Jewelry Trend for Fall 2021

The time when everything bursts with its last beauty as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale - Lauren Destefano

Being trapped at home is all we have been experiencing right now. Almost everyone has swapped their fabulous dresses and trousers for sweatshirts and pants, and our jewelry is stored away. While the pandemic will undoubtedly affect the fashion industry for the next few seasons, designers and fashion icons brought life back into few jewelry items shown in these collections.

Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear - Iris Apfel

A piece of eye-catching conversational starter jewelry can be your best friend in combating these days of monotony. Whatever your mood or story of the day, I am sure you can find a jewelry trend to add to your wardrobe accessory collection. Mind you, some of these styles will have you covered no matter what occasion you are dressing for.

Try and experience these Jewelry Trends for Fall 2021 with our top-seller nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces you can pick for yourself. It will cover your fashion statement for the next season!

Top 8 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2021

1. Sparky Chandelier Earrings

With these nature-inspired sterling silver earrings, you won't need to wear any other jewels with your outfit. You will be the star of the show in these shiny shimmering chandelier earrings. These are earrings that you can party with the night away. Pair these handmade sterling silver jewelry with your regular dresses for that extra shimmer and glam!

Wedding Orchid Earrings

Blooming Wedding Orchids Earring elegantly from your earlobes. Stylish and feminine, the cascading orchids are handmade to the standard of flawlessness. It is made entirely of Sterling Silver. These handcrafted sterling silver earrings were made to brighten up your casual Sunday outfits.

Hollow Butterfly Wings Earrings

The Hollow Butterfly Wings Earring is a 2-in-1 earring that can mix and match your outfit elegantly with its two great varying styles. One, you can wear it with its meticulously handcrafted sterling silver or 18k gold plated wings, hanging elegantly and pinned on your ears with Zircon stud.  Second, you can remove its removable sterling silver or 18k gold plated butterfly wings and pinned the Zircon stud earring on your ears for everyday use and simplicity.

2. Tassel Earrings and Necklaces

Tassels can add edgy elegance or a victorian vibe to any outfit. Tassel designs have been popular over the past few years as it styled as statement pieces on top of casual or formal wear. They are modern, bold, and make for an instant wardrobe upgrade.

 Cloud Tassel Raindrops Earring

Graceful droplets of crystal rain from clouds of silver and a spectacular level of artistry create this elegant Cloud Tassel Raindrop Earring.

 Heart Tassel Pendant

This gorgeous Heart Tassel Pendant comes with durable silver chains that hang on the tassel to the backside of the golden heart, allowing it to move elegantly with you. Perfect accessory for casual wear with friends and family on a night party this Fall.

 3. Elaborate Brooches

If you do not own a brooch, shop now and have a couple of vintage-themed that are perfect for your turtleneck or blazer. Bouncy and colorful pins are perking microtrend to personalize cozy knitwear, sharp collars, and formal evening this Fall. Think vintage vibes with a modern twist.

Golden Eyelash Brooch

Golden Eyelash Brooch is a stunning handmade sterling silver jewelry featuring a lovely Labradorite in the middle. It shows a unique intricate design that every lady would love to add to their jewelry collection.

 Vintage Feather Brooch

the Vintage Feather Brooch is a unique vintage brooch that snaps a carefully constructed feather fashioned of authentic sterling silver and 18k gold-plated. A unique nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry brooch that will make your natural beauty and personality shine more in your favorite shirt or dress.

4. Animal Jewelry

A timeless piece you never thought you needed- the animal motif sterling silver jewelry. These light-hearted nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces will surely lighten the mood. If you are the kind of person that loves to have fun with jewelry, we think you will enjoy the animal-related fall 2021 jewelry trends. Check out these fantastic handmade sterling silver jewelry for your glamorous appearance this Fall 2021.

 Butterfly Kite Pendant

The Butterfly Kite Pendant is handmade into a beautiful butterfly and a kite since the geometry of a butterfly and a kite is similar. The Butterfly Kite Pendant is a perfect fashion accessory for all age groups. It is ideal for everyday wear, remarkable for a nature-lover lady out there.

 Lovely Penguin Necklace

So cute, definitely a conversational starter Lovely Penguin Necklace.

The miniature penguin rest on an icy steel bar, on top of an excellent bluey nature agate stone. 

          For more animal motif designs, check out our Fauna collection and shop online at Lotus Fun to have your next favorite animal jewelry delivered to your doorstep right away!

5. Pearly Artistry

Along with silver, pearls are in demand right now, with unique freshwater styles and cool designs on the rise. With our diverse array of styles and designs, you can choose a traditional vibe or something a bit more modern. There were pearls everywhere this Fall 2021, ranging from classic pearl necklaces to unique pearl earrings. This season is all about specks of pearls spun out in a modern-day fashion.

Check out these fantastic handmade sterling silver jewelry for your glamorous appearance this Fall 2021.

