Handmade Jewelry for Fall 2020

The start of Fall Season begins.

This is the time of the year where we switched our swimsuits and sandals for cozy knits and sweater dresses as well as oversized blazers. The temperature started to drop; hence it is time to wear your favorite denim cut-offs and sweaters.

Fall is the perfect opportunity to pair our fascinating wardrobe with fabulous jewelry to freshen up more our look this season. The cold weather is an ideal circumstance to flaunt our jewelry.

For trendsetters around the world, this is the moment to be ahead of the game. Keep scrolling for the 2020 handmade jewelry trends for Fall 2020.  

Here we come up with the list of handmade jewelry to wear this season for the year 2020. We also include a sample of our jewelry collection to help you quickly picture the jewelry on trend for this season. 

1. The season for statement earrings.

As mentioned, both in Vogue and Marie Claire fashion blog, this is the season for big statement earrings. The time to wear your big earrings to enhance your beauty further as well as make an emphasis on your beautiful eyes. The earrings should be strikingly long, oversized, and must be impossible to be unnoticed. Hence, real statement earrings.

The drama of chandelier earrings as statement earrings is impossible to overstate. No earring style means as much gall and expensive taste as much as chandelier earrings.

Our handcrafted Autumn Leaf Earrings is a dangling earring made of sterling silver by our creative artisans. You can choose your desired color of gold or silver. A chandelier earring with an expensive look aids you in achieving a luxurious, elegant look for your formal wear.  
Our Hummingbird Earring was made to capture the essential joyfulness of Hummingbirds, as they drink sweet nectar from a fully blossomed flower. Made of authentic sterling silver and gold plating handcrafted by our creative artisans will surely bring a new joy to your life. A statement earring perfect matched to your everyday wear such as turtleneck or shirt dresses.
Our Wedding Orchid Earring is not an earring meant for weddings alone. This orchid earring is a perfect accessory to wear on any formal occasion this Fall 2020. The jewelry is so feminine, and it shows a cascading orchid handcrafted to the standard of perfection by our artisans. It is a piece of must-have jewelry to enhance your exquisite and sophisticated look, ideal for brightening up your formal attire or match your favorite blazer.


2. The season for sculptural pendants.

The sculptural pendants are timeless and said to be on-trend this fall 2020 by Marie Claire fashion magazine. These pendants are considered timeless and will be perfect to wear on your colored sweaters, cardigans, or long sleeves dresses, which is a famous outfit this season of fall. You can also match these sculptural pendants with your jeans/blazers, which will be a popular attire this season.

Our Birds on the Branch Pendant shows an 18k Gold plated delicate birds perched on sterling silver branches. Fantastic piece of jewelry that exemplifies a sculptural pendant. A perfect match for your oversized cashmere sweater.


 Our Birds on Branch Necklace I and II, another set of jewelry fitting for this Fall 2020. Both necklaces depict two birds resting on differently designed sterling branches handcrafted by our creative artisans. Both necklaces are nature-inspired jewelry to help you achieve sweet, charming wearing your favorite sweater or cardigan. The necklace will be a perfect gift for a bird-lover lady.


    Birds on Branch Necklace I

    Birds on Branch Necklace II


    3. The season for chains with charms

    As divulged in Marie-Claire and Cosmopolitan fashion blogs, fall is the season for nostalgia and sweetness. There is no other piece of jewelry that can be nostalgic and sweet at the same time other than charm jewelry. The charm bracelets or necklaces will surely give you a thoughtful and charming vibe to match your fall outfit. The charms are not just for birthday gifts. Jewelry designers around the world have improved the charm jewelry and had put huge factor for great sentimental value for it to be a timeless piece of jewelry.

    As stated in Vogue fashion blogs, charms are somewhat assumed to be protective jewelry like amulets. These charm pieces of jewelry have been using several stones that have spiritual benefits known to many jewelers and jewelry enthusiast. Lapis lazuli, tourmaline, and labradorite stones are some of the gemstones that possess spiritual properties that attract positive energies and repel negative energies. Stones that have been used to create charm jewelry in ages.


      The Aquamarine Lotus Bracelet is a handmade sterling silver jewelry that features a vintage turquoise aquamarine teamed with a detailed golden bud. This bracelet gracefully captures the beauty of the lotus flower before it blooms. An exquisite piece of jewelry intended to match your favorite Fall season attire.

      Our Teapot Bracelet is a charming bracelet handcrafted out of natural amber. Sterling silver sets on the amber, forming its handle, teapot cover, and spout. A piece of jewelry that has a unique shape and color which can be genuinely made different for you. A perfect charm bracelet for your sweater dress.


      4. The season for pearl jewelry.

      As discussed in Cosmopolitan and Vogue fashion blogs, pearls just made its major come back this fall 2020. The moment and season to have your fancy love for pearl jewelry be worn.

      Pearl jewelry has made every lady looked classic and vamp.

      You would love to look dashing and ladylike on our Pearl Clover Earring. The studs are made of authentic sterling silver and meticulously handmade and plated by our artisans to form the elegant petals of golden clover earrings. A perfect piece of jewelry to achieve an enchanting classic vibe on your casual Fall season attire.
        Our Pearl Leaf Ring will look radiant on your fall outfit this season. A ring that depicts a morning dew drips from the leaves in a mystical forest, the divine white pearl drips from a radiant golden leaf. A piece of handmade jewelry meant to achieve an elegant, high-class vibe look on your gorgeous night out outfit.
        Our Morning Dew Earring comes in either gold or silver color and decorated and handcrafted by our artisans with freshwaters pearls. Its creation has been inspired as the dawn breaks: the dewdrops sparkles on wild grasses like pearls in the morning light—a matched jewelry for your office attire.


