An Ultimate Guide for January Birthstone

The month of January is the first month of the year and marks new beginnings. It marks another year where the Earth has circled around the sun.

For those born in January, it is believed that your new year follows the same path as nature and with this beautiful karma comes with that. One way to reap these attractive karma benefits is by wearing your birthstone.

Birthstone has been so popular because each month of the year is associated with a beautiful gemstone. Each one tells a different meaning and comes with a fascinating story about a specific person, place, or time. Different cultures have attributed special meanings to gemstones for centuries. For centuries, gemstones have been linked with various traits, energies, and health benefits. Today, you can hear people say that they wear their birthstone for luck or other uses. Thus, giving a birthstone as a gift for someone became a popular thing and carried a significant value and importance.

If you know someone born in January, giving them the gift of their birthstone is set to protect them and help them repel any negative feelings. Keep reading this article to know why January birthstone Garnet is so powerful and find our top picks on the perfect sterling silver jewelry to either wear for yourself or give to your loved ones.


Garnet is one of the oldest gemstones known to many. It bestows the January born with a rainbow of colors to choose from. This gemstone has been around and is being used since 3,000 B.C.

The garnet family is one of the most complex gemstones globally since it is not a single species but instead consists of several species and varieties. Some of its common crystallography forms are isometric, trapezohedron, dodecahedron. Its rare types are cube and octahedron.

Its Name

The name garnet comes from the Latin word "Garanatus," which means "seedlike" about a pomegranate. This reference best characterizes this stone since small garnets look like the bright red seeds you find inside a pomegranate.

Its Appearance and Different Varieties

Garnet is a set of related minerals forming a group with almost every color so the appearance can vary widely.

  • The Pyrope and Almadine is known to have color variation from purple to red.
  • Spessartine is known to have color variations from orange to yellow.
  • Andradite is known to have color variations from yellow to green.
  • Demantoid is green in color and is a variety of andradite that is highly prized by collectors.
  • Grossular is known to have the widest range of color from colorless through yellow to reddish orange.
  • Tsavorite is known to have the color variation of vibrant green.
  • Rhodolite have no eye-visible inclusions and have a purplish red color variety.
  • Hessonite have eye-visible inclusions and has a color variation from orange, red to brownish red.

Many garnets are cut into standard shapes and sizes to allow easy customization into jewelry and is specially true of many red garnets. Garnets are popular for designer cuts and carvings.

Its Location

This can be found in the Czech Republic as it is the leading and primary source of Garnet, specifically the red pyrope garnet, since the Victorian era. Green demantoid garnets were found in the Ural Mountains in Russia in the 19th century and are prized by the Russian Royal Family.  

Today, the African continent is the primary source for the world’s supply of Garnet. Namibia produces demantoids and tsavorites found in Kenya, Tanzania, and Madagascar.

Currently, Garnet can be mined in Brazil, Myanmar, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and the United States.

Its Historical and Cultural Contributions

As said, Garnet has been highly valued and recognized throughout history. Many famous and influential people had prized Garnet and cherished it, respectively, through their possession.

  •  The King of Saxony has been said to own over 465 carats of garnets.
  • Plato has his portrait engraved on a garnet canvass.
  • Hebrew writers mentioned the Garnet as one of the twelve gems in Aaron's breastplate.
  • One of the most famous garnet jewelry pieces is the antique pyrope hair comb found in the Smithsonian museum.

 Different Places

  • Garnet's known source in the world is Czechoslovakia. This is one of the apparent reasons why most Bohemian castles and churches had magnificent interiors made of Garnet.
  • In Europe, it was trendy during the 18th and 19 centuries and was frequently used for jewelry.  In medieval times, the stones were believed to cure depression and protect against bad dreams. The Greeks also thought it to be a cure or an antidote for poisons and save children from drowning.
  • In India, native people have used it as pellets shot from bows since they believed that the wound inflicted by Garnet stone is particularly bloody.
  • In Egypt, necklaces studded with red garnets are worn by pharaohs/
  • In Rome, signet rings featured garnet intaglios used to stamp the wax that secured important documents.

Myths, Folklores and its Symbolism

  • According to one of the legends, Noah used a glowing garnet to illuminate the ark during those dark days and nights.
  • For Christians, the blood-red Garnet is a symbol of Christ's sacrifice.
  • In Koran, it said the Garnet illuminates the Muslims', Fourth Heaven.
  • Greek mythology is associated with eternity and is given as a gift of love. Furthermore, it became a symbol of separated love and quick return based on Hades and Persephone's story. It is said that Hades had given a pomegranate to Persephone before she left him to ensure her return home quickly. Garnet is believed to heal the broken bonds of lovers and may be given as a gift for going on a trip.

