What is Aquamarine, its Symbolism and Meanings?

A stone that is a remarkable resemblance of the color of the sea

A stone that talks about magical creatures and powers

Did I wake up your curiosity? What is this stone I am talking about?

Let me further tickle more your interest by saying that this stone's history dates back over 4,000 years ago.  This stone is called aquamarine. It is a stone, a beautiful blue that fills the heart with calm.

Most people know about the color "aquamarine." It has a blue tone with a green touch that reminds us of the sea. But did you know that the color "Aquamarine" gets its name from the beautiful Aquamarine gemstone? Fascinating right? There are more exciting and engaging stories and facts you will read about aquamarine as long as you keep on scrolling.

Its Name

The aquamarine comes from the Latin words, "Aqua," which means water, and "marine," which means of the sea, representing the gemstone's symbolism and meaning and why many ancient kingdoms linked it to water.

Its Location

The leading source of aquamarine in the world is Brazil, which also holds the record for producing the largest Aquamarine piece ever found that weighs 243 pounds.

There is also a large deposit of aquamarine found in Russia, Kenya, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, and the United States.

Its Appearance

Aquamarine is a silicate that has its color variations from greenish-blue to blue hue. Its crystal form has been improved using a heat treatment giving the gemstone is translucent to transparent color with a hexagonal crystal pattern. A genuine Aquamarine features a translucent pale turquoise, making it one of the most well-sought gems for centuries.

How is it formed?

Crystals, as we know, need a long time to form. The first stage it has to go through is to be a slowly cooling magma rock known as pegmatite. This Pegmatite rock is filled with cracks and fissures, and within these cracks, there is a thermal activity going on that will eventually form into crystals called the Beryl family. Beryl is an aluminum silicate mineral, and magic happens when mixed with other minerals. Beryl crystals with a touch of a little iron produce the aquamarine.

Different varieties of aquamarine

 A distinction of how aquamarine varies is the intensity of the color and its first discovered.

  • Santa Maria Aquamarine is mined in Santa Maria de Itabira, Brazil, and has a saturated blue color. This is the most highly sought and most expensive.
  • Santa Maria Afrique is mined from Mozambique and Zambia and had the same color and saturation as Santa Maria Aquamarine. It is still named Santa Maria Afrique to distinguish it from Brazilian mine.
  • Double Blue - This is mined in Madagascar and has a vibrant blue hue.


Birthstone has been linked to each month of the year. People born in March has been bestowed with the powers and beauty of an Aquamarine as their traditional birthstone.

It is highly connected to the water element that is why it is also the birthstone for Pisces people born from February 19 to March 20.

Its History

In ancient times, religions like Christianity and Islam believe that the color of aquamarine, which is bluish-green, represents spiritual and emotional wisdom.

The popularity and the value of the stone also reached Rome and Greece. The Egyptians also believe that the rich blue rock would provide sailors' safe voyage and aids to avoid sea-sickness. Ancient Romans even used the stone to purify water since aquamarine is water. So to honor this belief, wealthy Romans made Aquamarine goblets. Roman fishermen refer to this blue rock as "aqua marinus," which means Latin as "seawater." These fishermen carry it to guarantee a good catch, bring good fortune and prosperity to them while they were fishing.

Its Myths and Legends

This gemstone has been in existence for millions of years now. Many myths and legends have been told about the aquamarine stone's origin.

  • According to one of the Egyptian legends, aquamarine is the mermaids' stone. Mythical mermaids held the vibrant blue rock as their prized possession or treasure. Mermaids had high regard for the blue gem that they would bestow sailors protection whenever they carry it through their voyage on the open sea. Because of this story, the aquamarine's belief is the lucky stone for the sailors has been recognized. Another idea of Ancient Egyptians is that aquamarine is the prized possession of sea goddesses. They have often worn the aquamarine stone to relieve pain and bring good health.
  • In Ancient Rome, it becomes a tradition for lovers to exchange Aquamarine jewelry with each other to keep their relationshi0 focus on true love rather than lust. Another belief based on Roman mythology is that the aquamarine's power is so pure that no impurities can exist in its surroundings. This belief is correlated with a mythical unicorn with a powerful aura of gentle goodness that overcomes evil by its very nature. (Hence, it can cure poison.)
  • One famous story about the largest aquamarine in the world has been told. The legend begins deep in the region of Brazil. Over time, the earth's tectonic forces produced a giant crustal into the light of the day. The miners had a hard time carrying the stone to the surface and accidentally dropped it. The rock broke into pieces, two of which is sold to the jewelers, and the largest piece was given to the first and last emperors of Brazil named Dom Pedro. This most enormous piece of the sea-blue crystal had been brought to Germany. Then, a gem sculptor called Bernd Munsteiner conceived a new way to harness light in gemstones. He carved negative facets into the backside of the crystal, unleashing an astonishing array of light effects no one else ever seen before.

Fun Facts about Aquamarine

  1. The name aquamarine was coined by Anselmus de Boodt. On his gemological work called "Gemmarum et Lapidum Historia" in 1609.
  2. Aquamarine is a prized possession and highly valued gemstone of ancient lineage.
  3. In the 19th century, aquamarine's color sea green variant was the most popular. Nowadays, the rich blue color is the most valuable Aquamarine gemstone.

