Butterfly Jewelry, Its Symbolism and Meanings

Jewelry has been one of the favorite things women love to wear every day. Many of us wear jewelry every day as an accessory without knowing the symbolic meaning or the origin of many popular designs. Many of the jewelry designers draw their creation based on ancient symbolism making some icons transcend times and seen across different cultures.

Animals are one of the most used symbols in jewelry. To be specific, the butterfly is a beloved and famous animal motif for jewelry, fashion, and art alike. Butterflies have been imprinted in our minds since our early childhood, representing happiness and beauty and bringing life and movement to artistic creations. These colorful living creatures bring us back to our childhood days of creativity with sketch pads and crayons as we filled our blank white paper with butterflies in every color imaginable. Butterflies bring us back to a time when their wings were magical and enchanting, and our imagination was limitless.

Butterfly-themed fashion wardrobe, jewelry, and accessories have always been the favorites of ladies every year. The popularity of the butterfly, especially with women, has stood the test of time. This is evident with some artistic depictions and butterfly imagery that can be seen in decorative objects back in ancient times.

Now, I will further discuss the symbolism and meanings of butterfly in sterling silver jewelry designs. Keep on reading and be hooked up with the magical and enchanting meanings and symbolisms of butterfly jewelry that withstood the test of time.

Cultural Butterfly Symbolism

A butterfly is a symbol that works throughout cultures and generations.

  • In Japan, the butterfly represents a young woman. In Japanese culture, when butterflies are seen fluttering around one another, it symbolizes family happiness. Also, when a butterfly is seen in your room behind a bamboo tree means that the person you love the most is coming to see you. However, when one sees a white butterfly, it means the spirit of the deceased.
  • In China, when two butterflies have seen flying together, it represents love, and when a butterfly lands on you, it means good luck. In Chinese culture, these winged creatures symbolize immortality, leisure in abundance, joy, and summer.
  • In Ancient Mexico, the butterfly has been associated with the God of Vegetation, Spring, and love named Xochipilla, the Prince of Flowers. Also, Ancient Mexicans attributed butterfly with the sun and became the symbol of the waving fire. In Mexican culture, butterfly means the souls of women who died in childbirth.
  • The Ancient Greeks associated the butterfly with Psyche, whose name means soul. It is believed then that Psyche appeared as a girl with butterfly wings. Hence, butterfly in Ancient Greek culture symbolizes the immortality of the soul.
  • In Christian culture, the developmental stages of butterflies represent life, death, and resurrection. Therefore, we sometimes show a butterfly in the sculpture or paintings in the Infant Christ's hand.  As pictured in the image “Life in Paradise,” the Creator places a soul with such wings in Adam's body.
  • According to Native Americans, when they capture a butterfly and whisper to it their wish and release it, it will fly and tell the Great Spirit to grant your wish. There is famous folklore among Native Americans that butterflies helped children who refused to walk. As stated in the story, to help babies walk, a few pebbles were tossed in the sky, and as it dispersed, it transformed into beautiful and colorful butterflies. Hence, the children were delighted and started to walk to pursue bright and vibrant butterflies.
  • As practiced throughout the United States during weddings, butterflies are released after the wedding ceremony is completed as a sign of great love and happiness for the newlyweds.
  • In African culture, swarms of butterflies are considered the beginning of the rainy season.

Butterfly Symbolism

The symbolic meaning of the butterfly is almost the same across most cultures, regardless of time.

  • Butterflies have become indicative of free spirit or a wild-child like the famous line as free as a butterfly.
  • The butterfly becomes a symbol of rebirth and transformation based on our general knowledge from a caterpillar's metamorphosis to chrysalis and then a beautiful butterfly. Butterfly Jewelry represents personal development and renewed start, new hope, or fresh beginnings.
  • Butterflies also represent spring and embody the beauty of symmetry, pattern, color, and shape.
  • These vibrant and colorful yet delicate living creatures also stands for freedom, endurance, inspiration, openness, change, joy, rebirth, patience, and happiness. Also, butterflies' great perfection is believed to promote love and relationships, so most weddings have butterflies in their wedding motif.
  • Butterflies serve as a reminder of how fragile and beautiful life can be and the importance of appreciating and grateful for each moment since the butterfly lifespan is noticeably short.
  • The butterfly has been considered a messenger from the spirit world.
  • The butterfly is a significant symbol of change. Change and transformation are inevitable for all of us at one time or another in our lives. This has been one of the reasons many people love to wear a piece of butterfly jewelry.

