What is Agate, Its Symbolism and Meaning?

Agate is one of the gemstones that withstood the test of time. It is a spectacular gemstone that has been used by famous designers such as Channel and Yves Saint Laurent in their fashion designs. Jewelers around the world find this stone stylish and elegant because it has a variety of vivid, multiple colors and natural structures. These intriguing patterns have been loved by many designers to create unique and excellent masterpieces, be it as a jewelry or part of fashion clothing.

Agate is a mineral associated with the Quartz family. The name is given to the varieties of banded Chalcedony. It is also called the earth rainbow because the concentric bands of Agate stone can yield nearly every color the earth has, including a colorless form.

Agate has an exciting process of formation. The silica is deposited within the walls of the pockets of igneous rocks, forming an agate stone with concentric layers. As each silica deposit comes from in groundwater, the packed layers have been growing, creating a striped pattern that makes the trademark appearance of agate stone. The fantastic formation process of agate stone makes each piece unique and the main attraction for jewelers and designers. Agate stone is often used in creating a stunning piece of jewelry. Not all types or forms of agate can be considered a semi-precious stone.

Do you want to learn more about agate stone? Keep on scrolling, and we will provide you all the things you need to know about agate. Its different types of agate and its attractive benefits that encourage more people to have a piece of agate stone in their lives.

Its Name

The name agate came from the place where it is first found, the Achetes River in Sicily.

Its Location

Agate stone can be found everywhere in the world, but it is notably found in Brazil, Uruguay, and Mexico.

Its Appearance

Agate stone displays vivid colors such as red, yellow, pink, blue, orange, black, gray, multi-colored, or banded colors. The multi-colored or banded colors are a combination of colors in rock or layered row separately after row.

Agate is a porous stone that makes most of the gemstones needed dyeing to enhance its beautiful appearance further.

The stone can be cut in many shapes such as round, pear, square, and emerald. The precision of the cut boosts the natural bands of the rock.

Agate can be found in the massive form to make furniture such as tables and other various crafts. Agate with 2-4 carats is meant to be used in jewelry, while 4 carats are generally used for making ornamental items.

History and Culture

The Babylonians believed that the agate stone could repel evil energy. With this, they placed the stone around their home. Archaeologists found some Babylonian Axe Heads made of Banded Agate dated as early as 3,000 BC.

The Persians practiced the burning of agate stone during the storm for protection.

Egyptians considered the stone as a protection against natural disasters. It is also considered a powerful stone that will boost someone’s confidence during public speaking.

The known artifact dated around 1450 BC is called Pylos Combat Agate found in Greece. It is a one and a half inches wide that pictures a Greek warrior in hand to hand combat during Ancient Greece.

 Archaeologists found 9,000 years old small agate beads in the Middle East.

 Germans introduced the stonecutting and polishing industry around the 15th century. It continues to flourish until the 19th century. Hence, its existence continues up to this day.

Myths and Legends

    • In Romans mythology, agate stone honor Aurora, goddess of the dawn and mother of winds. Aurora is said to bring the beauty of dawn each day by creating vivid colors striking and swirling across the clouds.
    • Agate stone is used to honor the Roman Earth Goddess of Fertility and Greek Goddess
    • of Women, Bona Dea. She is considered a skilled healer that used herbs in healing. She is believed to protect all the women throughout their development.
    • In Greek mythology, agate stone is used to honor the Earth Mother Goddess, Gaia. She is born directly out of Chaos and is considered the first being on Earth.
    • Cerridwen is the Welsh Goddess of Inspiration and Knowledge associated with the Agate Stone. She is said to be the guardian of spiritual transformation and possesses gifts of prophecy and magic.
    • Nix, the Greek goddess of the Night, is associated with Agate stone. She is believed to be usually seen riding a chariot, painting the night sky as she trails through the stars. She keeps the bad dreams from happening during sleep and protects you against stress.
    • Ancient Romans believed the agate stones in powdered form and mixed in water can counteract the serpent’s venom.
    • Ancient seafarers used the agate stone as amulets for protection from bad weather during the voyage.

