Spring Collection: Best Sterling Silver Jewelry Trend for 2022

Now that the season is changing, everyone is excited to spring out of bed to see the world as the snow melts and colorful flowers and trees blossom. Many fashionistas worldwide are now thinking of upgrading and rushing to the nearest shopping center to know the latest Spring 2022, especially those who love to accentuate or accessorize their overall outfit through jewelry pieces.

Did you see how loungewear fashion and minimalist jewelry transformed and updated most women's wardrobes in recent years? Have you noticed many are into dainty earrings and layered necklaces recently? Jewelry continues to rock every woman's fashion ensemble and has overwhelmed our lives for these past two years. Though many industries are struggling and facing a fair share of difficulties due to lockdown restrictions, many are turning to jewelry- a forever satisfying purchase for every woman worldwide- while travels and leisure establishments have remained frustratingly off-limits.

Retro jewelry is making a comeback together with chunky-sized jewelry pieces enduring the trends of the post-pandemic years. Are you excited to know more about the trending jewelry designs for your own Spring jewelry collection? Lucky for you to be on the right page. Keep reading and check out the best sterling silver jewelry trends for Spring 2022, thoroughly researched by our jewelry and fashion gurus.

Trending and Bestselling Sterling Silver Jewelry Pieces for Spring 2022

  1. Eye-catcher Earrings

The spotlight is on chandelier earrings, eye-popping statement pieces, and vintage-inspired designs. Check out below eye-catching nature-inspired sterling silver earrings handcrafted by Lotus Fun's best and most creative artisans. These handmade silver jewelry pieces are the bestselling pieces for many consecutive months.

Hollow Butterfly Wings Earrings

The Hollow Butterfly Wings Earrings is a 2-in-1 earring that can mix and match your outfit elegantly with its two great varying styles. One, you can wear it with its meticulously handcrafted sterling silver or 18k gold plated wings, hanging elegantly and pinned on your ears with Zircon stud.  Second, you can remove its removable sterling silver or 18k gold plated butterfly wings and pin the Zircon stud earring on your ears for everyday use and simplicity.

A handmade sterling silver jewelry is an ideal gift for all ages and a perfect accessory for a fashionable lady.

Flying Dachshund Earring

Wearing stunning nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry like the Flying Dachshund Earring is the best accessory for all fashion styles and age groups. A fabulous hoop earring handmade with love by our artisans creates exceptional sterling silver jewelry that will make you always look regal on-screen.

A unique and handmade sterling silver jewelry is the ideal gift for every dog-lover lady. Anyone who says diamonds are a girl's best friend hasn't met a Dachshund dog.

  1. Summer inspired Jewelry Designs

Since the snow is melting, summer camp-inspired jewelry comes back in a spring jewelry collection. Accentuate your fashion ensemble with sport elevated accessories with nostalgic summer colors. Shop now at Lotus Fun for the candy-like modern jewelry pieces adorned with a spring vibe. See our bestselling nature-inspired jewelry pieces below and update your wardrobe to be spring-ready right now.

Amber Butterfly Ring

Amber Butterfly Ring, a tiny butterfly, made of sterling silver, sets itself gracefully on natural amber stone as if it were a leaf in autumn. Handcrafted silver vine curling around your finger secures the amber stone and butterfly close to you.

Rose Petal Earrings

Rose Petal Earrings will bring the elegance and femininity of women out there. With its asymmetrical design and muted color hues, it can be used by women of a wide age range.

The unequal length of the earrings' chains gives the wearers and onlookers a refreshing vibe. While the pink rose made out of mother of pearl gives the earrings a refined look.

  1. Charm Jewelry Pieces

These so-called charm jewelry pieces never felt so chic, with classic designs like hearts, stars, and rainbows translated into some of the most fabulous jewelry trends for Spring 2022. Not everything needs to be statement pieces- try channeling your fondness for giant pendants into fun-sized charm sterling silver jewelry pieces adding some personality to your earrings and other accessories.

Jewelry is still the no. 1 emotional purchase up to this date, but due to the pandemic, consumers seem to be keener than ever on stating their personality and want a talisman that they can take onto that makes them feel safe in times of crisis. Check out these handmade sterling silver by our creative artisans specifically designed for you and proudly included in our Spring Collection for 2022 imbued in "feel-good mantras."

Swaying Amazonite Earring

The Swaying Amazonite Earring is inspired by the gorgeous turquoise color hue of the Amazonite Stone, the main attraction of this classic sterling silver jewelry.

