Perfect Sparkling Jewelry Gifts for Valentine's Day 2021

Love is in the air.

The day for the "season of love," February 14, is fast approaching. The Crazy 14th day of February is pretty much associated with the significance of Valentine's Day gifts which is known to couples and soon-to-be couple. For men, this day is all about pleasing their queen. This day is extraordinary for most men who generally wait for this day to see their lady's eyes brighten up at first glance of the special Valentine's gifts they had planned for weeks. That particular smile and happiness of our special love one upon seeing our unique gift is the reason why men go all lengths to make it memorable for them.

Flowers, chocolates, cheesy Valentine's cards are over-rated for most men are the usual and typical gifts all year round. So, we recommend sticking with a timeless gift that women of all ages love: a fine piece of jewelry!

Fashion jewelry always makes a perfect gift idea for Valentine's day. There is genuinely no better present for a style-centric girl on February 14 than a piece of jewelry from pretty necklaces to rings.  Whether you are shopping for your precious girlfriend, wife, long-time crush, relative, friend, or yourself, there is something special you will find on this list that will fit your perfect gift for Valentine's day and an ideal way to show some love this February. The style suits those with sophisticated and high-class taste, from unique designs to modern classics.

Keep on reading our thoughtfully curated guide and list for sparkling jewelry gift ideas this year, 2021, that will make your special someone swoon!  

  • A gift of a Sterling Silver Necklace or Pendant

A necklace or pendant is one of the perfect choices to gift this Valentine's day because of the following conditions:

    • If you are in a committed relationship and giving a ring as a gift may be misinterpreted, so the necklace is a sneaky gift to feel your sweetheart loved and appreciated this Valentine's day without any misconceptions or misunderstanding at all. That is why a sterling silver necklace or pendant is the safest and right choice to gift for her that somehow equaled the significance of a promise ring.
      • Princess Bird Pendant

    Just like the Princess Bird Pendant that depicts a gold-plated cute bird with a sterling silver crown. A cutesy image of a bird that your gal would love to wear with her casual attire all year round. This is a little nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry that is a perfect sparkling jewelry gift for your special princess this Valentine's 2021.

        • Birds on Wish Bone Necklace

    Like the Birds on Wish Bone Necklace is a stunning sterling silver necklace that reflects your special lady's bright and cheerful personality. Wishing on a wishbone is one of the popular customs is a story behind the creation of this fantastic sterling silver necklace. The handmade nature-inspired jewelry serves as a good luck charm that will surely bring happiness to your queen this Valentine's Day.

      • If you are married for quite some time now and getting the feeling that she deserves this year a special gift since she is longing for it. Go for a necklace that can be a lovely heirloom, such as a sterling silver pearl necklace. She can pass on down from your family's generation to generation.
        • Studded Pearl Necklace

      Like the Studded Pearl Necklace, which looks like a natural vintage sterling silver jewelry and can be a lovely heirloom that your wife can treasure for a lifetime. The necklace's design on the pearl-shaped shell crown is an absolute marvel and will surely make your gift a piece of perfect sparkling jewelry to make your queen smile this Valentine's day.

        • If you have not seen a girl for an exceptionally long time, giving a necklace is less "significant" than a ring, and sterling silver necklaces come in various styles that let that special girl feel special this Valentine's day.
          • Sailboat Necklace


        Like for example, the Sailboat Necklace. This is stunning sterling silver jewelry that captures sailing's nautical beauty. This necklace shows how significant she is despite the sailboat's distance as it is cruising on a calm silvery sea. Stunning handmade sterling silver jewelry that indeed makes a perfect gift for her this Valentine's Day 2021.

            • Hand of God Pendant

        For instance, the Hand of God Pendant is a stunning sterling silver jewelry that expresses that faith brought you together this time to celebrate this wonderful season of love. Impressive right? A subtle way of saying how special and significant she is for you yet does not require any answers right away like "I do." A perfect sparkling jewelry gift for Valentine's Day 2021, indeed.

