The Ultimate Guide for September Birthstones

Have you ever seen the sky shaded in the most exquisite whisper of blue to deep midnight blue?

It is somewhere in that fascinating natural prevalence we can experience how distinctively we can see the September birthstone colors that are Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli.

September babies are lucky to have more than one birthstone to choose from. Lucky enough to choose between a precious gemstone, Sapphire, and a semi-precious gemstone, Lapis Lazuli, and pick the one that shows up your current financial outlay. There is no refuting that the Lapis Lazuli gives tough competition for its highly regarded budget-friendly value in the beauty category that makes it a unique, eye-catching, and positively striking jewelry!  


A Gem with Divine Reputation

An astounding gem that has been recognized and valued for thousands of years as a royal blue gem.  Today, sapphire has been the gem to memorialize the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

The Name

The name has been derived from the Greek word “sappheiros” and the Latin word “sapphirus,” translated in English as “bluestone.”

Physical Appearance and Its Gemology

Sapphire is a mineral corundum that has a trigonal crystal structure composed of aluminum oxide. In essence, pure corundum is colorless, and in the case of Sapphire, it has traces of iron and titanium. , It happens to come in the shade of colors in a rainbow such as blue, violet, orange, yellow, pink, green, black, and gray. Sapphires that are not generally color blue are referred to as fancy sapphires. The most popular and distinctive Blue Sapphire established its distinctive blue color due to the amount of iron and titanium composition. The value of this gemstone varies based on its colors which literally means the more dark blue color, the more precious it is.

Its Location

The first source locations of Sapphire in the world are India, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. In particular, it was first discovered in India, Kashmir, amid 1881 when a landslide on the Himalayas happened that a large pocket of blue crystals has been exposed looking like a velvety “cornflower.” But, on the contrary,  Sri Lanka has been mining this September birthstone for more than 2,000 years, referred to as the “Jewel Box of the Indian Ocean.”

Other significant source locations for this September birthstone are Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Madagascar, Africa, and Montana, United States. Today, the leading producer of Sapphire in the world is Madagascar since its discovery in 1990.

Its History, Mythology and World Culture

Sapphire is considered one of the most highly prized gems and the most sought-after gemstone proven by history, narratives, legends, myths, and civilizations throughout the world.

  • In Kashmir, when this September birthstone began appearing further south of the region, the army and the Maharaja of Kashmir took control of the locality. Over the years of 1882 to 1887, approximately thousands of large, beautiful were unearthed. The Sapphire stone mined in Kashmir has been reputed as one of the world’s most sought gems. Because of this, production has been rare today that makes selling almost only possible in an auction market.
  • For the Greek and Roman nobilities wore this blue gemstone for protection from harm and envy. Other Ancient Greeks wore Sapphire during ceremonies performing oracle rituals for answers.
  • Ancient Persians have an idea that the earth has been resting on or probably leaning on a massive sapphire because the color of the Earth’s sky is blue. In fact, the Persian word for Sapphire is “lazvard,” translated in English as “that has the color of the sky.”
  • During the Middle Ages, the Clerics adorned their robes with Sapphire as a symbol of Heaven, while the Christian kings adorned their ecclesiastical rings with Sapphire for protection. This September birthstone is the most preferred gemstone of priests and kings because it signifies purity and wisdom.
  • Europeans think it likely that sapphire cured plague boils, eye diseases and can be an antidote to poison.
  • During the 17th century, Germans referred to this September as “seigstien,” which means victory stone.
  • Buddhists described this birthstone as the “Stone of Stones” as it will lead the owner to an honorable life along with spiritual enlightenment and peace.   

Its Symbolism

Sapphire has been known and sought throughout the centuries as a significant symbol of loyalty, fidelity, faithfulness, and nobility.

It has been long recognized to support tranquility and understand, resulting in one’s peace of mind. As this being the case, people who suffer from emotional disturbance will find a sense of calmness by wearing this birthstone.

