Curate Your Unique Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection on a Budget

The right jewelry can make or break an ensemble or fashion outfit. More importantly, it can have a real sentimental value. Curating your own jewelry collection means you should take your time and significant effort to sort out your jewelry pieces based on purpose, whether for practical daywear or for special occasions. Nowadays, having jewelry collections are not just for the rich and famous. Since most of today's generations consider jewelry as an essential accessory to elevate any fashion ensemble.

There is no doubt that sterling silver is the most affordable choice for jewelry compared to other precious metals. Simply because it looks stunning, and it remains sparkling for years. Whether you love to wear fashion statement pieces or dainty styles, sterling silver jewelry offers unlimited options to suit your fashion preference as well as your personality or mood for the day.

Some people are still wondering and asking themselves why they should buy sterling silver jewelry at all. There are a lot of speculations and well-circulated myths about its high-valued quality. Because of its affordability, versatility, and durability, sterling silver jewelry remains in the spotlight as a piece of go-to jewelry. From earrings to necklaces to brooches, many types, designs, and jewelry styles look fabulous when crafted in sterling silver.

Whether you are about to start curating or building your own sterling silver jewelry collection, here are some suggestions and recommendations to help you create something you love now and into the future. Remember that your collection is a lifetime investment you can enjoy every day and perhaps even hand it down to your future children or loved ones when the time is right.

  1. Define your personal style.

A good sterling silver jewelry collection should complement your personal style and the things you like to wear. For instance, you wanted to have a classic vintage look or modern-day minimalist vibe. If you do not have a specific personal style yet, look at your wardrobe and search for the pieces you really love that somehow pictures what you are most drawn to from a visual perspective.

  1. Be well educated about sterling silver jewelry hallmarks.

Starting a collection involves knowing everything about the pieces you want to buy.

There are many different types of silver, such as Pure Silver, Silver-plated, and Sterling Silver. Pure Silver is not so popular in the jewelry industry because its low hardness scale rating was causing it unable to sustain long-term use. Instead, most of what you find online or in jewelry shops are either silver-plated or sterling silver.

  • Silver-Plated jewelry pieces contain a thin layer of silver as a base metal coating (more likely to be nickel). These items are usually marked with the words "silverplate." "EP" for "electroplate" or "EPNS" for electroplated nickel silver.
  • Sterling Silver jewelry pieces encompass a mixture of 92.5% solid silver and 7.5% other metals, making them more durable than silver-plated jewelry. Most of the sterling silver jewelry pieces from the 19th and 20th centuries are marked with "sterling" or "925".

It is vital to know that many unmarked items you may encounter online and in jewelry shops may still be silver or silver-plated. One of the easy tricks to identify between the two is to place the jewelry piece in hot water. Take note that silver is a conductor of heat. Hence, it is scientifically proven that it is a better conductor of heat than the base metal beneath the silver plate.  In retrospect, if the jewelry remains hot, it is likely sterling silver; otherwise, if it does not adopt the water's hot temperature, it is likely silver-plated.

(To learn more about sterling silver hallmarks, click the link:6 Fun Facts about Sterling Silver)

  1. Set up a base collection of classic sterling silver jewelry pieces.

Conventionally, you cannot get the wrong impression if you go with a classic, timeless appearance. It is the ideal base for any jewelry collection to be the basis for integrating a wide selection of different pieces.

A classic sterling silver jewelry collection encompasses plainness, simplicity, and old-fashioned cuts and designs imbued to reflect sparkling elegance and sophisticated style. These nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces are some staples you can wear every day. These classic jewelry pieces can be coordinated with a range of outfits fitted to wear for all occasions. See below classic handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces ideal for the workplace and special events.

Classic Feather Ring

Vintage Flower Stud Earring

Butterfly and Cat Pendant

Needle Verticle Necklace

Classic Beads Bracelet

Serpentine Bar Jewelry Set

  1. Curate and invest in silver statement jewelry pieces.

Blending a classic look with a few statement jewelry pieces is the most effective way to have a vibrant and eye-catching twist on your sterling silver jewelry collection. Remember that statement jewelry pieces are your clever way to show off your personal style.

Check these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces that sparkle and add interest to any outfit. Take note that your statement pieces are your way to openly articulate your individuality, feelings, and personality.

Blooming Flower Arch Earring

Amber Butterfly Ring

Birds on Branch Oval Pendant

Mother of Pearl Oriental Fan Necklace

Plum Blossom Bracelet

  1. Collect some momentous and personalized sterling silver jewelry pieces

Every jewelry collection will have some sentimental pieces, whether they are gifts or personal accessories you've preferred for yourself for a special occasion. These sterling silver jewelry pieces are and will remain at the heart of your collection.

See nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces our creative artisans handmade with love that might bring you to places or simply remind you of cherished precious memories.

Home on a Starry Night Earring

Night at the Eiffel Tower Pendant

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower Ring

On the other hand, birthstone jewelry can be more interesting, especially if you are looking for something a little different. Our selection of handmade birthstone jewelry has become more diverse, giving you a wide array of options for your birth month that's a little different.

