What is Labradorite, Its Meaning, and Symbolism?

A gemstone that is known for its legendary beauty- a Labradorite gemstone.

Labradorite is associated with the beauty of Northern Lights.

A Labradorite gemstone is valued for its otherworldly beauty. The Labradorite is available in an array of cold-spectrum colors that ranges from gray-green, dark gray, black, or grayish-white. The stone is generally composed of aggregate layers that usually refract light as flashed of peacock blue, gold, pale green, or coppery red. The predominant color blue hue differs when hit by the light from color deepest blue to various shades such as pale, almost blue-green.

The labradorite gemstone has been recognized and valued for its brilliant flashes of color called labradoressence, caused by lamellar twinning inside the crystal. These twin lamellae structures are set in high temperatures that resulted in the separation and layering of Labradorite as a gemstone. The extra colors that your naked eye could see in a labradorite stone set its majestic beauty. It is caused by the refracted light traveling at different speeds through the layers and coming out as another wavelength. Only a few gemstones have been recognized because of its remarkable play of color, known as the Schiller effect. One of these is Labradorite. We will walk you through fascinating and exciting facts behind the majestic and enchanting beauty of Labradorite.

The Name

Labradorite Stone has been named from where it is first discovered in Labrador, a province in Canada on the Isle of Paul.

The Location

Labradorite can be found in Canada, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, and the US.

The History

The rare version of Labradorite called Golden Labradorite, which pictures a transparent gold or champagne color, was discovered in Finland in 1940. In the same year and place, they also found another rare version called Spectrolite that displayed an intense variety that revealed the entire color spectrum.

Labradorite has become one of the popular gemstones in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The Legends and Beliefs

  • According to native Canadians, the stone Labradorite contains the light of the famous Aurora Borealis, commonly known Northern Lights. In their Ancient folklore, it is said that the lights were set free by one of their ancestors. The ancestors broke down the rocks by using a spear. The lights that were remained were set into stone hence the creation of Labradorite.
  • The Inuits called the Labradorite stone as “firestone” and used the powdered forms to help cure ailments. Based on Inuits' ancient folklore, a warrior saw that the Northern lights had been trapped in the rocks. Then, he struck them with his spear to free some lights and hence the creation of Labradorite stone.
  • Labradorite has claimed by Inuits in every sense, a Stone of Magic. It is a crystal used by shamans, healers, and anyone who would love to travel and embrace the universe to seek guidance and knowledge. As part of their tradition, Labradorite stone is an excellent tool to awakens one’s awareness of inner spirit, intuition, and psychic abilities.
  • In one of ancient folklore, the Labradorite is known to be a talisman used for winter. In Oriental culture, on the other hand, worn Labradorite every Saturday and thought of it as the “phenomenal gem.” The phenomenal gem means it exhibited a moving line, star, or changes on the surface. The phenomenon happens when the light goes through it. It is also considered a good luck charm that will bring good fortune and luck to the wearer.

Different Types of Labradorite

Labradorite is part of the family feldspar mineral, the most plentiful mineral on Earth, the mixture of silica and aluminum. The two minerals that make up more than half of Earth’s crust.

Different types of Labradorite has based on the right proportions of the appearance of sodium (Albite) and calcium (Anorthite) mixed with silicon and aluminum. Below are some of the types of feldspars.

  • Spectrolite – This is the trade name for high-quality Labradorite that can only come from Finland.
  • Andesine – This is a variety of Labradorite that shares only its chemical make-up but not its looks. This is commonly known as Red Labradorite. Andesine is naturally seen as an orange to a red gemstone that is usually transparent
  • Sunstone – This is a transparent gemstone with glittery inclusion of hematite. It is naturally in lovely yellow, orange, and red colors. It is chemically similar to Labradorite.
  • Rainbow Moonstone – This is a variety of Labradorite with a shimmering or iridescent quality with a blue glow.