Mystical and Healing Properties of Garnet

  • There is a widespread belief regarding the various benefits of wearing a garnet across the world. Here are some of Garnet's powers characterized by different cultures and associated with wearing Garnet.
  • In ancient and medieval times, red stones were thought to be remedies for hemorrhages of all kinds and inflammatory diseases.
  • Garnet is worn to enhance bodily strength and vigor. Thus, it is extremely beneficial to wear a garnet when one had to have tremendous power needed.
  • Garnet is also believed to relieve skin conditions and regulate the heart and blood.
  • For men, it is said to keep the reproductive system healthy.
  • It is said for women to promote hormonal balance and reduce swelling during menstruation.
  • It is also believed that Garnet can cure heart palpitations, lung diseases, and blood diseases.
  • Garnet is thought to promote health throughout the circulatory system and enhances the body’s production of healthy hemoglobin thanks to the traditional folklore that creates a strong link between the red Garnet and blood.
  • It is also thought to help assists the assimilation of minerals and vitamins into one’s body.

Spiritual Properties of Garnet and its Symbolism

  • It is long believed that Garnet’s virtue includes: passion, true friendship, fidelity, success, self-esteem, loyalty, devotion, energy, faith, consistency, and truth.
  • In ancient times, garnets were thought to help the wearer resist melancholy and warn off evil spirits such as demons and night phantoms. Today, we interpret that Garnet is a stone that repels nightmares.
  • Garnet is said to inspire contemplation and truthfulness and offer the wearer the power to protect their reputation and possessions.
  • It is an ancient symbol of friendship. In the past, garnets have been given as a parting gift between friends. This symbolizes their affection and ensures that someday they will meet again.
  • Garnet is also believed to be beneficial in terms of business. The stone helps the wearer in business and aids to achieve personal success. This is ideal for people entering new realms, and new opportunities since crises are turned into challenges under Garnet’s influence.
  • The most vital virtue of Garnet is its ability to overcome depression. This stone aids in letting go of useless ideas and revitalizing energy, bringing serenity appropriate. The stone also promotes self-confidence and allows one spirit to radiate, which helps keep depression at bay.
  • Garnet inspires commitment, monogamous, and stable marriage. It is thought to be able to aid in finding true love.

Are you now looking for a piece of garnet jewelry based on what you have read so far?

Now that you know how powerful and impressive garnet stone is. It is time to present some of the fantastic sterling silver jewelry collections we have to help you pick the best garnet sterling silver jewelry for yourself or your loved ones.

Garnet is quite a durable stone with a 7 to 7.5 on the hardness scale, and as mentioned above, it is a popular gemstone for all jewelry types. Garnet is one of the few untreated gems available in many colors and offers excellent versatility. It is often mistaken as usually more expensive gems such as ruby, topaz, and emerald.

Since Garnet has been used for jewelry for millennia, our creative artisans had come up with beautiful handmade sterling silver jewelry collections with Garnet as its inspiration for its creation.

Radish Earring

Radish Earring is a fascinating handmade sterling silver jewelry made of Garnet. The beautiful Garnet gemstone makes this earring appear more colorful and vibrant, adding spice to your formal wear attire.

With its elegant red pomegranate seed hue, the Garnet is referenced as a gift of love and friendship. This means that gifting the Radish Earring would honor the love and friendship you had with the recipient. Also, Garnet is known to bring courage and self-confidence to the wearer. Therefore, having this earring expresses your self-confidence and integrity.

Calla Lily Ring

Calla Lily Ring depicts nature white crystal petals surrounded by a gold stigma ad a silver stem curls itself around your finger, ending with a red Garnet stone. Our craftsmen's meticulous work produces handmade sterling silver jewelry for the people born in January.

This ring symbolizes love and friendship and is a perfect gift for your special someone born in January.

Blooming Anemone Flower Collection

Blooming Anemone Flower collection is a handmade sterling silver jewelry collection comprised of:

  • Blooming Anemone Flower Stud Earring
  • Blooming Anemone Flower Earring
  • Blooming Anemone Flower Pendant
  • Blooming Anemone Flower Ring

Each sterling silver jewelry is set to bring color to your collection. Without flowers, our lives will be dull and boring because they get us colors and beauty. And that is why most jewelry is crafted out of the image of different flowers. This collection is nature-inspired and made of sterling silver, 18k gold plated, and in the middle of the anemone flower is a beautiful garnet stone. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones born in January and who love to wear floral sterling silver jewelry.

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