How to Choose the Right Sterling Silver Necklace Just For You

Nowadays, jewelry has become an essential fashion accessory.  Wearing the appropriate jewelry to accessorize and highlight your overall outlook or appearance seems highly subjective. What may look great on someone, though, might not look great for you.    

In particular, a necklace is one of the accessories that give a great finishing touch to your outfit for the day. However, the length of the chain significantly affects the overall appearance of your outfit. Generally speaking, not all types and kinds of necklaces will work for you. Some necklaces you may find attractive may not be suited for you after all.

As a lady, we prefer to wear a necklace to feel confident and be stylish in our chosen outfit style. Whether it is an inheritance necklace, a choker, or a sterling silver necklace, each type of necklace we have should beautifully complement us and flatter our style and appearance more.

Pairing your necklace length with a specific type of outfit and different yields various flattering results. For instance, you might love the appeal of a long dramatic chain necklace, but it may clash with your figure.

This will not be a problem for you in the future if you continue reading our blog. This article will provide you the ultimate guide for choosing the right sterling silver necklace that is just right for you.

1. Measure your neck

We recommend measuring the circumference of your neck. If you are planning to purchase a choker since this is supposed to fit tightly to your neck. But, you have to add two inches to your neck measurement is for a comfortable fit. On the other hand, you should add four inches to your neck measurement will give the right length for an average necklace like a pendant.

2. Take into consideration the length and width of your neck.

Chokers are ideal for women who have long and slender necks. If you have a short neck, we recommend that your chain be 50-60cm in length for you to look flattering and impressive. Still, if your neck is an average length and width, you can wear any length of necklace appropriately.

  • If you have a wide neck and opt to wear a choker, you should add three or four more inches to your neck measurement instead of two inches.
  • If you have a wide neck, you can wear any length you like, but you may opt to wear a thin chain instead of a thick one. Long-chain to emphasize your collarbone

Here are the standard necklace lengths that may help you in choosing the right necklace for you or for your friend:

    1. Collar Necklace – it is 14” long. It is best suited with your scoop-neck or off-should tops, dress, and blouses.
    2. Choker Necklace – it is 16” long and will accentuate your neckline. This comes in various styles, such as lace to leather.
    3. Princess Necklace – it is 18” long and will accentuate your collarbone.
    4. Matinee Necklace – it is 20-24” long, and it can be seen between the collarbone and bust.
    5. Opera Necklace – it is 28-36” long, and it can be seen on the bust or few inches below it.
    6. Ropes and Lariats – it is 35-42” long and can be styled as a dual necklace around the bust or hanging down to your navy.

3. Take into account your height

If your height is below 162cm or 5'4", we recommend wearing a length around the 40-60cm necklace. Those who have an average size between 5'4"- 5'7" you can wear almost any length of necklaces. Longer length for necklaces may flatter those taller than 5'7" since this long chain of necklaces emphasizes your height.

Keep in mind that if you wanted to wear a short chain of necklaces for those taller than 5'7", it may not be standout at all. Though if your height is below 5'4" tall, you should avoid wearing chunky necklace designs also a long chain length since it may emphasis your short size more.

4. The length will Accentuate your Best Features

As mentioned above, the necklace opts to emphasize the area where it falls on your body. For instance, having a long and layered necklace will draw more attention to your body type, so you should wear a 71-96 cm length. You should avoid wearing long chains for those with much body or fuller body figure since it may not hang appropriately to your body. Instead, you should wear a necklace with a length of around 45-55cm as it will adequately be fitted in your neckline.

We recommend avoiding wearing short chains or having the length 45cm or longer for short or wide necks. Having a long chain will accentuate your collarbone, and by adding an eye-catching pendant will naturally draw eyes to the jewelry and away from your neck.

  • If you already have wrinkles on your neck, you should opt for a longer chain.

A shorter chain for necklaces will add to accentuate your neck. To further accentuate your long and graceful neck, we recommend that you wear necklaces that measure between 35-45cm in length. Choker necklaces are the best to draw attention to your neck. With this, we suggest that you choose eye-catching details to further emphasize your neck area even more.

5. Assess your face shape

Your face shape may also be one factor to consider in choosing the best necklace for you.

  • For a round-shaped face – you should avoid wearing chokers and short-length necklaces since these necklaces might accentuate the roundness of your face.
  • For oval-shaped faces -you can wear almost any length of necklaces.
  • For long-shaped faces – you should wear a 40-45cm length of the necklace to project a round-off and soft appearance for you.
  • For heart-shaped faces – you should wear a short necklace style or choker necklaces. Short-length necklaces will help you to project full appearance and balance your narrow chin appropriately.

6. Evaluate your clothing style

Your clothing style may take into consideration in choosing the right necklace for you.

  • For open-neck clothing – you should wear choker necklaces.
  • For t-shirt tops or simple top – you should wear necklaces with a length of 45cm that will fall approximately in your collar bone area.