Birthstone and Anniversary

  • Labradorite is the natural birthstone of people who are born from February 19 – March 19.
  • Labradorite is the zodiac sign stone for Cancer.

Labradorite Spiritual Properties

  • Labradorite is believed to possess magical powers. It boosts one’s mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, prophecy, and coincidence control. The stone can also help you or instead assist you in communication with higher guides or spirits to access psychic readings and past-life recall. It creates a safe passageway for spirits to move between worlds and allows them to be safe and grounded to return to the present.
  • When using a Labradorite stone in the workplace, it will help a person to reveal and show off his best qualities, making his or her work more agreeable. It manifests to develop courtesy with your customers as well as with your co-workers. This stone may also assist the part-time or contractual person for being promoted and be fully involved in a company.
  • When it comes to our personality, Labradorite can minimized or reduced by one’s negative attitudes, traits, and actions. It also helped to remlve one’s habit that will make them more depressed or put into shame. It also helps reduce our children’s impulsive behavior or recklessness. This also works with reducing the impulsiveness and recklessness both of an adult and a teenager. This stone may also help reduce your addiction and detoxify you with your vices, such as the effect of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.
  • Labradorite stone will help someone to calm his overactive mind. It also aids to energize one’s imagination and creativity that might bring out new ideas in concept. It is also an essential tool for someone who wanted to return his/her spontaneity to his/her life. The stone can make someone joyful once again.
  • Labradorite stone helps someone eliminate the feeling of worthlessness or an emotional drain of daily routine or the consistency of being weighed down by responsibility. This stone is believed to be a stone that will awaken your sense of adventure and change.
  • The Labradorite stone is said to be capable of tapping our matriarch subconscious mind. This means that the stone will be able to bring forgotten memories to life and help us to facilitate those memories and understand it. It helps us to contemplate. Having a Labradorite stone initiates clarity of our intellectual thoughts. It provides us wisdom to see any illusion and guarantee that we will determine the root cause of an issue and bring it into closure.
  • It is said to be an uplifting crystal that will help someone vanish his/her fears and insecurities. At the same time, it enhances his/her faith and reliance on him/herself. This stone will help you trust in the universe once again.

Labradorite Healing Properties

  • Labradorite is said to be beneficial to the lungs. It may aid in healing respiratory problems such as bronchitis and colds. It may also aid in digestion, regulation, and metabolism.
  • It has been said to be used in treatment for the eyes and other brain disorders. It also helps to stimulate one’s mental acuity. It helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  • The stone is known to be soothing for women who experience PMS symptoms during menstruation and also used as pain relief.
  • Labradorite is a stone that, as said, may lower blood pressure, reduces sensitivity to cold as well as alleviates the symptoms of rheumatism and gout.
  • The stone has predominant blue crystal energy that will stimulate your Throat Chakra or what you call the voice of the body. It is in layman’s term, like a pressure valve that will allow the energy from other known chakras to be expressed. When your Throat Chakra is balanced and opened, it will allow you to fully and freely express your thoughts and feelings. You will be able to say or communicate your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Hence, letting you bring your truth into the world.
  • The darker color of blue is believed to encourages the power of truth. In comparison, the lighter shades of blue brings out your ability to be more flexible, relaxed, and balanced in the world.
  • Labradorite being a stone with various flashes of color, can be beneficial in uniting all your chakras. For instance, the Golden Labradorite will help open your lower chakras during a ritual. At the same time, the Spectrolite will enhance your awareness of the higher realms.

Labradorite Uses and Purposes

  • As an Amulet or Talisman

Labradorite, as an amulet of protection, is known to be a powerful Barrier Filter. The Barrier crystals have incredible abilities that will help you repel unwanted energy that may come in your way. Its crystalline structure provides barriers from all different directions from any attacks simultaneously.

Crystals, on the other hand, believes to have the earth power of a Filter. The Filters will be able to absorb positive energy flow but also will repel any negative energy. The crystal with the filter will help you focused on positive situations and prevent you from being overwhelmed by negative energy. In terms of technological realms, Filters may work as a barrier that will keep harmful electromagnetic transmissions from getting all your energy and health.

