An Ultimate Guide for December Birthstones

December is one of the most anticipated months of the year, a lovely month of holiday décor and beautiful lights everywhere. A holiday spirit that makes almost everyone excited and joyous in a way. The time of the year for buying gifts for our friends, family, and colleagues, which some of us find so stressful and challenging that it takes a lot of our time, effort, and energy. Do not worry. This is a season that makes sense with this famous saying, "It is the thought that counts."

Do you know someone that was born on this festive month, December? I bet they shared their birthdays with tons of holidays. We just have the perfect gift idea for you that will stand the tests of time, a piece of birthstone jewelry.

Birthstones' popularity can be traced back to ancient civilizations that believed that these gemstones possess magical powers such as luck, health, and prosperity. The birthstones we are familiar with are much more different today than in ancient times since color is a significant feature of a gemstone. In those days, they distinguish it only by color.

Birthstone jewelry is one of the most thoughtful gifts that become upbeat with trends and fashion. This is because of our desire to give something beautiful and express personal significance to the person receiving it. Some months have a single birthstone, and some have multiple birthstones.

December is a month that has three claimed equally great gemstones. From Turquoise, which has been coveted by societies worldwide since ancient times, to Tanzanite, which can now be considered rarer than diamonds, to Zircon, the Earth's oldest mineral.  Each of these gemstones possesses a unique blue tone making each one a perfect birthstone for this season. No one could be blue over receiving any of these fascinating gemstones.

Keep on reading and learn more about these gorgeous gemstones and be enchanted by each one's beauty, history, symbolism, and meaning.


Tanzanite is a member of the zoisite mineral family, which is deep blue and purple in color. This December birthstone is almost as trivial as diamonds and nearly as famous. Its popularity flourished in 50 years since its first discovery. Unfortunately, it is predicted to be extinct roughly by 2022. It can only be mined in one place, giving this gemstone more intrigue and popularity.

The Name and its Location

Tanzanite's name is associated with the location where it was discovered and can only be mined in Tanzania, Africa.

Tanzanite can only be found in the volcanic basin called Merlani in the East African State of Tanzania. The bay is at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in the African Rift Valley, while the mining area for this stone is under 10 square miles. This December birthstone is formed simultaneously with the African Rift Valley has created approximately 585 million years ago and found on the geological structure called boudins.

Its Appearance

Tanzanite is made of calcium aluminum silicate. This December birthstone forms in prismatic and striated crystals that are transparent and range in color from deep ultramarine blue to light violet-blue. The most sought crystals are in a saturated blue color with a purple hint around it. In its natural and raw form, Tanzanite appears as blue, purple, brown, and yellow. Almost all Tanzanite stone varieties are heat-treated to produce its striking violet-blue color and eradicate the brownish-yellow section.

One of this rare gemstone's excellent characteristics is that it exhibits different colors when viewed at different angles. When you look at it in sunlight, the Tanzanite appears to be in a blue tome. As time passes by, this remarkable gemstone can put on purple, yellow, and red colors. When you look at it using artificial light, you will be amazed since it appears as an amethyst blue. When you look at it in candlelight, it seems to be in a lovely burgundy color with earthy brownish tones.

Its Healing and Spiritual Properties

Tanzanite is popular among young psychics interested in exploring their psychic power since this crystal allows your Brow Chakra to open gradually, preventing psychic impressions from becoming overwhelming. To unlock your Third eye, you should circle a Tanzanite clockwise in the center of the brow and counterclockwise to close it.

Tanzanite is believed to help someone from a comatose state to be awakened. This stone strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the blood, and improves vitality. It is also believed to promote the regeneration of cells, skin, and hair and protect you from a surgical operation's side-effects. It can help in curing chronic alcoholism and in relieving stress and anxiety.

This December birthstone is reputed as a creative stone that will help you get back on track after being interrupted. At the same time, Tanzanite's energies will eradicate old patterns and habits and help you integrate new ones.


Turquoise is one of the oldest stones in man's history, which appears to be the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors. This December birthstone has captivated man's imagination for centuries, and no one can exactly pinpoint when it was discovered.  It is believed that prehistoric people used it already as an ornament, which is found in many burial and archeological sites worldwide. It is because of its unique shade of blue, which is blue-green in color.

The Name

The name turquoise is originated from "Pierre Turquoise," a French word meaning 'Turkish Stone.' It is referred to as a Turkish stone before because of the trade routes to bring these precious gemstones into Europe from Central Asia's mines. The trails went through Turkey, and Venetian merchants often purchased the stone in Turkish bazaars.

