What is Rose Quartz, Its Symbolism and Meaning?

Rose Quartz color varies from pale pink to deep reddish-pink, depending on the amount of iron, titanium or manganese in the crystal. Rose Quartz is mainly composed of silicon dioxide crystal. The pink color of rose quartz is attributed to microscopic inclusions of a pink variety of the mineral dumortierite. These inclusions are usually sufficient enough to make the rose quartz translucent instead of transparent.

the name

Its name Rose derived from its pale rose color, it is often associated as Pink Quartz or Hyaline Quartz, from the Greek word hyalos, meaning “glass,” In the ancient civilization of Greek, Egyptian, and Romans, Rose Quartz talisman was used to indicate that a settlement had been sealed. It was also first the Greek and Romans who attach symbol of love to the Rose Quartz.


Rose quartz is generally found in the quartz cores of pegmatites and is deemed to form at extremely high temperatures, but it has also been found in hydrothermal veins. It is found abundant and in large quantities all around the world. Mostly commonly are mines in Brazil, Madagascar, India, and South Africa. The rest are mainly found in Namibia, Mozambique, and Sri Lanka and in the United States. Rose Quartz's color is stable and does not fade with direct sunlight or heat except for one type.

the types

Star Rose Quartz - Lotus Fun

Star Rose Quartz Credit: Martin P. Steinbach

There's a type of Rose Quartz exhibits asterism when shined by a point-like light source, the light reflects from inclusions of the minerals. These jewels are named Star Rose Quartz and are found only in a few locations in the world. These minerals grew oriented along three axes that intersect at an angle of 60° and create the six-rayed star effect. The six-rayed star or cat’s eye phenomenon is best discerned when the Quartz is polished into cabochons or spheres and under diffuse light.

Interestingly, a rare variation of rose quartz exists in nature, its often called pink quartz or crystalline rose quartz. This bizarre gem owes their colors to impurities such as aluminum and phosphorous. This clear crystals' pink color is sensitive to light and can fade in sunlight. The pink quartz crystals were first mined near Rumford, Maine, USA and in Minas Gerais, Brazil.


Aphrodite and Adonis - Lotus Fun

Aphrodite and Adonis

Legend has it, Cupid, god of desire and Eros, god of love bequeathed the rose quartz to humankind in anticipations that its pink color would invigorate love and passion in mortals. Another fable tells the story of Aphrodite trying to save her beloved Adonis, she was caught in a briar bush. Aphrodite cut her herself and her blood mixed with Adonis, together the lovers bled over a white stone, staining it into a Rose Quartz. Thus, the Rose Quartz became a symbol of love.

In Egyptian's legend, it is said that the goddess Isis used Rose Quartz to preserve her beauty and seraphic youth. Considered to have powers of beautification, clear complexion and anti-wrinkles, facial masks made of Rose Quartz have been recovered from tombs of Ancient Egypt. It was also a stone venerated by the ancient Tibetan and Chinese cultures, and till today remains to be one of the main sculpting stones of China.


I Love You Note & Pink Roses - Lotus Fun

Often called the Love Stone, Rose Quartz have been used a love talisman since as early as 600 B.C and still is as significant as today. It is well known for attracting new love and keeping affection, but it doesn't just go with your dating life, it goes way beyond that. 

Firstly and most importantly, It is for you to love yourself, and it is said to assist you to heal from heartbreak or emotional predicaments. This healing process makes you learn and trust yourself, in your self-esteem and heightening your confidence. Understanding your self-worth is the preeminent step of affirming yourself that you worth being loved. 

Rose Quartz is a stone for every representation of love: self-love, family, romance, friendship love, and communities. Noxious feelings like anger, jealousy, and negativity are channeled away from you and sentiments like happiness, peace and tranquillity will flow towards of you alternatively. These emotions of composure, reducing stress and anxiety that might hinder you from being inclined to love others. 

Girl listening to mom's pregnant belly - Lotus Fun

It is not a surprise the Rose Quartz speaks undeviatingly to the heart chakra, It carries a slight feminine energy of compassion, tenderness, healing, warmth and dispells feelings of fear and suspicion bearing balance with oneself. 

You might be surpised to know that Rose Quartz strengthens the bonding between a mother and a child. An excellent gem to hold on to during pregnancy. Expecting mothers often place Rose Quartz on their belly to protect the baby and prepare themselves for labor. 

The fair and enchanting Rose Quartz, with its soothing pink shades, is a stone of the heart, a crystal of unequivocal love also inspires the love of beauty. This appreciation of beauty stimulates the creativity of art, music, and poetry. The perfect gem for an aspiring artist.


lotus pink rose quartz pendant - lotus fun

Lotus Whispers Pendant by Lotus Fun


Wearing Rose Quartz as jewelry will keep it close to you at all times. You can wear it as a necklace, brooch, earrings rings or even bracelet. There are numerous ways to wear Rose Quartz. Wear a Rose Quartz necklace, its gemstone is associated with the heart chakra, a necklace keeps the gem close to your heart.


You can keep the gem in one or both of your pants or jacket pockets and keep them there throughout the day. Personally, I would instead wear it as jewelry so I would have a choice to have in my pocket or just wear it. Keeping Rose Quartz in your pocket though, serve as a reminder of the love you always carry inside of you. 


When you are feeling stress or emotionally drained, place a Rose Quartz under your pillow. This will help you relieve of those emotions. I suggest putting it for a few nights, this will allow the gemstone to harmonize to your personal vibration. 


