How to Match your Handmade Jewelry to your Outfit?

Ladies are known to be unbelievably meticulous and undeniably time-consuming when it comes to dressing up. They are the beacon of beauty when they go out of their homes, whether it is for work, for a girl's night out with friends or going out to buy something.  Ladies tend to overthink what they should wear and if they look good or rather great wearing that.

 Well, ladies, I know the struggle we have to go through every day because, as our nature, as spoken, we are beautiful. So we would like to justify or instead prove to the world more we are a true beauty by having to struggle every day.

 This reality has been experienced by every lady out there. So, this article would be your guide on how to be dashing and beautiful by wearing the right outfit and the right jewelry or accessory. We all know that not every jewel will be as beautiful as it looks when we wear it.

Here are the following tips to be attractive by complimenting the right jewelry on your looks.

  1. Every jewelry has the right to be worn on the right occasion.

   Jewelry that compliments outfit at work

                When you are dressing up for work, you would like to skip wearing dangling wrist jewelry because it may be an obstruction for you when you are typing on your keyboard or laptop.  For ladies who work at school, hospitals, or offices, they should choose simple and classic pieces such as small handmade stud earrings or minimalist jewelry. For ladies who work in a more casual environment, they could wear simple handmade jewelry made of alternative materials such as wood for a great laid-back look.

   The pearl clover jewelry set made from authentic Sterling Silver finished with natural freshwater pearls. The pearl is placed as centerpieces, and the stigma of the luck clovers is a perfect blend of minimalistic design, which is appropriate for ladies working in an office.

  Jewelry that compliments going to church outfits

                When you are going to church, a piece of subtle jewelry will be ideal for your outfit.

   The handmade serpentine bar jewelry set looks subtle and a splendid sleek piece with minimalist design and fashionably appropriate for your go-to-church outfit.

   Jewelry that compliments going on a night out with friends attire

                When you are going on a night out with friends, you might be ready to wear your dangling earrings or a piece of statement jewelry to stand out on a crowd. Going out with your friends is the occasion where you let your personality shines through your jewelry or outfit. The great moment to wear those long dangle earrings you have wanted for so long to wear. You can also stack several rings or wear a tiered necklace—the moment to draw a little attention to yourself because you are out for a good time.

   The Cloud Tassel Raindrop Earring is an elegant sterling silver handmade jewelry.  The earring depicts a durable silver chain hold the droplets to the stud, allowing the blue crystals to hang beneath the adorable clouds. Perfect earrings to wear on your planned night out with friends.


  Jewelry that compliments formal celebration or special occasion attire

                When you are going in for a formal celebration or a black-tie event, your jewelry should be elegant because now it is your moment to shine. Try large gemstones to compliment your looks. If your chosen dress has a solid color with a streamlined cut, then your jewelry should complement your looks. A statement chandelier earring or necklace composed of multiple stones and tiers will be appropriate. Always remember that if your necklace is your statement, you should pair it with a simple stud earring or none at all.

   The Autumn Tree Branch Earring will compliment your haltered black dress and will highlight your beautiful eyes perfectly. The handmade sterling silver jewelry depicts a fantastic curvature of branches seemingly growing from your earlobes.

  1. To compliment your face wear a statement earring.

   You better wear your statement earrings if you would like to compliment your looks rather than your dress. For instance, wearing flashy or glittery earrings will highlight your eyes.

 The shape of your face is significant when you choose your statement earrings.

   Drop earrings are for ladies that have heart-shaped faces while stud or triangular earrings are for oval-shaped faces, ladies.

The Blooming Orchids Earring that dangles delicately from your earlobes is appropriate for heart-shaped ladies. These earrings are handmade with authentic sterling silver with touches of gold plating that will brighten up your casual Sunday outfit.

The Pentagon Geometric Earrings with a touch of natural Mother of Pearl is appropriate for oval-shaped ladies. These earrings are minimalistic in design that will brighten up your casual work outfit.


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  1. You wear the right jewelry that compliments your skin tone.

   The best jewelry to wear on a natural tone is a piece of sterling silver jewelry. Gold, on the other hand, is for darker hair with matte skin. A white skin tone or cooler skin tone compliments well with colored gems, specifically red, purple, and blue. Warmer skin tone compliments well with colored gemstones, specifically yellow, orange, and green.

   As illustrated, the Aquamarine Lotus Necklace captures the beauty of lotus flower even before it blooms. A piece of sterling silver jewelry with an aquamarine will compliment every cool skin tone lady out there.

  1. It would be appropriate if you matched the colored gem jewelry with its complimenting colored outfit.

In fashion, it uses science as well to fit in the correct colors for your glamourous outfit for you to look stunning and beautiful by using the color wheel. It would be best if you started using the gem color wheel. There are two ways to use it in complementary colors or analogous colors.

You must look for the color of your outfit or jewelry and look for the opposite color situated on the other side of the color wheel to find its complementary color. Always remember that additional complementary colors will make your looks more vibrant and livelier. On the other hand, analogous colors are the colors that are right next to each other. Analogous colors are appropriate for creating a harmonious look for you since colors are similar yet different.

