How To Style And Wear Your Sterling Silver Statement Earrings?

Fashion is hardly ever simple. It’s not always as easy as sliding on big, bold jewelry pieces like earrings or necklaces and instantly walking out the door. Your appearance can become too messy or overrated if you’re not wearing your statement earrings the right way. You might experience how easy it is to go beyond wearing statement jewelry to make a statement into being totally over-the-top and looking a bit like a mess.

Statement earrings make a stunning comeback and become the most in-demand jewelry accessory piece in today’s post-pandemic era. When you think of statement earrings, the first things that come to mind are the words “huge” and “dangly.” But did you know that you can entirely have hoops, studs, or other small dainty earrings be statement earrings as well? The truth is “statement”  really implies any type of earring that stands out and can make a bold statement. Nothing else can beat what statement earring can do or make in today's reality -a fun addition to your style!

But as we all know, something big and attention-seeker kind of things can be tricky and scary to style. Guess you are in luck! We make it easy for you as we have rounded up simple fashion tips and techniques on wearing and styling your statement jewelry.

Understanding and discovering ways on how to wear statement earrings properly is a bit of an art. Tailoring and fashioning your clothing over a pair of statement earrings may seem bizarre, but there are specific techniques and styles you should be aware of to really make your overall style talks about your statement.

Read on these essential and basic tips and rules on how to wear and style your statement earring that we guarantee to be easy for you to pull through fashionably all the way

How to Wear and Style Statement Earrings

The first thing you should have and a requirement for wearing statement earrings is your ultimate self-confidence. Trying new styles can feel overwhelming, primarily when you’ve already settled into familiar and usual aesthetics or style. Nevertheless, bear in mind that you can pull off any fashion styles you prefer to wear when you believe that you can; it’s unpleasant to hear, but it is the truth. There are realities to consider that we’ll get onto, but the psychological part of wearing statement earrings with confidence is where it all starts.

  1. The size of the earrings goes with the size of your body.

Size is relevant in statement earrings. You can make a statement with earrings that aren’t enormous. If they’re vibrant and appealing, they can be statement earrings no matter what their dimension or size really is. It makes a difference because you can wear earrings that are just way too big for you.

  • If you are a petite type of gal, you most likely shouldn’t be wearing the most oversized earrings you can locate in your collection. Because you do not want to look as if you happen to be way too attached to your earrings.
  • For small and thin gals, we highly recommend looking for smaller and thinner statement earrings to stand out more in the crowd and be more eye-catching.
  • For fully-figured mature girls, we recommend that wearing more oversized earrings make a statement in style with their size.
  1. Go Matchy Matchy with your statement earrings.

Color directs your entire look with statement earrings.  Match your statement earrings with your outfits, fashion styles, or the ones that stand out. There are no rules here, really. All you have to work out is to have fun and try different earrings that match your outfit. Check out these fashion tips for you to try and enjoy too:

  • Have you noticed someone wearing the colors of their accessories repeated throughout her ensembles? I bet; you have loved it the same way we appreciated it when colors in your accessories are repeated throughout the outfit about the color family of the popular color wheel.
  • To break up the color blocking, wear it with solid-colored or upfront bolder ensembles if you do not want to have a monochromatic vibe after all.
  • Opting in wearing bold outfits, pick a set of neutral-toned statement earrings, similar to gold, brown, or black. Those bold pieces draw interest to that area of your body, so add a pair of these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces to draw attention back up to your face.
 Amber Dragonfly Stud Earring Mythical Lake Vintage Earring
  • An exciting, daring way to wear statement earrings is with a monochromatic outfit!
  • When you are dressed in a solid-colored shirt, try to pick a bold contrast as a statement earring, like these nature-inspired sterling silver earrings.
Hand of God Earring  Cathedral of Saint Mary Flower Earring

You don’t have the right match-up corresponding to an option above, or you just fancy wearing a low-key fashion ensemble and keep things a bit more toned down. This is where your inclination and favorites come into play.  Make your simple black dress, plain sweater, basic t-shirt, or blouse into something extraordinary by accessorizing it with sterling silver statement earrings. Check out our bestselling statement earrings- handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces that will add a bit of glam to your style and draw attention up toward your face!

  1. Wear them by keeping your hairstyle fully up or completely lay-down.

You can wear your hair whatever style you feel having, even if you feel like wearing your favorite statement earrings. Still, you should consider that statement earrings perfectly go with simple hairstyles such as having your hair done in a simple bun or ponytail, having your straight hair tucked with one side behind your ear, or peeking out from your curls, exposing the grandeur of your statement earring. You will love how you look- a modern, chic, stylish woman, for sure!

  1. Keep your jewelry at minimum pieces.

When carrying statement earrings, let them be the statement by wearing them as your only accessory piece. Don’t make them struggle with other jewelry in your outfit. You can pair it with at least a modest bracelet or combine it with more than one subtle ring but leave the rest of your jewelry off for the day.

