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Handmade jewelry has been a favorite of accessories for centuries. Even so, many are still unperceptive of its attractive features and settle upon mass-produced pieces of jewelry instead. We do not wish any of you to miss out on what handmade jewelry pieces have to offer. So, we have come up with all you have to know about handmade jewelry to help you understand the appeal behind these stunning artistic creations.

  1. Time gives the meaning of its Value

Handmade silver jewelry guarantees loads of masteries, skillfulness, and passion that it takes not just hours to finish a piece. Whether it is a statement or a classic illustration, jewelry makers or skilled artisans never hustle. The truth is that creating a single component could take days, weeks, to months in the production phase, depending on how big and complicated its motif is. Because of this, the polished product success story lies solely on the artisans. With their hands and imagination, together with their undivided focus and attention on their masterpiece.

  1. The materials are specially chosen and cherry-picked by the artisan.

One can assume that the best part of jewelry making is the story behind every element that goes in it. A ring with amazonite stone tells a different story from a gold wrap-around feather ring. Believe it or not, artisans always choose the materials purposely and craftily, making sure that every detail integrated into their masterpiece will mean something to someone and capture everyone's attention and imagination. More importantly, skillful artisans can custom-made your jewelry based on your personal preferences and design.

  1. Uniquely made for you.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in this world, we strongly suggest picking handmade sterling silver jewelry. Where else can you discover a pair of honeycomb-shaped earrings? Or a fuzzy tourmaline ring on your finger? Our skillful artisan's handcraft pieces are challenging to imitate or reproduce. Handmade jewelry often comes in limited editions, which means that if the artisan retires, you'll have a rare part of a small collection to yourself. Giving you a right to have a sense of exclusivity. Note that they could retire at any time, making it impossible to get another.

Check out our bestseller Peony Leaf Ring.

Peony Leaf Ring depicts a silver leaf folds around your finger, forming a perfect circle to accolade your casual wear, capped off with a genuinely colored Tourmaline. This ring was thoroughly fashioned by our artisans down to the vines of the leaf.

  1. Premium Masterpiece Quality

Jewelry artisans know that every piece they make is not only a representation of their creativity but also of their integrity. For this reason, they are highly particular about each piece's quality. Because of handcrafting, there is more attention to detail throughout the process as they can see instantly if one part isn't set right and fix it right up. What makes it more different from the mass-produced items is that the design crafted for handmade jewelry is a statement rather than a trending piece. Be that it may, handmade collections should be long-lasting.

  1. Support for Local Artists

Take note that when you purchase a piece of jewelry from a multi-national company, you are not sure how much goes to the artist, how the work is done. This does not happen when you buy handmade jewelry because you can have a stronger connection with the jewelry by knowing that your purchase helped an artist support their craft.

  1. Each creation comes with a story.

We guarantee that each masterpiece handcrafted by skillful artisans always has a story. What inspired the design, how they assembled the piece, why they chose a particular color or stone, what was running in their head as they saw their idea come to life, there is always a story to tell.

Check out our Aladdin's Lamp Necklace and Dessert on a Starry Night Pendant.

Aladdin's Lamp Necklace


The legendary magic lamp from the eternal fairy tale is the vision for Aladdin’s Lamp Necklace. Renowned as the abode of a powerful genie who grants three wishes, a magic lamp is something that everyone desires. With this smaller edition of Aladdin’s lamp, people can transmit fairytale magic in their lives even without a genie.

Aladdin's Lamp Necklace is a beautiful gift for people of all ages, whether the fairytale lover young or the grown-ups girl or lady who needed to be reminded that they were once wide-eyed children believe they can accomplish the impossible. Because of its intricate design, this replica of Aladdin’s Lamp is almost like a real deal. It also comes in silver and gold.  

Dessert on a Starry Night Pendant

A whole new world

A dazzling place I never knew

But now, from way up here

It's crystal clear

Lyrics from the famous song, “A Whole New World,” a theme song for a popular childhood movie, "Aladdin." These are the inspiration behind the creation of the Dessert on a Starry Night Pendant.

The Desert on a Starry Night Pendant simply represents how beautiful and vast nature has been created for us. It shows us how we love to wander through its mesmerizing beauty, especially with stars shining above us.

A piece of sterling jewelry handcrafted with love, made of authentic 925 sterling silver and sandstone. A pendant perfect for a wanderer lady out there.

  1. Personal touch by inspired designs.

Jewelry makers tend to find inspiration from their daily lives and the beauty surrounding them, making their designs way more alluring and charming than machine-made fashion pieces. Artisan jewelry is often hand-packed into adorable Instagram-worthy packaging and at times even accompanied by a handwritten thank you note from the artist.

Let’s delve into the different types of handmade jewelry everyone adores to have all the time!

Different Types Of Handmade Jewelry

  • Enameled Jewelry

Handmade enameled jewelry is a great sense to enhance and bursts color to your sterling silver jewelry pieces. Enameling is basically blending glass powder to the surface of sterling silver to create a permanent bond.

See the masterpiece of our artisans created by the most popular technique called torch-firing into adding enamel to handmade sterling silver jewelry.

Swan Ring

So why not bring in a golden swan with you everywhere, filling the environment with their mood-changing abilities. Made of Sterling Silver, Swan Ring is crafted to be the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Swans symbolize elegance and unity. These graceful birds stay with a single partner for a lifetime, swimming side by side till the end of their time. Often, these birds bring a certain mood change to the environment they swim to, with their presence a loving vibe filling the air.

