Summer Jewelry Trend for 2021

We all know that when the weather starts to get warmer and sunnier, the jewelry styles just get hotter and brighter.

Summer is such a fun season which makes everyone looking forward to the beach, blue water, and bright sun.  While this year has changed many things, the pandemic has not affected our desire to look our very best!

Our creative artisans want you to embrace the beauty of this year's summer jewelry trends by providing you our collection of handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces that will make you look your best this summer!

Here are some ways on how to rock your handmade sterling silver jewelry this summer!

Wear your brightest color summer jewelry and match it with your beachwear.

    Summer is the season filled with fun colors, so your jewelry choice should also be vibrant and bold in style. We recommend choosing bright orange-colored stone such as amber to best represent the sun and the sunset.

      • Like, Amber Butterfly Ring, a tiny butterfly made of sterling silver sets itself gracefully on natural amber stone as if it were a leaf in autumn. Handcrafted silver vine curling around your finger secures the amber stone and butterfly close to you.

    Choose also gemstones with fun colors such as amethyst and amazonite to signify the fun of summer.

      • Like, Cloud Stud Earring pictures, a cute cloud crafted out of sterling silver sits on a turquoise amazonite gemstone. We use this particular gemstone as the color is perfect as the blue sky background for the silvery cloud. 
      • Like, Radish Earring is a fascinating handmade sterling silver jewelry made of amethyst. The beautiful Amethyst gemstone makes your earring appear more colorful and vibrant, adding spice to your formal wear attire.
    The lovely purple amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones that represent humility and modesty. Hence, wearing a Radish Earring with amethyst means you are a humbled and modest lady. Also, this Radish Earring is a perfect gift for your Pisces lady friend.

    Wear your gemstone jewelry that will shine all night long.

      Summer is the season for long walks at the beach, romantic dinner, and partying with friends. For romantic nights, we recommend styles with beautiful chains and beaded styles.

        • Like, our Athena's Bracelet is a perfect token to honor every ladies' fascinating wit and incredible beauty. This bracelet has an excellent option for gemstones like amazonite, labradorite, and lapis lazuli.

      Each gemstone means can be a great charm to attract good luck and fortune. They are turning this incredible bracelet into a good luck charm.

      A piece of sterling silver jewelry made of sterling silver and either Amazonite, Labradorite, or Lapis Lazuli stones. Great choice of an intelligent, beautiful lady out there.

        • Like, our Lake on Tears Pendant is a piece of handmade sterling silver jewelry with large Labradorite stone.  The pendant will give every lady protection from negativity as well. Every lady would love to wear this because of its vintage classic vibe, perfect for formal or casual occasions.

      Wearing a labradorite stone is a protection or shield from the negativity and misfortunes brought about by this world. The fantastic story of its origin matched with charm as protection or security from negativity from the world best described how you will love to wear our Lake on Tears Pendant this summer.

      Pearls look best in summer.

        Pearls never go out of style, and summer is the perfect season to take out your pearl jewelry.

          • Like, Pearl in a Circle Earring is a minimalist piece of sterling silver jewelry. This piece of unique handmade jewelry is made of sterling silver, or 18k gold plated paired with a natural mother of Pearl. The mother of pearl, a natural gemstone, gives this earring a color and accent that makes it a classic and timeless masterpiece. This pair of earrings is the best accessory for any kind of fashionwear. Since it is a piece of sterling silver jewelry, you can wear it every day.
          • The Pearl Clover Jewelry Set is made from 925 Sterling Silver, meticulously crafted and plated to form elegant petals. It finishes with natural freshwater pearls placed as centerpieces and the stigma of the lucky clovers.

        This artsy jewelry set is the perfect blend of minimalistic design and pearl that is perfect to wear for summer.

        Wear sea-inspired jewelry or ocean-themed jewelry that will keep your look fresh all summer!

        Summer welcomes fun designs like fish, whales, waves, and boats design in sterling silver that makes you reminisce in an instant your best place to celebrate summer or best memories to remember your best summer experience.

