What is Amber, its Symbolism and Meanings?

This is a stone that is considered the world's oldest treasure formed by light and life and withstood the test of time. It has been portrayed as a solidified sunlight, hardened honey drops of the sun. This enchanting and fascinating treasure and stone are called the Amber. A stone used during the Stone Age era as adornment for its excellent warm color.

Amber is classified as an organic gem, which means it is not a crystal or mineral but a product of nature biologically. It is a fossilized resin from ancient evergreen trees. The oldest Amber discovered is about 320 million years old. 

On the other hand, young amber stones are less than 100,000 years old. Take note that it requires a long time for evergreen trees to become a genuine amber. Amber unique properties have been valued and recognized for over a century now. .  As the world's oldest treasure, it has been used in ancient times in various cultures from Greece to China to Northern Europe.

Did you find this exciting fact so intriguing and wants to learn more about Amber? Keep reading this article to continue learning and unravel more fascinating stories and impressive properties of this organic gem, Amber.

Its Name

Amber comes from the Persian word "Ambar," which describes the hardened waxy substance inside the whale's intestines called ambergris. 

Its Location

The Baltic region has been the primary supplier of high-quality Amber. The largest mine can be found west of Kaliningrad in Russia. The Baltic Amber can be found in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Norway, and England. High-prized and rare blue Amber can be found in the Dominican Republic. 

It can also be found in Myanmar, Lebanon, Sicily, Mexico, Romania, and Canada.

Its Historical Significance

During the Stone Age Era, Amber has been thought to carry magical properties. So ancient Stone Age man used it to wear and worship it.

Homer, the famous Odyssey writer, mentioned amber jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces made of the amber bead as a princely gift. 

During the reign of Emperor Nero, he sent out armies to conquer and control areas producing Amber. Hence he was named the Great Connoisseur of Amber. According to Pliny, a Roman Historian, a small amber figurine's price exceeded the price of a healthy slave. 

In Europe during the Middle Ages, knights controlled the trade and created order for unauthorized possession of raw Amber is illegal. 

During the years 1895 and 1900, approximately one million kilograms of Baltic Amber was used for jewelry making. 

Its Myths and Folklore

Many myths have been told regarding the origin of Amber.

  • Greek writer Ovid wrote that when Pantheon accidentally scorched the Earth, Zeus struck him with lightning. Pantheon died, and his mother and sister turned into trees to cry and mourned him. Eventually, their tears, dried by the sun, turned into Amber.
  •  As one of its metaphysical properties, Amber can produce an electrical charge when rubbed. So, Ancient Greeks named Amber as “electron,” which is the origin of the word electricity.
  • It is believed to be a sacred stone to Apollo, a Sun God because it was thought and believed to be congealed sunlight.
  • In ancient times, Amber was burned to clear any negative energies surrounding you.
  • Ancient Scandinavians believed that Amber is from the tears of the Viking Goddess of Love and Beauty, Freyja. The garments of warriors are being sewed by women using a spindle with whorls made of Amber to shed protection into the garment.

 How is it Form?

Once the resin has been biologically transformed as a copal, this starts the formation process of Amber. This transformation is triggered by extreme heat temperature and other biological factors that can cause deterioration and decay. As time passes by, the resin will eventually become fossilized resin called Amber. 

Its Birthday and Anniversary

  • Amber is a birthstone for Cancer people born from June 21 to July 22. 
  •  It is also a birthstone for Taurus people born from April 20 to May 20.

Different Variety of Amber

Amber is loved by many collectors. After all, it comes with a variety of colors because it is classified as a succinite. To be a succinite stone, it means the color will significantly depend on the environment where the stone was found. The following are some of the most common types of Amber available in the market right now.

  • Baltic Amber 

This is recognized as the “gold of the north” and abundant variety of Amber. This Amber is commonly found in jewelry and carvings. 

The most covered and most rare kind of Baltic Amber is with natural insects, reptiles, and plants trapped in it.

  • Burmese Amber

It is known as burmite. This is hard to obtain legally because it is located in a conflict zone. As of today, it is identified for its diverse fossil inclusions.

  • Sicilian Amber

It is known as a simetite. This is found on the island of Sicily, Italy.

  • Rumanian Amber

It is known as rumanite.

  • Black Amber

It is a dark-colored amber, which seems to be a powerful protective stone that protects the user from psychic attacks and vampires. This variety of Amber is actually very dark red or brown in color. This is formed when the tree resin was mixed with soil or other dark-colored intrusions. 

  • Cherry Amber or Red Amber 

It is a red-colored amber that cleanses the uterus and is associated with fertility and desire. This was a top-rated stone for jewelry arrangements that led to its extinction. This amber stone is expensive and very rare. The natural red hue can vary from golden red to dark brown.

  • Green Amber

This green Amber is believed to be a spiritual cleansing agent and helps move forward with your life goals. This is a valuable and rare variety of Amber, formed when fresh flora is included during the formation.