Sapphire has been a piece of prominent jewelry for expression of love, a popular gem in engagement rings. Famous royalties such as Princess Diana and Duchess Catherine Middleton had a Blue Sapphire engagement ring. It nurtures fidelity, encourages intimacy, and provides guidance in the relationship. This birthstone will bring the world of passion closer to you.

It is referred to as “The Wisdom Stone” that promotes education and intelligence for you to make wise and unbiased decisions.

Fun Facts about Sapphire

  1. The most expensive Blue Sapphire was sold in an auction held in 2015 at $242,000 per carat, distinguished as Kashmir Sapphire.
  2. Lady Diana was given a 12-carat Blue Sapphire engagement ring by Prince Charles. In fact, the engagement ring was given to the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, in 2010 by Princess Diana’s eldest son, Prince Edward.
  3. The largest Blue Sapphire ever unearthed can be seen at the National Museum of Natural History worth 423 carats. Recently, the largest blue star sapphire, Star of Adam, was uncovered in Sri Lanka, weighing 1404.40 carats appraised at $300 million.
  4. The most infamous sapphires globally are the “Star of India,” which can be seen at the Museum of Natural History in New York weighing 563 carats.

Lapis Lazuli

The Alternative September Birthstone

This birthstone has almost the same appearance as Sapphire because of its beautiful deep blue color. This semi-precious gemstone sparkles in the most vibrant blue tone that reveals to be flecked with gold.

Its Name

Lapis Lazuli derived its name from the Latin word, “lapis” meaning stone, and the Arabic word “Azula,” meaning blue.  

Physical Appearance and Its Gemology

Lapis Lazuli is not a crystal but a type of metamorphic rock composed of dark blue lazurite, white calcite veins, and golden pyrite flecks. Lapis Lazuli is composed of some pyrite specks and a quarter blue lazurite.  Because of its exquisite color variations, it has been sought by sculptures and jewelry makers around the world. Truth is, the bluer in color the rock is, the more valuable it is.

Its Location

Lapis Lazuli was unearthed in Afghanistan approximately 6,000 years ago and still, up to this day, is a significant producer of Lapis Lazuli in the world. In fact, the most highly reputed Lapis Lazuli can be mined from Afghanistan. Other mining locations this birthstone is situated in Italy, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Canada, and North America.

Its History

Lapis Lazuli is recognized and appreciated for 6,500 years by the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, and Rome and simply made the world more colorful to live with.  

Tutankhamen, a famous pharaoh in Ancient Egypt, had been buried with ornaments and jewelry adorned with Lapis Lazuli.

Famous painters such as Vincent Van Gogh used this birthstone in his renowned painting “The Starry Night” to create vivid blue tone variations.

Sapphire mentioned in the Old Testament, and several ancient narratives are not actually the “real” Sapphire we had today because it was not discovered then.

Its Symbolism

Stone of Truth and Friendship

Lapis Lazuli provides harmony, love, protection to relationships and boosts relationships to be connected even more. Moreover, it helps you to come up with sound judgment and awareness in your relationship.

Spiritual Stone

Lapis Lazuli can bring spiritual enlightenment and clarity to people. It helps you to clearly set your path in life. Many people wear it based on the presumption that it will help them connect with guardian spirits.

Protection Stone

Lapis Lazuli protects your mental and physical well-being. It is regarded to help you focus on what is essential in life while repelling all the negativity in your day-to-day life. Furthermore, it relaxes the mind by minimizing anger and stress, providing you a patient and calm character.

Creative’s Stone

This September birthstone has been responsible for the communication and connection of your mind, body, and soul in harmony.  It became an important tool that manifests creative imagination and clear thinking. Some writers believed that it would bring a natural flow of writing ideas and energies.

Important Note: To learn more about Lapis Lazuli’s rich heritage and symbolism, check our blog “What is Lapis Lazuli: Its History and Symbolism?”

September Birthstone Jewelry

To this point, you might learn these two concepts: One is that those color blue stones may have been the Lapis Lazuli, and second, natural Sapphire comes in many colors, not exclusive to the color blue. Still, the September birthstones are the most desirable when your favorite color reflects the sky and the sea color.

