What is Freesia Flower, its Origin, and Symbolism?

Flowers' mystical and exemplary language has been highly esteemed and valued for centuries in several countries, particularly the European and Asian continent. Many ancient mythologies, folklore, plays, and sonnets are written in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and even China are riddled with flower symbolism and meanings. They even come into plays by the most well-known writer of the classics, William Shakespeare. As it happened, almost every sentiment, belief, philosophy, or impression imaginable has been associated and expressed with flowers.

The time of unraveling and working out the symbolic representation of flowers became popular during the 1800s. Many Victorian ladies and women then have their own guidebooks for deciphering the "language of flowers," although meanings vary depending on the source. Those were the days wherein flowers were effectively utilized to deliver secret messages or made up for unspoken feelings or thoughts. In a way, flowers became the means to answer "yes" or "no" questions simply by receiving them. A yes pertains to receiving it with the right hand, while handing it over with a left hand means no. It could even mean differently based on the range of color alone or on what country you are rooting for! There is no denying that flowers have been an engaging and exciting piece in the way of communication.

It is almost impossible to think about any person being utterly unfamiliar with the "language of flowers" and that flowers have a bearing on specific occasions. Especially choosing your wedding flowers can be challenging if you are not fully aware of what each bloom means. If you want to individualize and personalize your wedding day with flowers imbued with meanings and symbols, keep on reading to learn why the Freesia flower is popular at weddings and blooms ideally in every bouquet.

Freesias are nothing short of enchanting, delicate blooms totally unique in the world of blossoms. Take their one-of-a-kind seedbed and growth. From that, outgrows a vertical stalk that can reach up to two feet tall along with its eye-catching, sword-shaped leaves. Like other living plants, it sprouted at its root, but unlike any other flower, the bloom-shaped essence of Freesia is buried underground.

Here is where the surprise is starting to sneak in to amaze everyone. Once the flowers bloom, the stalk begins growing sideways at a 90-degree right angle, a mind-blowing characteristic projecting outward of gravity. The now horizontal stem, along with multiple upward-facing flowers, magically stays parallel with the ground. What's even more intriguing with freesias is they are zygomorphic in nature- a fancy intellectual way of saying that they only grow on one side of the stalk.  When you put this all together, what makes up a freesia? What you have is a flower that stands out more than any fashion star in a runaway! What I mean is what other flowers can compete on such unique inherent characteristics- their stems grow parallel to the ground, but Freesia flowers sit tight facing upward.  Amazing, right? But wait, there is more you have to learn about this phenomenal flower. Keep on reading to get the hang of this incredible flower, learning about its cultural significance and how it kept its value, special meanings, and symbolism into our lives for centuries up to this date.

Freesia Flower: Its Origin and History

Its Name

The name itself stands for the meaning of freesias which comes from the established friendship of the two-19th century German Botanist. Dr. Christian P. Ecklon named the flower after his dear friend and pupil, Friedrich H.T. Freese, who brought the plants to Europe from Cape Province, South Africa, 200 years ago. Thereupon, freesias eternally became a symbol of lasting friendship.

Where did they flourish?

Freesias are tropical flowers of the southern regions of Africa. Yet as striking as their nature, Freesias are not easy to grow- neither inside nor outside. They require the right conditions to thrive and grow in places that can mimic their native environment.

You might think that they might love the heat, but they don't! They go dormant in the summer and blossom during the mild wintertime of the year. The truth is freesias requires at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to bloom. They grow best in warm areas with dry summers and wet winters like the Mediterranean climate.

Why are Freesias in-demand at Weddings?

Thanks to their fun size and fresh-looking appearance alongside its unwavering representation of ultimate trust, freesias are abundantly present in many wedding bouquets and centerpieces. At the same time, they complemented perfectly other popular wedding blooms like peonies and roses! Not to mention, they really are drop-dead gorgeous flowers.

Freesia Flower Symbolism

Freesias have been a big part of different cultures globally for ages. Here are some of the significant symbolisms well-acknowledged worldwide.

  • Friendship

As mentioned earlier, because of the relationship between the German botanists who discovered and named the flower, freesias afterward symbolizes friendship. So it became the perfect gift for a truly loyal friend who has been with you through thick and thin.

