Guide on Traveling with your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Everyone is excited to go on trips cause of the thrill of a new place or adventure. Not to forget, there will be a lot of instagrammable photos! To achieve this, check out some of Lotus  Fun's nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry bestsellers that can improve your look any time of the day and for all seasons all year round! The fantastic feature of sterling silver jewelry is finding various choices such as minimalists and miniature sterling silver designs to keep the look trivial and sophisticated.

You might be wondering what jewelry to bring and what to leave at home. Whether you travel locally or abroad, be it for family, holiday, or business, keep in mind that traveling is a break from routine and daily worries. For those eyeing a vacation trip, one essential rule to keep in mind is not to bring anything you will worry about bringing in the first place. In retrospect, leave your jewelry with significant monetary value at home unless they are a vital accessory for you to shine for your memorable trip event. But this doesn't mean you should leave your precious jewelry at home. Remember that vacation is the best time to accessorize and a great excuse to upgrade or refresh your collection of sterling silver jewelry. In addition, stick with bringing in a few neutral pieces- a sterling silver hoop or stud earrings, a small sterling silver pendant- these will work with multiple fashion ensembles. Don’t forget to throw in a few whimsical handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces that will indeed dress up your most basic fashion travel ensemble. With sterling silver jewelry pieces, you can likely afford to go trendy.

But before you get so excited for your next adventure, remember that it requires special care as you pack your jewelry. It begins from the time you pack it until you wear, remove and store it again throughout your trip. Good thing, we have come up with the beginner's guide on traveling with your sterling silver jewelry.

Tips on Traveling with your Sterling Silver Jewelry

  •  Sterling Silver Jewelry needs to be packed separately.

No doubt that you will not only pack a different set of clothes but also pack a lot of your precious jewelry to have a different vibe each day of your trip, be it for vacation or business. Keep in mind that sterling silver jewelry pieces should not be packed all together. You should put each piece in a separate pouch, ensuring that no two pieces come in direct contact.

  • Put on your Sterling Silver Jewelry after you are done with your dress and make-up.

You should know that sterling silver jewelry is susceptible to chemicals in hair sprays and make-up that might damage or tarnish its lasting luster and beauty. For that reason, put up your preferred sterling silver jewelry when you are completely ready.

  • Take off your sterling silver jewelry and store it how it came in!

Remember that sterling silver jewelry needs to be stored properly at the end of the day. First, you have to remove it gently and store each piece separately. Likewise, have different pouches for each one so you can pack them with ease, preferably keep each one the way they came out!

  • Give consideration to having alternatives for your wedding finger.

It is best recommended to leave your treasured wedding band and engagement ring at home and put on a more subdued wedding band instead. (But, if your wedding band is more expensive and more attractive, do the reverse.) Maybe you still want the look of having a diamond wedding ring but do not want to risk losing your own up. Consider a look-a-like at a small percentage of the cost. Check out these white quartz crystals that will play the part of your pricier wedding band.


  • Invest in a jewelry travel case.

This is necessary for those who love or need to travel frequently. An excellent travel jewelry case need not be pricey but should have compartments to keep your individual jewelry items organized and scratch-free throughout your trip. For those who are into a DIY project, try using those seven-day pillboxes, perfect for storing your unique earrings, rings, and even smaller sterling silver bracelets and necklaces. You can easily plan your seven-day accessory and have all your sterling silver jewelry pieces in one place.

  • Keep the chains of your necklaces tangle-free.

You can use a straw to keep your necklaces tangle-free by simply slipping one end of your sterling silver necklace through it. You can also store all straws with your necklace in a toothbrush holder to keep your chains safe and stuffed in.

  • Never pack your jewelry in checked-in luggage.

You can absolutely bring jewelry in a carry-on bag to minimize the risk of losing it. This also keeps your sight with the bag packed with your sterling silver jewelry inside. Do not worry about setting on the alarms through airport security. In fact, the vast majority of jewelry will not set off airport security alarms, so inspection is not entirely necessary. More importantly, carry your jewelry in your travel purses wherever you go.

  • Match your sterling silver jewelry to the purpose of your trip

I know you might be wondering if it would be alright to wear statement jewelry pieces. Absolutely, yes. It is okay to wear statement sterling silver jewelry pieces regardless of the setting. Nowadays, luxury travel is trending away from formality, evolving towards a more casual sophisticated vibe that works just fine. See below statement sterling silver pieces perfect to wear if you are on vacation or business trip, keeping your more expensive ones safely at home. These handmade silver jewelry pieces can go from casual to dressy, perfect to wear on any kind of travel.

Magnolia Crystal Vase Pendant
Acanthus Leaf Earring
Greedy Cat and Fish Bracelet
Lotus Flower Minimalist Sterling Silver Collection

Lotus Flower Minimalist Bangle

Lotus Flower Minimalist Earring

Lotus Flower Minimalist Necklace

Lotus Flower Minimalist Ring

Final Words

These are the tips to take good care of your sterling silver jewelry when on the go-to travel hassle and stress-free. You do not have to pack your entire sterling silver jewelry collection to look stylish; just remember to pack a few pieces and a thick multitude of style you can have on it. Even one nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry can get you numerous looks. Do not overlook the power of a minimalist sterling silver bracelet to add interest; it can elevate an outfit with minimal effort and bring balance entirely to your fashion outfit.


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