The Amazonite stone is commonly known as the Stone for Courage and Truth. Hence, wearing amazonite sterling silver jewelry like our Swaying Amazonite Earring will explicitly convey that you are a woman of courage and truth. This fabulous pair of handmade sterling silver jewelry perfectly suits your formal wear and will boost your courage to wear your dress for the occasion and add grace and glam to your style.

Lake on Tears Pendant

Lake on Tears Pendant is a piece of handmade sterling silver jewelry with large Labradorite stone.  The pendant will give every ladies protection from negativity as well. Every lady would love to wear this because of its vintage classic vibe, perfect for every occasion, formal or casual.

  1. Power-inspired Silver Pendants

Simplicity is beauty; this adage will never go out of style, so why not add a few lucky charms with symbolic pieces to your jewelry collection? Nowadays, people are after jewelry designs made from high-quality materials with "life-proof" designs or the so-called "affordable rarities" that picture pieces of mankind's history like a famous historical church. Have your following favorite handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces with any of these beautiful creations by Lotus Fun's artisans that will indeed bring a vintage-looking vibe to your overall fashion ensemble this Spring.

Age of Tree Pendant

The Age of Tree Pendant shows how to know the age of a tree artistically. Hence, the inspiration behind creating this handcrafted sterling silver jewelry by our artisans.

The pendant has two options: blue and yellow colored sterling silver with resin jewelry. Age of Tree Pendant is a piece of nature-inspired jewelry suitable for your everyday wear and a perfect choice for a gift ideal for all ages.

  1. Playtime themed Sterling Silver Jewelry

Our fondness for playful and dainty silver jewelry resonates much this Spring, citing the previous 2021 enamel-themed jewelry trend. Another exciting trend everybody loves is mismatched earrings, crawler earrings, and "huggie" earrings which are a great way to show off our unique and quirky sense. See below-elevated novelty pieces handmade with love by Lotus Fun's creative artisans, and have fun flaunting how bold and noticeably mismatched you want to be.

Acanthus Leaf Earring

The curling Acanthus leaf is usually seen as carvings into wood and stone in ancient times, and it implies the positive way we are enduring life. A pair of classical Acanthus leaves used for decoration throughout history are captured on these spectacular Acanthus Leaf Earrings.

Our skilled artisans handmade with love the natural beauty of Acanthus leaf in a detailed and unique design. You can choose from sterling silver Acanthus leaves, or 18k gold plated Acanthus leaves.

These beautifully understated nature-inspired earrings are perfect to wear for any occasion. Wear a pair of this unique handmade sterling silver jewelry to express yourself in a fun and distinctive way- an elegant way to dress up your outfit and a perfect gift for someone who loves the great outdoors. 

  1. Sentimental and Emotion-inspired Sterling Silver Jewelry

Over the past years, fashion and jewelry trends have been revolutionizing personalized novelty pieces with a mix of zodiac signs and colorful birthstones, which are great conversational starters specifically designed to resonate with your style and personality. See for yourselves and have fun with any of these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces.

Lotus Whispers Jewelry Set

The gorgeous silver lotus rests beautifully on a piece of natural Aventurine. This work of art beckons to you ever so softly, as if whispering sweet words to you to draw you closer. 
The aventurine contrast enhances the lotus's charm in color; it brings out a silvery glow.

This Lotus Whispers Jewelry Set is the perfect gift for any lotus or floral-loving lady.

  1. Sustainable Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sustainable fashion is one of the rising trends in the jewelry industry s due to the conscious-consumption initiative consumers have experienced brought about by the after-effect of the pandemic worldwide. Consumers seem to be demanding more transparency and traceability from jewelry brands, specifically brands influenced by sustainability considerations like environmentally friendly source material to work ethical practices. Check out Lotus Fun's bestselling handmade sterling silver pieces.

Serpentine Bar Jewelry Set

Handcrafted, a streamlined serpentine gemstone set on a constructed sterling silver bar gives this Serpentine Bar Jewelry Set a solid sense of style.

This reworked design improves on the classic minimalist bar jewelry set, adding a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look. A splendid sleek piece for the minimalist fashion faithful. 


When you are looking for the best and trending silver jewelry that will stand the test of time, everybody would love to talk about quality and creativity. Going for low-quality silver will not be a good idea, and the entire creation will only begin to turn over time and wear. Rest assured that with the list we have provided above, all of it can be worn for generations to come. So what are you waiting for? Pick one or pick all to rejuvenate and be ready for Spring 2022. Shop now at Lotus Fun, accentuate your style, and reveal how fashionable you are!


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