Minimalist Jewelry: Guide To Every Day And Elegant Wear

 “Jewelry is like the perfect spice - it always complements what is already there.: - Diane Von Furstenberg

People have been wearing jewelry to enhance their overall look or make a statement of their living status. Almost every woman dreams that their wardrobe has a roster of minimal, everyday jewelry. And like a dream, finding the right jewelry pieces can take time, and there are a vast of quality jewelry pieces to choose from. Most of the time, minimalist jewelry pieces have the potential to last a lifetime, and their wearability certainly comes with great versatility for daily usage. The great thing about minimalist jewelry, in particular, is it adds accent and sophistication to your overall look without ever getting overboard. These things set the motion for a minimalist jewelry trend known for some time now.

Most of you are familiar with the minimalism that pertains to space, art, and architecture. So you might be wondering what is minimalist jewelry and what is considered a piece of minimalist jewelry?

Minimalist jewelry is also referred to as "barely there jewelry " or "naked jewelry" and is readily available in every jewelry type. The living purpose of this style is "Less is more." If you are new to minimalist jewelry, your initial perception may be boring because it is too simple. These jewelry pieces' simplistic nature gives you endless and effortless options to show your natural beauty. Minimalist jewelry enhances the natural beauty of the wearer. They are certainly delicate and dainty that can boost your sex appeal subtly while remaining classy.

We love minimalist jewelry because they are ultimately simple, and it has its discreet way of presenting your sense of style that makes it possible to be worn at any moment. Be it for elegant or everyday wear. Styling a fashionable chic and neat look is not as simple as it may sound.  In terms of fashion, minimalism has outfits in simple ensembles and neutral colors. However, there are no set of rules in terms of jewelry, making it more challenging to tell if you are really being minimalistic or not.

Today, we have created some basic guidelines for you to rock your minimalist jewelry with almost any kind of outfit with ease.

  • Make a single and bold statement with your minimalist jewelry

When you want to have a minimalistic style with your overall look, leave no place for a double fashion statement. Make a rule to let your single piece of jewelry make an impactful visual statement and create a focal point for your overall look. Whether the said piece is your sleek bangle or chunky earrings, the choice is entirely yours. 

  • Have a single type of gemstone

If you are into gemstone jewelry yet want to have a minimalist style, always choose one type of gemstone. Mix and match different kinds of gemstones will end up looking so eclectic so if you want to aesthetically minimalistic look, sticking to a signature gemstone that works best for you is a perfect choice.

  • Do not wear two-tone jewelry pieces

Wearing combining metals to have two-tone jewelry pieces is not a minimalistic style. It is undeniable that wearing the same color of metal like silver can make a real statement.  Minimalism is all about a curated look that applies to jewelry. An excellent minimalist style always wears jewelry pieces in one metal, like our minimalist sterling silver jewelry in either gold or silver-tone.

  • Do not wear fussy and intricate designs

Jewelry pieces that follow simple, structured lines, clean cuts, and surfaces are what minimalistic style is all about. Every jewelry piece that lacks in the 'bedazzling' department of lush and fussiness embarked on a simplicity route of minimalism.

  • Limit wearing only 5 jewelry pieces maximum

Adorning yourself into a myriad of minimalist jewelry pieces defies the purpose of minimalistic style. Make your streamlined fashion statement by having only five or fewer minimalist jewelry pieces to achieve your stylish minimalistic outlook.

Take note that these guidelines are not the ultimate rule for minimalist jewelry, but they will get you on the right track so that you can fly from there on your own.

How to Style your Minimalist Jewelry

A minimalistic style is definitely “less is more” and “simple is a new chic” kind of jewelry trend. This style forces you to choose sleek and clean lines while leaving out anything opulent or extravagant. Wearing minimalistic style yet keeping your look remains classy and chic can be challenging for some. But not if you have someone to guide you through it. Keep on reading to find out how you can wear your minimalist jewelry. Be like a diva everywhere you go.

  • Aim for Vogue-Like style with hoop earrings

What should you look for in minimalist-inspired hoop earrings? The handmade sterling silver jewelry earrings with minimalist design have clean lines, geo shapes, flat designs, and highly polished character. They bring a  very vogue-like and modern vibe to your casual, professional, or elegant outfit. Note that minimalist does not necessarily mean delicate but rather focuses on simplicity's beauty. In terms of minimalist jewelry, basic shapes could make you look very chic and stylish.

For instance, having an elegant style accessorizes your formal wear with a pair of geometric hoop earrings.

