The Winter Jewelry Trends of 2021

The supremacy held by a fierce, elegant necklace or a modern chic dangle sterling silver earring became more apparent as we got ourselves dressed for our Zoom meetings or Skype conferences.

Fashion designers and icons worldwide have harnessed the power of jewelry. Whether you are letting a statement jewelry piece or a couple of trendy jewelry pieces shine all on their own, we have narrowed down the top jewelry trends for you to start shopping for winter.

For the 2021 winter jewelry collection, you should forget about your dainty pieces for a while and dare to wear more of a statement. Be ahead of the fashion curve with these winter 2021 jewelry trends that will become part of your jewelry collection. You will be sure to turn heads anywhere you go with these gorgeous jewelry designs.

  1. Pearls Never Go Out of Style

Dainty but appealing, pearl jewelry is suiting in the winter months. Opt for a traditional rounded pearl to complement winter party ensembles.

Pearl Clover Jewelry Set

This Pearl Clover Jewelry Set is handmade from 925 Sterling Silver with thoroughly crafted and plated to form elegant petals. It surfaces with natural freshwater pearls placed as centerpieces and the stigma of the lucky clovers.

This sterling silver jewelry set is the perfect blend of minimalistic design and pearl.

Studded Pearl Earring and Studded Pearl Necklace


Studded Pearl Necklace

Studded Pearl Earring

Like the combination of the Studded Pearl Earring and Studded Pearl Necklace that will provide you the natural vintage charm for your Christmas party-themed outfit, each handmade sterling silver jewelry piece is truly made out of Mother of Pearl, and each one comes with an absolute marvel design like a crown on top of the pearl-shaped jewelry piece.

  1. Floral Power

Do not let the winter darkness get to you. There is no reason to stay in darkness this winter since there are blooming blooms for you to wear! Lighten up your heavy cold winter wear with some floral-inspired jewelry to lighten the mood.

Check out these fabulous pair of earrings that will bring sunshine to your outlook.

Daisy in the Sun Earring

This Daisy in the Sun Earring is made of an 18k gold plated as flowers cut in half in each earring. Moreover, it has a sterling silver rectangular shape that enclosed the half-sized Daisy flower. It hangs with a silver chain rope on a circle-shaped stud that is pinned on your ear. This is a captivating representation of how a daisy flower looks like a sun.

Flower in my Garden Earring 

This Flower in my Garden Earring pictures of three tiny flowers connected with each other, handmade with love by our creative artisans. A fabulous pair of floral earrings that is suited for all women of all ages. A must-have pair of jewelry that you can wear every day to keep you bright and glamorous all day long.

  1. Statement Rings

Shaking hands is still a little passe. Instead, you might want to introduce yourself with a statement ring that will be hard to forget. You can still wear a colossal statement cocktail ring on top of your gloves.

Amber Butterfly Ring

Check out this Amber Butterfly Ring; a tiny butterfly made of sterling silver sets itself gracefully on natural amber stone as if it were a leaf in autumn. Handcrafted silver vine curling around your finger secures the amber stone and butterfly close to you.

Christmas Reindeer Ring

Check out this Christmas Reindeer Ring that comes in two different colors of natural Tourmaline stone. Handmade with love, Santa approved! The cutest Christmas ring gift you could ever have!

  1. Chandelier Earrings

The chandelier earrings are super easy to wear even for the longest night out and will go with almost any dressing code to complement your look. These sparkling dangle earrings are perfect to wear for any fancy outing and, indeed, won’t bother to weigh your lobes down. Try these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces for yourself that will bring you a glamorous look through all the parties you have during the winter break.

Home on a Starry Night

The Home on a Starry Night is a great pair of handmade sterling silver jewelry that dangles with you to remind you how fantastic and dreamy everyone feels about Christmas.

This fabulous pair of earrings is inspired by the exciting and magical feeling everyone feels about Christmas because everyone on Christmas is at home on a starry night waiting for the bell to strike midnight for gift opening.

A piece of stunning nature-inspired jewelry suited for a lady’s formal wear for their Christmas parties.

Home on the Moon Earring

The Home on the Moon Earring pictures home and a man that are both sitting pretty on a crescent moon. Fabulous dangling earrings like this will definitely put in class and beauty to your formal dress.  Terrific nature-inspired earrings made of sterling silver and 18k gold plated. These handmade sterling silver jewelry earrings are the top pick of every lady who is charmed by the moon's beauty and captivated by the simplicity of the moon's beauty. 

  1. Mismatched Earrings

One of the hottest 2021 winter jewelry trends is mismatched earrings. Asymmetrical looks and unique pieces are definitely the order of the day so let your inner Picasso shine through all the way this season! The search for something different and unique is making the new hype for the 2021 winter season: the more diverse or mismatched, the trendier it is.

Dripping Honey and Bee Earring II

Check out the Dripping Honey and Bee Earring II  is adorably handcrafted out of authentic sterling silver. A unique pair of earring with two different pieces one with a black golden bee piece and the other one a dripping golden honey! Fascinating, right?  A perfect addition to your collection of bee jewelry or simply as a gift for your hardworking friends and family. Make haste; the bee might fly away as it can’t wait too long! Be cautious not to eat it.

