electrically charged. The electrical charge happens when the tourmaline rocks are vigorously rubbed or heated. It develops a positive end and negative end that dust and small pieces of paper will be attracted to it. During the 1700s, charged tourmaline has been used to clean ash from Meerschaum pipes by the Dutch traders. They called it “aschentrekker,” which means ash puller.

In the late 1800s, there is a dramatically rising demand for tourmaline stone in the United States. Therefore, a Tiffany gemologist named George Kunz named the tourmaline stone as the “American Gem.”

This gemstone is also known to be a gem for sensitive poets and creative artists. Like, Shakespeare who is said to have a collection of tourmaline jewelry to help him in his writings. During the Renaissance period up to the Victorian era, tourmaline stones are believed to inspire creativity.  Writers and creative artists have used this stone as a talisman for them to be more creative and artistic in their craft.

Empress Dowager, who is the last empress of China, has adored and significantly collected pink tourmaline since it was believed to be the rarest member of the Tourmaline family. During her reigning period, she had bought nearly a ton of Pink Tourmaline stone in Himalaya Mine, California, USA. When she died, her head was said to be resting on a carved pink tourmaline pillow.

Different Types of Tourmaline and its Meaning

Tourmaline stones have a variety of colors which has their unique properties and meaning adapted by different cultures. Below are the types of tourmaline and its corresponding symbolism or meanings.

  • Black Tourmaline – the color of this stone ranges from dark blue to dark brown to true black. This stone is believed to be a grounding stone that provides a connection between the human spirit and Earth. This stone will help people to gain their self-confidence, clearly see the world, and to provide empowerment during difficult times. Back in ancient times, some magicians used Black Tourmaline as a protection stone for Earth demons because of its protective properties. This stone is also considered to have the ability to repel negative energy.
  • Pink Tourmaline – which is also called Rubellite. The color ranges from pale pink to deep red. This stone symbolizes compassion and gentleness, and it also represents love and spirituality. One of the variations of Pink Tourmaline is called Watermelon tourmaline because the pink center of the stone has been surrounded by an outer green “rind.” The Watermelon tourmaline symbolizes happiness and joy because the pink center is a link to the emotions of the outer green rock, which is the physical being.
  • Red Tourmaline- is considered to be a stone that will bring joy, emotional stability, compassion, and devotion to one’s life. It is believed to boost inner strength and wisdom because this stone can unite the heart and body in love and passion.
  • Purple Tourmaline- which is also called Siberite. This stone is associated with serene energy. This stone is believed to protect and ground you as well as it soothes you to relax. The Siberite stone claims to help humans to release their emotional attachments so they could view the world unbiasedly. Others used the Purple Tourmaline as a cure to minimize headaches and migraines.
  • Light-Blue or Blue-Green Tourmaline- which is called Indicolite. This stone symbolizes the tranquility of water because of its blue or aqua green color. Blue tourmaline represents honesty because it is believed to encourage someone to speak from the heart. This stone is also meant to have someone be open-minded and accept the truth and ethics willingly.
  • Green tourmaline- which is called Verdilite. The color varies from pale green to olive green. This stone is considered a healing stone for the heart of all the types of Tourmaline. Verdilite is thought to be the masculine side of the Tourmaline family that represents courage, strength, stamina, and vitality.
  • Brown Tourmaline-which is called Dravite. The color of this stone ranges from dark yellow to dark brown. Dravite is believed to be a grounding stone as well because of its earthy and natural color. The stone is believed to be able to restore emotional balance and promotes calmness. This stone generally is considered to be a transformation stone that can turn your negative energy into positive energy.
  • Multi-colored Tourmaline-which is called Liddicoatite. Liddicoatite is a type of tourmaline that is rare and has a triangular cross-section of color that can be pink, red, green, brown, or blue or combination of all. This stone is considered to help someone’s self-confidence and understanding. It is believed to give insights during conflicts.

The Birthstone and Anniversary

The Tourmaline stone is not a traditional birthstone. However, the pink tourmaline is known to be an alternative stone for people who are born in October.

The natural birthstones of tourmaline are the following:

  • The green tourmaline is for people who are born from April 20 to May 20. Pink
  • The pink and red tourmaline is for people who are born from October 22 to November 22
  • Blue tourmaline is for people who are born from February 19 to March 19

The Tourmaline stone is for the zodiac sign Libra who are born from September 23 to October 22.

