What is Prehnite, its History, and Symbolism?

Prehnite is one of the lesser-known gems, but it is primarily a collector's stone. Recently, it is becoming more and more popular because of recent discoveries and its excellent affordability.

Prehnite stone has been recognized and valued since ancient times, but many misunderstood this gem's powers. This enchanting and enigmatic green stone is not something you will lay your hands on just as an accessory. This gem offers something profound that will create a lot of impact in your life.

"Prehnite has a vibration that will help you to be prepared."

 Sound intriguing, right? Well, we researched and published this article for you to discover how prehnite can change your life. Keep on reading this article to know how appealing and bewitching prehnite can be. 

Its Name

Prehnite stone was named by a mineralogist, Abraham ‘Gottlob Werner from its discoverer, Colonel Hendrik von Prehn, a Dutch Baron. This gem is the first stone to be named after its discoverer.  

Its Location

Deposits of Prehnite can be found in South Africa, Australia, China, Tibet, India, Burma, Scotland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Namibia, Mali, Canada, and the USA.

Its Appearance and Gemology

Prehnite stone has white or dark lines called epidote inclusions composed of calcium-aluminum silicate, while some involve iron. Its luster may range from vitreous to pearly and often has a look like frosted glass. This gemstone is occasionally transparent. It is usually translucent.

As for its color appearance, there has been quite a bit of variation, but it typically occurs in green. Likewise, you can see some specimens in blue, colorless, pink, or white color. A recent discovery in Kalahari Manganese Fields in South Africa in 2000 produced another color variety in orange.

This gemstone typically forms in cavities and cracks in eruptive rocks and crystalline schists. The refractive index of prehnite is from 1.61 to 1.67. As a rule, the higher the index, the slower and more deflected the light making the stone brighter. In addition to that, this gem is biaxial- meaning it has two optical axes. Usually, the transmitted light is divided into three vibrating directions.

Its History and Cultural Significance

The Prehnite Stone had an important cultural and religious significance in many civilizations throughout the world.

  • Prehnite has been given many names over the years: adelite, chiltonite, chrysolite of sage, coupholite, Karoo stone, grape jade.
  • This green stone has been mistaken for chrysoprase, jade, and serpentine.
  • This stone was discovered by Colonel Hendrik von Prehn in 1788 in Cape Province, South Africa. It was first called the "cape emerald." After its discovery, he brought the stone to Europe and introduced the stone into Africa's booming trade of gemstones.
  • South African natives believed that prehnite will strengthen one's divinatory power by bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual world. It is said that this gemstone will show you the realities of the spiritual world, which is invisible to the physical world.
  • In China, this gemstone is valued as a symbol of courage, modesty, compassion, justice, and wisdom.
  • During the Iron Age in Europe, a period called "Prehnite Stone period" kicked off the Prehnite stone culture.
  • In the middle Ages, some used Prehnite stone in births because they believed that this stone can alleviate bleeding.
  • Ancient tribes in Central and South America thought that the stone has a positive effect on the kidney and the body that helped achieve acid-base balance.

Its Symbolism

  • Stone for Love

Prehnite stone has been closely connected with the Heart Chakra, which means it helps open up channels through which energy can flow. This stone will help you focus on the things you love, and you will sense the natural pull of those you should direct your love towards.

  • Stone of Dreaming

Prehnite stone is reckoned to increase the power of the dream state, strengthen lucid dreaming and encourage communication with other planes of existence. Lucid dreaming is invoked by prehnite so that dreams will be easier to remember and nightmares will be minimized.

  • Stone of Prophecy

Prehnite stones enhance visualization and spiritual knowing and helps in connecting with spiritual world, and extraterrestrial beings.  This stone is looked upon to receive the message to change the future. At the same time, it is suitable for people who want to prepare everything in the future.

  • Magical stone

From ancient times, Prehnite stones have been handled carefully to help you get connected with God's mind and receive energy and messages needed in you.

  • Therapeutic stone

Prehnite stone bestows protection to its wearer, whether it is on a physical or emotional aspect. Therefore, it is said to be useful for therapists to protect them from their patients' projections. It is beneficial for the soul as it calms the mind incredibly during intense situations. Prehnite brings an optimistic state of mind and encourages people to live in the moment.

  • "Heal the Healer"

Prehnite stone is the lucky stone for the healers (e.g., therapist, herbalist, or health professionals) since the stone's powerful healing mantra is said to "heal the healer.

Healing Properties and Benefits

This gemstone has been said to:

  • Augment healing in the chest and lungs as well as to the shoulders.
  • It boosts the body's healing response to the disease.
  • Stimulate healing in the bladder, kidneys through its cleansing and purifying properties. It can calm urinary tract infections and gout attacks.
  • Stimulate thymus glands and aid in boosting the production of white blood cells in your immune system and supporting your body to fight infection.
  • It aids to strengthen and support your skeleton, including your nails, teeth, and hair. On that account, it is highly recommended for growing children and elderly who had fractured bones and whose bones are weakened.
  • It aids to recuperate the damaged connective tissue in the body.
  • Prehnite stone can be used as part of a slimming program to boost weight loss by stimulating the metabolism.