Like this Circle Sector Pendant and Ring, the falls precisely on the lady’s collarbone perfectly suit a simple blacktop.

  • For business attire – you should wear necklaces with a length of 50-60cm in length since it can be easily suited with casual and dressy clothing style.

For instance, our Mythical Lake Vintage Pendant perfectly suits an office attire.

  • For turtleneck clothing – you should avoid wearing choker necklaces. With this, we recommend you to wear long chain necklaces.

For instance, our Lovebirds Pendant perfectly suits a long turtleneck sleeve.

  • For evening wear – you should wear a long chain of necklaces since it looks more elegant. Therefore, wearing a long strand of pearl necklace with an evening gown or cocktail dress suits correctly. The long necklace length is around 91-106cm in length, so you could loop it twice in your neck.

Pendants and necklaces are classified as independent accessories or jewelry. But, pendant and necklaces are considered one of the co-dependent pieces of jewelry to one another. And so, in discussing the right necklace for you, you should also know the right pendant for you.

Jewelers advise you to choose your pendant first then start buying your chain. Though if you already have a chain to put on a new pendant, you should consider the following tips:

  • Your pendant should not weigh more than your chain to avoid the chain getting more easily worn off and broken.
  • The color of the pendant should match the color of the chain.
  • Take into consideration the pendant's clamp since it should be big enough to get a chain through it.
  • Short-chain from 10” to 24” in length will be the ideal match for a  compact pendant.
  • Long-chain from 25” or more in length will not be suited for small-sized pendants.

Pendants are considered one of the best presents, and you can easily find one at the price you can certainly afford and of the style you chose regardless of who is going to wear it. Furthermore, a pendant in the form of a present is an excellent alternative in expressing your utmost feelings towards the gift recipient. For instance, a pendant in the shape of a heart will expressly convey the feelings you have for someone.

Every year, jewelers have different pendants' styles presenting various motifs: flora, fauna, minimalist designs. The following are some of the few kinds of sterling silver pendants:

  • Classic Pendants

Classic design jewelry is a timeless piece, indeed. Classic style sterling silver pendants are usually made of precious stones or pearls. This form of sterling silver jewelry is considered works with grace and softness and does not quickly strike attention. Its embedded elegance makes it a perfect match for your business or evening attire. Moreover, classic style sterling silver pendants will surely suit any style and age.

Pentagon Geometric Pendant

The Pentagon Geometric Pendant is a classic pendant with a minimalistic design. It comes in either gold or silver variant with a touch of natural Mother of Pearl that gives the jewelry a luxurious look.

Splash Pendant

The Splash Pendant is creating our artisan’s unique art perceptions based on our human nature experiences. This pendant is sterling silver jewelry handcrafted with love and has a classic style with intricate design.

  • Pendants with Various Motifs

These pendants correspond with multiple subjects such as stars, birds, fish, hearts, cars, flowers, etc. These types of pendant show and express your personality. So, you should consider your hobbies and/or your personality to choose the right necklace for you or for someone else.

Princess Bird Pendant

The Princess Bird Pendant depicts a gold-plated cute bird with a sterling silver crown. A pendant that represents a piece of nature-inspired jewelry that is perfect to wear with your casual attire. It is an ideal holiday gift for every bird-lover lady.

Elegant Ballerina Pendant

The Elegant Ballerina Pendant is a stunning and adorable pendant irresistible to any lady. The skirt handcrafted out of a natural freshwater pearl, and her hair, top, and shoes are hand-colored with 18k gold. The pendant that is perfect to wear for your casual or office attire and an ideal gift for a ballerina lady.

  • Luxury Pendants

These luxury pendants are made of expensive and decorated only with precious stones. This type of pendant is usually a real work of art or a masterpiece. This pendant is worn only on a special occasion.

Sunset Mountain Pendant

The Sunset Mountain Pendant is handcrafted, and all agate stones are in its natural form, giving the pendant its own unique shape and color. Therefore, you have a piece that is genuinely made different for you.

Lotus Whispers Pendant

The Lotus Whispers Pendant shows a gorgeous silver lotus rests beautifully on a piece of natural Aventurine. This nature-inspired jewelry is a perfect gift for any floral loving lady.

Heart Tassel Pendant

The Heart Tassel Pendant represents elegant droplets of silver tassel rain from a golden heart. A spectacular level of handmade sterling silver jewelry that lets you move gracefully with it.

  • Religious Pendants

This kind of pendant represents multiple models with images of models or saints. It can be made of precious metals and be decorated with precious stones.

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower Pendant

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower Pendant is inspired by the magnificent Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower, located in Florence, Italy. A typical example of a religious pendant that meant for every floral lady.

Final Thoughts

A necklace is a focal point of everything you are wearing, and it can make or break your overall appearance or outfit. Therefore, you should carefully choose the right necklace to flatter your body type and the best features.

You have an excellent design option by visiting our online store, where the pieces are handmade with love. We offer a splendid collection of sterling silver pendants and necklaces that seems to be a piece of ideal jewelry for you.

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