Ring Meanings and Symbolism on Each Finger

Jewelry is part of our everyday wear. It is not worn anymore only for special occasions. The trend nowadays is, it is an essential fashion accessory that will add glamour to your look. But jewelry is not just an additional accessory in your outfit.

Currently, jewelry can also make a statement about you. The way you wear your jewelry, the design, and stones, etc. may mean something to other people.

Rings, in particular, have a subtle meaning or implication that lets other people know about your personality, relationship status, and culture. History and cultural beliefs are some of the basis of those subtle meanings.

Rings are not just meant to be worn in just one particular finger.

Your ring on your finger means what exactly?

Ring Implications or Meaning by Finger

Different type of rings signifies a particular thing such as promise rings, wedding rings, engagement rings. Etc. These rings may need to be placed in the appropriate finger to convey the right representation for it.

Left and Right Pinky Finger

Wearing a ring on your Left Pinky Finger may lead to the following assumptions:

  • Two rings on his left pink finger may indicate that a man was married. These two rings are commonly known as a wedding ring on the bottom and signet ring on top. This practice has been widespread during the 19th and early 20th Wearing rings on your pinky finger is more likely to be associated with men. As narrated by some historians, Franklin D. Roosevelt, an American President, wore a wedding ring and signet ring on his left pinky finger.
  • Rings on your left pinky also implicate that you are somewhat connected or associated with the culture of organized crime or mafia.
  • In Great Britain and other Western countries, a signet ring is for the left pinky finger. A signet ring is an heirloom that has been passed down through generations. The ring symbolizes family and status.

The ring worn in your right pink finger indicates professional status. For instance, a pinky ring in engineering is a symbol or token of graduating in that field. Graduates prefer to wear this ring on their dominant hand, which is the right pinky finger. The Professional rings commonly are made of iron, silver, stainless steel, or gold.

Left and Right Ring Finger

The left ring finger, as practiced in many cultures, is for wearing wedding rings, engagement rings, and for some promise rings. A ring on the left ring finger may lead to the following assumptions:

  • Most Western countries practiced that a married person wears a wedding ring on the left ring finger. This custom originated from the ancient Roman belief that a vein travels directly from the left ring finger to the heart.
  • Another assumption is that a ring worn on the left ring finger suggests that you are about to get married or engage. You may choose to continue wearing both your engagement ring and wedding ring, or you can switch it to your other finger.
  • Wearing a promise ring on your left ring finger, meaning you are in a serious romantic commitment.
  • Some people also wore a chastity ring or purity ring on the left ring finger. It indicates that they are in a serious commitment to being pure. In Catholicism, wearing a chastity ring on the left ring finger signifies that they are in commitment and relationship with the Father or God.

The right ring finger is for wedding and engagement rings also, commonly practiced in Germany, Russia, and India.

Preview: A Hummingbird Ring on the ring finger.


Left and Right Middle Finger

It is uncommon to see rings worn on a middle finger, either on the left or right hand, since it may be a hindrance to your manual task. Nevertheless, a ring on the left or right middle finger may symbolize power and responsibility. Still, a ring on this digit doesn’t necessarily stand for anything. If you only want to show off your ring without making a statement about your life, then putting it on your middle finger is the right and good choice.

Preview: A Teapot Ring on the middle finger.

Left and Right Index Finger

A ring on the left index finger is very much noticeable but it doesn’t have any set symbolism. It may be the right finger if you would prefer to show off a significant ring like your class ring.

On the other hand, the ring on the right index finger symbolizes marriage.  In Jewish tradition, the right index finger is for a wedding ring. 

Preview: A Peony Leaf Ring on the index finger.

Left and Right Thumb Finger

A ring on your left or right thumb finger doesn’t mean anything as well. Nonetheless, it is the right place if you want your ring to be your fashion statement. For instance, a chunky ring on your left thumb/ right thumb will not disrupt much of your movement, but it will fit your fashion statement. Any ring on your left thumb will be a boost to your confidence in being fashionable.

Personality Connected to each Finger

Fingers have common metaphysical properties and complimentary gemstones, according to Guyot Brothers. Finger symbolism may influence or complement how you wear your rings.

The Thumb represents self-assertion and willpower. The thumb is not associated with any Greek God. Stones for suited thumb rings are carnelian, garnet or ruby gemstones.

As an illustration: Calla Lily Ring, pictures a natural white crystal petal surround into a gold stigma, a silver stem curls itself around your finger, ending with a red Garnet stone.

The Index Finger symbolizes self-confidence, leadership, ambition, and spirituality. It is named after Jupiter. Lapis lazuli, amethyst or blue topaz stones compliments rings for the index finger.

As an illustration: Dreaming Cat Ring, pictures a cat walking in a sphere as lapis lazuli stone and wrapped in a sterling silver coat.

The Middle Finger depicts balance, justice, the law, responsibility, and soul-searching. It is named after Saturn. Suitable stones for middle finger rings are the soothing stones like rose quartz, coral, and aquamarine.

As an illustration: Balancing Ring, pictures a geometric shape of oval and sphere as red coral stones.

The Ring finger indicates relationships, creativity, and the love of beauty. It is named after Apollo. Favorable stones for ring fingers are moonstone, jade, amethyst, sapphire, and turquoise.

As an illustration: Blooming Anemone Flower Ring pictures a beautiful anemone flower, and in the middle is an amethyst stone. 

The Pink Finger signifies intelligence, communication, persuasion, and intuition. It is named after Mercury. Choose a ring with stones like moonstone, amber, or citrine.

As an illustration: Amber Butterfly Ring pictures a tiny butterfly made of sterling silver sets gracefully on natural amber stone as it were a leaf in autumn.

Now, you may think which finger to put on your ring because it may say something about you and your lifestyle. The choice is yours. Nowadays, choosing a finger for your ring is a matter of personal taste or liking. But still, it is vital to know and understand what your ring placement says about you and what it means for other people. Knowing this, you can make an informed choice on which finger you want to wear your ring.

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