Plant a Tree

Our commitment to deliver handmade, nature-inspired jewelry is in parallel with our mission to change this planet for the better. Help us reach our goal of one million trees planted by 2030!

Why Plant a Tree?

You remove megatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere

You create fodder to feed livestock

You empower women

You permanently increase the income of poor farmers

You reverse environmental degradation

You help families to feed themselves

Plant-a-Tree Inspired

Lily of the Valley

Legend has it that Lily of the valley sprang from Eve's tears when she was exiled from the Garden of Eden. Some superstitious beliefs are that lily of the valley is supposed to protect gardens from evil spirits and known as the flower of fairies, its tiny bells used as cups from which fairies drink from.

Plum Blossom Tree

The bees are buzzing gently among the sprays of pink flowers on the cherry plum. As you walk past, a gust of wind sets off a shower of petals. This is the tree that announces spring’s arrival in your garden. When its pretty buds show pink, you know the garden is starting to come back to life after a chilly winter.

Monstera Leaves

In Chinese culture, the Monstera is a symbol of a long life and the honoring of elders and respected people. It is said that monstera brings good luck in feng shui. There are quite a number of people who arrange monstera in their living room to get the power of the plant.