How to Style your Sterling Silver Jewelry

People have been wearing all types of jewelry for centuries. This is their way of enhancing their overall look. Also, it is their subtle way of making a statement about their personality or status in life.

Sterling silver jewelry serves all races and ages of women with its incredible classic beauty works perfectly from your daytime looks to your formal or casual night look.

Here are some ways to match your sterling silver jewelry collection to your outfits that will truly make you looks your best and stands out.

  1. Make them sparkle and pop with block color

An outfit with block colors like dark blue and burgundy is a great backdrop to really let your sterling silver jewelry accessories pop and stand out. Black is the best contrast color that will create a beautiful background for your sterling silver jewelry to shine against and sparkle more.

Avoid wearing pastel or light color outfits like yellow since these colors will drown out the shine and contrast of your stunning sterling silver jewelry.

Like for instance, wearing our Circle Sector Pendant and Ring, a minimalist design sterling silver jewelry. A simple masterpiece that shows our artisans' creative minds to handcraft a piece of out-of-the-box jewelry offers the classic beauty of a Lapis Lazuli stone in sterling silver. Lapis Lazuli is a known gemstone that enhances the creative minds of anyone holding it.

A piece of minimalist jewelry that shows the elegance and creativity of a classic Lady. A timeless piece of sterling silver jewelry suited to be added to your creative, unique collection of jewelry.


Circle Sector Pendant

Circle Sector Ring

  1. Choose simple patterns for your sterling silver jewelry collection

When it comes to style, it is best to keep it as minimalistic as possible when wearing sterling silver jewelry. Textured patterns may distract the eye from your sterling silver jewelry's simple beauty and create a visual clash and let your chosen sterling silver jewelry pieces be the statement piece.

For instance, wearing our Cloud Tassel Raindrops Pendant.

Elegant droplets of crystal rain from clouds of silver, a spectacular level of craftsmanship are involved in creating this gorgeous Cloud Tassel Raindrops Pendant. Durable silver chains hold the droplets to the stud, allowing the blue crystals to hang beneath the adorable clouds as if the rain is falling.

For instance, wearing our Elegant Ballerina Pendant.

Stunning, adorable, and simply elegant, the ballerina pendant is irresistible to any lady. The skirt handcrafted out of a natural freshwater pearl, the ballerina’s hair, top, and shoes are hand-colored with 18k gold. The Elegant Ballerina Pendant is one of the most creative pieces yet from our artisans.

  1. Do not wear your best sterling silver at once.

Most fashion designers will recommend either choosing whether your jewelry or clothing is the focal point but not both.

If you are wearing an exquisite dress, you should pair it with a simple pair of earrings, like our Dove Stud Earring.

The Dove Stud Earring depicts a soaring dove that moves her wings. This reminds us to get moving and experience the exhilaration of flying higher and higher. A must-have pair of earrings that shows your positive and gentle personality. Nature-inspired jewelry is a perfect choice for a gift ideal for all ages.

But if you are wearing something so simple as a black dress and would love to look more elegant, we recommend wearing a few sterling silver jewelry pieces that can really change your overall look. Go for something like our sterling silver jewelry set called Pearl Clover Jewelry Set.


The Pearl Clover Jewelry Set made from 925 Sterling Silver with meticulously crafted and plated to form the elegant petals. It finishes with natural freshwater pearls placed as centerpieces and stigma of the lucky clovers.

This artsy and handmade sterling silver jewelry set is the perfect blend of minimalistic design and pearl.

  1. Pick out the right earrings that complement your complexion and hair color.

One of the most essential parts of your overall outfit is your earrings that easily frame your face while people are looking at you. We strongly recommend that you chose the right pair of earrings that compliment your skin complexion and contrast your hair color. What is great about sterling silver jewelry earrings is that it looks great with both fair and dark skin and contrasts well with all types of hair colors. With this, you should go for the designs that fit your overall outfit style and suits your personality entirely.

For instance, our online store has a wide selection of handmade sterling silver jewelry earrings you can choose from, gorgeous dangling studs, to hoops.

  1. Match your sterling silver with some colored stones.

Mixing colored stones and crystals with some metals creates a nice balance of luxury and elegance. Colored stones like amethyst and aquamarine mixed with sterling silver bring out a fun and unique vibe to your overall look. Wearing gemstone sterling silver earrings and necklace sure look royal and grand while putting a new edgy vibe on your entire fashion style.

