What is Sterling Silver?

Silver is used for a variety of purposes, from kitchenware to jewelry, it comes in many different quality levels, and prices range. For us, we love to use it to create unique nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry.

The sterling silver is commonly referred to as pure silver, but in reality, it is a silver alloy. Pure silver as the name denotes 99.9 percent pure silver and because of this, it is often too soft for any use. Sterling silver has 92.5 percent silver, and the other 7.5 percent is usually of another metal, and very often it is in the form of copper.

Various things can be done with sterling silvers like for instance in producing fine tableware like utensils, silver trays, forks, spoons, coffee, and tea sets. But the most remarkable application of Sterling silver is in the creation of various jewelry pieces. It is soft and easier to craft into creative designs such as floral jewelry.

Sterling silver is the whitest, most brilliant precious metal, but yet is more affordable than gold or platinum. Unique nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry is always known to be conversation starters. Due to it being affordable, we jewelers can afford to design more pieces of jewelry in silver than other precious metal such as platinum or gold.

Sterling silver jewelry can be pair up with your white gold and platinum jewelry. It allows you to have a wide variety of designs that can easily be worn together. Feel free to match your white gold rings with silver earrings or platinum bracelets with silver necklaces. With more styles, you can enjoy wearing different types of designs daily without making a hole in your pocket. 

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