    • Tri-Rectangular Earrings

Geometric shapes like rectangles symbolize stability, equality, and conformity. So they are commonly used when creating objects like tables, mobile phones, televisions, etc. However, they tend to be also seen as plain and boring.

With Tri-Rectangular Earring, you won’t think that a rectangle is plain and boring. An edgy fashionista, architect, and interior designer would really love this piece on their ears. 

Rectangles of different sizes were molded together to create an interesting and edgy jewelry piece. This geometrical beauty is available in Silver and Gold.

    • Zen Dangle Earring

    Zen Dangle Earring is a minimalist piece of sterling silver jewelry. A jewelry design that is so simple yet yields a more luxurious and elegant appearance for every lady out there. The combination of the gold and silver hues makes this handmade jewelry an utterly stunning piece. A timeless piece of jewelry enhances the classic beauty of a lady.

    A chunky piece of the earring is also considered minimalistic jewelry.

    For instance, try to pair up these chunky handmade sterling silver jewelry earrings with your dressy outfit to make your look stand out from the crowd.

      • Pearl in a Circle Earring

    The Pearl in a Circle Earring is a minimalist piece of sterling silver jewelry. This is a piece of unique handmade jewelry. It is made of sterling silver, or 18k gold plated combined with natural Mother of Pearl. The mother of pearl, a natural gemstone, gives this earring a color and accent that makes it a classic and timeless masterpiece. This pair of earrings is the best accessory for any kind of fashionwear. Since it is a piece of sterling silver jewelry, you can wear it every day.

    • Aim for a Parisian style with delicate sterling silver jewelry necklaces

    Aim for a Parisian-inspired style by accessorizing your basic t-shirt with a delicate necklace. This style gives your outfit a very neat fashion. Clean and classy outlook, thanks to its simplicity.

    What is great about minimalist jewelry is you can pair it up with another kind of accessories, such as a scarf. You can have a Parisian stylish way of dressing by adding a thin scarf that can match with your minimalist sterling silver necklace for a classy and sophisticated Parisian look. Minimalist jewelry gives out an eye-catching style and trendy look by simply adding discreet sterling silver jewelry that is just enough to complete your desired outlook.

    For example,

      • Mountain Cloud Symbol Necklace

    The Mountain Cloud Symbol Necklace is a handmade sterling silver jewelry that pictures in sterling silver the clouds and the mountain's peak and 18k gold plated for the other mountain section. This necklace is suited for all women of all age groups and best to accessorize your casual or go-to-work outfit. The Mountain Cloud Symbol Necklace is an excellent reminder of your dream and desire to be on top of the mountain filled with clouds. 

      • Lotus Symbol Necklace

    The Lotus Symbol Necklace symbolizes beauty and rebirth; it is born from murky and muddy water. The lotus emerges from the darkness, blossoming above the water, spreading its magnificent petals.

    • Aim for Modern Chic Style with Triangle Pendant and Earring

    Having a triangle pendant is a bit tricky, but it is the most popular design this year. To style this minimal pendant, you should wear a dress or top with a boat-neck design that will draw attention to your collarbones. You should wear an off-shoulder with skinny pants or shorts and accessorize it with this handmade sterling silver jewelry for a much more modern style.

      • Triangle Stack Pendant

    The Triangle Stack Pendant is a stunning piece of sterling silver jewelry that imitates simplicity at its finest. Yet, it enhances more your extraordinary beauty and sophistication. This is a kind of jewelry that every lady can wear for all sorts of occasions and can be paired with every fashion style you can think of.

    Triangle Stack Pendant is a unique pair of minimalist jewelry that suits all kinds of age groups.

    Wearing a piece of minimalist jewelry in sparkling silver is a very subtle way to draw attention to your feminine look and is a great pair for any style or outfit.

    For instance, our minimalist handmade sterling silver jewelry earring with a basic geometrical figure of a triangle is suitable for working or going to school ladies. As their environment dictates, any of these minimalist sterling silver jewelry does not allow them to go over the top and certainly very feminine and discreet.

      • Triangle Stud Earring

    The Triangle Stud Earring is a stunning piece of sterling silver jewelry that imitates simplicity at its finest. Yet, it enhances more your extraordinary beauty and sophistication. This is a kind of jewelry that every lady can wear for all sorts of occasions and can be paired with fashion style.

    Triangle Stud Earring is a unique pair of minimalist jewelry that suits all kinds of age groups.

    • Aim for a Sophisticated Classic Style with Minimalist Pearl Earrings

    Grace Kelly mentioned, "The pearl is a queen of gems and the gems of the queens." Since time immemorial, pearl necklaces have been worn by sophisticated women worldwide, so there is no doubt that any of these classy minimalist sterling silver jewelry earrings are a perfect choice if you want to have a refined minimalist style.

