Tulip Flower, Its Symbolism, and Meaning

Flowers let you express your feelings and thoughts without speaking any word. A flower's language is very intricate and meaningful, with every bloom has a different meaning to convey. We are using flowers and their varieties to say what we mean subtly to someone.

As we all know, every flower hides something exciting and fun we all love to know about.  Every flower has its own hidden meaning we need to understand. Sometimes it hides fascinating stories that make our lives colorful and richer than before. Though you might not be interested in flowers' language, it is good to have at least a basic knowledge about nature and every living thing that is sharing the planet with us. No matter the flower's size and monetary value, there is a lot more to discover about it than you ever think of.

The Tulip flower is known to be one of the most popular flowers in the world. It signifies summer and spring at the same time. Its gorgeous colors make us feel so happy, bubbly, and cheerful on the inside, no matter how bad our day is. Imagine a field full of tulip flowers, and it certainly makes us feel optimistic and happy about our new day. Tulip flowers can be seen in various places worldwide, but maintaining a field of tulip flowers is very challenging.

Tulips have literally varied in every color of the rainbow, and it was introduced into the market became a beloved flower to people. Tulip flowers picture a not too big nor too small flower, not too elegant or overly romantic. It is an ideal flower to gift to almost anyone you know that will definitely bring color to someone’s life. This is just one of the many reasons why people love Tulip flowers. Its simple appearance impresses everyone and makes us all feel that we all deserve a small piece of attention.

For centuries, Tulip flowers influenced and inspired great artists of our time, as seen in paintings, canvas, and poems. Its physical appearance is easily recognized, and its vibrant colors offer opportunities for any canvas or decors. They basically bloomed during the spring season from May to June.

If you are interested to know more about the Tulip, but never had the chance to research, here is an opportunity to expand your personal knowledge about this astounding flower. Keep on reading this article to know more about the meanings and symbolism of the Tulip flower.

The Name

Tulip came from the Persian word that means turban or delband. Persians, based on historical manifestos, loved to wear Tulip flowers in their turbans.

The Location

It grows natively in Central Asia. It was brought to the Netherlands. Its flower cultivation has become so famous and thus, the start of its rising popularity worldwide.

Its Botanical Characteristics

Tulip flowers are classified as part of the Lilies family. All its flowers appear as a basic cup shape that shows off the sides of its petals.

The flower has a surprising amount of calories and starch present in its petals, edible and used for cooking.

Its Historical Significance and Meaning

The Tulip flower has a long history of existence, and it often appears as a symbol in art and literature. Their appearance and presence have been a recognized symbol for readers and viewers reading a poem or looking at paintings.

Tulip flowers are said to be originated from Persia. Many Persian poets like Musharrifuddin Saadi described tulips as part of a beautiful and heavenly garden. Hence, it became a symbol of abundance and plentiful.

As translated in the Turkish language, Tulips are called “lale,” which is spelled the same way as Allah in their language. So it became a significant symbol for holiness.

Tulip was linked with the House of Oman; that is why many decorative objects are covered with Tulip flowers such as tiles and vases.

During the Ottoman Empire, Tulip represents wealth and abundance. They called their wealthiest period as a Tulip era. Tulip flowers were then used to adorn homes and Sultan's clothing articles, making it a symbol of power and prosperity.

On the other hand, at the time of the Victorian period, it became a symbol of charity and helping the poor.

During the Dutch Golden Age, Tulips have become a popular motif in their art and literature.

In the 20th century, the tulip became a symbol of love and romance around the world. Hence, it became a popular gift for Valentine’s Day and weddings.

The Legend

Turkey's significant legend says that a young Prince named Farhad fell in love with a beautiful maiden named Shirin. When the young prince heard about Shirin’s untimely death, he rode his horse over a cliff, and each drop of his became a lovely red tulip. Hence, the red tulip signifies not just true love but also a passionate love that is willing to sacrifice for their one true love.