Mother of Pearl Oriental Fan Necklace

Mother of Pearl Oriental Fan Necklace is a unique handmade silver jewelry piece that reveals your modern and creative side.  It is handmade with love and fashioned of sterling silver and pearl– a remarkable representation of a woman's personality: powerful and beautiful.

 Pearl Clover Jewelry Set

The Pearl Clover Jewelry Set is designed from 925 Sterling Silver creatively crafted to form elegant petals and finished with natural freshwater pearls as centerpieces of the lucky clovers.  This nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry set is the perfect blend of minimalistic design and pearl.

For pearly delights,  check out our Pearl collection and shop online at Lotus Fun to have your next favorite pearl jewelry delivered to your doorstep right away!

 6. Garden Blossoms

Floral elements blossomed across fall 2021. Growing optimism takes the form of a fresh bloom, and with these sparkly earrings, you can let your personality! Expect to see your fair share of floral-inspired statement pieces this Fall, like the following handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces.

Begonia Earring

These gorgeous earrings are handmade of Sterling Silver and created crystals cultivated to produce these works of art. The Begonia Earring is a perfect fit to add to your collection with or without the drop extensions.

A new design by our team, providing you with both a stud and drop earring. The detachable drop extension allows you to choose between a drop or stud, both of which are equally beautiful and detailed.

Calla Lily Earring

The meticulous work of our craftsmen has transformed materials we've all seen before into an excellent piece of art, the Calla Lily Earring. Natural white crystal petals surround a gold stigma, a silver stem curls itself around your ears ending with 18k gold plated nectar. 

For the flower festival,  check out our Flora collection and shop online at Lotus Fun to have your next favorite floral sterling silver jewelry delivered to your doorstep right away!

7. Charms

Charm necklaces and bracelets add a bit of way and noise to every look, turning fashion into something more sensual. Symbols of luck, love, and spirituality are as strong as ever this Fall 2021. It seems that charms are like chocolate; you keep looking for more. And you are in luck. Lotus Fun artisans keep creating them. You can keep complementing new pieces to your favorites and continue telling your "charming story" to everyone with our nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces.

Athena's Bracelet

Our Athena's Bracelet is a perfect token to honor every ladies' fascinating wit and incredible beauty. This bracelet has an excellent option for gemstones like amazonite, Labradorite, and lapis lazuli.

Each gemstones means can be a great charm to attract good luck and fortune. They are turning this incredible bracelet into a good luck charm.

A piece of sterling silver jewelry made of sterling silver and either Amazonite, Labradorite, or Lapis Lazuli stones. Great choice of an intelligent, beautiful lady out there.

 Cloud Stud Earring

Cloud Stud Earring pictures a cute cloud crafted out of sterling silver sits on a turquoise amazonite gemstone. We use this gemstone as the color is perfect as the blue sky background for the silvery cloud. 

By wearing these adorable accessories, you can have achieved a  fashionable style ultimately. Find the perfect charm to add a pop of color and fun to your outfits, shop online at Lotus Fun and have your pick delivered to your doorstep right away.

8. Asymmetrical style

Asymmetrical designs are unique, consisting of fun and free-flowing styles! Our creative artisans have gone all out to make more eye-catching handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces. Regardless of whether you are wearing a blazer for a staff meeting or want to step out for some fresh air with friends, you would not regret trying this trend with these unique handmade sterling silver pieces!

Asymmetrical Dangle Earring

    Asymmetric Dangle Earring dangles in your ear with a fashion twist. Each earring has a different style. The left stud with a long silver thread holds the asymmetrical curve sterling silver shape on the bottom. In contrast, the asymmetrical curve on the sterling silver was attached in the middle. Both studs have the white-colored sphere differently positioned on each one.

    A piece of jewelry that manifests authentic state-of-the-art jewelry that shows the creativity and craftsmanship of our artisans. Sterling silver jewelry gives you a classic and sophisticated look. 

    Rose Petals Earring

      Rose Petal Earrings will bring the elegance and femininity of women out there. With its asymmetrical design and muted color hues, it can be used by women of a wide age range. The unequal length of the earrings' chains gives off a refreshing vibe to the wearers and onlookers. While the pink rose made out of mother of pearl gives the earrings a refined look.

      Final Thoughts

      If you are interested in fashion, you are familiar with how an outfit matched with the right accessories can impact your mood or feelings for the day.  We love to express ourselves through our complete fashion style, our outer appearance, and in turn, our inner feelings turned happier and more productive. If you want to have a nice outfit and feel great simultaneously,  accessorizing can help!

      When dressing in your bold accessories or statement jewelry pieces, be sure to wear items that make you feel like the most excellent style version of yourself. With so many simple and fun jewelry trends to choose from this season, you can show off your unique personality in style.

      Check out our vast array of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces and find the perfect accessory that suits your personality best and will tell your story. Shop at Lotus Fun and find your best jewelry piece for Fall 2021! Happy shopping!


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