Bird Jewelry: Its History and Symbolisms

In most cultures, birds have been a symbolic emblem of ancient beliefs and rituals. With this, birds sometimes represent souls leaving the body, or sometimes they were recognized as something oracular.

Bird motifs in jewelry have always been stunning and a beautiful emblem, especially in ancient jewelry designs. It is an image that is valued worldwide and is associated closely with motherhood, security, and assurance that everything will be fine in time.

Today, there are amazing pieces of handmade sterling silver jewelry inspired by the different birds in nature. Do you wonder about the story behind each bird and its significant symbolism that may portray your personality and life experience?

Each bird is breathtaking in its own beauty and presents amazing folklore and legends that can mystically teach us about ourselves. Keep on reading to know more about the magnificent history and symbols of some of the most common bird icons in jewelry from ancient times to the present day.


Pigeons have been used in jewelry symbolism for centuries. Since there is something about a pigeon that everyone notices. They are also a species of birds that live in all parts of the world.

Pigeons are known to be resilient winged creatures and adapt to the planet's external conditions, making the Earth it's entire home. With this, they can be spotted everywhere globally and friendly with humans, which means that they are not afraid of people.

Its History and Cultural Symbolism

Pigeons have been recognized as an important symbol for many cultures, such as the following:

  • In the Royal Airforce Tactical Communication Wing, they used an image of a pigeon in flight and used it as an organization's emblem. This is because pigeons were used as vessels to transfer mail and letters in the past and have great historical contributions during the war.
  • Other historical contributions of pigeons are seen in military communication used during World War I and World War II. With this historical event, many pigeons have been awarded medals of honor for carrying and transferring important messages that saved many lives during those said periods of war.

Its symbolism

  • Sacrifice - pigeons, symbolizes sacrifice since most people associates these birds with people who are so devoted to reaching their goals for their loved ones and will sacrifice just to have these goals fulfilled.
  • Motherhoods - Birds are known to be motherly when it comes to their offsprings. They make sure that their babies are well fed and safe, so pigeons symbolize motherhood. People who wear pigeon jewelry are defined as protecting their family by all means necessary.
  • Harmony and Peace - These traits are easily linked to pigeons. Therefore, wearing a piece of pigeon jewelry will represent you as a peaceful and harmonious person that cannot be disturbed mentally and physically that easily.
  • Perceptive - Pigeons are characterized by a good understanding of things around them as there are very adaptable in nature. Therefore, having a pigeon jewelry piece represents that you can easily adapt to different social groups and life situations.
  • The symbol for commitment and loyalty - Pigeons typically mate for life, and with this, they are considered a significant symbol for commitment and loyalty.

Pigeon Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver pigeons are considered trendy in the present era because of their notable characteristics, such as their adaptability, devotion, and commitment, inspiring jewelry makers worldwide to create timeless jewelry pieces.

Our creative artisans, inspired by these symbolisms and traits of pigeons, handcrafted these sterling silver jewelry to present you a subtle way to show your personality or convey a message to the world by wearing our pigeon sterling silver jewelry pieces.

Flying Pigeon Brooch Flying Pigeon Pendant

Our Flying Pigeon Brooch and Pendant represents a flying pigeon with a rosebud on its beak. A piece of stunning silver jewelry that depicts pigeons’ adorable contribution and significance to humanity.

Pigeons are excellent messenger because of their ability to return home from long distances. The pigeon inspired our artisans to create these timeless jewelry pieces, a significant historical contribution of this fantastic bird.

The brooch and pendant are fascinating handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces that show the resilience and loving personality of a lady wearing it.


Dove is one of the most common bird motifs we have seen in ancient jewelry up to modern jewelry as it is prized to be a symbolic bird.

Its History, World Culture, and Meaning

  • For the Celtics, the dove was associated with healing and oracles. This belief came from their ancient culture that said a connection may have arisen because the people who are ill are the ones who are eager to know about their future.
  • Doves have been associated with mother figures in religious history: It symbolizes Mother Mary in Christianity. It is a  companion of the Great Mother of  Assyria, Ishtar.  Both of these dove historical symbolism come with promises of hope and salvation.
  • In most cultures, the dove has been associated with some goddesses like Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, and Venus, the Roman goddess of love.
  • Slavic folklore states that doves conduct the dead's souls to Heaven while the Celts considered the dove's mournful call to mean that someone close by had passed peacefully.

Its Symbolism

  • "Symbol of  Motherhood" - The motherly representation of doves is based on their way of life as they often stop eating just before laying their eggs to ensure that they can formulate milk for their offspring. This self-sacrifice is strikingly considered similar to the maternal instincts we humans attribute to our own mothers.
  • "Symbol of Love" - Dove represents a sense of higher love and a higher admiration for unconditional love. It is a kind of love that as large as  Mother Mary's love to mankind, a heart of pure potential.
  • "Celestial messengers" - Doves are thought to be angels in disguise because of their soft angelic appearance. The dove symbolizes as messengers from a high place or from the divine as written in Matthew 3:16, "Spirit of  God descended like a  dove upon us."
  • "Symbol of  Peace" - The famous story of  Noah's ark set the symbolism of the white dove with peace since the white dove comes back with an olive twig in its beak when he commanded it to find any land after the "Great Flood."

Dove Sterling Silver  Jewelry

Sterling silver dove jewelry has become popular in mainstream fashion these days. You can add to your dove jewelry and transform it into a  symbol of your belief and provide the depth of meaning to a beautiful design.

Also, a Zodiac sign is linked to Dove, which could be an interesting gift for a  Scorpio born.

