What is Amazonite? Its History and Symbolism

A gemstone that reflects the Amazon rainforest.
The queen of the green gemstone.

This incredible gemstone is none other than the amazonite. It has been a significant legendary gemstone that has been prized for its enchanting beauty and healing powers for several centuries.

Famed for its greenish hue that best reflects the Amazon rainforest, amazonite has been in existence more than 10,000 years since fragments of Amazonite jewelry were discovered, dating back to the Stone Age.

I know you might not be so familiar with the name amazonite, but this gemstone has been carved into exciting designs over history and has remained a popular gemstone up to this date.

Let's dig a little deeper into the queen of green stones and keep on reading to have a closer look at the hidden magic and meanings behind the striking Amazonite gemstone. And the most crucial mystery we would unveil in this article is how it withstood the test of time and be one of the most-sought gemstones for jewelry for centuries now?

Its Name

There have been two versions of the origin of its name. One version is called amazonite in honor of the Amazon women warriors, also called "The Stone of Courage." The second version is because it was thought it has been discovered at the Amazon River Basin in Brazil, but there have been deposits found there.

It was also known as "Colorado Jake" or "Pikes Peak Jade" because it resembles another famous gemstone, jade.

Its Appearance

Amazonite is a semi-opaque blue-green color and belongs to the Microline feldspar family. It appears mostly as opaque stone with pale milky-white cloudiness or streaking ranging from light green to greenish blue to deep green or blue. Its attractive color closely resembles jadeite, but its distinct appearance has a grid-like, mottled, green and white pattern. Its color or pattern is due to lead within the stone, and color variation may exist within a single stone.

Amazonite is part of the triclinic crystal system and a vitreous luster. It comes in shades of purple, grey, green, and blue.

Its Source Location

Amazonite is considered a mineral with a limited occurrence and is present in Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Russia, and the United States, specifically in Colorado and Virginia. It can also mine in Namibia, India and Libya, Canada, and China.

Its History, Myths, Legends, and Symbolism

  • In Brazil, there are many stories of the warrior women of the ancient Amazon tribe using the amazonite stones to decorate their shields, cure sickness and heal wounds. A famous Brazilian legend mentioned that the Amazon people gave "green stones" to the visitors of the region. Another theory is that amazonite was in honor of the mighty Amazons who worshipped Diana, the goddess of hunting, chastity and the moon.
  • Ancient Egyptians has carved Chapter Seven, The Judgement of Osiris and the Book of the Dead on the slabs of amazonite rocks. It was also discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamen, a famous pharaoh of Egypt, a scarab ring and a number of objects carved from green amazonite. Egyptians highly prized and valued this gem because they considered it as a symbol of good luck and fertility. Many Ancient Egyptians wore an Amazonite amulet because they believed that this stone will enhance reproductive fertility. 
  • The breastplate worn by the Jewish High Priest is said to have an amazonite gemstone.
  • In Mesopotamian history, it is said that the amazonite was offered to the goddess of brine and oceans, Tiamat where you could find the chaos. According to Ancient Babylonians, Tiamat s the origin of everything as well as the first gods. The first gods were born because of her union to the god of fresh water.
  • There are some stories that referred to amazonite as the "Stone of Hope" as it was believed to have soothing and calming effect that were capable of attracting hope and faith to the wearer.

Its Physical and Emotional Healing Properties

This unique bluish-green gemstone, amazonite, has been one of the most sought-after stones in history. Since ancient times, many have believed that this gemstone has many metaphysical powers and tremendous healing abilities.