Its Birthstone and Anniversary

    • Agate is the zodiac stone Gemini people who are born between the 21st of May to the 20th of June.
    • Crazy Lace Agate predominant color is red is a birthstone for people who are born from October 22 to November 21. On the other hand, if the predominant color of Crazy Lace Agate is scarlet, it is a birthstone for people who are born between the 25th of September to the 21st of October.
    • Blue Lace Agate is a birthstone for people who are born between the 19th of February to 19th of March.
    • Agate stone is the ancient birthstone for people born in May and June.
    • Moss Agate stone is the modern birthstone for people born in January and September.

Different Types of Agate and its Meaning

As mentioned above, agate has a wide variation of colors, and each color has its specific meaning and effect on humans.

The following are some of the variations of agate and its significance and meaning.

  • Blue Lace Agate
This is also called Larimar and is considered a rare type of agate. It pictures sky-blue water with a grasp of winter ice. The graceful circular design simulates a positive effect on your emotions and attitude—a stone for encouragement and support that calms, uplifts, and elevates your spirits.
One of the healing properties this stone is meant for the throat.
  • Crazy Lace Agate

This is also known as Laughter Stone or Happy Stone. This stone pictures a sunny Mexican fiesta. Hence, it could bring joy and happiness to someone. The random lacy pattern helps elevate thoughts and optimism to one’s spirit. The circular flow simulates energy to one’s mind and attitude.

  • Dendritic Agate

It is considered a Stone of Plentitude that will bring abundance and fullness in your business. It was associated with ancient Greek dryads, woodlands, and tree spirits. As practiced, the dendritic agate stone will be buried in the fields at the planting season to ensure a good harvest.

  • Fire Agate

This stone is deep brown, known as the spiritual flame of absolute perfection. The fiery appearance of the stones makes it stunningly beautiful as a gemstone.

  • Laguna Agate

This is the most famous banded agate in the world. It is renowned for its excellent tight banding of vibrant shades of red and scarlet color. This stone is found in Chihuahua, Mexico.

  • Moss Agate

This stone is known as a crystal of gardeners and farmers. Based on historical texts, this stone is used by tribal priests to interact with our spirits. It is used as a talisman to make warriors strong and victorious during battle.

  • Botswana Agate

This stone is meant for smokers who wished to quit smoking. It helps the body to assimilate oxygen. This stone helps you to explore and be creative as well as be a solution seeker than a problem dweller.

  • Brazilian Agate

This stone is considered to bring balance in your life mentally, physically, and emotionally. The Brazilian Agate stone will help to stabilize your physical energy and harmonize your yin and yang. It can also aid in revealing secrets.

  • Bulls Eye Agate

This stone is also known as Orbicular Agate. This stone is said to eliminate fears and enhance one’s survival instinct. Bulls Eye Agate has healing properties for the reproductive system.

  • Purple Agate

This deep-colored purple stone comes from Brazil. The stone is known to help someone stay lively and energetic. This stone will improve your work efficiency and performance at all times. Wearing a purple agate gemstone will provide you strong mentality and endurance during difficult times.

The purple agate is also considered a personal talisman that will protect you from various kinds of disaster

  • Green Agate

The green-colored agate stone, according to the author of The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall, will provide you mental and emotional flexibility. It will also enhance your decision-making skills.

Having a green agate stone around your home will provide vitality and energy to your family. It is considered to have healing properties by putting the green stone in your drinking water.

Wearing a piece of green agate jewelry at work will enhance your self-confidence and help you be more result-driven and energetic.

  • Pink Agate

Pink agate is used as a healing stone to your heart problems and illnesses. This stone promotes love among family members, especially the love of parents to their offspring. The pink agate stone helps minimize stress and provides a sense of security and comfort to one’s life.

  • Blue Agate

The blue colored gemstone connotes calmness. This stone brings harmony and blocks all negative energy that may affect you, which means relaxation and peace.

The blue agate stone also helps to ensure smooth communication suited for people who communicate with others daily. It also helps boost your self-confidence.

  • Red Agate

The red agate stone is for people who loved to strengthen their will. This stone is destined for the goal-focused person. It will helped them achieve their goals or dreams, no matter what.

The red agate stone helps you be more positive and confident in your life.

In terms of relationship, the red agate stone will help you overcome love difficulties as well as it will make you more focused on your relationship.