Its Appearance

Turquoise is typically blue-green with brown or black veins running through it. Some Turquoise stone is dyed to bring out an evenly vivid color.

Its History, Myths, and Symbolism

Turquoise stone has traveled across continents for thousands of years. It is reputed as a symbol of wisdom and nobility. This highly valued December birthstone has spanned through all cultures such as  Ancient Egyptians, Persians, Aztecs, and Incas of South America, Native North Americans, and Chinese. It was known as a sacred ornament for power, luck, and protection.

In Iraq, they found turquoise beads that can be traced back to 5000 B.C.

In 3200 B.C., Egyptians were mining for Turquoise stone in Sinai. One of their famous pharaoh Tutankhamen had his death mask filled with Turquoise stones.

Native Americans have mined this gemstone and used it to guard their burial sites. These are evident from the artifacts found in Argentina to New Mexico. Early Native American tribes believed it was the god of the sky. Many shamans employed the stone as a connection between heaven and Earth. They used it to channel the healing energies of the cosmos.

The Native Apaches wore the Turquoise stone for protection, such as amulets and charms. They put it to decorate their arrows, believing that the powerful stone will improve their aim and accuracy in battle.

Indian priests wore it in their religious ceremonies when calling upon the glorious spirit of the sky. To Ancient Indians, Turquoise worn on the body or used in ceremonies represents that the god of the sky is alive here on earth. 

In Turkey, a Turquoise ring was worn as a protective stone that can repel all things evil. As stated in one of their sayings, "Given by a loving hand, it brings with it happiness and good fortune." On the contrary, the ring will only work if the stone was given by a friend.

Early Turkish warriors crafted talismans made of Turquoise to adorn their swords, armor, and horse's saddles. They believed that these amulets will protect them from any injury caused by falling.

Turquoise has always been used as an ornamental gem that often symbolizes male power. In 1609, a court physician of Emperor Rudolph II named Anselmus de Boot wrote that Turquoise has been highly valued and prized by men. No man considered his hand to be well adorned unless he wore a fine Turquoise.

Greek maidens in Ancient Greece wore this lovely gemstone as a symbol of their purity. In contrast, maidens in England offered Turquoise as a gift to their lovers as a symbol of enduring love.

Many have thought that Turquoise is a universal stone that would help them become one with the universe when wearing it.

Today, Turquoise has been worn and carried as a talisman of luck, success, ambition, and creativity.

Its Purpose, Healing, and Spiritual Properties

For thousands of years, Turquoise has been known to have the power to protect riders from accidents due to falling. It is used as a protection or amulet by Turkish soldiers attached to their bridles and trappings for protection from fall injury.

Turquoise is considered to be a strengthening stone that is good for exhaustion and depression. It is believed to be anti-inflammatory and detoxifying, which reduces acidity in your body and benefits those who have gout and rheumatism.

Turquoise helps to cure cataracts, migraines, and headaches. It is said to be enhancing our physical and psychic immune systems by alleviating viral infections and pollution.

Turquoise is one of the official birthstones for December and has known to be the stone of communication. This December birthstone is said to be the one that encourages enthusiasm, inspires new projects, and can bring light to your artistic abilities.


Zircon is known to be one of the oldest minerals on earth and can be found in Earth's crust. It can be seen from igneous and metamorphic rocks as an accessory mineral. Also, in sedimentary rocks as grains. It is mostly built-in in sands and has been in circulation for thousands of years now.

The Name

Zircon comes from "Zargun," a Persian word that means 'gold-colored' though it comes in a variety of colors.

Its Appearance

Zircon is a tetragonal crystal and a natural mineral made from pure Zirconium Silicate. It is one of the heaviest gemstones, which means it looks smaller than other varieties of the same weight. This gemstone has developed in different shades and combinations of colors such as yellow, brown, green, black, gray, and red. Its colorless variant is the most popular kind because it appears to be like a brilliant-looking Diamond stone. Unfortunately, this gemstone has often been thought of the same as a Cubic Zirconia, a man-made imitation of a diamond because they have a similar name. Perse, many people are not familiar with the existence of this authentic natural beautiful stone. Zircon can be distinguished by its wear on the edges, and it has double refraction.

Blue Zircon is associated with December birthstone and one of the most popular colors of zircon today. Its bluish hue ranges from pastel blue to bright blue.

Zircon, as mentioned earlier, comes in a variety of colors such as orange, yellow, red, green, gray, and brown. These magnificent colors are caused by the impurities surrounding it. At the same time, some are a result of a minimal radioactive process and heat treatment. The radioactive stones are stabilized before they can be utilized as a gemstone for safety purposes. Heat treatment can turn brownish-red zircons into colorless and Blue Zircons because heat is used to optimize the stone's transparency.

