How To Wear And Style Your Sterling Silver Jewelry For The 2021 Holidays

“Trending style tips, tricks, and guidelines featuring  Lotus Fun’s bestselling handmade and nature-inspired sterling silver holiday jewelry pieces.”

The most celebrated season we are all excited about is just around the corner.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are the most celebrated holidays full of lights and colors. These holiday parties bring out a significant load of enthusiasm and excitement for everyone, especially now that we are trying to better our lives and be free from the COVID-19 pandemic.  There is no surprise how everyone seems to be looking forward and excitedly anxious to celebrate and party this most anticipated season of all time, the Christmas Holidays.

I bet most of us might probably be thinking of the outfits they will be wearing for these parties. But some may not because they are wondering about their tight financial status this year. Have you experienced wearing the same holiday outfit you wore two years ago? Did you know that even your old party dress two years ago will still look fabulous with the right jewelry? Jewelry is a great piece that will enhance your look and spice up your style even if you wear your last holiday outfit before the pandemic happens. Choosing the right jewelry to accessorize your party dress will surely make you stand out at any holiday party.

 In most cases, we often choose jewelry and accessories based on our personal preferences. But when it comes to choosing holiday jewelry, it is a little more complicated. For one thing, most of us have no work or no extra money for luxury, such as buying even one piece of jewelry. This is really a difficult situation and a real challenge to be in this time of the year.  Not to mention a lot of online jewelry shops with a vast selection of seasonal jewelry. You will find everything from coordinated necklace and earring sets to novelty items like statement necklaces and brooches. It is too difficult to choose which jewelry to pick and how to wear these pieces. It is overwhelming, yet these fantastic pieces make shopping more fun.

Do not worry! We are here to solve your early holiday-fashion dilemma. We came up with a guide packed with a lot of exceptional jewelry and fashion tips and tricks that will add a little festive cheer to your holiday party outfit. These jewelry fashion tips and tricks will help you choose the right holiday jewelry accessories for your holiday party's fashion style this 2021.

How To Wear and Style: Top and Bestselling Sterling Silver Holiday Jewelry

  1. You should know your personal style.

Your everyday wear generally reflects your personality, so you may feel uneasy about wearing holiday jewelry piece/s. If you get too overwhelmed with these holiday pieces, you can manage this by choosing a piece of exceptional jewelry you genuinely find attractive to wear.

  • If you seem to have a lot of layered necklaces at the same time, you love wearing a complete set of jewelry, you might enjoy wearing a few coordinated holiday jewelry pieces, like the following nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces:

Christmas Reindeer Series

This cutest Christmas sterling silver collection is our bestseller every time of the year, our no. 1 holiday jewelry set you could ever have! Each handmade sterling silver jewelry piece comes in two different colors of natural Tourmaline stone. Handmade with love, Santa approved!

So what are you waiting for? Shop now for this fashionable holiday sterling silver jewelry set before it is completely sold out in time for the holiday season.

  • If you love minimal jewelry and love simple accessories to wear every day, you should choose a pair of stylized holiday earrings themed with your holiday party motif instead. Check out this stunning pair of sterling silver earrings, handmade with love by Lotus Fun’s team of creative artisans. Perfect to wear on a “black and white-themed dress-up party.”

Home on the Starry Night

The Home on a Starry Night is a great pair of handmade sterling silver jewelry that dangles with you to remind you how fantastic and dreamy everyone feels about Christmas.

This fabulous pair of earrings is inspired by the exciting and magical feeling everyone feels about Christmas because everyone on Christmas is at home on a starry night waiting for the bell to strike midnight for gift opening.

A piece of stunning nature-inspired jewelry suited for a lady’s formal wear for their Christmas parties.

  1. You should always consider the occasion.

The type or the theme of the party you are going to should be an essential issue when choosing any kind of jewelry during the holidays. Even if you found a piece incorporated with a holiday theme, it may not be appropriate to wear for the party or event you are invited to. For instance, you should not wear flashy Christmas brooches to a formal dress-up holiday cocktail party. This rule applies vice versa; you most likely do not want to wear layers of green and red gemstones to a very casual event.

  1. You should consider wearing less jewelry for the holidays.

When it comes to choosing what jewelry is the perfect accessory for your holiday outfit, it is easy to get carried away and end up looking like a Christmas tree. One way for you not to experience this unfortunate fashion disaster, you should always think about this, "Less is More." You want your jewelry pieces to get and attract more attention, not blend in the season too much or create a cluttered appearance. You probably heard about this famous old adage: How it's a good idea to remove one of the jewelry pieces you plan to wear before leaving the house. This adage is very much applicable to holiday jewelry pieces. Since most of them appear to be more colorful and flashier than everyday jewelry pieces.