It is not impossible to wear a necklace with statement earrings, but it depends entirely on your style, together with your proper color-style coordination.

  • If you’re dressed in complete formal clothing – be it a suit or a dress – and you’ve matched it with statement earrings, leave the necklaces in your jewelry box. Any necklace matched with statement earrings and the neckline of a formal dress is far too cluttered and looks too messy. You’re less expected to strike people as the show star; instead, you possibly will appear as a cluttered stylist.
  • Casual styles look fabulous with statement earrings and necklaces, but the chains or necklaces need to be more subtle. Several layers of slimmer, chain-style necklaces in various lengths can look very chic with statement earrings and a casual t-shirt and jeans combo. Wear your hair up in a simple hairstyle like a bun or a ponytail to carry out perfectly your casual fashion style fabulously.
  1. Tassel earrings are the best accessory to wear on your favorite patterned top.

Sterling silver Tassel earrings can be a great accent to your patterned top. Check out these nature-inspired silver jewelry pieces that have continuously reminded me of the free-spirited gypsy women from the movies. If you want to duplicate their glamorous look, try wearing a patterned top put together with any of these sterling silver statement earrings. Don’t forget to have your hair ultimately lie down to have the spectacular look of a free-spirited gypsy woman!

 Cloud Tassel Raindrops Earring Lapis Tree Vines Earring

Also, you can never go wrong with the white and black combo. Add a twist with your uniformed white and black wear with these nature-inspired tassel earrings.

  1. Accessorize your silk dress with statement earrings.

Embellish your particular-colored silk dress with an elegant statement earring. A perfect way to step up your fashion gala is to pick a big and sparkly statement earring! Try matching your tailored silk dress with any of these beautiful nature-inspired sterling silver for a more cheerful look.

Morning Dew Earring  Potted Plant Earring
  1. Colored gemstone earrings are best for black outfits

Amazonite earrings are a turquoise-colored gemstone that is worn best with black outfits. All-black outfits are always on the list every season since black is never out of style. Street style now rocks the fashion world when paired with these vibrant statement earrings! Red lips matched with any of these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces featuring colored gemstone like amazonite and labradorite will grab the attention of anyone and clearly stands out in the crowd.

 Swaying Amazonite Earring Dragonfly Labradorite Earring

Wearing a sexy little black dress paired with any of these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces makes for a breezy statement- missing the deep blue sea.

  1. Statement earrings matched with geometric shape/checkered/stripes outfit and comfortable sneakers for class and elegance

Wear your geometric shapes/checkered/striped outfit and comfortable sneakers with classy and elegant earrings.  It’s an outfit from another time, a glamorous and feminine time, for sure.  Everything about it just gently whispers high class and effortless elegance and sophistication. The perfect combination of form and materials, and guess who is the queen of it all? The Statement Earrings, of course!

Lazy Cat at Home Earring  Tri-Rectangular Earring
  1. Match your V-neck blouses with drop pearl statement earrings

V neck blouses are a fantastic match for long pearl earrings. This blend generates class and style for your look. The distinction of the earrings in contrast to bare skin really makes a strong statement and makes your earrings even more noticeable.

Try accessorizing your V-neck blouses with these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces!

  1. Dainty statement stud earrings can be matched with your business attire or school uniforms

Accessorize your business attire or school uniform in delicate statement stud earrings. Light hoops and oversized studs with pulled-back hair will work like a charm at work or on school grounds. Check out these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces and try wearing them to remind us to keep on shining and continue to sparkle at work or in school.

Oriental Fan Earring Stud  Question Mark Earring
  1. Take your vacation getup to the next level with clear-drop shoulder statement earrings.

Bring on the vivid hues outfits and jewelry pieces to pack for your vacation fashion gala! Kick it all up one more notch by adding a pair of any of these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces to keep your vacation day fashionable and comfy all day long! So, grab one now and pack it for your holiday! You can even set off a conversation with a stranger with these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces.

Autumn Tree Branch Earring  Monstera Leaves Earring



Final Thoughts

"Let your ears do the talking."

The goal of statement earrings is to express your personality, build a great focal point for your outfit, and bring various attention and anticipation into your overall look or fashion style. They don’t essentially have to go with what you’re dressed in because statement earrings are the celebrity of the ensemble.

You have the means and self-confidence at your disposal to make statement earrings for your new best friends. To be more precise, your statement earrings can make you feel self-conscious when you’re out and about in the world.

Let me tell you our little SECRET- the best place to buy affordable statement earrings is at Lotus Fun. We have a wide variety of statement earrings. There is plenty to choose from for you to shine and sparkle all year gracefully long! Sometimes it's lovely to let your ears do the talking for a change!

There you have it, girls. The perfect guide or “how-to-blog” to rock your statement earrings any time and let everybody be stunned at how your fashion game is out of this world!




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