Its Location

The primary producer of Zircon globally is Australia producing 37% of the world's total supply.

This December birthstone can be found in Tanzania, Cambodia, Madagascar, Ukraine, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Canada, Myanmar, Nigeria, Norway, Afghanistan, Mozambique, France, Vietnam,  and Pakistan.

Its History and Myths

During the 6th century, Zircon has been widely available in Greece and Italy. In particular, Blue Zircon is considered a piece of prized jewelry for Victorians during the 1800s, as shown in their rings and brooches.

In Hindu's early writings, Zircon is one of the gemstones on the Kalpa Tree of Hinduism. As the story goes, the Green Zircon was the mystical tree foliage.

Another legend talks about a mythological character named Hyacinthus, which sounds similar to Hyacinth or Jacinth, which is a name often referred to as Zircon. As stated in the myth, Hyacinthus was a young boy slain by Apollo because of jealousy. The poor boy's blood produced the hyacinth flower whose beauty is said to be reflected in a Red Zircon.

Its Healing  Properties and Spiritual Properties

Zircon has many known healing applications. Therefore, it symbolizes healing. The following are some of its known healing applicability.

  • It is said to have an anti-spasmodic effect on the liver and gallbladder.
  • It is said to have a calming effect on asthma and allergies.
  • It is said to have a beneficial effect on bronchial, cold, and general respiratory problems.
  • It is said to help in overcoming loses and heals mental disturbances.
  • It will ease menstrual pain caused by hormonal imbalance and gently dissolve cramps.
  • It is helpful with sciatica, insomnia, and heals vertigo.
  • It is useful in clearing toxins from your body.
  • It can be used as support through withdrawal from caffeine and tobacco.
  • Furthermore, it is said to promote common sense and strengthen the intellect.

Zircon is associated with all chakras and combine their strength by aligning them. It symbolizes happiness, prosperity, chastity, positive energy, honor, purity, and spiritual protection.

Zircon is a fascinating crystal that can bring more confidence to yourself and add honor to your life. Zircon can enhance your intuition, making you a wise person.

Different Variety of Zircon and Its Properties

  • Brown Zircon - This stone helps heal headaches and is known to be a grounding and centering stone. It is often seen in wealth and money spells.
  • Colorless or White Zircon - This is a famous stone because it resembles a diamond. This variety of Zircon has a trading name called Matura Diamond. Matura Diamond has been considered as a symbol of good fortune. This stone helps the aura, and it is being used to promote mental processes and clear thinking.
  • Yellow Zircon - It is pale gray or pale yellow in color. This stone helps you with your sleep and gives wisdom in a stressful time. It is used to drive away depression, increase alertness, sexual energy, and attract love.
  • Red Zircon - It is a yellow, orange, brown, or red variety of Zircon. This is also known as the Hyacinth/Jacinth that is believed to drive away evil spirits and nightmares. At the same time, this is known to be a protection stone from enchantment and lighting. It is also believed that this protective stone is worn to attract good fortune and draw pain away from your body. Another belief during the old times about the Red Zircon is that it heals injuries, soothes pains, and ear infections.
  • Green Zircon - This stone helps someone to make new friends and attracts good fortune.
  • Light Blue Zircon - It is a blue colored gemstone that is also known as Starlite. The color of this variety of Zircon is rarely natural and almost always heat treated. This stone is believed to balance, uplift, and stabilize someone's mind and emotions.
  • Pink Zircon - This stone assists in astral travel during sleep at night.
  • Violet Zircon - This stone is known to be a money magnet.
  • Orange Zircon - This stone is set as gold-colored to safeguard anyone against theft when placed at home. At the same time, to increase someone's beauty while wearing it.

Now that we know how fascinating, intriguing, and interesting December birthstones are. You might be excited to look for some real and glamorous jewelry, such as Zircon Jewelry. Look no further and be amazed by our very own Zircon Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection.

Zircon Sterling Silver Jewelry

Zircon is not a popular gemstone today, but it is one of the most sought and highly prized gems throughout history for its natural sparkle and brilliant features. This December birthstone is like a new beautiful natural gemstone comparable in many ways to every girl's best friend, the diamond. The oldest mineral found on earth today, located in Australia, is believed to be over 4.4 billion years old.