As proven in history, the dove has been a  recognized winged creature that has touched the human mind and heart. With this, it has inspired our creative artisans to handcraft sterling silver jewelry with dove's innocence and purity. This stunning handmade sterling silver jewelry will remind people to live a  fruitful life filled with love in peace!

The Dove Stud Earring depicts a soaring dove that moves her wings. This reminds us to get moving and experience the exhilaration of flying higher and higher. A must-have pair of earrings that shows your positive and gentle personality. Nature-inspired jewelry is suitable for everyday wear and a perfect choice for a gift ideal for all ages.


Owls have been one of the popular motifs for jewelry design for centuries. Wisdom, knowledge, and insight are some of the qualities attributed to this mysterious yet attractive bird.

Its History and Symbolism

  •  In Ancient Greece, it is considered a sacred animal associated with their goddess of war, Athena. One of their beliefs is when soldiers have seen owls on the battlefield, it means that Athena was smiling upon them.
  • In Ancient Egypt, the owls are considered the guardians of the dead's souls when they passed on to the next plane of existence. Also, they believed that owls are fierce guardians of sacred occult knowledge.
  • Other cultures believe that owls are paranormal creatures and herald of death.
  • Some cultures used the owls to represent wisdom as they are known to be nocturnal and strategic hunters. With this, they are often associated with people who have a fierce battle intelligence.
  • Owl has been used as an amulet in ancient times for it is said to be ideal for any individual aimed at self-improvements like a student and a professional worker that wants to reach their goals and move up the career ladder faster.

Owl Sterling Silver Jewelry

Owls remain a  mystery that no one can solve. This inspired our creative artisans to create a timeless masterpiece that somehow resonated with the person whose intelligence is admirable and a person who mainly has a nocturnal lifestyle.

Cute Owl Pendant Cute Owl Earring

For example, our Cute Owl Pendant and Earring are made to capture your owl, be it a harry potter fan or just a bird fan. These owl studs are too cute to ignore. Swing the pearl, and the Owl's eyes can rotate! A unique and stunning handmade sterling silver jewelry that may express your nocturnal personality and strategic intelligence like an owl.


Humans have been fascinated and captivated by these magical creatures not because they have real magic but because hummingbirds seem to be carefree and joyous bird creatures. Upon hearing their buzzing and seeing them fly in rapid movements, it somehow makes you wonder for a moment and remind you to live life in happiness.

Its History and Cultural Symbolism

Hummingbirds have a long history of legends and symbolism such as:

  • In Native American culture, hummingbirds are thought to be healers and sources of love, good luck, and joy.
  • In Central America, they became an emblem of love that will bring love to the person who spots a hummingbird.
  • Though the Bible did not state a "hummingbird directly," they are  still  considered a "messenger from heaven." A hummingbird will gently remind us to move on and release the burden of people or things that can no longer be part of our lives.
  • Others also see hummingbirds as "signs from Angels" that will remind us to follow what makes us happy and enjoy the present moment.
  • In South American culture, they believed that hummingbirds are a spirit sent to help people, symbolizing endurance and wisdom.
  • On the other hand, in the Victorian era, they were regarded as stunningly colored birds and completely new to Europeans. This exciting period in  European history is where animal symbolism flourished and became famous because of the natural world's interest and knowledge.

Its  Symbolism

  • "Symbol for re-opening the heart" - hummingbird jewelry has been a gift appropriate for anyone who is grieving for the loss of a loved one. It also a way of conveying that you would like to regain the affection of someone special.
  • "Life is to be savored" is the other meaning associated with hummingbirds as reflected by their way of life, eating the sweet nectar of flowers. Gifting a piece of hummingbird jewelry on your romantic date conveys the sentiment of savoring the sweetness of life together.
  • "Symbol of Perseverance" - hummingbirds are winged creatures that never seem to stop.
  • "Spiritual  Gift" - An interesting characteristic of hummingbirds is that they do not flap their wings up and down like other birds but rather in a circular pattern resembling the infinity symbol. With this, they are recognized to symbolize eternity and everlasting life. Therefore, a  nice spiritual gift for yourself or someone you know and love dearly.

Hummingbird  Sterling Silver  Jewelry

Hummingbirds are a great reminder that our happiness lies within us. With this, in theory, our creative artisans have been inspired to create fabulous handmade sterling silver jewelry that will be a timeless reminder for everyone to continue humming with a happy heart.

Our Hummingbird Earrings were made to capture Hummingbirds' essential joyfulness as they drink sweet nectar from a fully bloomed flower. Handmade with love by our creative artisans and made of authentic Sterling Silver and 18k gold plating, the Hummingbird Earrings will be a new joy in your life.

Our Hummingbird  Ring pictures a gorgeous sterling silver hummingbird that collects nectar from a lily frozen into a timeless art piece. 18K gold plates the stigma of the flower, giving more color to the ring. This Hummingbird Ring resizable ring is the perfect gift for a bird lover.

Final Thoughts

You might want to add certain motifs in your jewelry collection to your collection to bring luck, love, and empowerment to your life. These bird jewelry collections presented to you reflect symbolism to which many women can relate, be it expressing their beliefs, showing their experiences, or their personality.

We present these stunning bird sterling silver jewelry pieces to limit your choice and give you an overview and inspiration on how you want to add this amazing collection to your wardrobe. Remember, you do not need to choose only one- you can have more variety of bird jewelry to reflect the most powerful meanings to you and your life.

For more bird jewelry options, please visit our website, Lotus Fun, and be enchanted with our wide collection of bird sterling silver jewelry. Have fun shopping!



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