  • Engraved Jewelry

One of the most prevalent types of handmade jewelry nowadays is hand stamping, allowing our artisans to hammer a metal stamp impression onto a metal blank.

Lovely Words Ring 


The stylish and charming version of a spinner ring, keeping your mind and fidgety fingers at bay. A unique ring that is always different, as long as you want it to be. Made entirely out of 925 Sterling Silver, this exquisite Lovely Words Ring's letters can be rotated and form into words such as Love, Hope, Soul, Free, Kind, Pure, Warm, Luck. There are many more words to be discovered. Why not find it out yourself? 

  • Resin Jewelry

Because of the adaptability of the synthetic resin, there are essentially no limits to innovation in design. The crystal transparent material becomes a real-eye-catcher with small incorporated elements like the following:

Like our Age of Tree Pendant and Triangle Epoxy Pendant.

Age of Tree Pendant

The Age of Tree Pendant shows how to know the age of a tree artistically. Hence, the inspiration behind the creation of this handcrafted sterling silver jewelry by our artisans.

Triangle Epoxy Pendant

The Triangle Epoxy Pendant is a colorful and versatile masterpiece handmade by our artisans of resin, epoxy, and sterling silver. A trendy pendant with a minimalistic and geometric concept grab attention without demanding it. It is a must-have piece of jewelry for rocking a simple, understated look and can be worn with all types of fashion wear.

Resin is an integral part of this exceptional jewelry created by mixing a resin and hardener. When it solidifies, it forms a rigid and crystal-clear plastic. It supports a distinct vibrant color that works perfectly with sterling silver. The innovative process and a fantastic end-product have inspired our creative artisans to handcraft these two striking resin sterling silver jewelry pieces: the Age of Tree Pendant and Triangle Epoxy Pendant. Each pendant is a piece of sterling silver jewelry suitable for everyday wear and a perfect choice for a gift ideal for all ages.

  • Beaded Jewelry

Handmade beaded jewelry is one of the most straightforward and most intricate jewelry designs in which artisans use beads on a single strand of stringing material to create bracelets and necklaces.

Classic Beads Bracelet

Classic Bead Bracelet is a handmade sterling silver jewelry that has two variations crafted by our artisans. One bracelet combines a green agate stone and silver, creating intricately designed beads, and the other combines white pearl and silver. A picture-perfect combination that gives it a classic look hence the name Classic Bead Bracelet. A timeless piece of sterling silver jewelry. This bracelet will definitely provide your simple outfit a classic chic vibe.

  • Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Handmade wire wrapped jewelry is the most accessible type of handmade jewelry to notice as it involves a lot of wire! Our artisans, in particular, use wire wrapping to create pendants or charms with stones and beads.

See the following handmade nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry created by our artisans that are very intricate and delicate with wire-weaving techniques that are reasonably hard  manual labor

Like our Raw Tourmaline Jewelry Series comprised of the following handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces:

Raw Tourmaline Earrings

Raw Tourmaline Necklace

Raw Tourmaline Brooch

Raw Tourmaline Ring

Wearing our Raw Tourmaline Jewelry Series radiates your inner personality as a wise and loving person. Still, it also gives you a sophisticated and classic look.

Each jewelry piece is handcrafted with love, made of sterling silver and raw tourmaline stone to pay tribute to every lady for a classic and elegant look.

  • Fabricated Jewelry

Handmade, fabricated jewelry encompasses various jewelry styles, from old-fashioned gemstone rings to outrageously creative art jewelry. These masterpieces of fabricated jewelry have been created using a metal saw to cut -out the piece's fundamental shape or cut intricate details in work.

Like our bestseller nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces: the Pencil Shavings Pendant and Monstera Leaves Earring.

Pencil Shavings Pendant

This Pencil Shavings Pendant just proves the adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” As a piece of jewelry in silver and gold, these pencil shavings look so elegant and expensive that you wouldn’t think about throwing them in the trash. 

This pendant can be a back-to-school token for students or teachers. It will also be an excellent present for the art-lovers out there.

Cleverly molded in a circle, this pendant looks like just any other pendant out there. Not until you peek more closely!

Monstera Leaves Earring

Doing our best to bring forth their longevity and feng shui, we've used Sterling Silver to bring these leaves to life. You can now take the Monstera leaves anywhere you go with Monster Leaves Earring!  

In Chinese culture, the Monstera signifies long life and the honoring of elders and respected people. It is said that Monstera brings good luck in feng shui. 

  1. Experience better customer service

If you acquire handmade sterling silver jewelry and something happens to go wrong with that product, it is much simpler to reach out to a small business enterprise and receive a helpful answer than to reach out to multi-national corporations. You can easily reach out to a small business owner to see if they'd be willing to make a custom item precisely to your specifications.

Final Thoughts

Several people believe that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but when gifts are made with love, support small-scale business, focus on originality and craftsmanship, and create viable choices, that is extremely delightful.

Discovering a gift for loved ones or special events such as a wedding present or birthday gift is never easy. If you want to make an exceptional and remarkable present, you might want to think about handmade jewelry. The most valuable thing to keep in mind when shopping for handmade jewelry is looking for exclusivity and individuality. It is the flair and design that catches you and other eyes and attention.

Whether you are looking for something to put the accent on a dress for a special occasion or extraordinary gifts for the loved one, check out handmade jewelry sold at Lotus Fun and make the remembrance eternal.


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