Lotus Flower Meaning and Symbolisms

No flower is more spiritual than the Lotus, a significant flower in various cultures. Lotuses are sacred in both Buddhist and Hindu culture; it is also the national flower of Egypt, India, and Vietnam.

For thousands of years, up til now, Lotuses is still believed to be one of the most sacred flowers today. What makes this plant so captivating? Its beautiful petals when it blooms? Or the way it blooms?
Hindu goddess Lakshmi holding and standing on a lotus.Hindu goddess Lakshmi is holding and standing on a lotus.

Lotus flourishes like no other flower, its roots in the mud, sometimes it is even under murky water. But when it blooms, it blooms so beautifully, with not even a speck of dirt on its petals. This reason takes rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment quite literally.

A scholar of Confucious, Zhou Dunyi wrote this,

予獨愛蓮之出淤泥而不染, translated into
"I love the lotus because while growing from mud, it is unstained."

Different cultures revered Lotus for their own reasons, but it is safe to say; generally, lotus symbolizes enlightenment and rebirth. It amazed people with its will to survive and revive itself into an immaculate flower, and this is why the Lotus is connected to divinity and spiritual symbolism.

The Lotus flower's will to live is not to be trifle with or just symbolic. Its seed can last thousands of years without water and then able to bloom a few hundred years later; a flower that defies logic.

Many Asian deities are portrayed to be seated on a lotus flower or pad; Lakshmi, Vishnu and even Buddha. In Buddhism, the lotus represents the purity of the body, speech, and mind. Legend has it; Buddha appeared on top of a floating lotus, and it's flower blooms as he walks on Earth.
Even in Christianity, there are Lotus images and symbols it's flowers on icons and in literature. St. Thomas Cross has a Lotus flower design carved underneath its cross. Each Lotus flower's color has its own meaning:

White: Purity and devotion
Blue: Rebirth
Yellow: Spiritual ascension or enlightenment

Closed Lotus flowers indicate the time before enlightenment, with blooming flowers indicating awareness. We at Lotus Fun are so in love with the Lotus flower that our whole ethos is based on it. Its purity, spirituality and mysticism, the connection between the earth and divinity, isn't like any other.

Whenever you see a Lotus flower floating above the water, there is this peaceful feeling that wakes up in your heart, and that feeling is what we want to bring into our jewelry. The sense of divine serenity while in nature.

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