Best Spring Sterling Silvery Jewelry for 2023

The spring season is upon us. So, now is the time to start building your wardrobe for what is ahead. Jewelry is one of the fashion staples that transcend seasons, so you can begin shopping the best sterling silver jewelry trend for 2023. A pair of earrings or a long necklace never fails to add elegance and beauty to your outfit. 

Fortunately, we have great news for everyone, fashionistas and devoted jewelry fanatics: A good deal of sterling silver jewelry dazzled the world in fashion runaways for spring 2023. With this, we collated the top-most coveted style or jewelry pieces you can shop now at Lotus Fun, inspired by the best spring jewelry trend for 2023.

From chandelier earrings to modern-themed sterling silver pieces, there is a spring 2023 jewelry trend for everyone. Take a sneak peek at the best spring sterling silver jewelry collated by Lotus Fun's experts and get ahead of the most appropriate trend to wear just before spring arrives. Whether you are looking for an additional sterling silver jewelry piece to pretty up to your collection or gift it to someone, we have summed up the most trending silver jewelry pieces available now that you want to add to your cart.

  • Long and Sleek Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier Earrings makes a comeback for 2023, and with that, no one frowns about it. Whether they fall among the modern-edgy style or emulate a sleeker style, accentuate and let your ears make the statement for your next spring. 

For instance, Lotus Fun's Autumn Tree Branch Earring craftsmanship can be seen through the significant curvature of the branches, seemingly growing from your earlobes. 


Another example is the Golden Leaves Earrings depicting a 24k gold-plated leaf on a sterling silver branch that sways on your earlobe elegantly. This handmade sterling silver jewelry is a lasting and exceptional piece of jewelry that shows every lady's sophistication and beauty. Perfect to wear on your black formal wear attire. 


In addition to that is the Flower Bud in a Circle Earring, handmade of 18k gold plated as the flower buds and sterling circles in which one of these circles encloses the flower buds. It is a unique and fascinating nature-inspired piece of jewelry that makes every floral lady want one.


  • Phenomenal Hoop Earrings

Phenomenal or oversized hoop earrings have a proud history of looking timeless, from everyday jeans to vintage fits to formal wear. Look at these fantastic handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces that will become part of your life story. 

Twirl Honey and Bee Earring

The classic agate and enigmatic swirls and loops gave allure and appeal to this nature-inspired handmade sterling silver jewelry. Undisputedly, this Twirl Honey & Bee Earring is perfect for everyday wear and adds sparkle to your ensemble without going overboard.

My Little Garden Earring

My Little Garden Earring gracefully adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look- a full sterling silver garden on a silver pot.

Hummingbird Earring

These Hummingbird Earrings capture the essential joyfulness of Hummingbirds as they drink sweet nectar from a fully bloomed flower. Handcrafted based on a 925 Sterling Silver and 24k gold-plated metal, the Hummingbird Earrings will be a new joy in your life.

  • Colored Button Earrings

Button Earrings with gemstones or colored stones have been popular these past few years, and now it is here to stay. Try complimenting your printed trousers or colorful sundresses for a streamlined, free-spirited vibe. Here is an overview of our best-selling nature-inspired and handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces you can choose from to rock your spring 2023. 

Lotus Whisper Earrings

Amber Dragonfly Earring

Cloud Stud Earring

  • Heart-Shaped Sterling Silver Jewelry

Heart-Shaped pendants are having the moment for Spring 2023. Check out these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces that you can pair with your go-to workwear or special occasion attire. 

Heart Cake Pendant and Ring


A delicious miniature heart-shaped cake and a matching cute little spoon on the side! This charming piece is incomparable to none handcrafted on a dessert plate. 

Honeycomb Pendant

As the 18K gold-plated bee arrives home, it is welcome with brushed sterling silver sweet honeycombs surrounded by a gold-plated heart. The hexagonally shaped combs give a geometric style to this cute Honeycomb Pendant.

