The Bee Sterling Silver Jewelry: Its History and Symbolisms

The season of Spring is just around the corner. Bet you are now imagining blossoming pink flowers, warm, semi-cloudy days, and bunnies, I guess?

But this Spring, the jewelry fashion world has its focus and spotlight on a different kind of animal. They are the pollen-carriers that make our picture of Blossoming Spring possible. None other than the Honey Bees.

The Honey Bees are buzzing their way into the fashion and jewelry industry to give you the 'bee bling,' as coined by Ella Magazine, which will be all the rage this season. As stated by Gucci's write-up, bees have been a famous design motif throughout history, and they’re buzzing their way in the fashion industry for millennia already.

So, you might be wondering why is it that Bee Jewelry is so bee-loved for so long that it withstood the test of time?

For centuries, people have used symbolism to express their feelings, emotions or tell an inspiring story. Therefore, symbolism jewelry is one of the best representations of these feelings or a way to describe a surface, such as a piece of bee jewelry. This article will discuss bee's significant highlights in history, world culture, and myths. Moreover, this blog's highlight is to answer why bee jewelry has been a famous symbolic jewel from the old age to the modern era.

"The bee's life is like a magic well, the more you draw from it, the more it fills with water." by Karl Von Frisch.

A quote that genuinely captivates the fascination and bee-witching nature of bees to humans. There is no time and place on earth where the bee has not shown itself within humankind's imagination and symbolism. From ancient Egypt through the Victorian period, to be mentioned in religious scriptures and traditional folklore customs, the honey bee has been reputed as one of the earth's most honored animal creatures.

Its Historical Contributions and Meanings

  • The Minoan Malia Bees is found in the Old Palace Cemetery at Chrysolakkos, Minoa that is traced back to the Bronze Age. Today, it is one of the famous exhibits in Herakleion Museum, Greece. It is a detailed representation of two bees carrying a drop of honey to their honeycomb. This jewelry piece is a masterpiece that shows the artistry during those periods. Bees were important for Minoan as they are associated with their Great Mother of Mother Goddess. That is why honey was part of their religious ritual, and it symbolizes mutual support and fertility.
  • In the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world today, a bee symbolizes the goddess in ancient times. It symbolizes fertility and healing with the properties of honey.
  • During Napoleon Bonaparte's reign, he made honey bees as one of his imperial symbols. Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingre said that Napoleon is wearing a luxurious red robe decorated with gold bees during his coronation. A portrait painted by Jacques-Louis David of Napoleon shows an exquisite gilt chair upholstered in bee-emblazoned fabric. But Napoleon's fondness of bees was more than an aesthetic choice but a political one. His adoption of the bee was to show his bold rejection of the Bourbon monarchy's fleur-de-lis. More importantly, the emblem helped him swooned the public's opinion for him to take over the dazzling cache of 300 gold-and-garnet bees found in the tomb of King Childeric in 1953. Bees became a famous decorative artwork throughout the French empire. With this, bees became a representation of regal aspirations.
  • In the Holy Quran, the Islamic religious book for Muslims, one of their chapters literally translates as "The Bee," the 16th Surah. This part guides the Muslims to emulate the honey bee's life and function to live a good life. In Islam, bees are referred to as Allah's little miracles. They are industrious, clean, and focused creatures responsible for producing paradise's food.
  • In Judaism, Essene people were a group of people devoted to Judaism. The Essene priests were referred to as “bees” because of their integral role and tireless devotion to their faith. In comparison, Essene priests were busy as bees in keeping the spiritual wisdom available and protected within their community.

Its Myths, Folklore Tales, and Custom Tradition

  • For Ancient Egyptians, the Honey bee symbolized the giver of life, death, and resurrection. At that time, the bee was the emblem of Lower Egypt. Based on their mythology, Ra, the Egyptian Sun God cried, and when his tears from the sky fell on the desert sand, those tears have transformed into honey bees. Many hieroglyphic artworks picture Ra alongside the honey bee, which means he pays tribute to the giver of "liquid gold," which is honey. Ancient Egyptians were the first to harvest honey by making an artificial hive.
  • Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that bees were linked with the underworld since they thought that these divine creatures could be passed through between two realms- the world of dead and living. They viewed the bees as communicators that carry messages either from heaven or underworld to humans. They also believed that when a bee touched a baby's lips, it would be a great orator or poet in the future.
  • The Native Kalahari San of Africa has a folklore tale of how the first human being came into existence because of a bee. A bee was carrying a mantis across the river and got exhausted before reaching the other side. So the bee placed the mantis on a floating flower, the bee planted a seed in the mantis' body before drowning. When the sun came up, the mantis woke up and saw that the source had grown into a human being.
  • The custom tradition called "Telling the Bees" originated from Celtic mythology, which involves telling the bees the crucial events in the beekeeper's household. If they failed to do this, events that result in bees stopping production of honey or bees might die.
  • Another tradition is that the bees should be "put into mourning" when the beekeeper died. To do this, you should gently knock on the hive and whisper to the bees that their keeper has died. With this, the bees would then accept the new beekeeper.
  • Native Americans portrayed bees as mighty fierce warriors, as it is referenced in their legends to warn people not to disrespect nature. Although there are small in size, they are capable and robust in heart to defend themselves against larger enemies. Some tribes give pots of honey for those who have difficulty conceiving a child.
  • For the Chinese, the pictures of a bee sitting on a flower symbolize courtship, marriage, and love. While a photo of bees pollinating the flowers represents the maidens' purity and the symbol of conception and birth. The Chinese translation of bee is “fu,” which rhymes with “happiness.” The bee represents happiness, good luck, prosperity, and peace in Chinese iconography.

