The Ultimate Guide for April Birthstone

Birthstone tells your story and at some point reflects your personality, imbued in stunning gemstones scattered all over the world.

You might be wondering how birthstone takes center stage as the best birthday gift ever for yourself or for someone close to your heart. First, let me tell you the origin of birthstones.  Some speculations about the origin of birthstone can be traced back to the biblical times when a breastplate belonging to a priest has decorated with 12 assorted colored gemstones. As time goes by, the 12 gemstones have been associated with the zodiac and months linked to it. The tradition of wearing a birthstone each month is considered a sort of good luck charm. Initially, people wore all twelve stones to benefit each stone for the whole year. With this, people believed that each gemstone held magical powers for the individual born within a given month, and so people started to wear the stone associated with their birth month for the entire year.

If you searched into birthstones through the net, you might notice that there isn't anyone "correct" birthstone for each month. You might encounter the ancient, traditional and modern birthstone calendars that have been developed by different cultures and organizations over the centuries. Lucky for you, you might have a few options to find a birthstone that you connect with and can afford!

April is a significant month to consider alternative birthstones as the traditional birthstone for April is a Diamond which we all know is an explicitly expensive gemstone. Keep on reading to learn more about the conventional and alternatives April birthstones giving you more options and other stunning choices.


As the traditional birthstone for April, the diamond has been known to be "the girl's best friend" and is the most coveted gemstone to date. Diamond is also known as "King of all Birthstones.” It is a prized beauty that has captured the hearts of people for many centuries. 

Its Name

The name diamond comes from the Greek word "adamas," translated as "invincible" and means "unconquerable," which is a reflection of its unyielding endurance and quality.

Its Appearance

Diamonds have various color variations such as black, white, transparent, blue, green, pink, red, purple, orange, and yellow. The range in intensity varies from faint to vivid hue tones. The more saturated the color, the higher the value. The color variations differ depending on the type of impurities present in the stone, like the yellow diamonds contain a minuscule of nitrogen.

Its Location

The primary source of diamond in South Africa. It can also be mined in Venezuela, Brazil, Russia, Borneo, China, Thailand, and Australia.

Its History, Myths, and Symbolism

  • Based on Encarta, a Sanskrit text dated back before 400 B.C., it stated that Ancient people are fond of the significant value and brilliance of crystals.

  • Some historians' theories estimated that Diamonds have been in the trade since 4 B.C., and many ancient civilizations thought that it was lightning from the sky that occurred on Earth. Like the Ancient Hindus who believed that it was made by a lightning bolt that hit the Earth.

  • A written research dated 1330 showed diamond cutting has been done in Venice.

  • Ancient Greeks thought that Diamond is created through fierce fire burning, reflecting Diamonds as eternal love attributes. Another Greek legend stated that Diamonds are the tears of the Gods, star fragments, and crystallized lightning.

  • By the end of the 15th century, diamond trading flourished more since Eastern trading routes opened.

  • During the Middle Age, diamonds were thought to have healing properties to cure ailments related to the pituitary gland and brain. It is said that when the crystals have been heated, you should take them to your bed to draw out harmful toxins that affected your body.

  • The tradition of giving someone you love a Diamond began with Austria's Archduke Maximilian when he presented Lady Mary of Burgundy a beautiful  Diamond ring.

One of the intriguing things about birthstones is there is no ultimate guide on what each month should be, and most research will provide you multiple month birthstones for the same month. April is the best example of this, as traditionally, the diamond was regarded as the only birthstone for the month. Still, there are actually three other birthstones that have been associated with it over centuries. For an obvious reason of inflated prices and increasing demand but with restricted supply, some have chosen to replace diamonds as an April birthstone. With essential factors, let me walk you through the interesting alternative birthstones for April: Sapphire, opal, and clear quartz.


According to the old Roman, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, and Arabic calendar, Sapphire is the other traditional birthstone for April. Before this gemstone became the April birthstone in these ancient calendars, it was the zodiac stone for Taurus, which falls partly on April.

The Sapphire’s deep blue, sparkling color has been valued and loved since ancient times and comes in many shades. It has been known to be the “King of all Blue Stones.”

Its Name

Sapphire comes from the Greek word “sappheiros,” translated as “blue color.”

Its Symbolisms

  • This enigmatic stone has been associated with relieving depression and frustration and encourages spiritual enlightenment.

  • Sapphire is believed to contain and release inner peace and serenity while repelling and releasing anxiety and tension on you.