        • A gift of a Sterling Silver Earrings

        Earrings are another alternative for the perfect sparkling jewelry gift choice this Valentine's day for your special someone. Instead of looking for some classic earrings, this year, 2021, is the time for a pair of earrings that have Valentine's feeling. She will always remember a feeling, February 14, the special day she had it. To achieve this, surprise her with a beautiful pair of Valentine's day earrings that she can wear for any occasion.

        From stud or drops, gift your Valentine with a beautiful set of pearl sterling silver jewelry that she can dress up or down. Also, remember that every woman loves a good drop earring.

            • Pearl Clover Earring

        Like for example, the Pearl Clover Earring. Fantastic studs made of sterling silver that is meticulously crafted and plated to form the elegant petals of golden clover earrings. It finished with natural freshwater pearls placed as centerpieces and the luck clovers' stigma. A pair of earrings is a  nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry with the perfect blend of minimalistic design and pearl—a perfect sparkling jewelry gift for her this Valentine's day that show your love.

            • You are my World Earring

        Such as the You are my World Earring with a touch of Amazonite to brighten up the color and the day of your special someone as you gift this handmade sterling silver jewelry this Valentine's day 2021. A pair of earrings representing elegance and femininity that every woman of all ages would love to add to their sparkling sterling silver jewelry collection.

        • A gift of the color of love

        Red is the most common love deeply associated with love, especially the color of Valentine's day. One of the red gemstones that rightfully earned their undeniable beauty and vibrant red color is the Garnet. The garnet gemstones blended perfectly with sterling silver. Therefore, gift a garnet sterling silver jewelry, a jewel of style, and make this your best Valentine's Day yet!

            • Radish Earring

        Like the Radish Earring, a fascinating handmade sterling silver jewelry made of Garnet makes it more colorful and vibrant, adding spice to your formal wear attire. With its elegant red pomegranate seed hue, the Garnet is referenced as a gif of love, which means that it is a perfect sparkling jewelry choice for this Valentine's day.

            • Calla Lily Ring

        Like the Calla Lily Ring that pictures natural white crystal petals surround a gold stigma, a silver stem that curls itself around your finger ending with a red Garnet stone. This is a  nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry that represents royal and royal bearings. A perfect sparkling choice for Valentine's Day that your queen deserves to receive this year.

        • A gift of heart-themed sterling silver jewelry

        A gift that truly captures the spirit of this fabulous holiday: heart motif jewelry! A heart sterling silver jewelry ensures your message of love is unmistakable. We love a good-themed timeless treasure to commemorate this Valentine's day this year, 2021, such as the Heart Cake Pendant and Ring, Heartbeat Earrings, and Heart Tassel Pendant.

            • The Heart Cake Pendant and Ring

        A delicious miniature heart-shaped cake and a matching cute little spoon on the side! Handcrafted on a dessert plate, each of this charming sterling silver jewelry is absolutely incomparable to none.

        The Heart Cake Pendant and Heart Cake Ring are both handmade with love, you can see the icing is made from the mother of pearl and shaped by a sterling silver heart! Fabulous miniature sterling silver jewelry that undeniably celebrates this particular day, and for sure, each of these jewels will surely be treasured and remembered by her as your perfect sparkling jewelry gift this Valentine's day.

            •  Heartbeat Earrings

        Heartbeat is a symbol that means love and life, which simply denotes that a heart is beating. This fantastic handmade sterling silver jewelry, Heartbeat Earrings shows how important she is by a heartbeat.

            • Heart Tassel Pendant

        The elegant droplets of silver tassel rain from a golden heart are a picture in this spectacular handmade sterling silver jewelry, Heart Tassel Pendant. A durable silver chain holds the tassel near your heart, allowing it to move gracefully with you. A perfect sterling silver jewelry choice shows your love and makes her feel special this Valentine's day.

        • A gift with a bold expression of love

        A theme with a bold expression of love since 2021 is a brand-new-year full of potential; why not be assertive in giving your Valentine's gift such as the Lovebirds Earring, Bracelet, Pendant, Lovely Words Ring, and Chained Heart Bracelet.