  • It is said that it has a soothing effect on the nervous system. Because of this, it is noted that amazonite soothes tense and aggravated situations and enhances love.
  • Being a stone focused on the throat chakra, it encourages crystal clear communication and puts healthy boundaries. Also, it brings clarity and authenticity to the soul.
  • It is used to treat fatigue, trauma, or anything that may take energy away from a person.
  • Amazonite is linked to the thyroid glands, so it is said that it aids in treating alcoholism.
  • It can effectively help the body to absorb calcium better, bringing a dose of vitality back to your bones and make your hair grow shiny and healthy.
  • Since it is said to be connected with the feminine, the Amazonite stone works directly against self-neglect habits and encourages you to always put yourself first.
  • It is a fantastic tool for helping repel all that built-up negative energy in the world and leaving you positively minded.
  • Amazonite is an antidote for electromagnetic pollution since it is a fantastic energy filter. This gemstone can help shield you from their harmful influence if you work with a computer or any technology with emitting electromagnetic radiation.
  • It is a kindling stone or stimulant for those younger ones who feel lethargic and love to procrastinate.

Its Other Names and Symbolisms

  • Amazonite is also known as the "Gambler's stone" or "Stone of Success and Abundance" because it is associated with money, luck, and overall success. It encourages good luck and fortune. It also promoted practicality, so this stone will remind you to make practical choices to save money.
  • It is the stone of truth and courage, and you can expect to be empowered by truth and live on your terms by shrugging off any fears that you may have. It said that this gemstone's golden rule is "Speak the truth and make true that which we speak."
  • It is called the "Stone of Harmony" since it promotes harmony within oneself and within a social situation.
  • It is called the "Stone of Hope and Courage" since it is considered a talisman of love, prosperity, and harmony in ancient times, allowing our emotions to be expressed and understood. This stone balances the heart and mind and lead the wearer to a productive self-reflection.

Its Birthstone

Amazonite is a birthstone for Virgo since it is ruled by Uranus.

What is so Special about Amazonite?

Amazonite has been loved and valued for ages now, as the queen of the green gemstone. Why? Because of its unique patterns, swirls, and stripes. So if you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry, you should consider looking into Amazonite jewelry. No Amazonite stone is exactly the same, so you have a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. This distinct uniqueness in appearance makes them a favorite of artisan jewelry makers worldwide and why it is the most sought-after gemstones for centuries now.

Bring more of the earth and water element into your life by making way for amazonite to flow, such as Amazonite Jewelry. Amazonite jewelry is just about as thrilling an eye-catcher as it gets and is a joy to behold with its vibrant color scheme that goes with about anything. Remember that amazonite, when placed directly onto the skin, its power becomes all the more potent. In simple terms, wearing amazonite as a jewelry piece allows you to gain its full potential and benefits passively.

Amazonite jewelry looks gorgeous and attractive with all the precious metals you can think of, but the refreshing green color looks more beautiful when worked with silver. A piece of amazonite sterling silver jewelry will lead you to visualize a peaceful ocean, the deep seas, and tropical paradise that inspires our creative artisans to handcraft a handful of this fantastic nature-inspired jewelry just for you.

Amazonite Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver Amazonite Earring

Amazonite earrings benefit the throat chakra that opens the thymus and the throat that facilitates healthy communication and aids you in expressing your deepest emotions. This is the reason why our creative artisans handmade with love these Sterling Silver Amazonite Earrings for you to choose from.

    • Swaying Amazonite Earring

 The Swaying Amazonite Earrinis inspired by the gorgeous turquoise color hue of the Amazonite Stone, which is the main attraction of this classic sterling silver jewelry.

The Amazonite stone is commonly known as the Stone for Courage and Truth. Hence, wearing an amazonite sterling silver jewelry like our Swaying Amazonite Earring will explicitly convey that you are a woman of courage and truth. This fabulous pair of handmade sterling silver jewelry perfectly suits your formal wear and will boost your courage to wear your dress for the occasion and add grace and glam to your style.

    • Cloud Stud Earring

    Cloud Stud Earring pictures a cute cloud crafted out of sterling silver sits on amazonite gemstone. We use this particular gemstone as the color is perfect as the silvery cloud's blue sky background. 

    Sterling Silver Amazonite Ring

    Amazonite Rings can be a great couple ring or a gift for your wife since it has improved happiness in marriages. This inspires our creative artisans to create these handmade sterling silver amazonite rings just for you.

      • You are My World Ring

      Simplicity is the beauty. Minimalistic ring, the You are My World Ring, with a touch of amazonite to brighten up the color.