  • White Agate

This stone is also known as the “ultimate pregnancy stone.” It is known to protect the mother and baby during childbirth, soothes labor pains, eases morning sickness, and enhances lactation for infants.

Agate as Jewelry

Agate has a Mohs hardness rating of 6.5 to 7, making it a durable stone perfect for jewelry making. This stone provides style and elegance that goes perfectly with any fashion trends or outfits. This stone has been present in all fashion trends in different forms of jewelry.

Agate is an affordable stone and abundantly available, making it an excellent stone for jewelry making. Each agate stone is unique and eccentric in its personality

As an Earring

Our creative artisans have handcrafted the Agate Lotus Earring that pictures a stunning agate drop-shaped stone dangles on a sterling silver lotus flower. A simple classical earring perfect for a day and evening look.

As A Necklace

The Lovely Penguin Necklace depicts a miniature penguin resting on an icy steel bar on top of cold blue-ish nature agate stone. A stunning handmade creation that helps simulate harmony in one’s mind, body, and spirits.
The Misty Mountain Pendant creates banded layers of a gradient blue tone. It showcases a Misty Mountain highlighted by the distant cloud and beautiful scenic view on the summit—a lovely pendant for mountain climbers.
The Sunset Mountain Pendant exemplifies the unique characteristic of the agate stone handcrafted by our creative artisans truly made different for you.

Its Purposes

  • Agate has been used as a crystal during pregnancy and after pregnancy to avoid postpartum depression. It is worn as a jewel between breasts to boost lactation for breastfeeding mothers.
  • It helps writers to be more creative.
  • It promotes maturity by stopping our desires to buy the things we do not need.
  • It promotes inner stability and composure by assisting those people with multiple jobs and commitments.
  • It promotes marital fidelity.
  • It is useful for travelers as it serves as a protection amulet and is said to be effective against traffic accidents.
  • It provides protection as well for construction workers and builders from falling objects.
  • It helps stabilize imagination and inspiration for artists.
  • It boosts physical strength and endurance needed by dancers.

Its Mystical Power and Healing Properties

  • Agate is considered a cooling stone.
  • The stone is believed to ensure overall good health and long life.
  • Wearing agate stone can be a protection against danger. It helps your mind to see the world from a broader perspective.
  • It helps people with insomnia by generating positive dreams and calming sensation to help someone sleep. It also guards people against sleepwalking.
  • This stone brings positive energy to your life that helps you to gain peace and calmness.
  • Agate stone help removes emotional disharmony in your relationship. It will help you to focus on solving your relationship that will let you build a stronger relationship with your partner. The stone enables you to be more connected with your loved ones.
  • This stone has the power to minimize overspending and wasteful habits. Hence, it helps you protect your wealth. It can help you feel empowered to achieve your financial goals. This stone boosts your logical thinking that may help you to make the right decision on your financial situation.
  • When agate stone is placed on the abdomen, it stimulates the digestive system and relieves gastritis. It is suitable for the stomach, uterus, and intestines. It heals skin disorders and itchiness from insect bites.
  • When the stone is placed in the middle of the chest, it strengthens the cardiac muscle.

How to Maintain your Agate Jewelry

  1. Store your agate jewelry in a cloth pouch or fabric-lined jewelry box apart from other jewelry to prevent it from scratching with other jewelry.
  2. Please do not keep it in a place where there is direct sunlight for an extended period to prevent discoloration.
  3. Use only mild soap and water in cleaning your agate jewelry since most of it is dyed to enhance its natural color.
  4. Do not use clean it with any harsh chemicals to avoid any damage to the appearance of the agate stone in your jewelry.

Final Thoughts

Agate stones are formed by stripes and are proven to be one of the most popular gemstones over the centuries. It has been valued to possess potential healing properties as much as its unique, distinctive beauty.

Imagine, a rock concealing brilliant flashes of color proves to be mysterious and feels like unearthing a tremendous magical secret. Ever since its existence centuries ago, it continues to attract more praises for its unique eccentric appearance.

Because of its spectacular natural beauty, Agate has been appreciated by almost every culture around the world. It has been a magnificent gemstone for jewelry for centuries.

Does the mystical power of agate stone enchant you? This jewelry is a fabulous gift for yourself or someone special—a unique gift with mysterious benefits.   Check out our sterling silver collection of agate jewelry.



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