            • Lovebirds Earring, Bracelet, and Pendant

        Two lovebirds are sitting on a golden branch, not caring about the world. Secluded in a handcrafted heart-shaped silver vine, these birds are forever entwined in their world. The Lovebirds Jewelry Series s the cutest nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry every girl would love to receive this Valentine's day. As each handmade sterling silver jewelry show your love to her.

            • Lovely Words Ring

        The Lovely Words Ring beautiful handmade sterling silver jewelry letters can be rotated and form into words such as Love, Hope, Soul, Free, Kind, Pure, Warm, Luck. The elegant and adorable version of a spinner ring, keeping your mind and fidgety fingers at bay. The words are so related and associated on this special day to couples. A perfect sparkling jewelry gift for this Valentine's day makes this day remarkable and memorable.

            • Chained Heart Bracelet

        The Chained Heart Bracelet pictures two hearts chained together, forever bound. An undeniable symbol of committed love handcrafted of sterling silver—a perfect sparkling jewelry gift this Valentine's day for your special someone.

        • A gift that will last forever.

        Rather than a bouquet of flowers that will only last for a few days, this Valentine's day, give her flowers that will last forever. This is a perfect and timeless gift for her this Valentine's 2021.

            • Flower in the Rain Jewelry Set  

        The Flower in the Rain Jewelry Set is comprised of:

              • Flower in the Rain Necklace
              • Flower in the Rain Ring
              • Flower in the Rain Earring

        Held by brilliantly crafted sterling silver, twisting into the flower's stem. It curls itself elegantly to form the elegant necklace, ring, or earring. These jewels are timeless; every lady will love to receive this Valentine's day instead of a withering flower. A jewelry set that they can wear every day and all year-round.

        • A Gemstone Sterling Silver Jewelry

        You should not limit yourself to shades of red for Valentine's day jewelry ideas. Why not gift your loved ones their birthstone? Every month of the year has at least one gemstone associated with it, and some have multiple options. Gemstone jewelry can often seem old-fashioned and too extravagant, but a gemstone sterling silver jewelry is a trendier piece of jewelry to wear as a standout feature.

            • Blooming Anemone Flower Series

        Like the Blooming Anemone Flower Series comprised of:

              • Blooming Anemone Flower Earring
              • Blooming Anemone Flower Ring
              • Blooming Anemone Flower Stud Earring
              • Blooming Anemone Flower Pendant

        This collection is inspired by nature, made of sterling silver, 18k gold plated. In the middle of the anemone flower, you can choose to add any of the following birthstones: amethyst, Garnet, peridot, or topaz. Each of these jewels brings joy and happiness to your loved ones this Valentine's Day. This handmade sterling silver jewelry will surely add color and style to her wardrobe.

        • A gift to Never Forget

        Are you looking for something extra special to give her this Valentine's Day? Marking a moment in time you never want to forget? Declaring your love for an exceptional someone who only deserves the best? Well, we've got you covered here too. Since our creative artisans, handcrafted sterling silver jewelry pieces somehow tell your love story.

            • Night at the Eiffel Tower

        Eiffel tower - An object of discord, desire, and fascination, never fails to impress. The iconic landmark of Paris, the city of love. Eiffel Tower has become a symbol of love for many couples from all over the world. It is because of thousands of marriage proposals made under the beautiful tower every year.

        Nothing is as romantic as Paris's ambiance at night by the Eiffel Tower pictures in Night at the Eiffel Tower Pendant. With its dangling cute little star and moon, you can now bring Paris anywhere with you.

        A perfect handmade sterling silver jewelry gift that she will never forget.

        Now that we have given you some options to consider, which piece of jewelry will show your love this Valentine's Day 2021? Whatever choice you make, we think she will love the care and consideration you put into your final choice. But most of all, she will appreciate how much you love and care about her.

        If you finally decided or still uncertain, keep on looking at our Valentine's Day Series sterling silver jewelry collection by visiting our online store, Lotus Fun. I am sure you will find the one that will make her heart skip a beat. Happy shopping and have the Best Valentine's Day 2021 to you.

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