Having a piece of classic jewelry will save you for last-minute holiday party invites. A sterling silver jewelry piece will always come in handy. See these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces that indeed make you look classy without being over the top.

Plum Blossom Jewelry Set

This Plum Blossom Jewelry set is handmade with love, intricately using natural pink shells; the flower sits on a silver branch delicately extended from a luscious golden sphere. The topselling handmade sterling silver jewerlry by piece or set- a definite conversation starter, a unique masterpiece that is sure to get you noticed.

Lotus Whispers Jewelry Set

This Lotus Whispers Jewelry Set is perfect to wear at a formal-themed holiday party.  The gorgeous silver lotus rests beautifully on a piece of natural Aventurine. The aventurine contrast enhances the lotus's charm in color; it brings out a silvery glow that puts this exceptional nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry of Lotus Fun’s bestseller.  This nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry set- a state-of-the-art masterpiece that beckons to you ever so softly, as if whispering sweet words to you to draw you closer- the perfect gift for any lotus or floral loving lady as well.

Most annual Office Christmas parties require you to dress up a bit; a statement jewelry piece can turn your outfit from typical to extraordinary. An important thing to remember, choose only one statement piece. Either pair your dress with a statement necklace or have your hair up wearing a statement earring. Make your sterling silver statement jewelry make the scene for you, and with the holiday, better pick something extra sparkly such as these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces featured in this article.

  1. You should choose a monochromatic tone for your jewelry.

One way to upgrade your holiday look is to pick a single color for your jewelry accessories.  For instance, this Christmas, you would often see people wearing accessories with red or green shade. Even if the items have a different motif, picking a unifying shade or tone will bring out the classic beauty of disparate pieces with their matching appearance. Check out these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces. You could match any handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces together to bring out the holiday fun and vibe to your style without overwhelming your holiday fashion ensemble.

Candy Gemstone Necklace and Cloud Stud Earring

  • You could pair these two blue-themed sterling silver jewelry pieces for a casual holiday party with your long-time group of friends or a family reunion party!

Candy Gemstone Necklace

Our Candy Gemstone Necklace looks so enticing to eat, but it is more attractive to wear. It will bring you happiness and joy because of its dynamic color. It could also help you reminisce about your happy childhood, wherein candy can stop you from crying and give you a smile. The Candy Gemstone necklace will express your sweet personality. A perfect necklace to achieve a charming chic look for every holiday party you are invited to this year.

The Candy Gemstone Necklace is a piece of handmade sterling silver jewelry featuring exceptional gemstone choices (namely Amazonite, Aquamarine, Prehnite, or Beryl): to choose from that would best accent your overall holiday outfit.

Cloud Stud Earring

Cloud Stud Earring pictures a cute cloud crafted out of sterling silver sits on a turquoise amazonite gemstone. We use this gemstone as the color is perfect as the blue sky background for the silvery cloud.

A stunning pair of earrings made of sterling silver featuring a bright-colored gemstone called Amazonite. This gem, in particular, beautifully depicts the “Celebration of Blue Christmas.”

A versatile pair of sterling silver earrings every woman should have in their jewelry collection or wardrobe. Exquisite nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry is perfect for any occasion and can serve as a beautiful gift for all women of all ages, such as your daughter, niece, or best gal-friend you missed the most.

Lazy Cat at Home Earring or Lazy Cat at Home Pendant with Playful Cat Pendant

  • The Lazy Cat at Home-themed sterling silver jewelry pieces is perfect to wear with the Playful Cat Pendant for your New Year’s Eve Party, whether it is formal or casual. It really depends on your personal choice which pair would be perfect for showing how much you love your cat at the same time stands out on the crowd on your most anticipated first pandemic-New Year’s Eve party celebration

Lazy Cat at Home Earring and Lazy Cat at Home Pendant

Each handmade sterling silver jewelry piece is conceptualized and inspired by the “Lazy Cat at Home” scenario we all could relate to or have experienced these past two years due to the pandemic isolation crisis. Our creative artisans beautifully depict the moment of cats seems to be sleeping or resting on a sofa or porch. The sleeping habits of cats are intriguing for most people. This earring is ideal for all cat-lovers out there that love their so-called “lazy cat” so much.

This beautiful piece of jewelry is handcrafted with sterling silver, 18k Gold plated, and Amazonite. Amazonite is known to be a “gambler’s stone,” making this earring a perfect charm to encourage good luck and fortune for the next season or the coming New Year, 2022.

Playful Cat Bracelet

The perfect Playful Cat Bracelet for any cat lovers. It is handcrafted to be as adorable as possible into a piece of unique silver jewelry picturing a  cat tapping the ball with its paw- a distinctive masterpiece genuinely inspired by nature.

