8 Reasons to buy Handmade Jewelry

1. Unique 

Each hand-made jewelry is truly unique, as each piece is made by hand there will be slight differences. No two pieces are exactly identical. Especially jewelry with natural stones, as each stone are never the same, you can be assured that you will be wearing a piece of jewelry specially made for you.

2.  Better Deals

You often will get better deals buying hand-made jewelry directly. Big retail stores have huge markups that go from 100% and up to 500% sometimes. Small business tends to have very low markups.

 3. Quality

Its safe to say that we all had that experience of having your jewelry discolored, skin reactions and some other effects. Handmade jewelry is higher quality not only because of the higher quality material but the ability to monitor and oversee the process of crafting the jewelry from start to end. Artisans are proud people, unlike a huge factory, Artisans won't let crappy jewelry leave their workshop with their name on it.

4. The Artisan's Process

Behind each's jewelry, there's a story. From the first inspiration to the sketches and mockup design, the process is a very intimate one. The Artisan knows every line, every curve in the piece, every little design are there with a purpose. You can almost sense the energy of handmade jewelry as a bit part of the artisan's soul goes into each piece of the jewelry.

5. Support Small Businesses

There's a huge value in supporting small businesses, you will feel a sense of worth buying a truly unique jewelry knowing that you had help, talented artisans, to get started on their business and support their artwork. Supporting communities itself is a rewarding gift, you are supporting artisans who love to craft, and it is usually a tough job doing on their own.

6. The Thoughtful Gift

Handmade jewelry is the perfect gift for any occasion. Whenever someone sent me a piece of handmade jewelry as a gift, I feel so appreciated that someone takes a whole lot of time to pick a gift that suits my style. I do often think about that someone who bought for me the jewelry while wearing it, it shows their personal touch rather than some everyday items in a general store.

7. Go Green

Most handmade jewelry is usually more environmentally friendly than mass production factories. Large factories usually use machines and chemicals, but just a single artisan is crafting handmade jewelry. It is also tough to know and monitor alloys used in large factories. Smaller production always brings higher quality.

 8. Timeless

Handmade jewelry's design and craftsmanship are timeless and never go out of style. Even if its made with the same design, it's piece are never identical and you are highly unlikely to bump into someone wearing the same jewelry as you at an event. 

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"Something is handmade is so much more meaningful"

Beth Wert