Instagrammable Nature-Inspired Jewelry You Should Own

Our choice, values, and lifestyles are easily communicated through fashion and jewelry designs. Jewelry trends are a simple way of translating anything that is happening in our cultural and geopolitical world. Your choice of jewelry or what you prefer to accessorize your outfit does tell a story. These stories have always been part of who we are and what we have become as humans. Stories pass on as lessons and narratives of other people's lives to apply and to remember.

What is it that you wear? What is your story? Our jewelry buying perspectives have significantly been affected by what is happening in the world. Now, wearing jewelry at home is the best fashion accessory we could flaunt for our colleagues and friends on the screen. Most of us are inclined to invest right now.

Our selection of handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces will work for you on any given conditions or scenarios and make your online meetings and profile pictures interesting to pop-up on screen and imbue positive and good vibes.  Here are some of the best instragrammable nature-inspired jewelry pieces you should own to be entertainingly fashionable and beautiful all day long!

Ocean is calling to have a beachy vibe

Ocean has the best calming effect on everyone. That is why shell-inspired jewelry has become trending lately.  Our creative artisans have handmade with love series of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry that will shine brightly and make you stand out more and be confident all year long. Any of these ocean-inspired handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces are best to bring a holiday mood to your outfit with nature-inspired designs like sea creatures. These nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces provide a relaxed, beachy vibe that will represent our dream of sunnier days to come!

Waves on a Starry Night Earring

    Swimming Whale Necklace

      Colorful and Bright Gems is the new vibe

      Instagram posts that knock all the likes and shakes are the handmade sterling silver jewelry made from colorful gemstones and birthstones. Having a bright and vibrant nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry adds not only color but also a dash of nostalgia. These colorful birthstones and gemstones have been popular as it gives your selfie pictures a vibrant " Instagrammable" effect and shows your positive mood aura all day long. Wearing any of these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces with vivid hues aims to communicate your message and stories and help your profile picture stand out on any social media platform online!

      You are my World Earring


      Lotus Whispers Jewelry Set


      Candy Gemstones Necklace

        Zoom earrings are the latest jewelry trend

        These zoom earrings are best known as statement earrings. These earrings are the mainstream jewelry choice by everyone to give color and personality to today's essential business communication, an online video conference. To shake off your online meeting fatigue and boredom, you should have a new pair or set of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry. Below are our favorite handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces you can have with various style options, from modern to whimsical pair of earrings. Own a couple of these lengthy and dangling pairs of earrings for each day of the week that will make your zoom meetings exciting and fun to look forward to! Wearing any of these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry will make your Instagram selfie picture more fun and enjoyable!

        Moonlight over the Ocean Earring

        Cloud Tassel Raindrop Earring

          Cactus Earring

            Mis-matched earrings add a quirky sense of style to your plain and casual outfit.

            These nature-inspired jewelry designs are perfect for making your selfie pictures different and exciting!

            Swimming Fishes Earring


            Asymmetric Dangle Earrings

              Rose Petals Earring

              Hoop earrings never go out of style.

              The smallest to the boldest pair of hoop earrings that glitters with a shiny gemstone makes anyone look fantastic and beautiful. These nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry hoop earrings are the most common jewelry trend that will always remain classic and attention-getter for all time. Our creative artisans have created imaginative and experimental nature-inspired jewelry designs by playing with sizes and colors, resulting in the following handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces you can choose from. These hoop earrings have unconventional styles that will rock your Instagram post instantly.

              Playful Dolphin Earring


              Spring in the Air Leaves Earring

              Pearls are instantly cool and timeless

              Nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry made of pearls has regained its rising popularity over the past years. It is because wearing pearls on your wrist and neck will bring out a modern chic and edgy vibe to your overall outfit. These handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces are the perfect choice for those looking for sleek and remarkable accessory for their online selfie profile picture. Any of these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces bring an excellent sparkle to any look, day and night.

              Pearl Clover Jewelry Set

              Pearl Leaf Ring

                Sparkly Mountain Pendant

                  Tell your story with a pendant or charm jewelry

                  Pendants can give your plain shirt or dress a noticeable standout outlook that will definitely get spectacular attention to you. A pendant is a jewelry accessory that can be a conversation starter for everyone as everyone can quickly notice a pendant. Any of these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces is the ultimate storyteller of all time that will bring a lot of attention to your Instagram post.

                  Sailboat Necklace

                  Night at the Eiffel Tower Pendant

                    Flower power for statement jewelry

                    It is no surprise that many have wanted to wear floral-inspired jewelry to signify new life and blooming life ahead. You could opt for any of these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces to keep your profile picture or Instagram post look as blooming and refreshing as possible.

                    Magnolia Ring

                    Plum Blossom Earring II

                    My Little Garden Jewelry Set


                    Neon-colored jewelry provides an exciting glow

                    Vibrant intense color is what we all need to overcome any "lockdown blues" we might be feeling. Neon in every hue was considered a hit for nature-inspired jewelry designs right now, like splashes of hot pink. These handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces have a fluorescent effect of keeping your profile pictures glowing all year long!

                    Kiss from a Bee Earring

                    Swaying Amazonite Earring

                    Athena's Bracelet

                      Grandmillenial style - vintage and heirloom-material jewelry

                      This grand millennial style connotates the expression "granny chic" that provides a refreshing vibe to the familiar favorites such as vintage brooches and oversized pendants. Our creative artisans have been handcrafting a series of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces that speak of vintage, antiquity, and heirloom-inspired look for you to choose from. Any of these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces would be a great accessory in your photoshoot to achieve a classic vintage vibe on your Instagram posts or profile pictures.

                      Golden Eyelash Series

                      comprised of the following nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry creations:

                      Golden Eyelash Brooch

                        Golden Eyelash Pendant

                        Golden Eyelash Earring

                        Golden Eyelash Ring

                        Victorian Labradorite Pendant


                        Fantasy-inspired designs that let you dream

                        Fantasy jewelry is inspired by Mother Nature's creations and stunning places that help us embrace nature's everlasting beauty. Wearing a piece of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry that takes you to dream is a must-have accessory to add to your fashion wardrobe. Any of these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces will make you look as enchanting and dreamy as ever! These handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces will take your online screen look and profile pictures on a different level of fun!

                        Desert on a Starry Night Pendant

                        Dreaming Cat Ring

                          Final Thoughts

                          It will be interesting to wonder how we look back on this time and see how our current lifestyle and predicament created inspirational ideas and designs shown by this era in nature-inspired jewelry pieces.  The list as mentioned above offers a handful of stunning nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry that should be your guide to have an Instagrammable picture.

                          Would you love to look for more instagrammable jewelry pieces? Visit our online store, Lotus Fun and check out our wide selection of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry and find the perfect piece for your Instagram post and profile pictures. Happy shopping!

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