    For instance, having your hair updo or in a braided bun is a great way to show off these handmade sterling silver jewelry earrings.

      • Triangle Pearl Earrings

    These minimalistic Triangle Pearl Earrings are just sleek and stunning. Handcrafted using sterling silver, we added a pair of dangling freshwater pearls for a touch of elegance.

      • Exclamation Mark Earrings

    The Exclamation Mark Earring is an exceptionally handmade sterling silver jewelry that will bring a wittingly smile to anyone seeing you wear it simply because it is an exclamation mark. This is a pair of fabulous sterling silver jewelry that will bring a smile and astonishment to the crowd.

    The Mother of Pearl on the bottom stands for the period on the exclamation mark. The line is made of 18k gold plated gold and sterling silver that will surely enhance every lady’s classic beauty and glamour to her casual or uniform outfit. A must-have pair of sterling silver earrings for every outspoken and matured lady out there.

    • Minimalist Bracelets for Chic and Everyday Style

    You can always find a minimalist bangle or bracelet to compliment your overall style and bring out your independent chic style. Wearing any of these handmade sterling silver jewelry bangles and bracelets will give you a refreshing, stylish, chic look, and you can stack it up with other accessories as well.

      • Classic Bead Bracelet

    Classic Bead Bracelet is a handmade sterling silver jewelry with two varieties crafted by our artisans. One is a bracelet that combined a green agate stone and silver, creating intricately designed beads, and the other one is combining white pearl and silver. A perfect combination that gives it a classic look hence the name Classic Bead Bracelet.

    A timeless piece of sterling silver jewelry. This bracelet will definitely provide your simple outfit a classic chic vibe.

      • Pentagon Geometric Bangle

    Minimalistic design, the Pentagon Geometric Bangle comes in either gold or silver in color. With a touch of natural Mother of Pearl, the jewelry has a luxurious look of mother of pearl finish.

    • Minimalist Rings for Everyday wear

    As a minimalist, you are looking for a ring that is something subtle yet striking? Minimalist rings have something more than timeless beauty. It also effortlessly glistens your finger daily.

    For instance, having any of these minimalist handmade sterling silver pieces of jewelry will give a stylish silhouette on your ring finger because of its minimalist design.

      • Bulb Minimalist Ring

    An edgy and unique ring featuring silver or gold V. The Bulb Minimalist Ring has a delicate and edgy feel to it and yet remains true to its minimalist style. A dangling small bulb charm adds a unique touch to the minimalist ring. 

      • Rotatable Labradorite Ring

    This stone shimmers in blue. Our Rotatable Labradorite Ring is a ring made of sterling silver and labradorite. A piece of jewelry helps stimulate imagination and calm the mind to produce new creative ideas.

    A piece of jewelry shows the artisan’s creative mind and the ladies' creative personality. Sterling jewelry has a beautiful Labradorite stone in the middle. Perfect for all artistic and amazing ladies out there.

    • Minimalist Jewelry Set for Ultimate Mix and Style for Elegant Wear

    Minimalist designs display excellent quality by accentuating simplicity and the best sophisticated and classy outlook. To have a minimalist style is to embody the ultimate mix of simplicity and style that will eventually translate minimalist jewelry pieces into the perfect accessory for your elegant wear.

  • Lotus Flower Minimalist Bangle
  • Lotus Flower Minimalist Earring
  • Lotus Flower Minimalist Necklace
  • Lotus Flower Minimalist Ring

    Each of the nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces symbolizes beauty and rebirth since the Lotus flower is born from murky and muddy water. The lotus emerges from the darkness, blossoming above the water, spreading its magnificent petals.

    Each of these handmade sterling silver jewelry is a perfect choice for someone who loves the lotus but would want it in a minimalist style.

    Final Thoughts

    Remember that minimalist jewelry's main objective is to showcase the person wearing it. The basic characteristic of minimalist jewelry is by following the maxim, "less is more."

    Now that you are familiar with the stylish ways and rules of wearing minimalist jewelry, are you ready to rock minimalist jewelry in your personal glam, either in your everyday wear or elegant wear? Are you now interested in having a piece of minimalist jewelry in your jewelry box? Just check out our online shop, Lotus Fun, and be mesmerized by our exquisite handmade sterling silver jewelry collection - minimalist style. We have the largest catalog of handcrafted sterling silver jewelry inspired by minimalist design in the market with all types of jewelry you can choose from.


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