The Ultimate Guide for July Birthstone

Your birthstone tells your story.

Blessing all the fortunate July babies, the king of precious gems Ruby is their birthstone. This regally royal red birthstone is one of the most coveted gemstones and a fiery treasure that has been ruling hearts for a long time.

Red is the color of the July birthstone Ruby that most cultures consider as the stone for royalty and being a stone for love.

Here is what you need to know about this beautiful gem so you can better choose one for yourself or a loved one who wants this July birthstone!

The glowing ruby shall adorn,
Those who in July are born;
Then they’ll be exempt and free
From love’s doubts and anxiety.
— Gregorian birthstone poem


Ruby has been acknowledged by many as the "king of precious stones.". These gorgeous fiery gems have been treasured throughout history for their color and vitality.


The name ruby is derived from the Latin word "Rubeus," translated in English as "red."


The chromium gives ruby its red color, which is also responsible for its fluorescence effect, making this July birthstone glow like a fire within. Unfortunately, chromium cause this gem cracks and fissures, resulting in its scarcity nowadays.


According to the historian, the most superb ruby came from Burma's Mogok Valley called the Burmese Rubies or Pigeon's Blood Rubies. This variety of rubies is famous for its deep blood red color with purplish tone.

Ruby can also be sourced in the following countries: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Nepal, Vietnam, Middle East, East Africa, United States, India, Thailand, and Mozambique.

History, Myths, and Symbolism

Since ancient times rubies have been a symbolic representation of love, passion, protection, and prosperity. It is highly prized and valued in Asian countries. Historical records narrate that rubies were traded along China's North Silk Road since 200 B.C. Early Chinese noblemen used rubies to decorate their armor because they believed that this July birthstone would protect them during the war.

Ancient Indian and Burmese warriors used talismans embedded with rubies in the battle for protection. In Sanskrit, ruby is called "Ratnaraj," which means "King of Precious Stones."

As mentioned earlier, Burmese rubies are the most prized of all ruby gems since at least 600 AD.

The red fluorescence properties of ruby helped in the creation of the first working laser in 1960. Up to this date, rubies are still used to make lasers and other medical instruments.

According to an Arab author, Achametis, if you own a ruby, you will live in harmony with all people and be protected from danger. He claims that dreaming of rubies means incredible joy and prosperity in the future.

This July birthstone has long been associated with royalty, earning its nickname, "the stone of nobility."

The English monarchy traditionally adorned their coronation rings with rubies. Medieval Europeans thought that rubies bestowed wisdom, wealth, and success in love.

The Bible mentions rubies four times and associates these gemstones with beauty and wisdom. In today’s world, the ruby is often represents wealth and status due to its high value.

Rubies are believed to symbolize the sun and can provide energy and vitality when worn to improve circulation. They are considered the ultimate sensory stone commonly associated with love and often embedded in wedding rings throughout history.

Different Types of Rubies

As one of the cardinal gems, the brilliantly colored rubies have always been highly valued and classified in different types based on its source location.

  • Burmese Ruby - this type of July birthstone is the best kind in the world. This appears with the high chromium content responsible for its dark blood red color, making it highly attractive. Burmese rubies are also considered the most expensive type of rubies in the world.
  • Thai Ruby - this type of July birthstone can be sourced in the southeastern part of Bangkok. This type appears to be in bright red color. Thai rubies are famous worldwide for their immense attractiveness due to a very high content of both chromium and iron responsible for their distinctive bright red color.
  • African Ruby - this type of July birthstone comes in a different tone and hue, which is dark purplish instead of dark red. These rubies are well known for is distinguishing impacts and available in multiple sizes and shapes.
  • Madagascar Ruby - this type of July birthstone can be mined in Vatomandry and Andilamena. Its rubies' color varies enormously depending on the iron and chromium content present in them. Some Madagascar rubies are orange in color and present a wide variety of shades and hues on these stones.
  • Tanzania Ruby - this type of July birthstone is the cheapest kind due to its easy accessibility. Tanzania rubies have a very dynamic color tint that will fade away when the stone size becomes smaller.
  • Afghanistan Ruby - this type of July birthstone can be sourced out in Jagdalek and Badakshan. These types of rubies are considered to be the most primitive gemstones in the world. Afghanistan rubies have two unique features: One is that the color tint varies from faint red to dark red;. The second is they have a typical chemical composition absent in any rubies found across the globe.

How to Take Care of your Ruby?

Rubies are durable enough to handle everyday wear. It is rated 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. Like most gemstones, rubies should be stored separately from your other pieces of jewelry to avoid being scratched. It is better to store them in a lined box or a soft pouch. You could always keep your ruby sparkling by cleaning it under warm running water with a mild soap.

Fun Facts about Ruby

  1. One of the largest rubies in the world is called the “Peace” because it was found in 1919 after World War I ended.
  2. Ruby is the second hardest natural gemstone.
  3. The color Pigeon Blood Ruby red is not related to the color of a pigeon’s blood. Instead, it is associated with the color of a white pigeon’s eye.
  4. Ruby is given to celebrate the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.
  5. Harry Winston recreated a $3 million replica of Dorothy’s iconic ruby slippers with genuine rubies.
  6. The first working laser was created by Theodore Maiman in Moscow in 1960 from ruby.
  7. The most expensive ruby ever sold was the Sunrise Ruby, 25.5 carat for $30 million.

Final Thoughts

Rubies are considered the ultimate king of gemstones since time immemorial brings passion and energy into your life while affecting your lives with immense positivity and power.

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