The Healing Benefits

  • Tourmaline stones can improve and strengthen your nervous system, blood circulation, and lymph nodes.
  • It is also used to relieve migraines and headaches. The stone can improve your stamina and physical vitality. It is also used to cure some skin disorders.
  • It can also help someone to reduce their weight and cellulite.

The Spiritual Benefits

  • Tourmaline stones are believed to help someone deal with difficult people, whether in business or at work.
  • This stone will reveal your inner power to keep you motivated and driven to achieve your financial goal.
  • This stone also will help you to complete your goals by enhancing your inner commitment. It will also help you find ways to resolve conflicts or problems that might arise along your way.
  • This stone will boost your self-confidence and self-esteem that you might be able to ask for a raise in your salary and stand your ground.
  • This is a stone of openness and opportunity that might provide you to keep your eyes open for opportunities that might come along your way. It is an excellent stone if you are looking for a job.
  • The stone can help release your emotional stress and provide you calmness in your relationships.
  • This stone can also help someone to move on by releasing their past emotional burden and will help you to accept the reality of a break-up and will provide you emotional maturity to deal with it.
  • This stone will repel negative thoughts and energy as well as anxiety, anger, pressure, and feeling of unworthiness.
  • This stone can heal emotional wounds and give you the strength to move forward and try again.
  • This stone can help you to reconcile or ask forgiveness in your relationship, which can help you have a long-lasting relationship.
  • This stone stimulates happiness and joy because it will provide you the courage and strength to face all kinds of challenges you might have to deal with in this world.
  • This stone will boost your sense of sympathy, making you a better listener, and helps you to be more understanding to your partner. It will turn you to be more sympathetic to your partner.

Used as a Jewelry

Tourmaline is rated by Mohs Hardness Scale with 7 to 7.5 making the stone hard enough to make as jewelry and easy to make as jewelry all at the same time.

Tourmaline has no cleavage and a little bit brittle, which makes this exceptional gemstone jewelry for everyday wear. It is also suitable for carving cameos and intaglios, which are shapes and figures.

Colored tourmaline can skillfully be crafted into bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings and other pieces of jewelry.

Tourmaline Sterling Silver Jewelry
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The Peony Leaf Rings is a piece of sterling silver jewelry that has a variety of colored Tourmaline to choose from. These are purple tourmaline, green tourmaline, and yellow tourmaline. This ring will be a great deal for every lady who loves to wear it based on its specific meaning.

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The sterling silver collection of Peony Flower is comprised of a pendant, brooch, and earring. Each piece of jewelry is made of sterling silver and a variety of colored Tourmaline. This colored tourmaline can be purple, green, blue, or yellow tourmaline. This collection is ideal for every lady out there that would like to wear a specific color because of its particular benefits.

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The collection of Christmas Reindeer, which are pendant, earring, and the ring will be the perfect gift this coming Holiday season because of the joy and happiness it might bring to someone you dear the most. This collection has a variety of colored Tourmaline to choose from a perfect gift this holiday. 

How to Take Care of your Tourmaline Jewelry

Here are the following tips on how to keep your Tourmaline jewelry stunningly beautiful at all times.

  1. Do not store with other gemstones that might rub against it that will cause scratches and further damage.
  2. Please keep it away from sharp or blunt objects that might shatter it.
  3. Please do not leave it in a heater vent or hot car because the high temperature might cause the crystal to fracture.
  4. Tourmaline jewelry can be clean using mild soap or detergent and water. You can soak it for 10-20 minutes in water with mild soap then gently wipe with a wash towel.

Final Thoughts

Tourmaline has different types or varieties and can be seen in different colors. But this is one of the few gemstones that can ultimately provide genuine happiness. It is a stone that will bring you joy, satisfaction, and emotional stability.

The healing and spiritual benefits of Tourmaline will bring hope, peace, and inspiration for everyone to live their life to the fullest. By wearing this stone as a piece of jewelry will bring you positive energy and keep your life in balance.

Do you like to wear a piece of Tourmaline jewelry because of its incredible benefits? Check our tourmaline jewelry collection now and be amazed by its beauty and usefulness.


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