Its Birthstone

Prehnite is the modern birthstone for August-born babies and zodiac birthstone for Libra and Virgo.

How to Get the Most Out of Prehnite?

The easiest way is you can wear it as a necklace, bracelet, brooch, or earrings.  The translucency aspect of prehnite makes it an attractive option for gemstone jewelry. More importantly, this majestic green stone is a powerful stone for grounding you spiritually, as it helps you drop your excess energy down. By consistently wearing this stone close to your skin, you are going to feel its pulsations and force going through your body like no time before. Believe in the full strength of this stone and make your every day at least a little bit better.

Prehnite Sterling Silver Jewelry

Prehnite Sterling Silver Earring

Lotus Bud Earring

Check out our Lotus Bud Earring that features a little vintage green Prehnite teamed with a detailed golden bud. This nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry gracefully captures the beauty of the lotus flower even before it blooms.

You should wear the earrings as Prehnite stones are associated with the third eye chakra. This means you should wear it as close to the forehead as possible.

(Tip: If you are using it for divination, you might need to charge it with the energy of the water and the Moon. To do this, you need to hold it in your hands under running water and visualize all impurities getting swept away. Afterward, you need to place your Prehnite sterling silver jewelry in direct moonlight overnight. These basic steps will boost your divinatory powers and may reach their peak).

Prehnite Sterling Silver Necklace

Candy Gemstone Necklace


Our Candy Gemstone Necklace looks so enticing to eat, but it is more attractive to wear. It will bring you happiness and joy because of its dynamic color. It could also help you reminisce about your happy childhood, wherein candy can stop you from crying and give you a smile. The Candy Gemstone necklace will express your sweet personality. A perfect necklace to achieve a charming chic look.

Wearing this handmade sterling silver necklace featuring a Prehnite stone will open your heart to freely give those around you and reciprocally. It will make others love you too.

Prehnite Sterling Silver Brooch

Lotus Bud Brooch


Our Lotus Bud Brooch features a little vintage green Prehnite teamed with a detailed golden bud. This nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry gracefully captures the beauty of the lotus flower even before it blooms.

Wearing this nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry featuring a Prehnite stone instills one to benefit from living in the moment instead of settling on past sorrows or troubling about what the future has in store. This handmade sterling silver jewelry made of prehnite and 18k gold plated empowers one to make positive choices for ensuring a happy future.

Prehnite Sterling Silver Bangle

Lotus Bud Bangle

Our Lotus Bud Bangle features a little vintage green Prehnite teamed with a detailed golden bud. This nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry gracefully captures the beauty of the lotus flower even before it blooms.

Wear this Prehnite sterling silver bangle to boost your memory by invoking the third eye chakra. You can use this handmade sterling silver jewelry as a central point during meditation to gain a clear mind and prepare it to obtain and store new information. The stone will increase your inner knowledge and spiritual growth. At the same time, it will give you protection in a physical and metaphysical sense.

How to Clean your Prehnite Jewelry

Prehnite is an unusual gemstone and not popular, but the Prehnite jewelry will be a natural conversation starter. Take note that this gemstone is brittle with 6-6.5 ratings on the Mohs scale of hardness. On this account, we prepared some tips for you in cleaning and preserving your favored Prehnite jewelry pieces (like the stunning nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces mentioned above). Kindly see the below information to have the captivating allure of your Prehnite jewelry any time and for it to shimmer a long time!

  • In cleaning, you should scrub it gently with mild detergent and a soft toothbrush. Afterward, mop the piece dry with a soft cloth, or you can let it dry naturally.
  • Do not use any harsh chemicals.
  • Rinse thoroughly (Be 100% sure that you get all the soapy residue).
  • Store it separately by placing it in its jeweler's box or bag as it may easily fracture or get scratched if it is banged against a surface or dropped. Moreover, do not wear it if you are going to be physically active.
  • You may store it in a cool, dark place.
  • Do not use acid in cleaning your Prehnite jewelry, as it will actually destroy the luster it had in the first place.
  • Keep it away from household chemicals. On this account, do not wear it while you are cleaning the house.
  • Do not expose it to cosmetic chemicals. Put it on once you have done your makeup and hair and put on your body spray (e.g. perfume, face mask, etc.) 

Final Thoughts

Prehnite is a semi-precious crystallized mineral for jewelry purposes. This gemstone metaphysically has been acknowledged by many civilizations around the world for millennia. To summarize, it is the stone of prophecy, stone of love, stone of dreaming, healer of the healing, therapeutic stone, and magical stone that will help you process hard truths and cultivate a deep understanding of who you truly are.

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