Asymmetric Dangle Earring

Check out the Asymmetric Dangle Earring sways in your ear with a fashion twist. Each earring has a distinctive design. The left stud with a long silver thread holds the asymmetrical curve sterling silver shape on the bottom. In contrast, the asymmetrical curve on the sterling silver was attached in the middle. Both studs have the white-colored sphere differently positioned on each one.

A piece of jewelry that exhibits the state-of-the-art craftsmanship of our artisans. A genuine Sterling silver jewelry that gives you a classic and sophisticated look. 

  1. Circular Statement Pieces

The circle has emerged as the most popular shape to feature in winter jewelry designs this year.

Circle Dragonfly Earring

See this fun pair of Circle Dragonfly Earring made with a stunning sterling silver dragonfly on top of either an amber or turquoise gemstone. A charming dragonfly hovers on a natural amber or turquoise gemstone with its gossamer wings.

Wear this nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry with your favorite dress. The Circle Dragonfly Earring is cute for everyday fashion style casual. Finish off your favorite outfit with these charming handmade sterling silver earrings, and you will look adorable around town or in an online video conference meeting.  

Swimming Fishes Earring

See this exciting fashion twist with the Swimming Fishes Earring. One of the studs dangled in your earlobe with a long silver chain and placed at a bottom a circled silver encircling the swimming 18k gold plated fish. On the other hand, the other stud dangled in your earlobe with a short chain and placed at the bottom a circled silver encircling the swimming 18k gold plated fish.

A unique masterpiece handcrafted by our creative artisans shows the artistic and creative personality of a lady wearing this earring. A must-have piece of nature-inspired jewelry that expresses your affection for fish and boosts your overall look by adding luxury and elegance to it effortlessly.

  1. Eye design sterling silver pieces

Banish bad vibes with evil eye jewelry pieces. Many world cultures believe that the wicked eye jewelry style will bring luck, protection and dispel malevolent gazes. Check out these handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces featuring an eye symbol for your winter wear accessory collection.

Each piece of jewelry reminds us that we can wish whatever our heart desires. A simple token of hope for every wishful and hopeful lady out there.

Each one is handcrafted with love, sterling silver, 18k Gold plated eyelashes, and Labradorite in the middle. It definitely shows a unique intricate design that every lady out there would love to have.

Eyes of the World Earring

See the Eyes of the World Earring, a customizable piece of sterling silver jewelry. This pair of earrings has rotatable studs that can be moved and placed differently by the wearer’s preference. This is a handcrafted sterling silver jewelry piece with Labradorite that pictures elegance and creativity into one stunning masterpiece.

Eyes of the World Earring is an excellent representation of the astounding grace and design of Labradorite jewelry meant to awaken your mystical and psychic powers. This is a perfect accessory that is suitable for all fashion styles and ages.

  1. Hoop Power

Hoop earrings are a staple accessory for anyone in love with jewelry, and for this reason, the trend never seems to end as it continues to reach for more enthusiastic fashion-forward fanatics. Be it big hoops or little hoops, the signature statement earring trend is back once more for everyone to fawn over. All hail the hoop earring for winter collection 2021!

Flying Dachsund Earring

The Flying Dachsund Earring is a unique and handmade hoop earring that is the top pick of every dog-lover lady out there. Wearing this stunning nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry is the best accessory for all types of fashion styles and age groups. A fabulous hoop earring handmade with love by our artisans creates exceptional sterling silver jewelry that will make you always look regal on-screen.

Crescent Drop Earring

The Crescent Drop Earring is devised with a minimalist concept. Our artisans handmade this unique and fascinating pair of hoop earrings that every lady would love to wear. This pair of earrings are made of sterling silver and 18k gold plated material that enhances color to this state-of-the-art jewelry. A timeless masterpiece that makes you always look more fabulous and beautiful.

  1. Enamel Jewelry

This centuries-old jewelry-making technique makes a comeback since shoppers are looking for more characterful and unique pieces that add pops of color to their overall appearance. From enamel pendants to colorful rings, enameling is at the forefront of many fashionistas and fashion icons worldwide. Having a piece of enamel jewelry is an excellent way to express a statement with vibrant colors.

Swan Ring

See the Swan Ring depicting a golden swan swimming in an enamel blue water lagoon. Isn't it great to bring a golden swan with you everywhere, filling the environment with their mood-changing abilities?


The abovementioned sterling silver jewelry pieces are definitely an excellent choice for the 2021 winter season as jewelry trends keep evolving recently. All these jewelry items we have picked have become iconic pieces over the years. If you find something nice for yourself or others, the jewelry will work as great gifts during the winter. You will be able to spread your love and warmth along with them. Go shop for your winter 2021 jewelry today at Lotus Fun and stay updated and ready for the winter fashion gala of your own!


Be ready and prepared with these winter 2021 jewelry trends that will become part of your jewelry collection featuring iconic sterling silver jewelry pieces.

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