  • Honey Amber

This honey amber helps the user find and accept their life’s purpose and provides honesty and truth.

  • Yellow Amber

This is composed of almost 70% amber and varies from orange and brown hue depending upon its bubbles. This is mainly found with other Baltic Sea variety.

  • Blue Amber

This is a scarce and expensive variety of Amber. It is actually brown or yellow in color, but when held up to the UV light, it yields a vivid blue shade

Healing Properties of Amber

  • Amber is thought to be a powerful cleanser and healer that repels negative energies and relive your physical pain simultaneously. If you are a healer, you will be protected from negativity.
  • It is a protective stone that stimulates metabolism and treats other skin ailments, asthma, and allergic respiratory issues. 
  • Amber is known to be treating throat issues and help release stress. 
  • Amber helps lighten the mood by bringing some humor into your life and eliminate depression. 
  • Amber enhances your memory
  • Amber helps you to focus on the time of decision making

Now let’s get into the heart of the matter- Amber Jewelry. Amber has been made into all types of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings, and rings. Amber makes the jewelry more eye-catchy and trendy. 

The contrast of the Amber against silver-based jewelry brings out its stunning beauty and enhances its color as a gemstone.


Amber Butterfly Ring

This Amber Butterfly Ring depicts a tiny butterfly made of sterling silver sets itself gracefully on natural amber stone. A piece of handmade silver jewelry shows a stunning silver and Amber combination, creating exceptional nature-inspired jewelry. 


Amber Dragonfly Earring

This Amber Dragonfly Earring is another fascinating example of combining silver and Amber in creating beautiful nature-inspired jewelry. 



Teapot Bracelet 

This charming little Teapot Bracelet handcrafted out of natural Amber. The sterling silver sets on the Amber, forming its handle, teapot cover, and spout. Fascinating, unique sterling silver jewelry.



Teapot Pendant II 

This cute little Teapot Pendant II handcrafted out of natural Amber. The sterling silver sets on the Amber, forming its handle, teapot cover, and spout. Fascinating, unique sterling silver jewelry.


How to Test the Authenticity of Amber

The following are some methods you can test to prove its authenticity though you might want to perform a combination of tests to ensure the result. 

  • When you pour a little Acetone or Nail Polish Remover into a real Amber, nothing will happen to it. If it produces any kind of effect, then it is not real.
  • Real Amber floats in salt water and sinks in plain water. So dissolved at least 1/4 cup of salt in 2 cups of warm water. Drop the gemstone and see if it floats or sink.
  • Amber is known for its static electricity properties. To test its authenticity, rub it hard on a piece of cloth and pick stuff such as paper and hair. If it works as a magnet, then you have a real Amber.

Its Uses and Purposes 

  • Amber is a protective stone that can be worn as a necklace and bracelet to repel any negative energies and protect you from harm. 
  • Wear or carry Amber if you are recovering from any illness or injury. This stone is believed to increase your vitality.
  • Amber is a gen for the elderly because it is believed to help you achieve life’s longevity. 
  • A golden-orange Amber is known as a love crystal that is considered a good luck talisman to attract lasting love and increase natural radiance. 
  • Amber is a gem used to renew marriage vows since this gemstone is used for assuring promises. 
  • Amber is believed to have an electrifying desire that helps cure impotence and frigidity and boost female fertility and male potency. 
  • Amber is an exceptional rubbing stone to discharge negative mood, relieve anxiety, and generate positive, uplifting energy. 
  • Amber, when ground into a fine powder and mixed with water or wine, it helps aid stomach distress and epilepsy.
  • Fine powder amber mixed with honey and rose oil is believed to cure deafness. 
  • Amber oil in small doses helps treat rheumatism and various physical pains and injuries as a natural antibiotic.
  • The circumcision and surgical knives by the Ancient Jewish and Arab were carved with Amber and is believed to help staunch bleeding.

How to take care of your Amber Jewelry

Amber is a sensitive and soft stone with a 2.5 hardness based on the Mohs hardness scale. Though endured millions of years with intense pressure and weathering, Amber is still very sensitive to man-made chemicals such as acid, gasoline, and perfume. 

Take note that Amber can quickly burn and release a smoky incense-like aroma.

You should wipe your Amber with a soft clean cloth. 

Do not soak your Amber for a long time since it might ruin your amber jewelry polish. 

Kindly bear in mind that amber cab is easily scratched by other things such as other jewelry, pin stems, edges. You can protect it by wrapping it on a soft cloth before storing it with your other gems and jewelry.

Do not leave your Amber where it can be exposed with direct sunlight because it may darken your Amber color. 

You can clean your amber stone using warm water and a soft cloth. 

Final Thoughts

Amber is indeed an enchanting gemstone that is rich in history. It shows us a fascinating imaginative story about our environment and the ancient civilizations who utilized its beauty since ancient times.

Amber jewelry is now considered a chic type of jewelry that everyone would love to add to their jewelry collection. The gemstone’s various unique color makes it possible to fit and appealing to just about any style possible nowadays.

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