Zircon Sterling Silver Jewelry has a range of hues to choose from. These colored zircon adds that perfect vibe and pop to your outfit and can energize your wardrobe. Because of its unique shades and flashes of color, a piece of small Zircon jewelry can go a long way. Whatever look you want to portray, such as a statement look, choose a large Zircon sterling silver jewelry. However, a small Zircon will be ideal for your everyday casual and workwear.

Zircon is durable enough for everyday and regular use, making it a more attractive and excellent jewelry choice. Take a look at our Zircon Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection and be amazed by its simplicity that turned into sophistication and a classic masterpiece.

Morning Dew on the Olive Leaves Necklace

This Morning Dew on the Olive Leaves Necklace pictures the olive leaves' intricate design and dangles through the olive leaves in a Pink Zircon wrapped with pearl finishing. The pearl simulates a morning dew on the olive leaves in a beautiful morning. The sun comes up shows how a piece of beautiful jewelry represents a beautiful sunshine every morning. A piece of handcrafted nature-inspired jewelry will surely boost confidence and glamour to every lady out there. Thanks to its Pink Zircon stone that believes in improving the owner's self-confidence. Indeed, a fabulous Zircon Sterling Silver jewelry perfect to wear on any occasion, casual, formal, or going out to work. 

Aster Flower Petals Ring and Aster Flower Petals Earring



The Aster Flower Petals Ring and Aster Flower Petals Earring are both designed intricately with delicate petals forming the silver or gold band that circles on your finger or hangs on your ears. The Zircon stones have been placed and paved in the middle of the delicately designed petals that bring the luxurious look to each nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry. Each one is a handmade Zircon Sterling Silver jewelry crafted by creating artisans to create a unique classic masterpiece. By wearing any of these or both these fantastic sterling silver jewelry shows your loving personality.

Plum Blossom Earring II

The Plum Blossom Earring II is a handmade Zircon Sterling Silver jewelry designed intricately using sterling silver. The 18k gold-plated Plum blossoms on a silver branch delicately along with a Zircon stone. This nature-inspired jewelry is a definite conversation starter, a stunning masterpiece that sure to get you noticed. Make sure to try the two styles of wearing it, as shown in the pictures.

How to Take Good Care of your December Birthstones Jewelry

Zircon is rated as 7.5 on Moh's hardness scale. However, it may look relatively hard, yet it is susceptible to scratch if it rubs against anything more formidable than itself. You should protect it from scratches, sharp blows, and abrasives since its bases can be chipped.  Therefore, we recommend that you should wrap your Zircon jewelry individually with paper so that they cannot get in contact with another piece of jewelry. Keep in mind to put it away from anything that can damage it. To maintain the brilliance and beauty of this gemstone, you should regularly clean it from anything that can occur when worn frequently.

Tanzanite is rated as 6 1/2-7 on Moh's hardness scale, which seems like a hard stone. It should still be handled with special care like the rare gem that it is. If you will be struggling to avoid bumping or scraping your Tanzanite jewelry throughout the day, kindly consider earrings as the best choice of accessories for flaunting the beauty of this gem. We suggest always laying your Tanzanite jewelry face down on hard surfaces after taking it off to avoid scraping it.

One of the varieties of Tanzanite, the Violet Tanzanite, is formed by the traditional heating process. Therefore, we suggest that you should not expose your Tanzanite jewelry to sudden temperature changes, either extreme heat or cold.

Turquoise is a hydrous compound of copper and aluminum so it might lose its beautiful blue-green hue when it loses water. To keep your precious Turquoise jewelry hydrated, we recommend watering it with pure saline water periodically to revive or maintain its beautiful color.

Keep in mind that Turquoise is porous, so chemicals can damage it. We suggest using only pure water and a soft cloth to wipe it clean. You can clean your Turquoise jewelry frequently without damaging it.

Do not keep your Turquoise jewelry with other gemstones that might rub against it and damage it. Remember that this gemstone can fade in sunlight, chlorine bleach, and dishwater. When you plan on doing some physical and strenuous activity, do not forget to take off your Turquoise jewelry because excessive sweating might affect its discoloration.

Ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners may affect the color of any of these December birthstones and should never be used.

Final Thoughts

Tanzanite, Turquoise, and Zircon - you can choose from its wide range and shades of blue when you are born in December or looking for a gift for December babies. You can pick gems that are bright red, green, purple, or blue. We offer a collection of fine Zircon Sterling Silver jewelry in a variety of styles. Have fun looking for the perfect December birthstone jewelry that suits your style and personality. So go ahead and visit our online store and shop for your Zircon sterling silver jewelry. Be the belle of the ball with all eyes on you in attractive pieces of December birthstone jewelry, or buy it for your loved ones.


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