Its Symbolism and Meanings

Tulip flower has many meanings in terms of colors and cultures. Here are some of its flower symbolism:

In General

    • Perfection and love – Tulip have been recognized and valued as the symbol of love and affection. This has been a common practice given as a gift to your special someone to show and express how profound their appreciation is.
    • Passionate love – Tulip has been a subtle expression of your passion towards someone and your attraction to them in a romantic way.
    • Royalty – For centuries, Tulips have been used as symbols for royalty because they are expensive and could not grow anywhere. They are used to adorn royal pathways and gardens. Its presence meant that the person had more money than others, so they also stand for something that is not common and ordinary.
    • Prosperity, abundance, and Indulgence – Since Tulip has long been associated with royalty, it symbolizes a rich and abundant lifestyle. We often see tulips in royal celebrations and manifestations.
    • Neglected love – Tulip flowers have close linkage to love in a general sense, so it also made a strong connection to neglected or forgotten attachments. Many hopelessly romantic people give Tulip flowers to their secret special someone or secret love, but most of them ended up unanswered. Hence, Tulip flowers are considered to represent neglected or forgotten love.

In Specific Country

    • In Iran, an emblem was painted with Tulip flowers to honor all warriors who died for their country.
    • In Turkey, Tulip flowers represent paradise in the world and everything divine.
    • In the Netherlands, Tulips bloomed only for a short period. Hence, it signifies the shortness of life.

In terms of Varieties in Colors

    • Yellow- signifies unreturned or unrequited love. Tulip flowers have been sent as gifts to someone you love, but that person you know will not return the love back to you. On a positive note, the Yellow Tulip flower represents happiness, freshness, honor, enlightenment, and clarity. On the other hand, it also has a negative representation, such as a symbol of jealousy and deceit.
    • Red -signifies love and passion. A bouquet of tulip flowers is commonly given to someone you adore and love. Red tulip flowers represent love, romance, and joy.
    • Purple – signifies royalty and prosperity. It was a popular flower used as a symbol for royalty, wealth, and nobility.
    • Pink – signifies affection and love. Pink Tulip flowers send a message to someone who lets you express love to someone in a romantic way.  It also represents kindness, femininity, and inner peace.
    • White – signifies apology. White tulip bouquets send a message that you are very sorry to the recipient of the said bouquet.

Its Anniversary

Tulip flowers are used to celebrate the 11th wedding anniversary. These flowers send a message that after a decade-plus one-year together, you still want to be with her that long and more.

Fun Facts about Tulips

  1. The tulip is the main symbol of Dutch culture and heritage.
  2. The first book about Tulips was written in 1592 by Carolus Clusius in the Netherlands.
  3. Amsterdam celebrated National Tulip Day in January.
  4. The tulip is a national flower of Turkey.
  5. The tulip is a symbol of the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.
  6. Tulip Mania is the period from 1634 to 1636, where Tulip is so expensive.
  7. There are several superstitions associated with Tulips, such as:
    • Tulips in your pocket bring good luck.
    • Tulips in your yard bring peace to your home.
    • In Holland, they believe that pixies live in Tulip beds.
    • In Persia, tulip protects you against evil; hence they wear a turban in their heads.
    • Wearing a tulip brings prosperity and protection.

Its Uses

Tulip flowers are edible and can be used in cooking as ingredients. During World War II, it was used as the primary food source for the Netherlands' starving population.

Tulip petals are often used to garnish salads and other dishes.

It can be used to replaced onions in many recipes.

As a vibrant flower, it is commonly used in decorated flower arrangements that will add a pop color to your room.

Tulip oil was used as a general house freshener and can be used as a massage oil.

It is commonly a gift to someone to brighten their day with its mesmerizing beauty.

Tulip petals and leaves are also said to treat rashes, stings, scratches, and minor burns. To do this, you must create a poultice, which means at least three flower heads will be placed in hot water. After that, you transfer the petals in a clean cloth and then crushed its leaves gently. Then, apply it to your injured skin for ten minutes.

Its notable beauty as being an inspiration to jewelry designers to handcraft nature-inspired jewelry in the likings of tulip flowers

As Nature-Inspired Jewelry

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