Trending Sterling Silver Necklaces for 2022

The world is now discovering to coexist with COVID-19. The world market is now rising, with the fashion and jewelry industry taking a chunk of sales. This is because most people have gone to more rational purchases to offset the sense of unease caused by the pandemic. Consumer taste has been influenced by a significant rise in minimalist, classic, and timeless jewelry sales. Jewelry designers and consumers are into styles that likely radiate the excitement and enthusiasm of everyone after years of isolation due to lockdown protocols. Everyone loves to buy colorful things and is a bit quirky to express enthusiasm after years of isolation. So, for ladies wearing the same set of accessories every day, now is the time for you to change and upgrade your overall style to the next level. Whether you are a working mom or a young-at-heart professional, jewelry offers an instant and fun mood booster for all the ladies out there.

An outfit doesn't feel complete without jewelry, and even if we have been working at home this past year, a chic pair of layered necklaces can really grab a lot of attention onscreen. So now is the seamless moment in time to prep your wardrobe and check out the trending sterling silver necklaces you can see everywhere in 2022. Start creating some room in your closet for these sterling silver necklaces so you can shop ahead for next year.

Top Sterling Silver Jewelry Pieces for 2022

1. Earthy elements

The main attraction for jewelry is earthy elements and natural properties such as agate and turquoise gems. Get in touch with your playful personality and youthful persona with these unique candy-colored necklaces. Check out these stunning handmade sterling silver necklaces that indeed add a pinch of pizzazz to your outfit without weighing you down at all.

Lovely Penguin Necklace

So cute, definitely a conversational starter Lovely Penguin Necklace.

The miniature penguin rest on an icy steel bar, on top of an excellent bluey nature agate stone.

Candy Gemstones Necklace

Our Candy Gemstone Necklace looks so tempting to eat, but it is more appealing to wear. It will bring happiness and joy because of its vibrant color. It could also help you ponder about your happy childhood, wherein candy can stop you from crying and give you a smile. The Candy Gemstone necklace will articulate your sweet personality. A fabulous necklace to complete a captivating chic look. You could pick up your gems from Amazonite, Aquamarine, Prehnite, or Beryl. Exceptional choices for a charming, beautiful lady.

2. Charming elements

2022 is all about playful and nostalgic necklaces. That is why flower and butterfly charms are the ones you could see in everyone's neckline by next year. Forget about your dainty jewelry for the night. You should up your endgame by elevating your look with a bold necklace. Try these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces to elevate your look.

Hollow Butterfly Wings Necklace

This nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry, Hollow Butterfly Wings Necklace, is hanging caught mid-flight, capturing their beautiful nature as butterflies, one of the most mysterious and beloved creatures by women. Butterflies motivate us to keep our faith as we transform our lives.

This spectacular handmade sterling silver jewelry is the best gift for anyone as a keepsake to keep the faith as they go through life-changing decisions in life. You can wear this every day, and it will absolutely add a modern-chic vibe to your casual or corporate wear.

Lotus Whispers Pendant II

The Lotus Whispers Pendant II is the perfect gift for any lotus or floral-loving lady.
A gorgeous silver lotus rests beautifully on your neck. This work of art gestures to you ever so softly, as if whispering sweet words to you to draw closer.

3. Pearls Element

Pearls are one of the elements that have never gone out of style, and it takes a modern upgrade in style over the years. The shimmery pearl and moonstone style strikes the perfect balance of statement-making yet everyday necklaces. Check out these handmade sterling silver jewelry that will look elegant on you any time of the day!

Heart Cake Pendant

Handcrafted purely of sterling silver, the Heart Cake Pendant emits a radiant shine, gracefully compliments the divine mother of pearl.

There is a delicious miniature heart-shaped cake and a matching cute little spoon on the side! Handcrafted on a dessert plate, this charming piece is absolutely incomparable to none.

Sparkly Mountain Pendant

Layers of natural Mother of Pearl and brushed gold plated sterling silver style a happy and vibrant mood on the sparkly mountain pendant. The actual color of seashells, in contrast with gold, further bring in a unique style to the mountains — a lovely Sparkly Mountain Pendant for mountain lovers or any nature lovers, in fact.

Studded Pearl Necklace

Natural Vintage is the concept of this necklace. The Studded Pearl Necklace is made out of Mother of Pearl and Sterling Silver. The necklace's layout on the crown of the pearl-shaped shell is an absolute marvel.

4. Big Stones Elements

If you have noticed, designers are starting to go big with stones, making bolder designs set in more significant statement pieces. With this theme recently, necklaces are getting the supersized treatment. So, prep yourself to look for chains with fun, big and colorful stones such as amazonite and aventurine. Have a glimpse at these statement sterling silver necklaces at Lotus Fun.

Plum Blossoms Pendant II

The Plum Blossom Pendant II is a definite conversation starter, a unique masterpiece that is sure to get you noticed.

Handcrafted intricately using natural pink shells, the Plum blossoms on a golden branch delicately extended around a luscious green aventurine.

Butterfly and Cat Pendant

Every cat loves to play chase; this is the inspiration behind the Butterfly & Cat Pendant. The cat is put together with sterling silver on a natural agate stone.

This pendant has a timeless and vintage feel, a must-have for all cat lovers.

5. Zodiac elements

According to the global shopping platform, Lyst, Zodiac jewelry is recently one of the in-demand jewelry trends. So there is no doubt for 2022, a Zodiac necklace will be your new everyday favorite jewelry. Many zodiac jewelry pieces portray ancient iconography, possessing a vintage and timeless appeal. Check out these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces with ancient iconography imbued with classic and timeless beauty.