  • As Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Labradorite is believed to utilizes water energy, which is the energy of stillness and purification. This means that it has potentials that are yet to unravel. It is indeed formless but undoubtedly powerful. The water element, as learned in Feng Shui, brings the power of regeneration and rebirth. Water embodies the energy of the circle of life. Water is mainly associated with blue crystals, which is the predominant color of Labradorite. The blue crystals are being used in practice by Feng Shui experts to enhance any space that is being used for prayer or calm reflection. Water energy is connected with the North Area of a home. By placing a blue crystal on the Northside of your home or room will keep the balance of power as your life unfolds and flow.

  • As A Jewelry

Wearing a Labradorite as a piece of jewelry is a beneficial and powerful way to connect with the stone’s crystal meaning throughout the day. In general, your Labradorite jewelry may remind you to pursue your dreams when you are feeling discouraged.

Besides wearing it as jewelry, whenever you go, bring you positive energy. Simultaneously, whenever you find yourself feeling lost, the stone will help bring light in your situation. It will also clear or repel negative energy that will come in your way.

Another incredible benefit of Labradorite as a piece of jewelry is that it will serve as a constant reminder that you are capable of anything that you set your mind into. The stone will emit positive vibrations in your environment so you could feel very much supported in your life’s journey.

Labradorite Rings

  • Rotatable Labradorite Ring

Our creative artisans handcraft our Rotatable Labradorite Ring with a combination of sterling silver and Labradorite. A piece of jewelry that will helps stimulate one’s imagination and calm the mind to produce new creative ideas. Perfect for all artistic and amazing ladies out there.

  • Golden Eyelash Ring 

Our Golden Eyelash Ring is a piece of jewelry handcrafted with love, with sterling silver, 18k Gold plated eyelashes and with a Labradorite in the middle. A piece of jewelry that reminds us that we could wish whatever our heart desires. And with the help of Labradorite, you can clearly set your mind to your goal and have your wishful moments be made possible into reality.

Labradorite Earring

  • Dragonfly Labradorite Earring

This two-in-one Dragonfly Labradorite Earring comes with a detachable labradorite ornament that can be used multi-purposely as a necklace pendant. The dragonfly design of a Labradorite stone serves as a reminder to someone spread her wings and embrace the changes in their lives. Having the power of Labradorite as a stone of transformation, this jewelry will keep you positive and ready to take on any challenges that may come your way.

Labradorite Pendant

  • Vintage Labradorite Pendant

Our Vintage Labradorite Pendant is a piece of jewelry with astounding beauty. Thanks to our talented artisans that handcrafted a delicate unique design of a Labradorite and sterling silver. It possesses a charming property that helps block any negativity or misfortunes you might encounter in the world. A must-have piece of sterling silver jewelry will enhance your casual or formal outfit with elegance and classic beauty.

Labradorite Jewelry Set

  • Mythical Lake Vintage Collection

Mythical Lake Vintage Earring Mythical Lake Vintage Pendant Mythical Lake Vintage Ring

The Mythical Lake Vintage Jewelry Set  is comprised of Mythical Lake Vintage Ring, Mythical Lake Vintage Pendant, and Mythical Lake Vintage Earring. A piece of jewelry set handcrafted with sterling silver and two contrasting colors of natural labradorite stones. A minimalistic and classic set of jewelry. Perfect to wear for all occasions.

How to Take Care of Labradorite Jewelry

Labradorite is very much susceptible to breakage if it is struck too hard or enough pressure has been applied. It would be best if you remember the following tips on how to keep your Labradorite jewelry shiny and glittering for a lifetime.

When you have to clean your Labradorite jewelry, you must wash it with gentle soap and water. Then, dry it with an untreated cloth.

You must store it in a soft cloth or fabric to prevent it from scratching any hard surfaces or not to be scratched by any more rigid materials.

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