What is a Jewelry with Semi-Precious Stones and Why, When, and How Should We Clean It?

Jewelry is not just a shiny accessory that is worn to show-off one’s socio-economic status. It is also used to bring a spark to an otherwise plain and boring outfit like these nature-inspired jewelry pieces. More importantly, a jewelry holds the precious memories and experiences of the original owners.

One particular kind of jewelry is jewelry with semi-precious stones. Let’s find out what is special about it and how we can better take care of it.

What are semi-precious stones       

In the language of jewelry, precious stones refer to the four well-known gem beauties – diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Any gemstones outside this list are categorized as semi-precious stones. Examples of these are amber, agate, lapis lazuli, jade, pearl, crystal, zirconia, tourmaline, aventurine, amazonite, labradorite, rose quartz, and so on. While the gems in the second list are called semi-precious stones, they are in no way inferior to the precious stones. Nor are they “cheaper versions” of real jewelry. In fact, some of the semi-precious stones are more expensive, rare, and sought-after than precious stones. 

Raw Tourmaline Ring by Lotus Fun

Both precious and semi-precious stones are also categorized according to their hardness in Mohs’ scale. It is important to be familiar with the hardness scale because harder stones can destroy other stones when mixed in one container. Among the precious and semi-precious stones, diamond is considered the hardest at 10 while other gems like quartz are categorized as 7.

Why is important to clean the jewelry with semi-precious stones 

Jewelry with semi-precious stones, although high quality, is not invincible. Substances such as dirt, sunlight, chlorine, perfume, and sunscreen can easily harm it if preventive measures are not taken. Because jewelry with semi-precious stones is usually pricey, it should be taken care of so that all the money and hard work spent on it will be worth it.

Aside from its financial worth, jewelry with semi-precious stones can also be an invaluable personal or family memento. It serves as a reminder of intimate memories or experiences in someone’s life, including engagements, marriages, and other special occasions. It is no wonder that this jewelry is being passed on from one generation to another as an heirloom.

A jewelry that hold such history and value should be handled with care. 

When should we clean the jewelry with semi-precious stones

Regular cleaning and maintenance are key factors to a jewelry’s lasting beauty. It’s a good rule of thumb to clean the jewelry with precious stones once a week using mild soap or detergent and water. Regular cleaning will prevent dirt from accumulating inside the small cracks and crevices of the jewelry and will make it look good as new all the time. It’s also a good habit to regularly polish your jewelry with a soft, lint-free cloth to restore its luster.

Jewelry with semi-precious stones also needs regular check-ups with an accredited jeweler every three to six months. The jeweler will be able to diagnose whether the semi-precious stones are getting loose or if there are cracks and breakage that you were not aware of. You can also have your jeweler deep clean your prized possession!

How to clean the jewelry with semi-precious stones 

As with taking care of human bodies, prevention is the best way when taking care of the jewelry. The cleaning process would be less complicated and expensive if all jewelry owners will follow the following jewelry care routine.

Pre-use Care

It is an SOP that jewelry, especially the ones with semi-precious stones, should be removed before doing the following activities:

  • dipping in hot or cold water,
  • applying perfume, sunscreen or bug spray,
  • getting your hands dirty i.e. gardening or playing in the sand,
  • sports and exercising, and
  • sunbathing

Many natural and chemical elements, when applied or mixed with jewelry, react in harmful ways that destroy the jewelry. Even something as simple as human perspiration is said to dull a shining pearl.

When Being Used Care

When putting on jewelry with semi-precious stones, do not grab it by the stones. Doing so will make the stones loose and might break them. Take for instance this nature-inspired bangle, Lotus Whisper Bangle. If you just carelessly grab it by its green adventurine stone, there is a great probability that this stone will fall off after regular use. Instead, hold it by its metal band. For pendants, necklaces, and bracelets, make sure that the stones are faced upward when you put the jewelry on.

After-Use Care

After wearing the jewelry, make sure to clean it. However, in order to apply the best cleaning method for your jewelry, you have to know it is first. For instance, a jewelry with pearl should never be submerged in the water. They should just be cleaned with a damp cloth, only as needed. For the rest of the semi-precious stones, you can clean them using mild soap, water, and soft bristle brush.

Pay particular attention when cleaning underneath the stones for this spot easily gets dirty. Remember to also do the cleaning process gently though because you might break your jewelry while attempting to make it more beautiful. After cleaning your jewelry, dry it and store it properly for the next use.

For multi-gem jewelry, you have to clean it based on its most delicate element. For example, this nature-inspired jewelry called Crystal & Lapis Lazuli Earring is made up of two semi-precious stones – crystal and lapis lazuli. While a crystal can be cleaned using soap and water, lapis lazuli can’t undergo the same cleaning method because it is a porous rock. Therefore, this multi-gem jewelry needs to be cleaned as a Lapis Lazuli – no water submersion and just damp cloth. 

Image credit: jollychic


When jewelry is not in use, it shouldn’t also be carelessly tossed on top of your dresser or any other surface. This mindless action is like subjecting the jewelry to mistreatment and would likely result in misplacement. This is especially true for smaller pieces like this nature inspired jewelry, Groundcherries Earring, made of yellow jade. It can be easily misplaced due to its size. Instead jewelry should be properly stored somewhere where it is neither too hot nor too cold, and where there’s no direct sunlight.

For jewelry safekeeping, most people would opt for a jewelry box, but caution and a bit of knowledge of gemology are important when it comes to jewelry storage. Semi-precious stones have different hardness so putting them in one compartment wouldn’t be a wise decision for they are prone to scratch each other. When a harder stone collides with a softer stone, it may damage the latter.

A jewelry box with many compartments would be a good storage option. In this way, you can separate the semi-precious stones according to their Mohs scale score. You can also opt to wrap your jewelry in the jeweler’s tissue first before putting them inside a pouch or a storage container. Doing so will give added protection to your precious jewelry.

Who should clean the jewelry with semi-precious stones

You can also opt to have your precious gems cleaned by a professional. Expect to pay around $25 to $50 though for the cleaning service that might require the use of specialized jewelry equipment and the expertise of the jeweler. It is also preferable to have your jewelry cleaned at the place where you bought it for this jeweler would be the most familiar with your piece. Antique jewelry should also be handled with care for it contains markings and patterns that come with its age.

These are some of the basic information you need to know with regards to taking care of your jewelry with precious stones. 

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