Its Healing Properties

  • The aquamarine has to brim and sparkling with the soft shimmer of healing vibes. Remember that the human body is made up of seventy percent water. Perhaps it is no surprise that this bright ocean stone has glorious healing vibes. Let's have a look at these things an Aquamarine stone can do.
  • It has been used as a tool to bring wellness back to every corner of the body. It is hugely helping soothe sore throats, bring down swollen glands and help with any kind of thyroid problem.
  • It is a brilliant booster of the immune system that reminds the body not to overreact with hay fever and allergies.
  • It is a rare regulator of hormones that you can rely on to balance you out.
  • Since it is called a Sailor's Stone, it is about supporting healthy eyesight and bringing life, light, and vision back to tired eyes so they can see clearly to watch for storms on the horizon.
  • It is one of the best healing crystals that genuinely seem to shine to keep your emotional well-being balanced, such as:
    • The blue-green hue instantly promotes calmness that brings a wash of relief to a scorched and frayed soul.
    • It holds a theme of reflection that invites you to plunge in a little deeper to discover your own truths.
    • It provides to keep you well-balanced and soaked in emotional clarity, so you can set aside all judgment and be tolerant of yourself and others.
    • It is an excellent stone for tempering anxiety, and thanks to its super chill nature, it often brings you into a deeply meditative state.
    • It is an excellent stone for those seeking closure on certain life events that let you unravel confusion to get to the truth.
    • It is also considered the Stone of Courage gives you the self-confidence to nurture yourself and offers you healthy self-reliance to get what you want.
    • It is said to have clairvoyant properties that will guide you to see or have a glimpse of the future and further enhance your connection to the universe.

So now that we are familiar with the incredible history and its benefits. The big question how do you bring the stone that captures the splendor of the sea into your daily lives? This stone is super reliable, and it serves as a guide that will help you out of toxic situations and encourages you to step on the shore so you can swim to sweet freedom. From the sparkling ocean-inspired aquamarine sterling silver collection handmade with love by our creative artisans, here are all the ways masterpieces you can bring a blue dose into your life.


Aquamarine scored 8 on Moh's Hardness Scale for gem-quality stones. It is a perfect gemstone that jewelers sought to make as all types of jewelry that can be worn every day.

Aquamarine Sterling Silver Earrings

  • Bright Eyes Dangle Earring

    The Bright Eyes Dangle Earring dangles gracefully with Aquamarine stone depicting your eyes pinned in a sterling silver curved shaped line.

    As the Aquamarine stone is said to be supporting healthy eyesight and bringing life and vision back to your eyes. Our Bright Eyes Dangle Earring's unique symbolism perfectly suits all ages, from young girls to womanhood.

    • Blooming Anemone Flower Earring

    The Blooming Anemone Flower Earring is a piece of nature-inspired jewelry handmade with love. It depicts a sterling silver, 18k gold plated, and in the middle of anemone flower is an aquamarine. Fascinating right? A perfect fit for all floral ladies out there.

    Aquamarine Sterling Silver Bracelet

    • Playful Cat Bracelet

    The Playful Cat Bracelet is handcrafted to be as adorable as possible. The cat as sterling silver is made as if it is tapping the aquamarine ball with its paw—a stunning handmade sterling silver jewelry that perfect for all ages and best worn every day.

    Aquamarine Sterling Silver Necklace

    • Candy Gemstone Necklace

    Our Candy Gemstone Necklace looks so enticing to eat, but it is more attractive to wear. It will bring you happiness and joy because of its dynamic color. It could also help you reminisce about your happy childhood wherein candy can stop you from crying and give you a smile. The Candy Gemstone necklace will express your sweet personality. A perfect necklace to achieve a charming chic look. 

    The Candy Gemstone Necklace is a piece of sterling silver jewelry with an aquamarine gemstone. 

    Aquamarine Sterling Silver Jewelry Sets

    • Blue Mountain Pendant and Earring



    Aquamarine has always been associated with water due to its ocean-like color. It means “water of the sea” in Latin. This blue gemstone is known for its calming, cleansing, and healing effects.    

    The Blue Mountain Earring and Blue Mountain Pendant is unique nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry representing a “water” stone formed like a mountain to create a scenic view. Isn’t that interesting? Where else can you find this perfect meeting of water and earth? Any nature-loving person would undoubtedly fall in love with this handmade jewelry and one-of-a-kind pair of earrings and pendants.

    • Aquamarine Lotus Bud Series

    Aquamarine Lotus Bud Series is comprised of:



    This elegant and delicate nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry set features a stunning aquamarine stone teamed with a detailed golden bud. Each of these pieces gracefully captures the Lotus flower's beauty even before it blooms.

    A perfect gift collection for a hardworking lady that is a gemstone of communication encourages anyone with a stressful, high-pressure career to find you a lot calmer.

    Final Thoughts

    Aquamarine is a fantastic stone and is so appealing as a piece of sterling silver jewelry with many health advantages. It is a special thing to have the ocean's surge close to your heat. We know that its healing properties are significant to our body, mind, and soul, and water is thought of as the elixir of life. Aquamarine appeals to wash away those toxic energies and to move through life by letting go of bad memories and go with the flow of life with positivity.

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