If you are looking for a bargain September birthstone, I am pretty sure it is difficult to pick a Sapphire that works within your limited budget. Nevertheless, the British introduced another gem for September, the Lapis Lazuli, which is also well-known for its vibrant blue color.

Truly, Lapis Lazuli does not constitute the regal glittering appearance as the September birthstone stone sapphire is. But mind you, Lapis Lazuli sparkles in unique royal blue color and shimmers nicely in sterling silver.

To see is to believe.  Below are our sparkling and shimmering Lazuli sterling silver jewelry pieces you can choose from. Better choose the one that matched best with your character and philosophy in life.

Circle Sector Pendant and Ring

Circle Sector Pendant and Ring

Circle Sector Pendant and Ring is a minimalist design of sterling silver jewelry. A simple masterpiece that shows our artisans' creative minds to handcraft a piece of out-of-the-box jewelry offers the classic beauty of a Lapis Lazuli stone in sterling silver. Lapis Lazuli is a known gemstone that enhances the creative minds of anyone holding it.

A piece of minimalist jewelry that shows the elegance and creativity of a September-born Lady. A timeless piece of handmade sterling silver jewelry is suited to your creative, unique collection of jewelry.

Cute Birds Dangle Earring

Cute Birds Dangle Earring is a piece of jewelry inspired by birds, made of sterling silver and lapis lazuli. Sterling silver jewelry is meant for every bird-lover lady out there. An earring that will show you adore birds compliments your beauty by adding elegance and a classic look to you.

Wearing our Cute Birds Dangle Earring gives you a royal look. It also serves as a good luck charm to counter any negative energy you might encounter in your life. A fascinating nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry that every September-born ladies will love to wear at parties, social events, formal or casual, to look more stylish and luxurious all the time!

Athena's Bracelet

Our Athena's Bracelet is a perfect token to honor every ladies’ fascinating wit and incredible beauty. Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare. She is often loved and adored by ladies because of her wits and beauty.

This exceptional bracelet is a fabulous handmade sterling silver jewelry made of sterling silver and Lapis Lazuli gemstone. A piece of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry can be a great charm to attract good luck and fortune. Lapis Lazuli stones are turning this incredible bracelet into a good luck charm for September babies.

Solar System Pendant

The Solar System Pendant, which comes in silver and gold, is thoughtfully made to mimic a mini-solar system with the sun and two planets. And Lapis Lazuli’s various colors give it an added charm.

How would it feel to have not just the world but the solar system in your hands? Well, it’s plausible through this space-inspired pendant. So be inspired and aim high for the sky – and even beyond – is the limit with this pendant. It will undoubtedly suit your goal-driven self and friends and is right up the alley of your geeky, science-lover pals.

A perfect accessory to give for yourself or someone you know born in September that you can wear every day to look more refreshing and beautiful all day long!

Oriental Cloud Brooch

Oriental Cloud Brooch pictures an 18k gold plated clouds are resting on a sterling silver paperclip shaped and below dangles a beautiful lapis. A timeless piece of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry

The Oriental Cloud Brooch is a piece of handmade jewelry crafted with an exquisite gemstone to make your day lucky or royal.  A must-have piece of jewelry that adds elegance and luxury to your casual outfit. This nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry brooch is a great choice to fully acquire the benefit of the September birthstone jewelry to your creative personality.

You want to see more? Then, check out our Lapis Lazuli collection in our online store, Lotus Fun, and find the perfect handmade sterling silver jewelry that suits your personality and tells your story all at once.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for a September birthstone for yourself or for someone else? Whoever you are buying for, there are many selections when it comes to choosing a celebratory birthstone for late summer babies.

Sapphire is a popular choice for those who are willing to spend much. Luckily, there is another excellent alternative to decide from, the Lapis Lazuli, for those with a limited budget to spend. Lapis Lazuli is an excellent alternative for creative minds and a perfect pick for your mindful and calm-loving September friends.

Remember, the exterior look of the stone is not the only thing that matters when choosing a birthstone. You should also weigh in its attributes and how it fit best to show off your personality and passion in life.

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