What is Sandstone? Its History and Symbolisms

A stone that resembles a galaxy

Have you noticed a stone that resembles a galaxy? For gemstone lovers out there, I believe you have seen and have been mesmerized with the beauty of the deep, blue crystal resembling a universe which is called sandstone. Sandstones, unique shiny appearance, and beautiful sparkling nature is immediately becoming a phenomenal stone in the market today with their magical appearance and benefits.

Keep on reading to know more about this magical stone's whereabouts and what magic it has instilled for us for so long.

Its Origin

It is unclear how sandstones are created since this gemstone is not a natural stone but rather a man-made creation. Some experts believe that its origin can be traced back to Venice's 17th century. In Venice, a family of glassmakers was responsible for inventing a technique that resulted in sandstones. But this technique was kept secret until Pietro Bigaglia, another glassmaker artisan, present this technique in public around the 19th century.

Its Name

It is also called the Goldstone, monk's gold, or monk stone. The last two other names refer to the urban legend that Italian monks created this gemstone in the 1600s.

Its History

  • This gemstone is one of the most coveted stones in the stone made artificially. Records of its discovery can be traced back to the Miotti family in Venice, who invented this crystal in the 17th century.

  • Another story that evolved was that this was secretly mined by the monks, which is false since this stone is not naturally created or mined naturally.

  • Another story is that an order of Italian monks accidentally spilled copper shavings into a melting glass; thus, it created a goldstone.

  • Chinese valued this gemstone and named Jinxing Boli as "gold star glass" that currently most goldstone has been manufactured in China.

Its Location

Sandstone is one of the commonly available sedimentary rocks that never runs out. It is found and discovered in India, Canada, South America, China, Africa, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, and the United States.

Its Appearance

This gemstone is composed mainly of sand grains, and its colors vary from cream, white, tan, red, blue, and rusty brown that sometimes hues blend into one another. The stone may include iron, lime, and silica, and others have other quartz and feldspar in them. It also has rainbow-colored oxidations. This oxidation is the one responsible for many sandstones to change color.

Different Varieties of Sandstone

The colors of sandstones vary from purple to brown. The glass used during its creation will determine its final coloring, and here are some of its common varieties.

  • Red-Brown Sandstone – this is the most classic variety of sandstone which has copper coloring and gold-like metallic sparkles

  • Green Sandstone – this variety comes from chromium and resembles the aqua-green natural gemstone called aventurine, which has a similar glitter effect.

  • Blue Sandstone – this variety comes from cobalt to have its beautiful blue coloring.

  • Purple Sandstone – this variety has a rich starry look from cobalt mixed with manganese.

Its Zodiac Birthstone

Sandstone is a Zodiac birthstone for Sagittarius and is associated with Jupiter and Venus.

Its Physical and Spiritual Benefits

Sandstone is said to be a stone made of glass and sands. Throughout history, glass was considered "magic" as it was one of the first transparent materials that allow light to pass through it. This signifies the flow of one's spiritual power betwixt the physical and spiritual realms.

Here are some of its known physical and spiritual qualities that accompany humans for centuries.

  • It is good for eyesight.

  • It aids in broken bones, hair loss, nails, wounds, and water retention.

  • It helps to uncover the truth.

  • It is used as a filter for water cleansing.

  • It is thought to be a rejuvenating stone that will help recharged and connects you with the energy of the cosmos.

  • It is also thought to be a shamanic stone that will fill you with enlightenment and divination.

  • It helps you control your moods and temper your tantrums.

  • It is an ideal stone for balance and stability.

  • It is once called a master healer and has healing powers on the throat, thyroid, and tonsils.

  • It is also thought to cure inflammation such as arthritis and rheumatism.

Its Symbolism

The sandstone's polished shiny appearance will take you away from this universe and keep you wondering about the secrets of the universe while helping you discover all the potential you have inside yourself.

  • A Stone of Ambition - It is said that this gemstone is the perfect companion to boost your self-confidence. As a powerful stone for the throat chakra, this stone instills positive energy, nurtures your moods, and uplifts your spirit so that you feel secure to speak and live your truth. It also helps you keep a clear mind to discern between the things you want to keep and let go with your life.

  • A Wishing Stone- It is believed that some cultures thought that it can attract the things you most desire and bring new opportunities to your life.