For instance, our Agate Lotus Earring is so elegant. That depicts stunning lotus flower handcrafted in sterling silver, and your choice of agate stones or freshwater pearls drop gracefully from the lotus. 



For instance, our Blooming Flower Arch Pendant is a true masterpiece. a piece of nature-inspired jewelry that flaunts a green arched aventurine stone with handcrafted 18k gold plated blooming flower overlaying it. The rich Aventurine stone adds this charming pendant to a "Pendant of Prosperity and Purpose" as Aventurine attracts excellent fortune and opportunity to wear it.

A must-have piece of accessory perfectly suits all women of all ages. 


Here are some of the jewelry options we sure you would love to have since silver adds a classy touch to any look. Subtle yet sophisticated, sterling silver jewelry is a must-have for your every day or special occasions wear.

Sterling Silver Necklaces

The best way to accentuate your neck when your top can only do so much is by wearing a sterling silver necklace.

Dripping Honey and Bee Necklace

Our unique Dripping Honey & Bee Necklace is adorably handcrafted out of authentic sterling silver. Be cautious not to eat it.

A perfect addition to your collection of bee jewelry or simply as a gift for your hardworking friends and family. Make haste; the bee might fly away as it can’t wait too long!

My Little Garden Pendant

Pick your choice, a full sterling silver garden on a silver pot. This My Little Garden Pendant adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look gracefully.

Sterling Silver Earrings

A fun way to show off your personality without splurging on different clothing is with your earrings. If your shirt is a little too loud, let your earrings be subtle. Try considering using sterling silver studs to focus on your eyes and still show off your top. Likewise, if your top is a little more subdued, try hanging some dangling statement earrings that best accentuate your face.

Autumn Tree Branch Earring

Autumn Tree Branch Earring, the gorgeous sterling silver earring, is one of our best works. The craftsmanship can be seen through the great curvature of the branches, seemingly growing from your earlobes.

Poetic Clover Earring

We made an everlasting pair of clovers out of Sterling silver and brushed finish it giving, the Poetic Clover Earring, a vintage look so you can bring the 4 with you everywhere you'd go.

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Bracelets can flourish to your wrist that can break or make your outfits in unexpected ways. Sterling silver bracelets feature different shapes and colors, which make them fit for many occasions and styles. Be it bangles, a tasteful bracelet can definitely add glam to any wardrobe.

Athena's Bracelet

Our Athena's Bracelet is a perfect token to honor every ladies' fascinating wit and incredible beauty. This bracelet has an excellent option for gemstones like amazonite, labradorite, and lapis lazuli.

Each gemstone means can be a great charm to attract good luck and fortune. They are turning this incredible bracelet into a good luck charm.

A piece of sterling silver jewelry made of sterling silver and either Amazonite, Labradorite, or Lapis Lazuli stones. Great choice of an intelligent, beautiful lady out there.

Aquamarine Lotus Bud Bangle

The Aquamarine Lotus Bud Bangle gracefully captures the beauty of the lotus flower even before it blooms. The elegant and delicate bangle features a little vintage turquoise aquamarine, teamed with a detailed golden bud. 

Sterling Silver Rings

Rings are accessories that should be worn daily, and with sterling silver rings, versatility and durability surely hold its classic luster and sparkle even when worn all day.

Honeycomb Ring

The hexagonally shaped combs give a geometric style to this cute resizable ring, the Honeycomb Ring. This is a stunning nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry that pictures an 18K gold-plated bee that arrives home, and it is greeted by platinum-plated sweet honeycombs.

Pearl Leaf Ring

Dare to dazzle with this radiant handmade sterling silver jewelry, the Pearl Leaf Ring! Like the morning dew that drips from the leaves in a mystical forest, the divine white pearl drips from a bright golden leaf. 

Final Thoughts

Styling your outfit and dressing up for every day or formal occasion should always be about who you are and how you want to appear to others.

Sterling silver jewelry is one of the best accessories to pair for both daytime and nighttime looks, be it casual or elegant. It is a timeless and classic beauty that will enhance your sterling silver jewelry's outfit style and elegance. 

Shop at Lotus Fun and explore our wide assortment of handmade sterling silver jewelry today and look for a tough piece that will fit with any style and last for years to come!

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