Wearing this classic nature-inpsired sterling silver jewelry piece represents our excitement and enthusiasm to have fun and enjoy since the global pandemic’s two-year lockdown.

Shop now at Lotus Fun and wear any of these top-selling nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces that demonstrate our emotional and personal life experience. Not to mention, you will definitely be the star of the party by accessorizing your holiday fashion ensemble with these stunning handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces.

  1. Having a mastery of mixing and matching styles and colors is a must.

Mixing and matching your jewelry with your dress required mastery for your dress to impress. Have a sterling silver necklace paired with a sparkling sterling silver bracelet. The possibilities of sterling silver jewelry mixing and matching are infinite.

  1. Keep your overall look simple yet sophisticated.

You probably prefer to wear what you know looks best on you this holiday. A black dress matched up with a sparkling pearl necklace will always be something to look forward to. A pair of pearl earrings with sterling silver or 18k gold plated finish is what we call stylish jewelry that invariably goes with any outfit bringing out elegance and sophistication all at once every time. Sometimes, less is more. Try wearing these classy yet straightforward nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces featuring the whimsical gemstone, the pearl.

Studded Pearl Earring and Studded Pearl Pendant


Natural Vintage is the theme of these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces. Perfect to wear for your classic-themed Office Christmas party. These handmade jewelry pieces are made from a natural mother of pearl and authentic Sterling Silver.

Each of these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces is attractive to wear and perfect for dinner or casual holiday events thanks to its meticulously stunning design:  the crown of the pearl-shaped, which is an absolute marvel. Wearing these two sterling silver pieces will be a great conversational starter or ice breaker to kick off years of isolation caused by global pandemic lockdown protocols.

Same with pearl, brooches are another classic piece of jewelry that makes a comeback this holiday season. You can choose a unique pin incorporated with a bright-colored gemstone set based on authentic sterling silver, or 18k gold plated metal for a sparkling Christmas-colored holiday pin or brooch. Check out these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces, handmade with love by our creative artisans, for you to wear on your family reunion or holiday dinner with colleagues or childhood friends. 

Rainbow Dragonfly Brooch

Rainbow Dragonfly Brooch is a timeless treasure. The dragonfly brooch is handcrafted out of sterling silver. With the iconic elongated body with its wings decorated with multicolored crystals, this ring brings joy to one's heart.

Dragonflies are frequently used as a sign of change and good luck. A perfect accessory to wear on New Year’s Eve party to memorialize and expresses our hopes and wishes for a better New Year.

Cute Cactus Brooch

The Cute Cactus Brooch, handmade with love, has several colorful gemstones: red garnet and blue lapis lazuli. These two bright-colored gems have been highly prized and valued for centuries. This exclusive nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry depicts a sterling silver cactus with its pricks as lovely and rich color gemstones planted on an 18k gold plated pot. The beautiful combination of vibrant colors gives the handmade sterling silver jewelry a charming and classic chic vibe.

A stunning handmade sterling silver jewelry that not only spices up your outfit but also provides aid for your personal well-being. A must-have sterling silver jewelry for a hardworking and confident lady- a perfect and memorable gift for her this holiday.

These nature-inspired jewelry pieces will surely pop color in your outfit, making your ensemble a black canvas for your most anticipated holiday party or event, be it a simple family dinner or class homecoming reunion party this year, 2021. You should remember this important note: if you plan to wear a holiday sterling silver brooch: Less is more. You need to limit wearing other jewelry and hair accessories to shine and be your statement piece this holiday season.

Where to buy unique and authentic sterling silver holiday jewelry?

Shop now at Lotus Fun for the right holiday jewelry that will pop color on your outfit and complete your holiday party ensemble. You will surely be the party star or have her most satisfactory moment to stand out in a crowded party venue by wearing the selection mentioned above: top and best-selling handmade sterling silver holiday jewelry pieces. 

Final Thoughts

Take note of these tips for wearing holiday jewelry, and you will definitely achieve your goal: to look festive and fashionable for this year, holiday parties. Whether you are going to your company's annual Christmas party or want to look optimistic and cheerful during New Year's Eve party with family or friends, you will be the queen of the party. You should always go wearing your own personal style. At the same time, let this article be your ultimate guide on styling holiday jewelry pieces. Together with a pool of creative artisans, our research team came up with this comprehensive guide to avoid the risk of you under-accessorizing or looking like a Christmas tree.

Visit our official online shop website, Lotus Fun, with our vast selection of splendid nature-inspired sterling silver holiday pieces., you will definitely find the right holiday jewelry for this coming 2021 Holiday celebration!

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