The colored gems like ruby, canary diamonds, and amber make a vivid statement themselves because of their ambitious and glaring look.  It will look great over a black and white outfit. Always remember that warm gemstones will nicely compliment the plain blue or purple outfit or cool color outfit.

As illustrated, the Amber Butterfly Ring compliments the white outfit appropriately. The handcrafted sterling silver vine curling around your finger secures the amber stone, and a butterfly gives you a classic vibrant look.

   The colored gems like amazonite and lapis lazuli gemstones will look stunning against a yellow or orange dress. Knowing the balance between the cool and warm colors with your looks is what accessorizing is all about. Try to match your adored jewelry and outfits to be the stunning example of “opposites attract.”

   As illustrated in the Bamboo Jade Pendant which is made of lapis lazuli or jade gemstones. The lapis lazuli with a blue color compliment a yellow or orange dress. In contrast, the jade gemstones with pinkish color will complement a purple or blue outfit.  The Bamboo Jade Pendant will be a stunning sterling silver jewelry that will be complimenting your looks and beauty at all times.


  1. You wear white pearls jewelry with its complimenting sea-colored clothes.

   There is no wonder that pearls will be stunningly beautiful when you match it with sea-colored outfits.

             The Studded Pearl Necklace as brilliantly shown below will complement your sea-colored clothes appropriately. This natural vintage sterling silver jewelry is made of Mother of Pearl and will be looking marvelous on a sea-colored outfit.


             The Kiss from a Bee Ring as brilliantly shown below  will complement your summer attire excellently. The white ceramic ring with an 18k gold plated bee will give a vibrant and lively look on your summer outfit.

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  1. It would be appropriate if you took into consideration your neckline when wearing a necklace.

   A beautiful and stunning necklace may look awful if you have not worn it based on the cut of your neckline. Always remember that the length of your necklace must be shorter or longer than your neckline, so it would not look unbalanced or get lost in the mix.

Wearing a V-Neck shirt or Dress

  • For short V-neck, a choker or short-chain necklace is appropriate.
  • For medium V-neck, chokers, chains, and short to medium pendant necklace is appropriate.
  • For the deep V-necks, a good layer or sautoir necklace is appropriate.

   Always remember that the necklace should be placed below the V.

            As illustrated below the Moonlight Pendant which is a medium pendant will complement your astonishing look with your medium V-neck outfit. The 18k gold plates parts of the sterling silver pendant are appropriate for your classic medium V-neck outfit.


Wearing a Turtleneck Dress

                Wearing a turtleneck dress or shirt is matched with long necklaces or no necklaces at all. On the other hand, wearing long earrings can be tricky, so the ideal match for turtlenecks are simple hoops or stud earrings. If you do not wear any necklace at all, then you could add a bracelet to spice op your looks.

   As illustrated below the Splash Pendant is a perfect match for your turtleneck outfit. It gives you a dashing and classic vibe. It complements your casual outfit perfectly effortlessly.

Wearing a Crew Neck

                You were wearing a crew neck; it compliments extra-long chains and pendant. You could also wear a necklace with strands of beads and tiered jewelry to compliment your looks.  Always remember that when the neckline goes high, then the necklace goes low.

  As illustrated below the Teapot Pendant is a charming handmade sterling silver jewelry with natural amber. A perfect match for your crew-neck outfit.

Wearing a halter or one-shoulder top

                Wearing a halter or one-shouldered top is meant for you to skip wearing a necklace. This outfit creates an opportunity for your statement earrings to make a moment like a long dangles or chunky cuffs. You could spice it up further with bangles or stacks of bracelets.

   The Plum Blossom Bracelet will be your perfect statement bracelet. It is meant for a one-shoulder top outfit or haltered dress. The bracelet is a strand bracelet that is a masterpiece with aventurine beads that will get you noticeably.

  1. You wear cool color gemstone jewelry with its complimenting spring and summer clothes.

   The bright and freshness of your spring and summer outfits compliments will vary with raw, natural colored gemstones. For instance, the blue topaz or green peridot will compliment soft and neutral fabrics or patterns.

             The Blooming Anemone Flower Ring will suit your summer or spring outfit attire with its complimenting gemstones of either peridot, amethyst or topaz. A piece of sterling silver jewelry inspired by nature, made of sterling silver, 18k Gold Plated, and in the middle of the anemone flower, you can choose to add either amethyst, peridot, or topaz. Perfect for your summer or spring attire.


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Final Thoughts

Dressing up for most ladies should be fun. Your style speaks more of your personality. With this said, choosing the right jewelry to compliment your outfit or looks requires a lot of thinking and consideration. To easily facilitate the appropriate coordination of your jewelry and outfit, these guidelines will be meant for you. The next time you are struggling with your fashion outfit for the day, refer to these simple reminders, and you will keep your beacon of beauty stunning throughout the day.

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