  • Sapphire embarks the energy of loyalty, honesty, and devotion. That is why it is popularly used in romantic types of jewelry, especially engagement rings.


Opal is the other birthstone for April in the Tibetan birthstone calendar, referred to as the Mystical birthstone calendar.

Its Name

Opal has two theories of its name’s origin. First, it is believed to be derived from the Sanskrit word “Upala,” meaning “precious stone.” The second comes from the Greek word “Opallios” translated as “to see a change of color.”

Its Symbolism

This is a fragile gemstone that Romans valued as a  symbol of optimism and purity, while the Greeks believed it as a source of wisdom. Some spiritualists in the modern era believe it helps people express their thoughts and feelings more effectively and openly.

Clear Quartz Crystals

Besides Diamond, Sapphire, and Opal, Clear Quartz has been a birthstone for April designated in Britain, known as "rock crystal." The rationale with this is simply because of its similarity in terms of appearance. Rock crystal is clear as a diamond is.

Since humanity's existence, Clear Crystal has made its way to humans life. It is the most appreciated and prized for its exquisite beauty and enchanting charm with its physical and metaphysical characteristics.

Clear Quartz has been popularly known also as the  "Universal Crystal," a powerful quartz stone.

Its Name

Quartz is derived from its Greek word, “krystallos” translated as ice, which more probably refers to its appearance water that had frozen so deeply that it would always remain solid.

Its Appearance

Clear Quartz, a mineral that is made of oxygen and silicon atoms. As the name suggests, this gemstone appears to be transparent and clear to white-colored.

Its History and Symbolisms

  • Theophrastus is an Ancient Greek philosopher that believed the clear stone was a variety of permanent ice since it is said to be so cold and unable to thaw.

  • In Ancient Japan, the meaning of clear Quartz in Japan is a "perfect jewel" that symbolizes space, purity, and patience.

  • Ancient Egyptians wore all types of jewelry adorned with clear quartz crystal and used for its healing properties. They also carved clear quartz rock in their amulets buried with the dead since the gemstone's icy beauty has been prized in the afterlife.

  • Ancient Roman women held rounded clear quartz ball in their hands to cool them during hot weather. Some signet rings made of clear quartz rock were worn for their cooling benefits since they believed it was formed by ice solidified over time.

  • Native North Americans believed that the stone is a sentient being and would practice food offerings because of their prevailing belief that the crystal quartz has powers.

  • The Central and South Americans, on the other hand, thought of it as a vessel. They believed that the spirits of their ancestors were positioned in clear quartz-like urns for souls.

  • In Scotland, a clear crystal set in silver and worn around the neck was thought to cure kidney diseases.

Its Legends and Meanings

  • In one of the creation myths of the aboriginal tribes in Australia, they described the clear quartz as the image of the "cosmic serpent" who is the progenitor of all life. The clear quartz is the one leading and guiding the cosmic serpent.

  • The famous and legendary cities of Atlantis and Lemuria used it as a rejuvenation source and their civilizations. Misuse of this gemstone is also thought to be the reason for both the destruction of their societies. According to legends, Record Keeper formations of Clear Quartz should be physically retrieved by chosen souls for future humanity purposes.

Its Physical, Mental, and Emotional Healing Properties

  • Clear quartz is referred to be one of the most versatile healing crystals and is known to be a “master healer of all crystals.” It is believed to boost the immune and circulatory systems, enhance energy flow, and bring the body into balance.

  • It has been used to aid migraine, vertigo, dizziness, or motion sickness and assists with metabolism, exhaustion, and weight loss.

  • Back in the days, a crystal elixir was used to eliminate toxins from the system and help treat digestive disorders, kidney, and bladder infections, and cure diarrhea.

  • There is also a topical crystal elixir that soothes burns by drawing away pain, treating skin disorders, and helps painful injured areas by eliminating blistering.

  • Clear quartz is also known as a deep soul cleanser that aids in purifying and enhancing its internal structure and connecting the body with the mind.

  • This gemstone is believed to focuses on inner negativity and stimulates positive thoughts and feelings in its place.

  • This April birthstone increases awareness and clarity in thinking, provides enhanced energy, perseverance, and patience, and teaches one to live, laugh, and love everyone in humility.

  • Clear quartz is also known to be a seeker transformer crystal that aligns the crystal's natural energy to the human mind to find the way to new horizons and new capabilities. It also enhances efforts to change our situations, prospects, health, and relationships.

  • It is known as the “Supreme gift of Mother Earth” because it enhanced connections with all earthly elements.

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