As folklore and literacy came into writings, the concept for animal form became more "meaningful" in the human mind. Since the birth of humanity, human relationships with wildlife have existed. This enduring relationship is responsible for the rich tapestry of animal jewelry we see up to this date.

As a significant ecological power player, honeybees are more important now more than ever. So, it is no surprise that we witness renewed enthusiasm for this indispensable animal as the reigning symbolism jewelry for Spring.

Here are few reasons why you should wear your bee jewelry this season.

Its symbolism

We are familiar that bees have different qualities, but famous quotes and adages are written and inspired by or express those qualities.

  • Industrious

"Busy as a bee." As we know, bees are productive and hardworking. They are busy buzzing the flowers in the garden or building their hives. Looks like honey bees never stop moving. They are determined and dedicated to finishing their job as industrious as possible.

  • Loyalty

Bees will protect their hive, especially their queen, at all cost, even to sacrifice their own lives.  Being diligent, selfless and a fighter are some of the foundations of bee's loyalty.

  • Harmony

We often see bees swarm and are all working together in harmony. Both peace and harmony are now considered part of the coined “bee culture” that we should impart as humans in work, community, home, jealousy, and competition. Bees work as a team toward a common goal. It keeps their lives at ease and balances even in the face of adversity.

  • Focus

Have you ever looked closely at a bee approaching a flower to get its nectar? If yes, you might notice that they are so determined to get to the nectar and find their way in no matter what. Bees are focus on the task at hand to finish the job despite any kind of distractions and obstacles that may hinder them from reaching their goal, the nectar.

  • Persistence

Bees are persistent. They will come back again and again even if you push them away. It is an admirable quality, tenacity, and determination to complete the job. Just imagine how many superiors or bosses would love to have a "bee-quality traits workforce."

  • Bee Power

As mentioned, the bee has many admirable traits, and it symbolizes power, strength, and determination throughout history and in many religions. Imagine, wearing bee sterling silver jewelry is not just for fun and aesthetic but as meaningful as a complete world of peace and harmony. Having or giving a bee sterling silver jewelry as a gift for yourself or for someone carries with it these fine qualities of “Bee Power."

These quotes and adages are also why most of us choose to wear sparkling bee sterling jewelry in the first place. Aside from this, our creative artisans are also inspired by these traits that they handmade a lot of fantastic bee sterling silver jewelry you can choose from. Bee sterling silver jewelry is sparkling and allows you to celebrate your unparalleled passion and admiration for bees.

Here are our picks for the must-have sparkling bee sterling silver jewelry that helps you settle on that stunning bee jewelry you are looking for to get for yourself or gift to someone dear to you.

Bee Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver Bee Pendant

One of the best ways to hand over history or our own stories is through a piece of durable jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is timeless and can last for a lifetime (with proper care and maintenance). Our bee sterling silver pendant is made to be an “heirloom” quality like our,

    • Honeybee Pendant

Bees are critical factors in environmental balance, as they work as a unit gathering nectar and pollinating plants. They symbolize systematic harmony and balance.

This adorable Honeybee Pendant, handmade with love by our creative artisans, is a beautiful jewel to add to your collection and bring a harmonious balance to your wardrobe. The nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pendant mimics the bee matching yellow and black hues. A charming handmade sterling silver jewelry you can wear every day and perfect for all women of all ages.

Sterling Silver Bee Brooch

Brooches have its distinctive glamorous spot for ages. Brooches are fascinating sterling silver jewelry pieces that will add a personalized touch to any outfit you are wearing. This exquisite nature-inspired jewelry brooch will give your fashion style a more classic and vintage vibe.

  • Amazonite Bee Brooch

The Amazonite Bee Brooch is made of sterling silver and a precious green amazonite gemstone, which brings out its overall elegance and graceful appearance. The nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry brooch takes the honey bee's shape, which will capture the eye of any fashion-savvy individual. You should match the color of this handmade sterling silver jewelry with your attire to have an excellent overall appeal.

Sterling Silver Bee Earrings

Our unique and elegant handmade sterling silver jewelry earrings range from bold statement pieces to simple everyday styles. Each sterling silver jewelry piece represents a timeless design- a stunning beautiful form that is eminently wearable and uniquely Lotus Fun.

  • Kiss from a Bee Earring

Kiss from a Bee Earring pictures a stunning 18k gold plated bee that sits gracefully on the ceramic ear studs. These fantastic handmade jewelry earrings enhance your femininity and bring out your fun and chic personality. This nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry is as adorable as bees get and will definitely crawl its way into your wardrobe.