  • A Stone for Empaths - It is said that it helps shield the empaths by covering their sensitive energy while stimulating empathy. It encourages you to be patient and open to better understand those around you.

  • A Stone for Knowledge and Perception - This stone will remind you that there is always light within the dark as reflected by its mesmerizing appearance, and if you looked closer, you would find the path that will lead you to your stars.

  • A Stone of Creativity – This stone is believed to be created by either wind or water. It is said to build and strengthen cohesiveness and solidarity within the home and at work. It promotes clarity in thought and sight and facilitates ease of movement and change.

Though the sandstone is man-made, its popularity within the jewelry makers for centuries has not lessened and, up to this day, is said to be extremely popular. The versatility of goldstone makes it the perfect choice for having a unique masterpiece. Its cool-toned hues such as blue and purple sandstones contrast beautifully with silver metal.

With this, our leading artisans create a handful of vintage aesthetic masterpieces of sterling silver jewelry as follows. Its stunning unique sparkle and colors are vivid depictions of nature's beauty.

Sandstone Sterling Silver Pendant

Wearing a sandstone pendant is soothing and relaxing, so our creative artisans created the following nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry to have you experience the full potential of the sandstone, especially in your stressful moments.

  • Dog’s Escape Pendant

The Dog’s Escape Pendant is a beautiful handmade sterling silver jewelry made of blue sandstones and sterling silver that shows the unique dog-human relationship majestically. It represents that in every darkness we might experience in life, an escape with our dog will make us genuinely happy.

  • Desert on a Starry Night Pendant

Desert on a Starry Night Pendant is a simple representation of how beautiful and vast nature has been created for us. It shows us how we love to wander through its mesmerizing beauty, especially with stars shining above us.

A piece of sterling jewelry handcrafted with love, made of authentic 925 sterling silver and sandstone. A pendant perfect for a wanderer lady out there.

Sandstone Sterling Silver Earrings

Wearing a sandstone earring makes a person attuned to their body’s needs and will feel it absorb their negative thoughts and feelings. Hence, our creative artisans handcrafted the following nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry to have you fully experienced the powers and benefits of sandstone jewelry.

  • Home on a Starry Night

The Home on a Starry Night is a great pair of handmade sterling silver jewelry that dangles with you as a reminder of how fantastic and dreamy everyone feels about Christmas.

This fabulous pair of earrings is inspired by the exciting and magical feeling everyone feels about Christmas because everyone on Christmas is at home on a starry night waiting for the bell to strike midnight for gift opening.

A piece of stunning nature-inspired jewelry suited for a lady’s formal wear for their Christmas parties.

  • Waves on a Starry Night Earring

The Waves on a Starry Night Earring pictures our artisans' meticulous craftsmanship with its sterling silver waves connected to a pinned sandstone. This beautiful handmade sterling silver jewelry has a classic uniqueness and mysterious vibe that every lady loves about their jewelry.

Sandstone is also called the Goldstone and is a stone of empowerment and confidence. This sparkly stone stabilizes emotions, instills a positive attitude, and builds trust. A piece of magnetic nature-inspired jewelry that every working lady would love to wear every day. A must-have piece of sterling silver jewelry that will perfectly suit your casual or work outfit.

Sandstone Sterling Silver Ring

Wearing a sandstone ring makes you more confident and motivated as the power of the sandstone fuel your life by wearing the below nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry handmade with love by our creative artisans for you.

  • Rotatable Dog’s Escape Ring

Rotatable Dog’s Escape Ring captured the dog's playful nature and role in the home. Dog lovers would surely fall in love with this ring as it reminds them of their fur baby.

While this ring’s center is the blue sandstone set against a sterling silver metal band, the side ornaments - a house with a tree and the running dog made of gold - are also fascinating to look at. The best part about this ring is that it rotates! Here is the scene it portrays - a dog runs back home during a starry night.

When you pick up any of these stunning handmade sterling silver pieces of jewelry, it will instantly remind you of the glimmering stars in the dark night sky. It will inspire you to be the “Star of your own Life” and encourages you to own-up to your true destiny.

Purchase your choice online via our store, Lotus Fun, and we guarantee that we will deliver your unique sandstone sterling silver jewelry at your doorsteps soon!

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