        5. The season for pins and needles.

        As pointed out by Vogue fashion blog, this is the season to wear brooches.  Like the pearl, it made it major comeback this Fall 2020. The brooches have to need to be of statement to be worn through your preferred fall season attire.

         Peony Flower Brooch pictures a silver flower blooms, and its stigma is a colored Tourmaline gem both meticulously handcrafted by our artisans. A piece of perfect jewelry that will make a statement for your fondness of flowers and serves as a good luck charm with its Tourmaline stone spiritual benefits. Ideal for wearing on your black dress or jacket.

        Our Rainbow Dragonfly Brooch is handcrafted out of sterling silver. The iconic elongated body of a dragonfly wing with multicolored crystals is a perfect accessory to pin this Fall 2020. This brooch will bring happiness and joy to one’s heart. A timeless piece of jewelry to achieve a charming, refined look on your cardigan or blazer.


        6. The season for mismatched earrings.

        As introduced by the Cosmopolitan fashion blog, the style for mismatched jewelry has been on-trend these past years. Still, now is the season to showcase and display this trend even more.


        Our Asymmetric Dangle Earring shows a fashion twist that is on-trend this Fall 2020. Each earring has a different style. The left stud with a long silver thread holds the asymmetrical curve sterling silver shape on the bottom. In contrast, the asymmetrical curve on the sterling silver was attached in the middle. Both earrings have the white-colored sphere differently positioned on each one. A piece of state-of-the-art jewelry that is perfect to put on display on your formal attire or casual wear.

        The Art of Circle and Square Earring is a mismatched pair of earrings in which one pair has a circle on top of a square while the other one is square on top of circle-shaped. This combination is a sterling silver square and circle shape connected with Mother of Pearl to give this one-of-a-kind minimalistic jewelry a striking gold and pink finish. A great piece of jewelry perfect for sporting your casual Sunday outfit or office attire this season.



          7. The season for big gem jewelry.

          As alluded in Marie-Claire fashion blog, this is the season for sparkle hence the time to wear your big gem statement jewelry. To be clear, the bigger the stone, the more fun it is to match your fall outfit. Furthermore, as pointed out in the Cosmopolitan fashion blog, this is the season for gigantic stones in a round, pear, or emerald cut.

          The Lotus Whispers Ring pictures a gorgeous silver lotus beautifully resting on a piece of a gigantic natural Aventurine stone. The aventurine contrast enhances the lotus’s charm in the color that brings out the silvery glow of the Lotus. A splendid piece of sterling silver jewelry ideal to show off this season.


          The Vintage Labradorite Pendant is a piece of handmade sterling jewelry that is made of a big Labradorite stone wrapped in an intricate design of silver. A fabulous selection of jewelry that will match your favorite cashmere jacket or turtleneck dress. The vintage look of this pendant will add luxury and sophistication to your preferred season’s outfit.


          Our Mythical Lake Jewelry Set comprised of Mythical Lake Ring, Mythical Vintage Pendant, and Mythical Vintage Earring, a piece of must-have jewelry set perfect this Fall 2020.  Our creative artisans handcraft the Mythical Lake Vintage Earring, Pendant, and Ring with sterling silver and two contrasting colors, natural big labradorite stones.

          This jewelry set is a perfect match for your fall outfit, be it for a formal occasion or casual wear with your go-to-work office outfit.

          Mythical Lake Ring Mythical Lake Earring Mythical Lake Pendant




           Our jewelry set collection called Birds on the Branch is comprised of the following fantastic piece of jewelry: Birds on Branch Ring, Birds on Pendant Ring, Birds on branch Necklace I and II, Birds on Bangle, Birds on Branch Oval Pendant, Birds on Branch Wooden Necklace and Birds on Branch Nest Earring. Each of the jewelry has made it to the checklist of the trending jewelry to wear this Fall 2020. The necklaces seem to be of statement to wear on top of your turtleneck outfit or sweaters. The bangle, as well as the earring, can make it to your everyday wear for this Fall 2020. A jewelry set that is subtle and will aid you in achieving a majestic and elegant look effortlessly. A piece of perfect jewelry to achieve your sweet lady look wearing your favorite denim clothing or cashmere sweater dresses.
          Birds on Pendant Ring Birds on Branch Oval Pendant Birds on Branch Wooden Necklace
          Birds on Branch Bangle Birds on Branch Ring Birds on Branch Nest Earring


          Final Thoughts

          Fall starts today—a golden opportunity to wear your big statement jewelry.

          A fantastic phase to wear your gemstone earring, strand bracelet, dangling earrings, and dainty rings.

          Perfect timing to pair your sweaters, turtlenecks, and cardigans with the right jewelry.

          It will help you be fashionably ready. It will guarantee your look to be timely and renovated for the season. Always keep in mind that fall is a season that goes best with one statement piece of jewelry rather than wearing a lot of jewelry.

          Interested in checking other sterling silver jewelry that will be fitting for you this fall, please check our gemstones collection: Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Aventurine, and Pearl Jewelry collection. A collection suited to wear this Fall 2020.

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