Our fateful story began back in 2012 when we started crafting rings, and the rest is history. Inspired by the balance and harmony between flora and fauna, Lotus Fun is a brand that beautifully captures inspiring moments of nature. Handmade, unique and creative, our exquisite jewelry pieces embody the undeniable beauty that makes life worthwhile.


We use the brightest of all precious metals, sterling silver. Due to the soft nature of sterling silver, we are able to handcraft complex jewelry designs into reality. We here at LF believe design is infinite, drawing inspiration from mother nature we handcraft it into fashionable, fun and meaningful jewelry pieces. Our jewelry empowers and encourages women to express their natural beauty and fashion persona. Exquisite and rare, our designs are unmatched when it comes to symbolism and style.


The truth is we absolutely LOVE what we do. Passionate and dedicated to providing high-quality jewelry for modern mavens, we hope to inspire others to become more closely connected with the natural world. Each crafted by hand with TLC, purpose and intention, every bracelet, earring, ring, and necklace featured here at Lotus Fun has been carefully created to encourage higher understanding and a deeper appreciation for nature. We truly love nature that for every jewelry we sold, we will plant a tree in return.