What is the Difference between a Bangle and a Bracelet?

Jewelry has been a significant part of their human history. In modern times, jewelry has been a considerable part of the fashion industry and part of every typical lady’s outfit. It has been part of their everyday wear, casual or, more importantly, an essential accessory for their formal wear. Jewelry has been a critical accessory that makes a statement for you or subtly reveals your personality.

Bangles and bracelets are one of the jewelry pieces that have been in the spotlight as early as 2600BC. Up to this day, many people are still not familiar that a bracelet is different from a bangle and it is not like synonymous with each other.

Many people are still using the term bracelet and bangles interchangeably since both jewelries are worn around the wrist. However, bangles and bracelets are different in terms of style though the same in usage.

Surprise? Wearing a bangle or bracelet may make or break the overall appearance of your outfit. Please note that knowing the distinct feature of a bangle and a bracelet may give you an advantage in using it as the right accessory fashionably.

Now, we may tickle your interest to know further the disparity between a bangle and a bracelet.  No worries. We will provide you first-hand knowledge of the difference between a bangle and a bracelet.

We will update your fashion and jewelry 101 education regarding pairing your outfit with the right jewelry. It will also minimize any kind of fashion disaster you may encounter in the future by wearing your favorite bangle or bracelet.   


The Name

The word bangle is from the Hindi word "bangri" which means ring-shaped anklet.

 The History

Based on historical artifacts, an ancient figurine from 2600 BC that features a dancing woman wearing bangles.

 The Location

Bangles are widely used by women living in Southeast Asia, in particular, the countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan

 The Appearance

Based on ancient history, bangles have been made of bronze, copper, and shells. In Modern times, however, bangles have been made of gold, silver, platinum, and other cheaper alternatives such as glass, rubber, and plastic.


 The Name

The origin of the word bracelet came from the French word “brachialle.” This means armlet in English.

The History

The Scarab bracelet is found in Egypt and is said to date back to 5000BC that told to represent rebirth and regeneration. This bracelet is the most recognized symbol in Ancient Egypt.

 The Appearance

Bracelets are conventionally flexible in design, unlike bungles. It is a typical design row of beads, links, threads, or high pieces, mainly linked together with a clasp at each end. Bracelet is commonly made of gold platinum and silver

Distinct Features of Bangles and Bracelet

  1. In terms of Rigidness and Flexibility: Bangles are a more well-defined structure. Hence, it is more rigid. A bracelet, on the other hand, are more flexible than bangles.
  2. In terms of Materials used: Bangles are made of metals such as gold, silver, brass, and sometimes wood. These materials are used basically to maintain the rigidness of bangles. Bracelets, though, are made of beads, silver, or gold, which are more flexible.
  3. In terms of Mode of Closure: Bangles do not have a clasp. Bangles are wrapped around the wrist. Its rigidness keeps it is placed on your wrist. Nevertheless, bracelets come with a clutch, or it is made of an elastic band.
  4. In terms of How it is Usually Worn: Women of all ages use bangles from children to adulthood. In contrast, younger women and men wore bracelets. But this is not usually the case.  Please see below in detail how to wear bangle and bracelet distinctively.

How To Wear Bangles

Bangles are traditionally worn as somewhat stacked together with other bangles. But that is not the standard practice nowadays. However, stacking multiple bangles of different colors and designs creates a unique effect that you can tailor to your personality. Have you ever tried to layer up bangles of various metals, materials, and colors? This will give you a vibrant party-ready look. By stacking the design of different bangles means adding up more depth and intrigue to your overall appearance.

Nowadays, bangles have been crafted creatively and rigidly to be kept in place on your wrist. They can be worn independently as well, but the most distinct feature it has apart from a bracelet is it has no mode of closure. With this, wearing bangles may be very much cost-effective because it will not require any repair on length since it could be adjusted freely.  It is a must-have piece of jewelry that can be used for a lifetime and fabulous jewelry to be considered a family heirloom.

How To Wear Bracelet

Unlike bangles, commonly seen as stacking together in four or more, bracelets are worn as independent pieces of jewelry. Hence, it is considered a standalone piece. A single bracelet creates a statement, which also makes your look develop a taste of simplicity and elegance. Now is the time to have your favorite bracelet go into the spotlight without competition.

Did you love wearing your bracelet during special occasions or any occasion at all? If yes, then you finally experience that wearing a bracelet will add to your look more glow and beauty.

Some of the bracelets nowadays sold in the market are called the friendship bracelets and silver charm bracelets. Bracelets are commonly used also for everyday style. Delicate fine chain bracelets, on the other hand, are suited to be worn during formal occasions or party wear. 

Bangles as Jewelry

Calla Lily Bangle
The sterling silver bangle was artfully molded to encircle elegantly around the wrist. While the two calla lilies – one big and one small- serve not only as locks that keep the bangle in place but also as beautiful ornaments. Our Calla Lily Bangle is a perfect sterling silver jewelry perfect to suit your formal or casual wear.
Aquamarine Lotus Bangle
The sterling silver bangle was creatively handcrafted to encircle elegantly around your wrist.  The elegant and delicate bangle features a little vintage turquoise aquamarine with a detailed 18k gold plated golden bud. Our Aquamarine Lotus Bangle gracefully captures the beauty of the Lotus Flower even before it blooms.
Lily of the Valley Bangle
Natural white crystal petals surround a gold stigma. A silver or gold stem curls your wrist, forming an elegant Lily of the Valley Bangle. Our Lily of the Valley Bangle will provide more glamour and luxury to your formal attire.
Birds on Branch Bangle
18k Gold plated delicate birds perched on the sterling silver branches. The branches curl itself around your wrist to form the cute bangle, the Birds on Branch Bangle. This bangle is handcrafted by our creative artisans to produce an absolute marvel that suits best for your casual wear or formal wear.

Bracelets as Jewelry

Flower in the Rain Bracelet
Twisting into the sterling silver stem of the flower, it curls itself elegantly to form an elegant bracelet to fit any lady – our Flower in the Rain Bracelet. The bracelet depicts specially grown white crystals forming the five petals a flower in full bloom, subtle details carved into each petal.
Lovebirds Bracelet
The picture of two lovebirds enclosed in heart-shaped is the inspiration behind the creation of Lovebirds Bracelet. This bracelet depicts a sterling silver heart-shaped vine surrounding an 18k gold plated lovebirds. Our artisans have handcrafted our Lovebirds Bracelet into a delicate sterling silver jewelry, cute enough to be worn by every lady.
Aquamarine Lotus Bud Bracelet
The elegant and delicate pendant features a vintage turquoise aquamarine teamed with a detailed golden bud.
Teapot Bracelet
This charming little Teapot Bracelet is handcrafted out of natural amber and sterling silver. The sterling silver sets on the amber, forming its handle teapot cover and spout.\

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