Nature-inspired Jewelry: Top Trending Designs and Style

Are you fascinated by the beauty of nature? Do you love nature?

We can see that nature influences our everyday life from the clothes we wear to our mood for the day. Nature’s beauty is something that people have tried to emulate for many years now. It is so complicated yet remain simple that held mankind in awe since the dawn of time. There is no wonder why the natural world's fascinating shapes and colors have influenced artists of all kinds, including jewelry designers. Their jewelry has provided everyone a distinct nature-inspired design reflecting our earthy beauty known today as nature-inspired jewelry.


Nature-inspired jewelry is currently a booming trend in the jewel industry. Jewelry designers are amazed by nature’s elegance and beauty that it inspired them to create an exquisite reflection of the earth’s beauty into a piece of jewelry. Jewelry inspired by nature is a straightforward way of expressing and recognizing the beauty of the natural environment surrounding us.

Nature-inspired jewelry is rooted in admiration for nature and a way to honors all the things we have seen in nature that comprise our living planet. With this, you will be able to adorn yourself with earthly treasures from head to toe, transforming your everyday ensemble into a celebration of nature.

A piece of nature-inspired jewelry includes various styles, from contemporary and abstract styles to elegant, vintage-inspired details and many more. Keep reading this article to know more about the current styles and design of nature-inspired jewelry that suits you best.

Nature-inspired jewelry is charming and very feminine, allowing every lady to pair it with any outfit and fashion styles.


1. Abstract

Abstract nature-inspired jewelry adds a contemporary twist on this type of jewelry, which features a subtle texture and color.

 As depicted in our Age of Tree Pendant that features a subtle, vibrant color of blue or yellow. A piece of nature-inspired jewelry that is suitable for your everyday wear.

2. Animal Motifs

This represents the majestic wildlife of the world with whimsical styles that portray your favorite animals. These playful pieces add personality to your jewelry in colorful forms. Nowadays, nature-inspired jewelry features creatures that are rarely seen and traditional animals with a revamp. They range from beachy fish in the ocean earrings to a mighty bear pendant.

As depicted by our Swimming Fishes Earring, a unique masterpiece handcrafted by our artisans to show the artistic and creative personality of a  lady wearing this earring. A piece of nature-inspired jewelry that will give an exciting look at your casual outfit.

As depicted by our Bicycle Riding Bear Pendant, playful imagery shows your playful personality and suits your everyday wear. A timeless piece of nature-inspired jewelry.

If a vivid representation of animal is not your style, you can opt for something more elegant by combining abstract animal motifs for a more subtle take on this style that may feature:

    • Feathers: Delicate feathers appear throughout many jewelry styles, from vintage to boho, and more. They imitate the wild without giving an overwhelming sense of wildlife. This style adds elegance and elevates your jewelry in a luxurious state.


As depicted by our Classic Feather Ring that brings class and sophistication to a higher level. A piece of nature-inspired jewelry handcrafted with an intricate design of feathers.

    • Scales: Pieces that feature scales of aquatic and reptilian creatures. Layered; circular shapes creates the effect of scales. This may be seen as a new, three-dimensional cluster or a classy, smooth layout to create a sleek look.

As depicted by our Fish Bell Jewelry Collection comprised of bracelet, earring, ring, and pendant. Each piece shows a detailed scale on each bell. A work of art, indeed, offers beauty and class on a timeless piece of jewelry.

    • Wings – The winged creatures explore the world, which inspired an excellent abstract touch to jewelry. Animals with open and circular patterns are a popular choice for a touch of whimsy.



As depicted by our Rainbow Dragonfly Brooch and Ring, which shows an iconic wing decorated with multi-colored crystals. A piece of nature-inspired jewelry handcrafted out of sterling silver and multi-colored zirconia stones represent a timeless treasure.

3. Plant Motifs

Plants and flowers have inspired artists throughout the years, and jewelry is no exception. Things that are seen in nature, such as leaves, roots, branches, and others, can appear throughout this nature jewelry style. This is perfect for a wide array of styles such as boho, tropical, modern, elegant, and delicate with the following exemplifications:

    • Pendants and rings with petals like a flower or leaves, either in metal colors or with gemstones

As depicted in our Monstera Leaf Pendant that brings leaves to life in a piece of sterling silver jewelry. Nature-inspired jewelry that suits your elegant formal wear.

As depicted in our Golden Leaves Ring handcrafted with love made of sterling silver and 18k gold plated. Nature-inspired jewelry that delivers an elegant classic look for every lady out there.

    • Floral drop earrings with gemstones for a more class and elegant outlook

As depicted in our Morning Dew Earring, that comes in either gold or silver decorated with freshwater pearls. Nature-inspired jewelry that adds class and elegance to your formal wear.

    • Seed bracelets and necklaces are in fashion and look cool nowadays

As depicted in our Peapod Bangle and Necklace, a piece of handcrafted jewelry made of sterling silver and green aventurine stones. Nature-inspired jewelry that looks fashionably on your everyday wear.

    • Honeycomb designs

As depicted in our Honeycomb Jewelry set composed of earring, ring, and pendant. Each piece shows a hexagonally shaped comb, handcrafted with sterling silver and 18k gold plated by our artisans—nature-inspired jewelry inspired by one of nature’s majestic output in the world, a honeycomb.

    • Abstract and literal interpretations of nature

As depicted in our My Little Garden Jewelry Set comprised of earring, necklace, and ring. Each piece gracefully adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look.   

