The Ultimate Guide for May Birthstones

Your birthstone makes your birth month extra special. Birthstone jewelry is a trend that goes beyond fashion and is and will be here for centuries to come.

People wear birthstone jewelry because of a common belief that the gemstone associated with your birth month is supposed to bring you good luck and protection. On the contrary, some people wonder if they only should wear the gems that are their particular birthstones. What if they do not feel like wearing the specific gemstone associated with their birth month? Like all traditions, wearing a piece of birthstone jewelry also evolved over time, which means the months' gemstones have changed through the years. That is why you can opt for alternative birthstones beyond the official modern and traditional list of birthstones.   

Different cultures around the world have developed a diverse list of birthstones over the centuries. Giving birth to multiple choices for each month. Most modern people wear the gemstone they enjoy wearing the most for its particular meaning and magic.

One interesting example that benefits having a couple of alternative birthstones is May.

May's traditional and modern birthstone is Emerald with a vibrant green color associated with spring and nature. Emerald has been prized and valued to be one of the most expensive stones available today. Emerald jewelry can be on the costly and pricey side.

Some people are not into the green color or simply not the Emerald-fanatic, so there came the birth of the alternative birthstones for May, namely: Agate and Chalcedony.

Keep on reading to know more about the history and significant symbolism of May birthstones and have a complete overview on what you should gift your friend or yourself on his or her or your birthday in May. 


May birthstones, Emerald is one of the most valuable gems and the rarest gems in the market.

Its Name

Emerald came from the Greek word "smaragdos" translated as "greenstone."

Its Source Location

The emerald crystals form over millions of years and can only be found in few locations.  Generally, emerald contains prominent inclusions that can be traced back to the country initially mined. Colombia is the largest source of world-renowned Emerald worldwide. Other primary mining locations are in Zambia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, and Ethiopia.

Its History, Myths, and Cultural Meanings

The emerald has been a fascination and highly valued gemstone in many cultures for 6,000 years.  Many cultures have thought that the emerald is a mighty stone in different ways.

Early historical records claimed that the Emerald stones were sold in Ancient Babylonia markets as early as 4,000 B.C.

  • Emerald is the stone worshiped by the Ancient Inca people.
  • The earliest writings in Western culture that mentioned emerald can be traced back to Aristotle's writings. Aristotle is a great fan of the green gemstone and claimed that owning an emerald increases one's presence and speech during business, gives victory in trials, helps settle litigation, and soothes one's eyesight.
  • An amulet with an emerald imprinted or engraved with a verse from Koran is a powerful talisman for Muslims.
  • The ancient Egyptians thought that the emerald is a symbol of fertility and rebirth. The first known emerald mines were found in Egypt, dating from at least 330 B.C. up to the 1700s. Cleopatra, a famous Egyptian royalty, adorned herself and her palace with emeralds. She also gave them as gifts to foreign dignitaries.
  • The ancient Arab, Hindu, and Spanish physicians have used emeralds to cure poison, infection, and dysentery.
  • As for the Roman author, Pliny, he wrote that looking at the excellent green color of the emerald stone helps ease eyestrain. That is why a Roman emperor, Nero Augustus, was reported to be watching gladiator games through a large emerald gemstone because of the color that calms and soothes the eyes.

Its Symbolism

  • The color of emerald, which is a stunningly vibrant green, reflects the coming of spring or spring growth, which makes it a perfect May birthstone.
  • Emerald is known to be the "Jewel of Kings" that encompasses royalty and wit, eloquence, and foresight. Its most valuable power is bestowing the wearer the ability to predict the future.
  • It is also called the "revealer of truths," as it is reputed to cut through all illusions and spells. The stone is said to inspire an ongoing search for meaning, justice, and harmony.
  • It is also known as the "Stone of Successful Love" as it is believed to open and nurture the heart that provides healing to all levels of the being, brings vitality to the spirit.