Solar System Pendant

The Solar System Pendant, which comes in silver and gold, is meticulously made to replicate a mini-solar system with the sun and two planets. And Lapis Lazuli’s various colors give it an extra charm.

Being inspired to aim high for the sky – and even beyond – is the limit with this pendant. It will undoubtedly suit your goal-driven self and friends and is right up the alley of your geeky, science-lover pals.

Golden Eyelashes Pendant

Wish granted- with Golden Eyelash Pendant. A piece of jewelry that reminds us that we can wish whatever our heart desires. A simple token of hope for every wishful and hopeful lady out there.

This piece of jewelry is handcrafted with love, with sterling silver, 18k Gold plated eyelashes with Labradorite in the middle. It definitely shows a unique intricate design that every lady out there would love to have.

6. Back to nature elements

2022 is the year for the jewelry to brighten your outlook, so prep your colorful necklaces to layer and stack them on your outfit. Through thoughtful designs and humble materials like shells and wood, it became the star of the 2022 jewelry trend. Check out these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces that will brighten any outfit you wear.

Birds on Branch Wooden Necklace

Our craftsmen have thoroughly worked on the Birds on Branch Wooden Necklace. (from the detailing of the branch to the eyes on the birds). 18K Gold plates, the delicate birds perched on sterling silver branches. The branches stretch themselves forming a cute component on a wooden necklace. An absolute marvel to look at.

Dripping Honey & Bee Necklace

Our unique Dripping Honey & Bee Necklace is adorably handcrafted out of authentic sterling silver. Be cautious not to eat it. A perfect addition to your collection of bee jewelry or simply as a gift for your hardworking friends and family. Make haste; the bee might fly away as it can’t wait too long!

7. Fringe elements

Fringe is a trend that flies in any season, and wearing a rainbow is a theme for 2022 fashion and jewelry. So there is no doubt that you can see a lot of free fall jewelry next year. Have a glimpse of these free fall jewelry trends at Lotus Fun and try these fantastic handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces for yourself.

Mother of Pearl Oriental Fan Necklace


Mother of Pearl and Oriental Fan both show royalty and power as history narrates. Combining these two represents sophistication and royalty—a perfect representation for our Mother of Pearl Oriental Fan Necklace.

A piece of jewelry that shows the sophisticated and artistic side. It is handcrafted with love and made of sterling silver – a remarkable representation of a woman's personality: powerful and beautiful.

Cloud Tassel Raindrops Pendant

Elegant droplets of crystal rain from clouds of silver, a spectacular level of craftsmanship are involved in creating these gorgeous Cloud Tassel Raindrops Pendant.

Durable silver chains hold the droplets to the stud, allowing the blue crystals to hang beneath the adorable clouds as if the rain is falling.

Heart Tassel Pendant

Elegant droplets of silver tassel rain from a golden heart, a spectacular level of craftsmanship are involved in creating this gorgeous Heart Tassel Pendant.

Durable silver chains hold the tassel to the back of the heart, allowing it to move gracefully with you.

8. Disc or round elements

Disc pendants make an effortless yet pull-out-together look and are great for layering. 

Moonlight Pendant

18K gold plate parts of the Moonlight Pendant provide a delightful texture to the color design. Inspired by the moon and stars sparkling in the open sky as you unwind yourself by the beach. The moon was crafted out of natural seashells and polished to resemble an iridescent moon. A wonderful Pendant for any nature-loving girl. 

Oriental Element Moonlight Pendant

The Oriental Elemental Moonlight Pendant uniquely illustrates the Chinese poetry setting with a Mother of Pearl depicting a moon shining on a sterling silver roof. The circle-shaped aventurine adds beauty and color to the jewelry. The pendant represents the mystery and the lingering emotions brought about by the moonlight. A roof and a moon are fascinating combinations of common elements that signify distinct energy that will make peace with different emotions.

Oriental Element Moonlight Pendant is a stunning silver jewelry pendant that reveals a lady's peaceful and relaxed outlook. At the same time, it serves as a lucky accessory for your casual and office attire.

9. Odd elements

Indulge your inner fashion sense with surreal touches like a splash pendant or trees of cloud pendant. Stick it real good with these stunning nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces that can be made pretty by our creative artisans. These odd elements can indeed deliver a sense of elegance and sophisticated style. Try it for yourself. 

Splash Pendant

Splash Pendant a creation out of our artisan's unique art perceptions based on our human nature experiences. This pendant is sterling silver jewelry handcrafted with love and an intricate, unique design.

Trees of Clouds Pendant

Wearing our Trees of Cloud Pendant will be your constant reminder of a brand-new day. A symbol for your positive and energetic personality. The clouds in gold and silver hues are pictures as trees with an 18k gold plated. Our creative artisans have intricately handcrafted birds enclosed in heart-shaped sterling silver..

Our artisans made this stunning nature-inspired pendant for every bright and cheerful lady out there—a piece of jewelry made to be worn for all occasions.

Final Thoughts

Now more than ever, the style set is looking for ways to easily amplify and elevate styles, and looks and over-the-top accessories are the way to go. 

"Jewelry is the fairy godmother of fashion." - Sarah Slutsky.

With this being said by a celebrity stylist like Sarah Slutsky, there is no doubt how powerful jewelry can transform someone's look and style and, at the same time, can convert the vibe of an outfit faster than any other accessories. These prevalent necklace styles are suitable for any season, and with these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces, they can take you all the way from spring through winter.  No doubt, every fashionista out there will find her fashionable jewelry and look stylish all year round!

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