  • Serpentine Bee Earring

Our Serpentine Bee Earring is a nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry that depicts a bee kissing a hanging serpentine stone on a silver stud earring. A piece of beautiful and magnificent handmade jewelry serves as an accessory and a charm to attract more positive energy and block all negative energy for all the ladies wearing it. A piece of fascinating jewelry to add to your fashion wardrobe.

Serpentine stone is believed to be an energy stone. Wearing one will clear all your negative energy and bring more positive energy to your aura. Its beautiful light green color is a perfect match for sterling silver.

With this, our creative artisan is inspired to create a handmade Serpentine Bee Earring, having a unique design using serpentine stone as the main element. 

Sterling Silver Bee Rings

Buying a ring for yourself or a loved one is quite complicated, yet it is wise to choose the one that stands out. The design and color tone should be charming and irresistible, so better check the ring’s overall appearance. We assure you that each of our handmade sterling silver jewelry rings shows excellent craftmanship that makes the ring very beautiful to behold.

  • Kiss from a Bee Ring

Kiss From a Bee Ring is an 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver in the shape of a bee and a Pink Mother of Pearl crafted into a flower, elegantly sit on a precious white ceramic ring.

The bee made to seem as if hovering towards the darling pink flower. One can feel a sense of balance, along with the care put into crafting such a ring. Both of which the bee symbolizes.

A timeless piece of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry that is perfect for all women of all ages and best to be worn every day with its stylish, chic appeal.

  • Dripping Honey and Bee Ring II

Our unique Dripping Honey & Bee Ring II is adorably handcrafted out of authentic sterling silver. Look at that charming little bee resting on a stunning golden dripping honey! The honey looks so yummy that I would want to eat it if it isn’t made of precious metal! Be cautious not to eat it.

This handmade sterling silver jewelry ring is a perfect addition to your bee jewelry collection or as a gift for your hardworking friends and family. Make haste; the bee might fly away as it can’t wait too long!

  • Dripping Honey and Bee Jewelry Set

The Dripping Honey and Bee Jewelry Set are comprised of:

      • Dripping Honey and Bee Earring I & II
      • Dripping Honey and Bee Ring I
      • Dripping Honey and Bee Necklace
Dripping Honey and Bee Earring I  Dripping Honey and Bee Earring  II
Dripping Honey and Bee Necklace Dripping Honey and Bee Ring


This honeybee inspired handmade sterling silver jewelry set is meticulously crafted by our creative artisans to have a unique and charming appeal. You can enhance your elegance and boost your confidence by wearing this well-made nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry set. The right choice of jewelry like this can completely transform an outfit.

Sterling Silver Bee Bangle

The bangle's overall silver color will match well with most outfits, and it is undoubtedly will keep its shining luster appearance for a long time. This handmade sterling silver jewelry is perfect for a keen-eyed fashion jewelry collector.

  • Honeycomb Bangle

As the 18K gold plated bee arrives home, greeted by sweet sterling silver honeycombs. The hexagonally shaped combs give a geometric style to this cute Honeycomb Bangle.

The beehive, which is the bee's home, is formed in several packed cells in the shape of hexagons, made from beeswax, and as a whole, it is called honeycomb. The honeycomb's hexagonal symbolism comes from the number six, which is its sides that is a sacred number for the goddess Venus. Hence, this stunning handmade sterling silver jewelry symbolizes love, communication, and balance.

Honeycomb Jewelry Set

The Honeycomb Jewelry Set is an eccentric handmade sterling silver jewelry collection is comprised of:

  • Honeycomb Earrings
  • Honeycomb Ring
  • Honeycomb Pendant

The intricate honeycomb structure of each handmade sterling silver jewelry piece shows the miraculous network of bee culture, which is "creating strength through unity and harmony. You can wear this jewelry set to any occasion or date. It works for both formal and informal settings.

Final Thoughts

Bees are such amazing little creatures that keep our ecosystem balance and our circle of life up and turning.  This time, I am sure you are well-versed and have in-depth knowledge of how they play an essential role in nature and our history, myths, and way of life. Bees serve as our life's moral example. 

It isn't shocking that bees were a favorite animal design jewelry motif of all time for jewelers and their patrons. Just imagine, a person with bee-trait and behavior would have an excellent moral and work ethics.

Now, would you like to purchase your very own sparkling bee jewelry, or you are inspired to give one to someone you know so dearly? Check out our online store, Lotus Fun, to place your order. We assure you that you will receive quality, handmade Honey Bee Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Besides those mentioned above handmade sterling silver jewelry, we have our Sterling Silver Bee Collection. This nature-inspired sterling silver collection features an exquisite array of bee sterling silver jewelry pieces to choose from, ranging from stylish, chic design rings to precious gemstone sterling silver jewelry statement pieces.

“A genuinely charming nature-inspired jewelry collection where every piece sparkle and shines in its own bee-autiful way.”


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