Trees of Cloud Pendant

Wearing our Trees of Cloud Pendant will constantly remind you of a brand-new day. A symbol of your positive and energetic personality. The clouds in gold and silver hues are pictures of trees with 18k gold plated; our creative artisans have intricately handcrafted birds enclosed in heart-shaped silver.

  • Classic Pearl Design

For Spring 2023, classic pearls are back with a modern twist. For instance, having a constellation of pearls on your lobes, wrists, or neck will elevate your style in seconds. 

Lotus Fun's Jasmin Flower Pink Earring may not be scented, but wearing this one gives you a positive vibe to ignite your day. It counters all the negative vibes you may encounter throughout your day, and your good luck charm propels all the negativity in the world.


The elegant Morning Dew Earring is either gold or silver and features freshwater pearls.


Classic Beads Bracelet is a timeless piece of sterling silver jewelry that will provide your simple outfit with a classic chic vibe.


  • Blossom Power

Flower and spring are somewhat synonymous in fashion terminology, so blossom power is the natural mood lifter for spring 2023. We are familiar with how this floral sterling silver jewelry speaks renewal as the best representation of the spring season all these years. Wear these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces to plant positivity and happiness in your day. 

Freesia Flower Collection


Freesia Flower Jewelry Collection is a nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry masterpiece. These meticulously shaped drop earrings, ring, and brooch picture the beauty of Freesia's delicate bloom, handmade with love and made of sterling silver and 18k gold plated. This handmade sterling silver collection best fits a wedding dress representing a lovely bride's love, compassion, and faithfulness. Surprisingly, this elegant sterling silver jewelry can accentuate your everyday wear.

Flower in the Rain Jewelry Set


Specially grown white crystals form the five petals of a flower in full bloom, with subtle details carved into each petal and held by brilliantly crafted sterling silver, twisting into the flower's stem. It curls itself elegantly to form the elegant Flower in the Rain Jewelry Set. 

  • Symbolic and Powerful Jewelry

Simple pendant necklaces and jewelry will never go out of fashion, so adding a symbolic and powerful pendant to the sterling silver chain will go a long way this spring of 2023. Check out this handmade sterling silver jewelry that will serve as a powerful talisman or lucky charm for you for 2023. 

Lotus Symbol Bracelet

The Lotus Symbol Bracelet symbolizes beauty and rebirth from murky and muddy water. From the darkness, the lotus emerges, blossoming above the water, and spreading its magnificent petals.

Bamboo Chalcedony Pendant

The Bamboo embodies a green chalcedony stone adorned by 18k gold plated leaves incorporated in intricate circle-design sterling silver—a unique illustration of the Bamboo's natural appearance.

Bamboo symbolizes humility. Everyone loves it because of its ability to bow down; hence, it became a symbol of modesty and compassion. Bamboo is the main element in our nature-inspired jewelry, handcrafted by our creative artisans.

  • Birthstone Jewelry

Harness the power of your birthstone by upgrading your collection with Lotus Fun's birthstone jewelry collection.

Radish Earring

Radish Earring is a fascinating handmade sterling silver jewelry made of either amethyst or Garnet. The beautiful Amethyst, Pisces birthstone, or Garnet gemstone, the birthstone for January, makes your earring appear more colorful and vibrant, adding spice to your formal attire.

Aquamarine Butterfly Stud Earring

The dazzling aquamarine stone has long been a symbol of youthfulness, good health, and hope and is well-known as the birthstone for those ladies born in March. It is an ideal gift for every working lady- a perfect accessory that will give a summery vibe to any outfit, be it formal or casual. What is more exciting is that you can pair it up with our Aquamarine Butterfly Earring- the perfect blend that will make you look confidently beautiful anytime. 

Wrapping Up

The trends in jewelry for Spring 2023 continue to evolve from what we have for the past years. Hoop, chandelier, and button earrings circle for another season and are unstoppable, accentuating the fashion world for this season. Gemstones and birthstones boost everyone's outfit for every Spring event and occasion. With these jewelry trends to choose from, you have a great chance of being ahead of everyone in upgrading your sterling silver jewelry for spring 2023. 

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