        Splash Pendant Splash Stud Earring
          • Like Splash Pendant and Splash Stud Earring, both create our artisan's unique art perceptions based on our human nature experiences. Each one is a piece of sterling silver jewelry handcrafted with love and has an intricate, unique design.
          • Like, our Swimming Whale Necklace pays tribute to the gentle giants of the sea. This jewelry captures the sense of peacefulness of whales. The golden whale itself is made movable as if it is swimming on a calm silvery sea.
          • Like, Waves on a Starry Night Pendant is handcrafted and meticulously designed. With the crashing waves set against a starry night, this pendant will make you feel like you’re in a night out.

        The striking tri-color combination of the pendant comes from three materials – sterling silver, sandstone, and gold. While the details of the crashing waves and scattered little stars are marvelous to behold. It will be a perfect gift for your travel lover and nomadic friends. 

        Earrings are the main decoration of women this year as we are still experiencing the effect of having our lifestyle adapting to more Zoom meetings and online video conference sessions.

        Wear drop earrings to make your beautiful face stand out this summer.

          With the sunshine shining on your face, you need drop earrings to add color and style, resulting in enhanced beauty. Statement drop earrings terrific way to draw attention to your face.

            • Like, Elegant droplets of crystal rain from clouds of silver, a spectacular level of craftsmanship are involved in creating this gorgeous Cloud Tassel Raindrop Earring. Durable silver chains hold the droplets to the stud, allowing the blue crystals to hang beneath the adorable clouds.
            • Like, our Moonlight over the Ocean Earring let you feel like you are Staring at a vast ocean, sitting on the sand matched with the beautiful moonlight. Stunning silver jewelry dangles over your earlobe with a class and luxurious look that will enhance your beautiful face wearing formal attire on a special occasion.

          It is a perfect piece of jewelry for every practical lady who wants to look elegant and luxurious looking on a formal occasion this summer.

          Wear mismatched earrings to have a fun and playful outlook this summer.

            Mis-matched earrings are a delightful addition to our summer jewelry collection that personalizes your look and accentuates your outfit.

              • Like, the Swimming Fishes Earring has an exciting fashion twist. One of the studs dangled in your earlobe with a long silver chain and placed a circled silver encircling the swimming 18k gold plated fish at a bottom. On the other hand, the other stud dangled in your earlobe with a short chain and placed at the bottom a circled silver encircling the swimming 18k gold-plated fish.

            Our creative artisans' unique masterpiece shows the artistic and creative personality of a lady wearing this earring. It is a piece of stunning silver jewelry that will give an exciting and refreshing look on your Sunday or casual outfit this summer.

            A must-have piece of nature-inspired jewelry shows your fondness of fish, enhances your overall look and adds luxury and elegance to it effortlessly.

            Wear your best flower jewelry that screams summertime bliss.

              Flower power seems to incorporate more color into your wardrobe and adds freshness to your look.

                • Like, our Daisy in the Sun Earring. It is made of 18k gold plated as flowers cut in half in each earring. Moreover, it has a sterling silver rectangular shape that enclosed the half-sized Daisy flower. It dangles with a silver chain rope on a circle-shaped stud that is pinned on your ear. This is a fascinating representation of how a daisy flower looks like a sun. A fabulous pair of earrings that brings sunshine to your outlook.

              A piece of nature-inspired jewelry that makes you look more classic and vibrant as always. The Daisy in the Sun Earring is a handmade sterling silver jewelry that suits every floral lady out there. This fabulous set of earrings is best to accessorize your formal beach dress this summer.

                • Like, our Campanula Dangle Earring that depicts a bellflower dangling in your ears made of sterling silver. Campanula is the other name for bellflower, a beautiful summer flower with a vibrant hue. This is a  nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry that symbolizes delicacy and humility. A must-have piece of jewelry adds a spice of elegance and class to your formal wear.

              Are you ready to have a glamorous summer?

              Summer is filled with fun memories, so choose jewelry that correlated with the beauty of summer. Pick out new jewelry for the summer by browsing our nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry summer collection in our online store, Lotus Fun and have the best sterling silver jewelry piece that will make you feel confident and beautiful this summer!


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