Agate is the top alternative for May birthstone and has been used in jewelry making for a very long time. Agate's source as the May birthstone can be traced back to the list of birthstones from the old Roman, Italian, Hebrew, and Hindu calendars. It is known to be the zodiac stone for Gemini which birth date falls partly on May (May 22 - June 21). 

Its Location

The Agate primary mining locations can be found in Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, China, Egypt, Scotland, Madagascar, Italy, and the United States

Its Appearance

Most of the agate stones come from volcanic sites with ancient lava flows responsible for the stones to have distinguished bands.  This May birthstone is found in a great mixture of colors, green, blue, red, yellow, white, and black. The unique appearance of agate makes it more recognizable and pretty for jewelry.

Its History, Myths, and Cultural Meanings

Agate gemstones were first discovered in Sicily called Achates River's river and are instantly famed for their mystical hues. It was found by a famous Greek philosopher named Theophrastus. At the time of its discovery, it is said to ward off all kinds of evil, heal snake bites and poisonous scorpion stings, calm the raging storm, and bring victory in times of war.

The ancient Persians used Agate stones to control the thunder and lightning by making it dance across the sky.

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Healing Properties

  • Agate is known to boost your metabolism and bring a flush of positive physical energy to the wearer.
  • It is known to aid in your sleep problems by keeping you well rested and settled in high spirits.
  • The agate stone is responsible for upping your self-confidence and can encourage you to connect with your sense of knowing your own deep well of intuition.
  • Agate stones are an excellent grounding stone that will give you safety and security in your own being.

Its Symbolism

  • Agate is a stabilizer and a crystal that can bring stability and grounding to your life.
  • Agate helps you assess where to best focus your time and encourages you to bring your life back into balance.
  • Agate holds the perfect energy to anchor you and help recalibrate your life to reconnect to your foundation and keep you grounded. Its grounding healing effect helps you relieve stress, anxiety, and tension in your mind and body.

(Important Note: Check our blog, What is Agate: Its History and Symbolisms to know more about Agate stones)

With so many different Agate stones varieties, you can pick for sure a sparkling style you want to add to your wardrobe. There are many ways to tap into the magic of Agates, handcrafted by our creative artisans, into a series of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry you can choose from. Choosing any of the following agate jewelry in sterling silver is one of the best ways to have potential healing qualities pressed directly on the skin that the Agate can work to attune to your own energy.

Agate Sterling Silver Jewelry

  • Agate Lotus Earring

    The Agate Lotus Earring pictures a stunning lotus flower handcrafted in sterling silver and agate gemstone that drops gracefully from the Lotus. This handmade sterling silver jewelry is exquisite and captivating that you can wear for your May birthday or gift to someone born in May.

    •  Misty Mountain Pendant

      Layers of agate stones create a gradient tone on the Misty Mountain Pendant, highlighted by the distant cloud; it illuminates as if you are sitting on the summit and admiring the view after a long hike. It is a lovely necklace handmade with love by our creative artisans perfectly suited for mountain climbers or any nature lovers.

      •  Classic Beads Bracelet

        The Classic Beads Bracelet is a handmade sterling silver jewelry that combines perfectly the green agate stone and silver.

         A perfect combination that gives it a classic look hence the name Classic Bead Bracelet.

        This is a timeless piece of handmade sterling silver jewelry. This bracelet will definitely provide your simple outfit a classic chic vibe.


        Chalcedony is also listed as an alternative birthstone for May. It comes with a wide range of colors depending on the minerals within the stones.  This alternative May birthstone has been used as precious gems for jewelry for centuries and was designated as a May birthstone in the ancient Hebrew calendar.

         Its Name

        The name chalcedony is derived from its Latin word "chalcedonius." The origin of the name is derived from the town of Chalcedon in the Asia Minor region, which is known today as Kadikoy district, Istanbul.

         Its Location

        Chalcedony can be sourced from the primary location, such as California, Nevada, and Oregon in the United States and other countries like Iceland, Mexico, Russia, and Namibia.