4. Vintage-Inspired

Nature-inspired jewelry with vintage inspiration displays unique and elegant look all at once. You can shop for antique and vintage pieces and new ones that draw inspiration from the past. Among the popular natural vintage styles are as follows:

    • Beetle brooches

Our Amazonite Bee Brooch is handcrafted by our artisans and made out of sterling silver and natural amazonite stone. Nature-inspired jewelry is a unique and elegant piece of treasure.

    • Dragonfly rings

Our Oval Mother of Pearl Dragonfly Rings is handcrafted out of sterling silver that shows the iconic elongated dragonfly ring with its head and wings resting itself on a natural mother of Pearl white shell. A piece of nature-inspired jewelry is a timeless treasure.

    • Floral pendants with vivid gemstones

Our Magnolia Crystal Vase Pendant is a vintage-looking piece of nature-inspired jewelry that is handcrafted by our artisans for every creative and artistic lady out there. You can wear this piece of sterling silver jewelry for all occasions, representing a unique and elegant masterpiece.

5. Autumn-inspired Motifs

With a touch of autumn, a particular season represents a jewelry pieces such as maple leaf pendants that perfectly suits this nature-inspired jewelry style.

Our Autumn Tree Branch Earring depicts a curvature of branches seemingly growing from your earlobes. A piece of nature-inspired jewelry that adds elegance and classic beauty to your look.

6. Eco-friendly jewelry designs – pendants and earrings made from wood or bamboo. This style looks stylish and fashionable at all levels.

Our Birds on Branch Wooden Necklace shows the branches stretch itself forming a cute branch on a wooden pendant, which is an absolute marvel to look. A piece of nature-inspired jewelry that is stylish to pair with your casual wear.

7. Statement Pieces with Nature-Inspired jewelry designs

This style combines the desire to have a unique accessory from fun to bold designs with nature’s touch. For nature-inspired statement jewelry, consider the following criteria:

    • Large Pieces – This means the bigger, the better, so you opt for pieces that take on animal or plant motifs most dramatically.
    • Colorful Options – Make a statement with saturated colors or vivid pieces. Floral inspirations often come in many colors and bright hues, so consider a large flower ring with your favorite color. These colors may come from gemstones or other materials that can create a stand-out and playful style for your piece.
    • Literal interpretations – Pick nature-inspired jewelry that doesn’t hide its inspiration in an abstract design. Go with bold designs that will infuse your look with flair.
    • Gemstone-encrusted accents – Add sparkle to your accessories for elegant statement pieces. Pieces cover with gemstones is sure to stand out as well. Its accented gems dazzle, creating a luxurious yet natural design.




 As depicted by our Serpentine Bar Jewelry Set composed of a ring, earring, and pendant. Each piece adds a nature-inspired beauty to your look and makes a bold minimalist fashion statement.

As depicted by our Lotus Whispers Jewelry Set composed of a ring, earring, and necklace. Each piece shows an aventurine contrast that enhances the silvery glow of a lotus. It adds luxury and a vibrant look to your outfit.

Do you want to see more of nature-inspired jewelry and find the perfect piece for you? Browse our fine nature-inspired jewelry collection to discover nature-inspired pieces and find what you are looking for.


Nature-inspired jewelry comes in bold and delicate designs and styles, and so it is best to choose what you wear on the right occasion.

  • For everyday wear: Subtle designs and natural materials are perfect for everyday wear. Floral studs that are small enough to be a subtle touch to any outfit is fashionably sufficient to suit the trend.

For instance, our Autumn Leaf Stud Earring is a piece of nature-inspired jewelry that suits perfectly on your everyday wear.

  • For an evening or formal wear: Pick abstract natural pieces that show natural textures but still maintain its class and sophistication.


For instance, our Morning Dew on the Olive Leaves Necklace is nature-inspired jewelry that adds luxury and class to your formal wear. 

  • For vacation or casual wear: Tropical paradise and sandy beaches are perfect places to wear naturally inspired jewelry. Wear sea-inspired design to radiates more the island feel.


For instance, our Swimming Whale Necklace is nature-inspired jewelry that captures the sea's gentle waves that enhance more your vacation-style outlook.

  • Your overall style will also define your reasons for when and how you can wear your nature-inspired jewelry. For example, you wanted to look bold in your fashion style, then you should add literal interpretations of nature into your style.

For instance, our Dripping Honey and Bee Earring II take a bold fashion twist, making a left stud earring a honey bee and right stud earring dripping honey. A literal representation of nature’s existing natural phenomenon makes a timeless piece of jewelry suited for your bold personal style.

Now is the time to expand your style and search a piece of jewelry that infuses your taste with natural designs. Check out our nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry collection to find the perfect fit for you in our online store, Lotus Fun.


Many of the things that humans use to adorn themselves are inspired by nature. Here are some of the substantial reasons why we buy and wear nature-inspired jewelry.

  • It is a perfect gift. Instead of just giving flowers and plants as gifts, you can extend the thought to jewelry in flowers' shape. This makes a more permanent thing or objects to cherish and still carries with it the beauty of natural forms.
  • It is unique. If you look closely at vintage jewelry patterns of nature-inspired jewelry, you will find flowers, vines, leaves, and other looping metallic shapes that are often seen in nature. Modern jewelry, on the other hand, seems to be more geometric and symmetrical. You can make a style statement with a piece of nature-inspired jewelry.
  • It alludes to fantasy. The fantasy world imitates natural landscapes and structures, which are perfectly represented in this nature-inspired jewelry. It can build up a sense of your fantasy aspiration like being a fairy or an elf by merely wearing one.

Now, would you like to capture the world’s most mysterious and magnificent natural wonders in the palm of your hand? Well, thanks to our handful of earth-loving artisans, you can browse our wide range of nature-inspired collection in our online store, Lotus Fun.

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