      Inspired by planet orbiting, this handmade sterling silver jewelry is crafted to simulate the planets rotating around the sun. The sterling silver is designed to be rotatable around the amazonite! 

      You are my world earring is a unique sterling silver jewelry that will be a perfect gift for someone who means the world to you.

        • Open Vintage Ring

        Our creative artisans handcrafted Open Vintage Ring just for you. This ring will keep you noticed. It is because its design is out of the ordinary and will entice someone to look closer to fully appreciate the beauty of your sterling silver jewelry.

        You have a magical blue green Amazonite as the natural gemstone perfectly combined with sterling silver to give your ring a pop of luscious color and classic beauty.

        A must-have piece of jewelry that perfectly suits all types of fashion wear.

        Sterling Silver Amazonite Brooch

        Amazonite blocks geopathic stress produced by computers and other electronic devices. Our leading team of artisans decided to craft a handmade sterling silver jewelry brooch made of amazonite.

          • Amazonite Bee Brooch

          This adorable Amazonite Bee Broch is handcrafted by our artisans and made out of sterling silver around a stunning natural amazonite stone. A beautiful nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry brooch adds to your collection and brings harmonious balance to your wardrobe.

          Sterling Silver Amazonite Bracelet

          Amazonite is a stone of prosperity that can help attract a new customer. So our creative artisans handmade with love these nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry bracelets that will truly set the full potential of amazonite.

            • Athena's Bracelet

            Our Athena's Bracelet is a perfect token to honor every ladies' fascinating wit and incredible beauty. 

            A piece of handmade sterling silver jewelry made with amazonite. Great choice of an intelligent, beautiful lady out there.

              • Playful Cat Bracelet

              Cats are ridiculously adorable. Though some may have that 'boss' attitude, they are soft and lovable animals. Every cat loves to play with a ball. This is the inspiration behind this handmade sterling silver jewelry.

              The Playful Cat Bracelet, handcrafted to be as adorable as possible, the cat is made as if it is tapping the ball made of amazonite with its paw. The perfect Amazonite sterling silver jewelry for any cat lovers. 

              Sterling Silver Amazonite Necklace

              This stone is linked with the heart chakra. It is best worn as a necklace and is said to bestow truth, honor, and integrity to its wearer. So our creative artisans handcrafted a series of Amazonite Sterling Silver Jewelry necklaces or pendants to fully adapt the stones' full potential and memorialized the breathtaking beauty of Amazonite gemstones.

                • Candy Gemstones Necklace

                Our Candy Gemstone Necklace looks so enticing to eat, but it is more attractive to wear. It will bring you happiness and joy because of its dynamic color. It could also help you reminisce about your happy childhood wherein candy can stop you from crying and give you a smile. The Candy Gemstone necklace will express your sweet personality.

                The Candy Gemstone  Necklace is handmade sterling silver jewelry with amazonite. A perfect nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry necklace to achieve a charming chic look. 

                  • Lazy Cat at the Home Pendant

                  As beautifully depicted in Lazy Cat at Home Pendant, the cats seem to be sleeping or resting on a sofa or porch. The sleeping habits of cats are intriguing for most people. This pendant is ideal for all cat-lovers out there that love their so-called “lazy cat” so much.

                  This beautiful piece of jewelry is handcrafted with sterling silver, 18k Gold plated, and amazonite. Amazonite is known to be a “gambler’s stone,” making this earring a perfect charm to encourage good luck and fortune.

                  Final Thoughts

                  Amazonite is a blue-green gemstone with hidden powerful healing powers to help soothe and calm both your mind and body. A unique stone just as breathtakingly beautiful as it is powerful. Whether you believe in its healing capabilities or not, it still makes for a great addition to any jewelry collection and a perfect gift for your loved ones. From simple to more elegant pieces, there is something for every occasion when it comes to amazonite. For more enchanting Amazonite sterling silver jewelry pieces, please check our online store, Lotus Fun. Do not hesitate to buy the one-of-a-kind handmade sterling silver jewelry made of amazonite just for you.


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