         Its History, Myths, and Cultural Meanings

        • In the Mediterranean region during the Bronze Age, people have been using chalcedony in jewelry and seals.
        • In ancient times, chalices were formed out of chalcedony and lined with silver as they thought it could prevent you from poisoning.
        • The Native Americans and Indians used it to promote stability in their ceremonial activities as a sacred stone. They also use it for meditations to receive success through transmissions from the spiritual world to the physical world.

         Physical, Mental, and Emotional Healing Properties

        • Chalcedony brings one's mind, body, emotion, and spirit into harmony. It also instills feelings of generosity and benevolence to one’s well-being.
        • The chalcedony is characterized to absorb and dissipate negative thoughts and emotions, creating an open and enthusiastic persona.
        • It is believed that chalcedony is a powerful cleanser that combats mineral buildup in your veins and improves mineral assimilation.
        • It also helps in minimizing the effect of dementia and senility in your mind and body.
        • It provides healing to your gall bladder and balances your blood and circulatory system.

        Its Symbolism

        • Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that enhances stability in groups such as in the household, fraternity, or workplace and promotes brotherhood and goodwill.
        • It is also called the "Speaker's Stone" since it helps filter the words we might regret saying. It also balances our expression of what we think and what we feel.

        Chalcedony is an enchanting, mysterious, enigmatic gem that features so many beautiful hues. It is one of the most well-sought gemstones for all jewelry applications. Different types of chalcedony available today take it to have a special place in our artisan's hearts. With this, our creative team of jewelry makers, handmade with love, a series of chalcedony jewelry paired with sterling silver for an elegant but casual appeal.

        Upgrade your look with our assortment of Chalcedony Sterling silver jewelry and have a piece of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry to wear for your casual or formal events.

        Chalcedony Sterling Silver Jewelry

        • Blooming Lotus Chalcedony Pendant

          Our Blooming Lotus Chalcedony Pendant is mesmerizingly beautiful. It pictures how an intricate, design lotus flower is placed in the middle of a chalcedony ring stone. The fascinating Blooming Lotus Chalcedony Pendant will bring harmony and peace of mind to every lady wearing it. Aside from the classic and elegant vibe, it may add to every lady wearing it.

          A piece of handcrafted sterling silver jewelry destined to be part of the jewel of every peaceful lady out there.

          Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that means to promote brotherhood and goodwill. Wearing this stone is a charm that absorbs positive energy and brings harmony to your body, soul, mind, and spirit.

          •  Birds on Branch Nest Earring

            The Birds on a Branch Nest Earring depicts a bird hanging on a sterling silver pooching on its Chalcedony nest. The chalcedony gemstone serves as a good luck charm that will attract good fortune and love for everyone out there.

            Chalcedony is a famous gemstone that enhances love relationships. The white chalcedony stone increases the love luck of its owner. It is also a stone that will boost your self-confidence.

            With this, our creative artisans are inspired to create stunning handmade sterling silver jewelry inspired by nature-a Birds on a Branch Nest Earring.

            •  Open Vintage Ring

              Our creative artisans handcrafted Open Vintage Ring just for you. This ring will keep you noticed. It is because its design is out of the ordinary and will entice someone to look closer to fully appreciate the beauty of your sterling silver jewelry. Thank the chalcedony stone that combines perfectly with sterling silver gives your ring a pop of luscious color and classic beauty.

              A must-have piece of jewelry that perfectly suits all types of fashion wear.

               Final Thoughts

              Are you now satisfied with your options for May birthstone jewelry? You may appreciate gemstones for their healing properties, symbolism, or simply their natural beauty. Indeed, in the lists above, you can find the May birthstone that corresponds to you and feels the right to gift to your colleague, family, or friends. Having an alternative for May's traditional and modern birthstone, such as agate and chalcedony, you now have a fantastic selection of handmade sterling silver jewelry to choose from. Check out our collection for Agate sterling silver jewelry series and Chalcedony sterling silver jewelry series you can wear to keep you trendy and fashionable all year long.


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