12 Handmade Jewelry Gifts for Mother’s Day

“A mother’s love is everything. It is what brings a child into this world. It is what molds their entire being. When a mother sees her child in danger, she is literally capable of anything. Mothers have lifted cars off of their children and destroyed entire dynasties. A mother’s love is the strongest energy known to man.” —Jamie McGuire

Sparkling and shining jewelry helps you tell your mom how special she is. As said by Jamie McGuire, moms are the strongest people on earth, so we should let them know how much we appreciated them from time to time. This Mother's Day, make sure she knows how much you love and appreciate her for being the strongest person that holds the family all together.  Whether you are looking for something lovely for your own mom or for the mother of your children, a piece of fine sparkling jewelry is a thoughtful gift that every mom would cherish for years to come.

Mom’s Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

Lucky for you, when you are shopping for a jewelry gift for your mom, we have the perfect collection of homemade sterling silver jewelry in a variety of styles and designs to choose from.

Flower Jewelry

Flowers are one of the thoughtful gifts we love to give our loving mothers on Mother’s Day. Every child loves to make Mother’s Day unique and memorable every year, and for you to accomplish this, we love to present you a “charming” way to commemorate this special day forever. Simply by gifting any of these flower sterling silver jewelry pieces. Have her favorite flower on Mother’s Day and make it last longer for a lifetime by picking any of these handmade flower jewelry pieces made especially for her.

1. For instance, our Tulip Flower Dangle Earring illustrates the vibrant colors of its petal with a choice of either a pink or white mother of pearl. It has a sterling silver stem enclosed magnificently in a box that dangles in your earlobe. This enchanting piece of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry is handcrafted by our creative artisans to add elegance and luxury to your formal attire. This earring is a beautiful gift to emphasize your mother’s love, which denotes that it is magnificently timeless and can last a lifetime like the Tulip Dangle Earring.

2. For instance, our Rose Petals Earrings will bring the elegance and femininity of women out there. With its asymmetrical design and muted color hues, it can be used by women of a wide age range. The unequal length of the earrings' chains gives off a refreshing vibe to the wearers and onlookers. While the pink rose made from mother of pearl gives the earrings a refined look. . It is the best nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry handmade with love every mom loves to have in their jewelry collection.

Gemstone Jewelry

Gifting a piece of gemstone jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets featuring her birthstone or her children's birthstone does not scream "mom" to the world, yet she will personally be touched by its significance every time she wears them. Gift your mom a sentimental option this Mother's day with beautiful handmade jewelry fit for a queen.

  1. Like, our Calla Lily Ring that depicts nature white crystal petals surrounded by a gold stigma ad a silver stem curls itself around your finger, ending with a red Garnet stone. Our craftsmen's meticulous work produces handmade sterling silver jewelry for the people born in January.

4. Like, our Peony Leaf Ring, which pictures a silver leaf folds itself around your finger, forming a perfect ring to compliment your casual wear, topped off with a naturally colored Tourmaline. This ring was meticulously crafted by our artisans, down to the vines of the leaf. The Peony Leaf Ringis sterling silver shaped into a resizable ring, perfect for any nature-loving lady born in October.

For more stunning gemstone jewelry pieces that every mother worldwide would love to add to their jewelry collection, check out our online store, Lotus Fun. Be amazed by the different styles and designs you could find and have that perfect sparkling jewelry gift for a mom this Mother's Day.

Dainty and Simple Earrings

Simple hoops and drops with plenty of color and sparkle will add some shine and fun to a mother's wardrobe.

  1. Like, our Dragonfly Labradorite Earring, the dragonfly design serves as a reminder to someone to spread her wings and embrace the changes. This two-in-one Dragonfly Labradorite Earring comes with a detachable labradorite ornament that can be used multi-purposely as a necklace pendant.