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Freesia Flower Brooch

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  • Trust

Dating back to the Victorian period, written in the language of flowers, if you give someone a bouquet of freesias, it signifies your ultimate trust to them, a meaningful gift for your best friend or your life partner. Try making this typical gift unexpectedly exciting and thrilling at the same time? Check out this Freesia Flower Ring.

Freesia Flower Ring

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  • Innocence

As mentioned earlier, freesias symbolize purity and innocence, so they are often gifted as a welcoming gift for newborn mommies. It is one of the most popular floral arrangements or centerpieces for baptisms and christenings.

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  • Sweetness

Freesias are one of the most aromatic and scented flowers calming with a fresh citrus scent. With this, it is a perfect gift for someone you know who shares this charming trait. Why not make your gift extra more special and ordinary. Grab the stunning sterling silver jewelry collection featuring the dainty Freesia Flower. This fantastic collection comprises a series of exceptional handmade sterling silver jewelry meticulously designed to replicate the striking beauty of a full-bloomed Freesia Flower.

Freesia Flower Cultural Significance

  • United States - Freesias are the anniversary flower on the 7th year of marriage.
  • Japan - Freesias represents the start of spring, commencing a festival every year wherein around 350,000 multi-colored freesias bloom on Hachijo- Fuji mountain.
  • Netherlands - Freesias symbolizes unconditional love and honor. Good thing, freesias there are mainly cultivated professionally.
  • Australia - Freesias also represents the start of spring since they are well-adapted to the countries climate, they are easy to cultivate.

Different Types of Freesia Flower

Because of their widespread presence and common occurrence in weddings, freesias have been comprehensively cross-bred, resulting in over 1,400 species ranging from red, white, yellow, purple, and pink color variations.  Freesias, in general, symbolize trust and innocence, but since it comes with many colors, each one carries specific meanings.

  • White Freesia - symbolizes purity and innocence. These variants are what you most commonly see in weddings, like having flower girls scattering petals of white freesias on the red carpet for the bride to walk down the aisle. As mentioned earlier, they are emblematic of the trust between the couple and the bride's purity.
  • Multi-colored Freesia Bouquet - symbolizes friendship and thoughtfulness. This variant is an ideal gift for family, friends, and even co-workers.
  • Pink Freesia - symbolizes motherly love and femininity. Perfect flower bouquet to gift to your mom, sister even your lady boss.
  • Yellow Freesia - symbolizes joy, renewal, and friendship. There is no denying that we generally associate yellow as a happy and cheerful color. That is why yellow freesias are the perfect gift for someone who always makes you feel good, a friend or a colleague.
  • Red Freesia - symbolizes passion and love. Worth mentioning, red freesias have the most potent scent among others.
  • Purple Freesia - symbolizes royalty and beauty because it strikingly appears to be bold and regal. These flowers can be the perfect gift for someone you think is absolute royalty, a queen.

Its Anniversary

Freesia Flower is popularly known as the 7th wedding anniversary flower. Many people even thought of Freesia as an antidote to the vulgar saying about the seventh-year itch of marriage signifying faithfulness through the seasons. A traditional and ideal anniversary gift symbolizes love's honorable character.

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Fun Facts about Freesia Flower

  1. Freesia flower appears either single or double petaled and grows in a Y-shape.
  2. The sap from a freesia can cause irritation for sensitive skin, but generally, the flower is non-poisonous.
  3. The "Ballerina" freesia is called for its shape, which really looks like the silhouette of a ballerina dancer.
  4. The only place in the world freesias can be seen almost anywhere and grow wildly is in their natural habitat, in South Africa.
  5. Freesias flowers tend to be deer-resistant due to their uplifting solid scent, yet they are not toxic to domesticated animals.

Wrapping up

Freesia flowers have been beloved worldwide for two centuries over their color, scent, and long-lasting flowers. Today, freesias are used primarily for their citrusy aroma and can make soaps, candles, shampoos, and other cosmetic products. With a range of vibrant hues and meanings, it is easy to send a personal message with a Freesia flower. Like gifting a bouquet of Freesia flowers to say thank you to your colleague that has performed well under challenging circumstances.

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