Even celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson, and Katy Perry endorses Rose Quartz. "Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone to heal and protect the heart, balance emotions, release stress and tension, and encourage love and self-esteem,” Miranda Kerr said. She also revealed that she uses crystals during meditation, prayer, deep belly breathing, massages and when she sleeps. 

"I don't stay single for long," Perry told Cosmopolitan. "I carry a lot of rose quartz, which attracts the male. Maybe I need to calm it down with the amethyst," said Katty Perry.


Lotus Whispers Earring
Lotus Whispers Ring II

The gift of Rose Quartz is believed to strengthen love and reduce anger in a couple's relationship. This gemstone is ideal for someone's birthday or anniversary gift. This gemstone is the birthstone for January. It is connected to a couple’s second and fifth wedding anniversaries. Jewelry or accessories such as bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings are ideal gifts for such anniversaries and birthdays.


Rose Quartz is the most popular type of Quartz, it beads dating back as far as 7000 BC have been retrieved from Mesopotamia, modern day Iraq. It has been made into jewelry, statues, and even ashtrays.

Rose Quartz gems make the most gorgeous nature-inspired jewelry. It is rather sturdy and durable. With the hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and a lack of cleavage, it can withstand exposure and is excellent for use in any type of jewelry. We at Lotus Fun fashioned Rose Quartz daily, we craft it into various pieces of jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, and pendants.

Rose Quartz is well favored in jewelry crafting, it can be made in both cut or raw form. While the gems itself doesn't break the bank, it can fetch up to quite high prices depending on the quality of the precious metals used, its settings and the designer's brand name. There is an increasing demand for Rose Quartz to be used in producing artistic, beautiful and well-crafted jewelry pieces.


The soft crystalline and the pink shades of the Rose Quartz captures our heart. When we handcraft these semi-precious gems in silver or gold plating, its pink hues becomes all the more appealing. You can wear this gemstone in the form of a pendant, brooches, and rings.

Lotus Whispers Pendant

When acquiring its jewelry, you should consider the Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra, so its best to wear in closest to your heart; a pendant or a brooch is a perfect fit. If you prefer to adorn yourself with different or matching jewelry pieces, try to mix and match them with rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Plum Blossom Earring II

Rose Quartz is generally used in silver, gold and rose gold settings as these colors compliment each other. Rose gold color tends to bring out the color of the Rose Quartz, giving it a chic and vibrant look. Yellow Gold adds a vintage touch to the jewelry pieces. Sterling silver or white gold though, has a striking contrast, which makes jewelry designs vivid and more modern.


Firstly its the color, Rose Quartz is sought after mostly because of its soft, elegant pink color. This gemstone is valued usually on how attractive the color is. It comes in various shades of pink, from very pale hues to medium-deep tones.

Secondly, it is about the clarity of the Rose Quartz. This gem usually has a milky look and often not transparent due to the compositions. You will find more exceptional quality Rose Quartz often have minor inclusions and better clarity. 

Thirdly, the gem cut, cut like the Star Rose Quartz which is found only in a few locations in the world is more valuable than the ordinary Rose Quartz. These gemstones will display asterism when it is cut as a sphere or cabochon. 

When you are buying Rose Quartz Jewelry, always remember to look attentively for their color, clarity, and design detailing to assert the value of the piece. At Lotus Fun, Rose Quartz pieces of jewelry are handcrafted to a standard of almost perfection. If you are buying Rose Quartz for ornamentals, the value of it depends on the size of the pieces. Larger pieces and more vibrant color definitely cost more than the smaller ones.

Flower in the Rain Bracelet


Suitable maintenance will ensure your rose quartz jewelry will keep looking beautiful and last for a long time. Although it is durable, it can be easily scratch by harder gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. So its best to store Rose Quartz jewelry individually in an airtight bag, aside from other gems. If your Rose Quartz jewelry is from Lotus Fun or made with sterling silver settings, add anti-tarnish strips in the bags for additional protection.

Preventative care is always the best care, always remove your Rose Quartz jewelry when engaging in vigorous activities, such as sports, swimming, or even household duties. This not only will keep your jewelry safe but it keeps them away from chemicals that will cause corrosion and tarnish when they come in contact with household chemicals, perspiration, rubber, and chlorinated water. If it does comes into contact with such compounds, immediately wipe it clean.

You can just use soap and warm water to clean your Rose Quartz. If you are required to brush the dirt out, use a soft cloth or soft-bristle toothbrush and avoid using ultrasonic and steam cleaners.

washing hand - lotus fun


If you are looking for a new lover in your life, or you need healing from a heartbreak, this should be your gemstone of choice. Sometimes, all you require is a proper cleansing and a new beginning, and what excellent idea to do it with a little guidance from this compelling love gem?

Rose Quartz will be a powerful help to your healing and your happiness. It already has been used as a talisman for thousands of years and an inspiration for love, beauty, and peace. This gemstone not only stimulates your body, heart, and mind but the people closest to you.

Rose Quartz is a delightful gemstone that can add a sprinkle of color to your image and style. Lotus Fun has a wide variety of Rose Quartz pieces of jewelry to suit all kind of style or events.

Combine the most sacred flower of all, the Lotus and Rose Quartz, we crafted the perfect symbol of harmony and romance in a piece of jewelry; the Lotus Whispers. Always follow our guidelines, and you will make informed decisions when buying or maintaining Rose Quartz jewelry.
rose quartz jewelry set - lotus fun

Lotus Whispers Jewelry Set by Lotus Fun

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