  1. Like, our Butterfly Wings Earring pictures each side of the butterfly's wing in each of your ears. It is magnificently handcrafted by our creative artisans, made of 18k gold plated sterling silver jewelry with finishing touches of Mother of Pearl to further enhance this nature-inspired jewelry's classic beauty.

Pearl Jewelry

Who says that pearl jewelry is old-fashioned? If your mom is one of the people who thought that wearing pearl jewelry would make her look old-fashioned, prove her wrong with some of these stunning modern pearl pieces. This pearl sterling silver jewelry collection is classic, sophisticated, and a staple in anyone's jewelry box, whether young or old.

  1. Like, our Pearl Clover Jewelry Set made from 925 Sterling Silver with meticulously crafted and plated to form the elegant petals. It finishes with natural freshwater pearls placed as centerpieces and the stigma of the lucky clovers. This artsy jewelry set is the perfect blend of minimalistic design and pearl.


  1. Like, our Sparkly Mountain Pendant, which depicts layers of natural Mother of Pearl and brushed gold plated sterling silver forms a happy and colorful tone on the sparkly mountain pendant. In contrast with gold, the natural color of seashells further brings a unique style to the mountains — a lovely Sparkly Mountain Pendantfor mountain lovers, moms, or any nature lovers, in fact.

Heart-themed Jewelry

This handmade heart-themed jewelry features charming pieces that the mom in your life would love. These lovely and timeless masterpieces are more modern and less traditional in a style that every mom will cherish for years to come to commemorate the particular time of their lives.


  1. Like, our Trees of Clouds Pendant will be your constant reminder of a brand-new day. A symbol for your positive and energetic personality. The clouds in gold and silver hues pictures as trees with an 18k gold plated; our creative artisans have intricately handcrafted birds enclosed in heart-shaped sterling silver. Our artisans made this stunning nature-inspired pendant for every bright and positive lady out there—a piece of jewelry made to be worn for all occasions.


  1. Like, our Heart Tassel Pendant that depicts elegant droplets of silver tassel rain from a golden heart, a spectacular level of craftsmanship. Durable silver chains hold the tassel to the back of the heart, allowing it to move gracefully with you.

Heirloom Jewelry

It is no doubt that jewelry gifts are timeless. There is a sentimentality and heirloom quality of the jewelry that makes it an obvious choice for a Mother's day gift. After all, these are the pieces that will most likely make their way down the inheritance chain to her children- even more reason to give Mother's day jewelry gifts with, though.

Our creative artisans have created these unique, beautifully handcrafted heirloom pieces that can remind anyone of a person or memory. These homemade heirloom jewelry pieces are a gift that genuinely caters to her will mean so much. Simply, by investing in a piece she can keep forever but wear every day, the sentiment behind celebrating her also creates a memory that lasts a lifetime.

11. Like, our Vintage Labradorite Pendant, a piece to look out for since it will give every lady a definite classic and elegant look wearing it. A piece of perfect jewelry to match their casual or formal outfit. In addition to its astounding beauty as a jewel is its purpose as a good luck charm to block any negativity or misfortunes you might encounter in this world.

12. Like, our Oval Mother of Pearl Dragonfly Ring, hand-crafted out of sterling silver, the iconic elongated dragonfly ring with its head and wings resting itself on a natural mesmerizing white shell brings a tranquil feel to one's heart. Oval Mother of Pearl Dragonfly Ring is a timeless treasure.

Final Thoughts

Giving a gift on Mother's Day is a beautiful way to acknowledge the important place she has in your life.  Mothers are the most important people in our life that should be celebrated every day. Remember that when you give a gift of handmade sparkling fine jewelry, you can be sure it is a gift that will last and make her smile for many Mother's Days to come. Whatever the reason. If you are looking to buy mom a special jewelry gift, visit our online store Lotus Fun and pick one appropriate for her personality and individual style to show her you took time to choose something that she will love to wear! Happy shopping!




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"Something is handmade is so much more meaningful"

Beth Wert