Easy Stylish Ways to Wear a Brooch on Your Different Body Parts

Jewelry is a girl’s best friend. That seemed to be true in most cases as we see women collect rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. And then there’s the brooch, the jewelry surrounded by mystery, resulting in people’s perplexity. Add to that the fact that it has long been associated with sophistry and royalty. No wonder, a brooch is not a go-to sparkle of some. 

Branded as outdated and thought to be only worn during stiff, formal events, a brooch’s function is, however, changing. Recent fashion trends show the brooch as an emerging accessory of both casual and street-style. With its shifting function and versatile nature as an accessory, a brooch can sometimes be a bit intimidating to wear. After all, it can be placed anywhere, and it can look like a nature inspired jewelry or anything. One’s creativity and personality are needed to place it in the perfect place. For beginners, the task can be a bit overwhelming and daunting. 

Lotus Symbol Brooch by Lotus Fun

Don’t worry because here’s an easy guide that you can follow as you wear your brooches. Match that brooch with your different body parts, and see the wonder and sparkle it brings:

Upon Your Head

Not all brooches are attached to a piece of cloth, others found their way in women’s hair and on hats. They add that extra sparkle and elegance to various hairstyles, particularly on up-dos and half up-dos. As an accessory to the hat, the brooch also ensures that fashion is not sacrificed in the practical and functional. With a brooch in place, one can be shielded from the sun rays or the cold wind while staying classy and feminine. 

Around Your Neck

Just move the brooch a few inches lower, and it will have entirely different functions. It can be pinned on the collars to add spice to a plain shirt or on a scarf to prevent it from sliding here and there. It can also fill a void in the space between the collars, becoming the focal point of one’s outfit.  

On Your Shoulders

On top of the shoulders, a brooch could become a sash that elegantly drapes over one side of the body. This type of brooch can be found in India and is called a saree brooch. Sometimes, the sash-like brooch is draped over the chest area, connecting one shoulder to another. Or it can be found in pairs – one on each shoulder – accentuating the shoulders and giving off a taller and more majestic look to the wearer. Attached as a lone accessory on one shoulder, it seems like the guardian of the wearer as it crouches and creeps over its territory in various shapes and forms of an animal such as lizards, tigers, and leopards. 

Near Your Heart

Pinning the brooch on the left side of the clothing, near the heart, is the mostpopular and widely accepted method of wearing a brooch. It adorns the lapel of outerwear or a dress as in the case of England’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth. A similar fashion choice is also observed among other members of the British royal family. Although younger royals, like Kate Middleton, would alternate wearing the brooches on both left and right sides. 


Tulip Flower Brooch by Lotus Fun

On Your Back

Well, hear this out. Brooches are also not meant to be displayed out front. They can also be paraded on one’s back. Hollywood actress, Nicole Kidman, used a brooch to close her high neck elegant black gown at the back of her neck. Allison Janney’s green lizard brooch in the middle of her yellow gown’s back is also a stunner. For non-red carpet occasions, a brooch can also be pinned on the back of a jacket to add curves and give the wearer a more flattering figure. 

On and Around Your Waist 

As with the case of some wedding gowns, brooches can be added on one side of the drapes near the waist to accentuate the wearer’s figure. It can also be added to the belt of a dress – in the middle front, on one side, or strategically spread all over. 

All Over Your Body

Who says that one brooch is enough for a piece of clothing? Well, the sky is the limit if a fashionista opts to experiment with brooches. On jackets, multiple, complementary brooches can run along each side. The pattern can be as systematic as following a downward straight or curved line, it can be as scattered and bold through pinning several brooches of different shapes and sizes on a concentrated area of one’s outerwear. 

Another recent fashion revolution promotes the use of brooch near the pockets of jeans. With this rising style, the formal meets casual in an attractive way. 

On Your Wrist

A brooch can be dual purpose as a cuff on long sleeves. Instead of the usual buttons or cuff links, one can use a brooch as a breath of fresh air on an otherwise mundane outfit.

Over Your Knee and Leg

Depending on the material and length of your dress or gown, a brooch can also be used near the hems. It adds a surprising flair to the outfit and emphasizes the sometimes unusual line and shape of the hem. 

On Your Feet

As a saying goes, beautiful shoes will take you to beautiful destinations. And a shoe with a brooch is just what the wearer needs to embark on an exciting journey. Cinderella or not, the wearer will definitely sparkle from head to toe and probably catch the attention of someone “prince-like”. 

Also For Men

And who says brooch is merely a woman’s accessory? Aside from the extravagant military-like shoulder brooches and valor medal-looking brooches over the chest that men wear, real men like Prince William are bold with their brooch fashion. He absolutely looked dashing while sporting a poppy brooch on his coat’s lapel. 

Hey, you! Be part of the fashion revival and revolution by taking your brooches out of your dusty jewelry boxes. Or if you don’t own a single brooch, start your collection now at lotus fun and pin your brooches wherever you like. You’ll be amazed at how glamorous you’ll become. 


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