Butterfly Jewelry

If you love to have fun and are full of smiles and you love to wear some butterfly jewelry. Whether you choose to wear your pretty butterflies on your neck or fingers, you will be surprised to learn that there is a butterfly sterling silver jewelry designed for every occasion for your butterfly-themed fashion style.

Butterfly sterling silver jewelry is designed in various colors, styles, finishes, and sparkles. You can always find the right one fit for your day to day or impressive occasion wardrobe. The fun thing about wearing butterfly jewelry is that it adds some whimsical and magical style to any outfit.

Butterfly sterling silver jewelry has been around for decades now and remains one of the beloved jewelry designs of most women.

Here are some of the best butterfly sterling silver jewelry designs that offer seasonless style and bring fun and magic to any look.

Butterfly Earrings

Some things never lose their beauty and magic. And butterfly earrings are one of those!

  • Butterfly Wings Earrings

The Butterfly Wing Earring is a unique pair of earrings that pictures each side of the butterfly's wing in each of your ears. It is magnificently handcrafted by our creative artisans, made of 18k gold plated sterling silver jewelry with finishing touches of Mother of Pearl to further enhance this nature-inspired jewelry's classic beauty.

This fantastic pair of earring suits all woman of all ages, and your daughter that loves the enchanting beauty of the butterfly will find this magnificent sterling silver jewelry adorable and cute. The Butterfly Wing Earring suits entirely all kinds of formal and casual wear and perfect for your casual night out with friends and family.

  • Butterfly Kite Earring

The Butterfly Kite Earring is intricately designed both as butterfly and kite since these two are both geometrically-shaped as a diamond. At first glance, it is quite hard to distinguish if it is a butterfly or a kite. A fascinating design that will keep anyone wondering which is which. This is a fantastic earring, a piece of handmade nature-inspired jewelry made of sterling silver and enhanced further by adding an 18k gold plated to make it more elegant and classic.

A fantastic pair of butterfly sterling silver jewelry that dangles gracefully with you and vibrates a classic and elegant vibe to your casual night out outfit.

Butterfly Necklace

A Butterfly Necklace is an excellent reminder for anyone to keep the faith as they go through all-important life stages.

  • Butterfly Collar Necklace

The Butterfly Collar Necklace pictures a sterling silver collar with an 18k gold plated butterfly placed magnificently in the collar that sparkles and makes you feel like a sparkling princess. It is a perfect gift for your lovely young daughter that will surely make her feel like a princess with this sparkling sterling silver jewelry.

  • Butterfly Pendant

The Butterfly Pendant embodies the butterfly’s intricate beauty in an 18k gold plated or a sterling silver hue. A beautiful, delicate butterfly inspired our creative artisans to handcraft this vibrant joy into a Butterfly Pendant. Wearing our Butterfly Pendant signifies hope and new beginnings. A pendant like a butterfly is an eye-catcher and will definitely stand-out as a timeless piece for a vibrant butterfly-lover lady.

Butterfly Ring

If you love the butterfly, a butterfly ring makes a great gift and is perfect for all sorts of gift-giving occasions as it symbolizes new beginnings.

  • Amber Butterfly Ring

The Amber Butterfly Ring, a tiny butterfly made of sterling silver, sets itself gracefully on natural amber stone as if it were a leaf in autumn. Handcrafted silver vine curling around your finger secures the amber stone and butterfly close to you.

A piece of fabulous nature-inspired jewelry that every woman can wear every day, any time of the year. Indeed, a fashionable must-have piece of sterling silver jewelry that entices all women of all ages.

Butterfly Brooch

Butterflies are trying to fly into small jewelry boxes to keep everyone happy and joyful. One of these creations is having a butterfly brooch.

  • Butterfly Kite Brooch

The Butterfly Kite Brooch is a timeless classic piece of sterling silver with 18k gold plated jewelry. A piece of handmade sterling silver jewelry pictures the similarity between a kite and a butterfly's geometrical shape. An excellent thought inspires our creative to handcraft this fantastic nature-inspired jewelry ideal for your office attire. This brooch is indeed an eye-catcher and will boldly express your friendly personality. A piece of butterfly sterling silver jewelry that perfectly suits your office or casual outfit.

Final Thoughts

Butterflies are a wonder of nature as it born as one thing and transformed into something else. Therefore, butterfly symbolism resonates with us, one way or another. Nothing can replace these fabulous vibrant, and colorful living creatures in joy, beauty, transformation, or life. If you are looking for a butterfly, our collection has something just for you! Kindly check our online store and see the perfect butterfly sterling silver jewelry for you.


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