Check out these stunning handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces featuring some of the famous birthstones.

Morning Dew on the Olive Leaves Necklace

(December Birthstone - Zircon)

Serpentine Bee Earring

(August Birthstone - Peridot)

Misty Mountain Pendant

(May Birthstone - Agate)

Lily of the Valley Bangle

(April Birthstone - Clear Quartz Crystal)

  1. Try not to be preceded or easily influenced by jewelry trends

Some may notice how people are easily influenced by the prevailing jewelry trend when starting their jewelry collection.  While some trends may suit your personal style, going along with the latest fashions is not likely to be advantageous to a timeless collection you can continually wear and enjoy today and in the future. A small number of the so-called trending or craze- accent pieces may make a great addition to your collection, but if you concentrate too much on these, as the theme of your sterling silver collection. You may feel disappointed afterward once the trend is no longer suitable for the season that you have to start all over again.

  1. Take time to save a budget for your sterling silver jewelry collection.

The benefit of curating a collection is that you don't have to budget drastically in one go; you can set aside cash for individual items and unique sterling silver jewelry pieces. While guaranteeing you have the staple handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces in place to enjoy regularly. Taking your time and money within your collection implies that you can opt for more significant and invaluable jewelry pieces, as well as those sterling silver jewelry pieces recognized as everyday favorites.

  1. Know how to wear and use sterling silver jewelry in your daily wear.

    • Marvelous look with sterling silver earrings 

Sterling silver earrings are not only spectacular but are also very easy to style. They can effortlessly go well with every skin tone while also framing your face shape, providing a feminine charm to your outfit.

Sterling silver earrings are suitable, attractive, and appealing– for people of any age. Pair your sterling silver earrings with outfits such as a blouse, jeans, blazers, a dress, and a suit. Consequently, the silver earrings can fit perfectly with all your outfit staples and make you look fashionably lovely and stylish.

Check out our wide selection of nature-inspired and handmade sterling silver earrings.

  • Glamorous and chic charm with sterling silver necklaces 

Sterling silver necklaces are crafted for you to be able to wear and flaunt it all day long without any fear of itching and scratching. It is an excellent jewelry accessory choice for a glam rock look. 

When establishing your own collection of sterling silver jewelry, be sure to add up sterling silver necklaces of different lengths, designs, and textures. They are a sensible and practical jewelry item that is chic, timeless, will never go out of style, and will last for generations. 

Here are some fashion hints on how to wear and style your sterling silver necklaces.

    • Have a simple and classic look by wearing it on top of a white T-shirt
    • Make a good and pleasing look by pairing it with denim pants and a shirt.
    • Look more sophisticated and classy by wearing it on top of a black turtleneck.  
    • You can layer your charm sterling silver jewelry necklaces by pairing them with complementary colors. 

Delve into our collection of nature-inspired and handmade sterling silver necklaces here.   

  • Impress the crowd with sterling silver bracelets

Beautiful sterling silver bracelets are a terrific accessory to have for any jewelry wardrobe. They are not only the ideal addition to your jewelry collection, but they can draw attention to your fashion apparel style choices too. You can wear them across your wrist with almost every outfit, be it a business suit, dress, or other formal events. 

Sterling silver bracelets do not only reveal your fashion choices, personality, or aesthetics, but they also indicate your mood. Because of its versatility, there are endless possibilities to experiment with. You don’t have to be bothered about your bracelet getting bent because sterling silver is a durable material that does not bend easily. So you can flaunt wearing your bracelet all day without any fear of bending and scratching. 

Check our best selection of nature-inspired and handmade sterling silver bracelets here.  

  • Sparkle wonder with sterling silver rings

When it comes to jewelry flexibility, there is no better choice than sterling silver rings. Sterling silver with symbolic detailing and feminine charms are the ultimate preference for daily wear jewelry pieces and are most favored as romantic jewelry gifts. 

Whether you are going to work or going out for a party, sterling silver rings are ideal for wearing on your everyday adventures.  If you have noticed, a silver ring does not clash with any color you wear, but it will feature that color in its own style. In other words, it performs as either one, a prime focus or an accent, so you can support your wardrobe choice according to how much interest you want for your ring to draw. 

Here are some fashion ideas and suggestions for you to have the best sparkle with your favorite sterling silver ring.

    • The generally accepted rule of thumb is that the higher the contrast, the larger the ring.
    • Wear them often or pair them with your everyday style.
    • Keep contrast the central focus or emphasis of your fashion ensemble.
    • Have fun with texture and learn how to mix and match it with your fashion statement.
    • Wear a block color to enhance its color and appeal. 

Looking for sterling silver rings? Have a look at our wide selection of nature-inspired and handmade sterling silver rings here at Lotus Fun.


Collect, curate, and wear more sterling silver in your life

Sterling silver jewelry is affordable, and at the same time, you can proudly display it in your jewelry collection. If you wear it more often, you will understand why it has been a go-to jewelry accessory to complete your morning, evening, or office fashion ensemble.

What are you waiting for? Explore our nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces today and start curating your jewelry collection on a budget! Make your collection of sterling silver jewelry now that suits you and your fashion sense.


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